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我不管,30 和31 号你们一定要来哦。。。

Thursday, October 7, 2010

enjoy this post! ~~

(long time didn't update my blog already...
nuffnang $$ also stopped at there didn't increase as well...
so I update abit la...
thx for the support ooo ^^ and dont forget to CLICK those ads ooo!!!!!)

just read a blog posted by my friend-wei han
and his blog made me feel like "yup,is time for me to update d!"
(but of course not blog bout 'my gang' la...haha)


actually if you ask me to describe myself,I don't really able to describe it for u,maybe can la if one or two sentences,but hell not in a few paragraphs!haha
BUT I will try to make it longer than 1 or 2 sentences la :P

Firstly,just wanted to let you know that I am a very SECRETIVE guy!
I have too many secrets already!
so many to keep!
so many secrets which cant be shared with you all!
aiya,as the word-SECRET means KEEP PRIVATE
so now I also don't know what to share with you guys bout myself since I need to keep private about myelf...haha

see as I promised,it will be more than 2 sentences right?!kaka
thx for viewing ooo!at least now you know one thing about me-SECRET is all I have!
(before you close this,can click on those advertisement anot??)lolx...

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I miss u
I miss U
I MISS U!!!!

(if only u know)





Thursday, September 2, 2010

Are you alright?!

I am waiting...waiting...waiting....
am getting crazy already waiting for your reply!!@.@
I just hope to hear from you soon...
Are you alright?!
hope you are fine!take care

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Went out for an outing yesterday night as I expected!
I was happy and enjoyed the outing very muchie!
really happy and excited,but in the end,i wasted alotsss of $$$
Although I used alot of money,I am satisfied with it!
Thank you!^^
waiting for the next outing with you again>>>>

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Alone weekend or NOT alone?!

Next week Tuesday is Merdeka.and tmr Friday is dunno-what-Selangor holiday.
So all of my friends went back to their hometown and having lovely holidays for 5 days nonstop (Next Monday no class >.<), and abandon me all alone at the college for these whole weekend.
I didn't plan to go back home,cause there will be Raya holiday after 1 or 2 weeks later,so I decided to go back only during Raya
But thinking that all of my close friends are going back to their home sweet home,I am abit regret now!damn it,but I don't have so much $$ to travel back to home

Nevermind la,I decided to study for this week!(but God knows that I won't be so good boy for the whole weekend XP) yet I am still using 'STUDY' as the reason for me to stay at college here!

FRIDAY is coming...I should be happy right?!
But I feel so depressed now...
I miss you,and wanna meet you this week,can??
one of my reason for staying at KL is you...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

a new hot topic between my friend and I now...lolz

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sometimes I felf myself abit crazy
Am I C.R.A.Z.Y?!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

WHAT is so good about KL here?!
if you are new to KL,u will find it interesting,as I did last time
Shopping nonstop,night entertainments,eat eat eat...
many many attractions...

BUT honestly I am starting to hate KL already
KL just not a place for me...
Many things happened here,mostly are sad...

I just wish I am a kid who never grow up...





Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Today I got class with the fierce looking,never-have-any-facial-expression plastic surgeon!(except that sometime he will tell joke and laugh ss there alone =.=)

Today was my first time presenting a case to a doctor!^^
Is my very first time presenting a case,nervous because doctor super duper fierce one,but excited also cause I couldn't wait to get the very first signature for my presentation and to get to know the marks from my presentation!

I presented my case,but started from the beginning,after my very first sentence,he shot me with his 'M16' already!wtf...
I just follow what others doctor told me the way bout how to present a case,but he said 'this is not my style!'
haiz,this prove that different doctors have their own different saying =.=
so next time I need be smart loh,见人讲人话,见鬼讲鬼话咯 (see human speak human language,see ghost speak ghost language) I suppose it is translated like this,lolz..

BUT,overall,my presentation ok la,although not a good presentation for him la
get 7 marks out of total 1o!hehe,still passed!

p/s:guess what he said at the end of the class?!
"aiyo,the time is not enough for me to make fun with u all la =.= "
he actually felt enjoying from criticizing our case presentation hahaha

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mr. Specialist!

who you thought you are!
don't be so cocky although you are a specialist!
You are just a human being which has some extra super genius brain,after dying you will be dust also!
NOTHING so big deal whether you are a top surgeon in the whole world,if you don't know what is punctuality!
WTF,class at 10.30am,but you appeared at 1.30pm?!
this called a specialist ar?!how busy pun,you can call us and tell us that you are not free or will be late so that we can go for our lunch first!
we were just like a bunch of stupid fellow waiting waiting waiting for you this VIP arrival!
waited until we missed our lunch time!
Do you know why in this world got so many gastritis or peptic ulcer disease patient?!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I think I don't deserve to have it
really damn bad mood now
when thing is not belong to you,it is not belong to you
I understand it...

Thursday, August 5, 2010


U are the source of my MIXED feeling now...
I dont know I should be happy or down now...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy chatting with one of my friends in MSN

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I am starting to miss YOU already...

Monday, July 26, 2010


Few days ago,I dreamt of I was inside another dream...
the story started with I was waiting for a ferry,and I was shocked when I saw a small boat was in front of me and not a ferry.....(memory missing abit)...maybe the boat was too small and when the boat made a sharp turn,I couldn't manage to grab the holder in front me thigh enough and the next thing happened was I fell off the boat and get drowned into the sea....
BUT,suddenly I woke up and I appeared to be on a street,and then I realized that actually I was dreaming just now,so I walked as usual at the street there,but unfortunately it was raining that time,and the floor was wet and I couldn't balance myself and fell down again knocked my head...I felt the pain and suddenly I woke up on my bed!haha...this time I really woke up already from the dreamsss...

I was wondering why would I dream of such weird dreams for the past few days,and now I know the answer already!!

IT gave me a hint to go watch the movie called 'INCEPTION'!!!!
the same situation,also dream inside dreams,just that the story is more interesting and gan jiong than mine la of course!everything almost the same,the same theory which I get to wake up after falling down...lolz...
The story INCEPTION is great!worth watching!nice idea,must salute the story creator of the movie!
Go to watch if you haven't watched it yet!

Sunday, July 25, 2010


haiz...I shouldn't naked sleep last night!
now I got running nose =.=''''

~END of topic~

Saturday, July 24, 2010

A new ELM!

I bought a new cellphone
Initially I thought of buying a cellphone with sms and calling function only
but after went to do some survey on Sony Ericson cellphones,actually there are not many choices for me to choose which are under my initial budget RM300 XD

So I had a second thought that how about I buy a more canggih one with all the thing equipped inside,WiFi,GPS,SMS,3G,calling,camera,blabla...everything la with RM600,and it can last long for few years until I am capable to change it to iPhone

At the end,I bought a RM600 Sony Ericsson Elm model!

izit looked very yeng leh!!!haha
got WiFi,3G,5MP camera,sound ok,colour also ok,the screen quite large,got 2G memory card,and GPS in it ^^
and now everybody is talking about 'Go Green',and so coincidently this cellphone emphasizing GreenHeart (environmental friendly product) is made of recycled plastic!So I am 'Go Green~~ing' as well when I am using it!XD

AND the most important thing here is that~~~
~~~my mom SPONSORED me RM2++ for the new Elm!exact amount tak tau la,maybe just RM200 but is better than none!
haha,LOVE you mummy!!!!!!muackx!!!

actually I wanted to buy a slide type cellphone,but I scare of if I sliding it to much,it will spoil,so i think a normal cellphone is enough for me!
This Elm will be my cellphone until I starts to work!haha
will be taking care of it with my life!*I swear!*

the only thing that bothering me now is that my palm sweat easily,and the phone get wet when i hold it!@.@ damn loh like that,is a new model,so no any case or rubber protector to wrap it...
need to wait for about 1 month baru got the case according to the seller... T.T

Friday, July 23, 2010

a GOOD news from the whole miserable n depressing clinical surgery posting week!

yeah!!!My mom said she will sponsor me for the new hp!!!!!haha
although it is not a very fancy,high classie,expensive model of hp,it is just a RM200-300 budget hp,but sponsored by mom is already enough for me!!!!^^

Thankiu mom!LOVE U!
nah,here a big kiss from me at KL flying all the way to you there at Ipoh! muackx!!!!

p/s:wondering what hp should I buy later....erm...

I need UR help,GOD

THE very first week of actual SURGERY posting passes so damn fast!!!!!
What had I learnt from this week?!erm.......
can I answer "abit thyroid...abit breast...abit vascular...and abit others topic"?!
haiz,learnt abit this abit that actually made myself felt depressed!
I wish to master each of them if I can,but it seem too impossible for me now,or am I too rush for mastering it?!it is just the first week only...
After this one whole week,I realized that 1 week with 5 days in hospital actually were not enough to learn things...

NO TIME to clerk patients (or am I the one who wandering around doing nothing?!)
NO TIME to practice physical examination (or I am not brave enough with my skill?!)

Can I ask a favour from the GOD,I wish I can make a new bufday wish to replace the previous which I made during March,this time my wish will be a simple one...


Saturday, July 17, 2010

TWO weeks of introductory to Medicine and Surgery Posting had came to the end!
and yet I am not prepared to face the reality!T.T
I am still blur-ing with the new clinical life here
I still not dare to approach the patient by myself alone to ask him/her questions...
I still not dare to do physical examination on patient loh...
I am timid,now only I realized it
still need some time to make myself braver...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

If it is not belong to you,
DON'T EVER take it and put on your table and say it is belonged to you!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Just now I went to Hospital Serdang there with MC Goh to see whether there were any new cases anot.
And both of us were so lucky to get a hernia case there!
And also lucky to get the Prof Meah at there!!!muahaha

First time saw a REAL hernia patient!
First time saw a physical examination done on a hernia patient!
(for those who don't really know what is hernia about,google it pictures then you will know it!)

and guess why am I so excited with it?!just hernia and normal physical examination wouldn't make me so excited what!haha
In oder to examine a hernia patient,you need to expose the patient private part!
and that patient we met was a negro!OMG!!!!!
His private part or so called as PENIS is soooooooo DAMN BIG SIZE although the 'thing' was not erected at that moment!!!!!
Do you know what is BIG banana compared to a SMALL banana?!

Nah this is the BIG BANANA!!!!!!Imagine it is hanging on a guy!haha,and guys out there,try to compare with yours!muahaha

Asian guy really can't be compared to Negro loh!T.T

Sunday, July 11, 2010





Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday!

Oh ya!Forgot to wish my best friend HAPPY BUFDAY at my blog here!

too busy recently,need to go to hospital la everyday,started the life of practising as a doctor la,learnt to do physical examination la...etc...(actually not too busy
just too blur don't know what to do at the ward there,wandering around like a 'soh lou',not dare to walk forward alone to clerk a patient,with a ZERO pre-clinical knowledge in the brain,waiting to be scolded by the doctors haiz....)

BUT after 3 days of belated,I am here now to wish my friend-


and of course with the lovely present with him
the so called penis dance?!=.= haha

although I am not in the same group with you know,both of us will be having different posting,but hope that we will be still best friend forever la!haha
Enjoy your Medicine posting there la!
anything to test on physical examination,I let you test la!I be your subject as your present la!
(whatever test la,per-rectal or per-vaginal wtf,but in condition,if only you ask me within tonight!wakakaka)
May all your wish come true la!

p/s:and hopefully you will enjoy this GAGA's Alejandro from my blog while reading this!^^

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Not a good beginning!


damn blur now!
what is the different between medicine and surgery posting??what PE should I learn in surgery posting first??
First time tried to clerk a patient,asked the patient about the history,but seem more like a normal guy chatting with a unknown,without knowing the purpose of the question I was asking...


why other groups got doctor taught them PE?!why not my group??

Monday, July 5, 2010

B- Word of the day!

F*king MCB!CCB!
whatever B that comes into ur mind la,will be appearing here for me to express my feeling of the first day of my new sem!

Things just not going as smooth as I wanted it to be!
~Couldn't change group!never mind,I can accept this one
~Get a stupid lousy PA!damn it,why he is on cuti belajar now when I need his F* signature!
~Hate my group now!why must be same group with the MUKMIN?!WTF!but thank god will be seeing him only after 6weeks
~Frustrated with the Buddy prob!Frus with those ppl not from Ipoh but rebut Ipoh ppl with me!shit U la!you so like them,U take all la,I no eye to see nor rebut with U all already!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Clinical Year-HERE I come!

HI,there,I think this will be the last so called as 'frequent-post'!haha...
too free during holiday,so that's why I updated my blog so frequently,any craps also put in.
BUT there is no more craps after tonight!sob...sob T.T
Tomorrow my Bloody-Hell-CLINICAL-Year will be started!and will be hearing alotssssss of scolding from the doctor at hospital there =.=

Clinical year?!erm....Actually I know nothing about it!
Just know that will be walking around the hospital whole day,chit chat with patients,and also the upcoming PROFESSIONAL EXAM 2 in the end sem!!!!oh shit!the most SCARIEST thing in 3rd year!

Will be start wearing white coat (the doctor's coat,short sleeve one,not the long sleeve lab coat!) starting from this sem!lolz....Very yeng leh with that white coat on!later will post the pic of me with the white coat on me la!^^

p/s:lastly,I just hoping that tmr will receive a good news from the Timbalan Dekan about the group changing!hopefully will be a very good news! *praying hard*


Sometime, I feel that I am quite handsome too!muahahaha

Saturday, July 3, 2010

I donated!

Nowadays,schools really pro in asking people to donate for them to rebuilt their school,make a new hall or to organize whatever dinners la,etc etc...They asked those small cute cute kids to do so!

Why did I say so?!
Just now when I was washing my car,suddenly I heard 'uncle...uncle',when I looked back and I saw a Indian kid,I think he is just standard 1 or 2 only, (wtf,do I look so old until I deserve to be called as U-N-C-L-E?!=.= but since the one called me uncle was a kid,so I forgive him la lolz)

ME: (just looking at him with a weird expression)
the kid: DONATION please. (omg,he just said one word,and the word explained all!)
ME: (thinking) so pity la,now the sun so hot,and he was looking for people to donate house by house,okie la...So I went into my house and took RM2
the kid: thank you (with a big smile)

why la the school will ask him to go get for donation?!How old is he now?!so young...damn pity him la!haiz...
But only after I donated,I realized that I actually didn't ask for the school name,the kid's name,what the purpose of the donation....etc.... the first thought came into my mind was that to get money and donate fast fast!lolz....he is too cute already,couldn't resist his cute-ness when he was asking for donation!

So,I donated RM2 to an unknown Indian kid,don't know what name,don't know what school,and don't know what purpose of the donation =.=

p/s 1:sorry la,I know RM2 is too few already,haha,but what to do?!I am pokai now...
p/s 2:and hor the RM2 was taken from my sister's purse due to I couldn't find any $$ in my wallet...haha,so I still owe my sister RM2

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Hahaha...I found it difficult to write a 'surat kiriman rasmi' or I thought it was called as 'surat berformat' before I googled it (direct translated from 'formal letter') =.=
even I was translating the surat from a well completed formal letter, I found it difficult to translate those English words into Malay words! In the end,I had chosen to use GOOGLE TRANSLATOR to help me solved my problems!haha

The world greatest software-GOOGLE TRANSLATOR!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A happening day

Today was a happening day for me! (read the last part only if you feel like boring,haha)
I woke up at 9.30am in the morning, and I busy doing my things until now non-stop! until now 6pm only can rest =.=

9.30am woke up,brushed teeth,bathed,breakfast,then went to my secondary school to find my secondary school teachers chit chat. Long time didnt see them already,chatted many things!haha

chit-chatting until 11.30am quick quick went to hair saloon to have my hair cut ^^
next week new sem opens mah,new students will be coming in,of course need to cut a nice hairstyle la,to attract people attention!and if lucky,get a gf!lolz...
So I went to have a hair cut PLUS straightened my hair of the front part there,lolz,after the hair cutting session,I transformed into a super handsome guy again!
I promised my sister I will come back to fetch her to her college for exam at 1pm, so I limited my hair-stylist to finish it within 1 hour!and he surprised me!He did finish it within 1 hours,cut plus hair straightening leh!geng!must give him a big clap!

I rushed back to home and had my lunch just in 10 minutes time! Then need to fetch my sister to college liao,sienz!haiz....cincai la,this time I clever,I asked my dad for RM50 to pump petrol in order to fetch my sister XD
Last time,I was using my own money leh to fetch my 2 sisters to here and there,so heart pain ar when I saw the petrol meter dropped so fast!

Right after that, I went to the PROTON service center there to have my car serviced.

Really regret for buying a PROTON car! PROTON car really no good one. Believe me,if you want to buy a new car,don't you ever buy a PROTON car,no money pun,at least choose PERODUA la,you won't feel regret like me now I guarantee!

Let me tell you something...
1) My dad ordered a Saga last year around September,guess what,until this year April also no car for us! My dad couldn't wait for it anymore,so he changed the car to Persona,and the new car Persona arrived in 2 weeks time!=.= see,I think they purposely forced us to buy a more expensive car by not giving us the car we ordered for almost half year!

2) We normally think that new car will got less problems right,all items are new. But for PROTON, just after 2 weeks I drove the car,it got noise problem already! When I break,the annoying sound will be there. Very sienz geh loh when new car got such annoying sound! If it is an old car,ok,it can be forgiven,but this is a new car ok! Then I went to serviced it,but 3 days after servicing, it got sound again!really feel like F*** the PROTON!

And just now I went to the PROTON there also because of the stupid sound! hopefully the sound won't be appearing again in the future!I am so fed up of it!

When I thought 'Finally everything is done', suddenly an accident occurred!
I am not sure whether it was my fault or what,but I really got turned on my left signal before I turned left
I just heard a 'crush' sound,and suddenly I saw a guy fell down from a motor at my left side!
The first thing I noticed when I stopped my car and walked out was that there was 奶茶 (teh ais) all over the road,and then only I noticed that the guy was bleeding!haha...
I swear I did turned on the signal before I wanna turn left,it was definitely not my fault...but I was so scare when I was standing at there and got 2 Indian guys came here to see what happened. My dad always said that Indian guy will beat you until die la when you langgar another Indian,but thank God the guy I langgar was a Chinese. They knew I was innocent so they also didn't blame me and asked me to just go away.
I asked the Chinese guy whether he wanna go to hospital anot,but he didn't bother me. The guy just stood up from the floor,picked up his motor and started the engine then went off...
He went off,so I went off too...haha,really 有惊无险, but I am still feeling so sorry to him...

BUT luckily,my car didn't get scratched by that accident!
at least this showed that the guy was great in dodging my car!^^ (a little compliment to him la)

Monday, June 28, 2010

An unpleasant morning call

Today morning I received a call from my an unknown Kl number, so I answered it and realized that it was my doctor.
Few days ago,I went to find him to ask for permission to change my current group which is Group B to Group A.

(just for those who still blur with the grouping,once we enter the clinical year which is third year,we will be divided into 2 group, A and B. Group A will be studying Medicine while Group B will be in Surgery. Because of this different field of study,these 2 groups will be separated and will not be seeing each others again. Even worst when we enter forth year,one group will be at HKL while another group will be at Kuala Pilah for posting)

let continue my story here...
The doctor called me and told me that I failed in changing the group! #%$&^%$&^%$&^%$!@#
If I really wanna to change group,I need to find the Timbalan Dekan and change from him wor!
so now I am still in Group B, while all my best friends are allocated in Group A!WTF
really a WTF for me!this means that I won't be seeing them liao after entering forth year!even now,I can only meet them during night time only (class until 5pm),with nothing common to chat with,they will be in Medicine while I will be in Surgery part.arghhhh......

Let me clarify one thing first, I still got my friends in group B (especially the girls from B2.10,you know who you are la,no need mention here),just that not as BEST as those in group A la,still can play,can 'sot' with them but if let me choose I will choose group A la...haiz,sienz

Will try to find Timbalan Dekan on next Monday to try my very last luck!
Hopefully I can get the approval from him la that time! If not,I can't do anything pun,mai just stay at Group B loh....
maybe that time I will be best friend with them in Group B,and that time I mai got 2 bunch of best friends loh!see how good it will be!haha

Sunday, June 27, 2010

World Cup fever?!NOPE for me

I am not a fan of football,so I never play football.
I am not a fan of World Cup pun,so I am not a fan of any country pun.
I never watch a World Cup match for more than 15 minutes since I am not its fan

BUT something odd happened to me just now, I watched the last part of the match between Uruguay and Korea for around 20 minutes leh!I am so proud of myself for sitting in front of the TV just to watch football for so long!wakaka
20 minutes leh!A new record for me!^^

As I mentioned just now,I am not a fan of any country in World Cup,but hor just now I supported the Uruguay team!
I also don't know why I would support that country,maybe because Korea didn't have any lengzai in the team gua but Uruguay got,lolz
Just like when Portugal vs Brazil,I supported Portugal also that time,because of Cristiano Ronaldo in the team. XD

k la,that all of world cup from me...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Today,the research FINALLY ended!wakaka...
Actually I am not like others who so happy with it,I just feel like normal only,yup maybe got abit happy with it,but I am not going to celebrate it by going out eat big big like others!lolz...waste money!

Haiz,I thought I would be the one who win the best group of the research presentation (although I knew the possibility is less than 50%),but still got hope la!Guess why I so eager to win it,because i heard from the previous year senior who said that the winner got money $$$ as the present!you know what is $$$ meant to me now?!IT is like EVERYTHING to me now!haha,eat also depends on it,shopping also depends on it,even my car also need it!see,how poor am I now!haiz....even the research I also need to pay for those photostate expenses around RM100 per person!=.=

Saturday, June 19, 2010

the old times...

Today gathering with my secondary school old friends was indeed the most memorable gathering I ever had!
There were Lee Xin Jiat, Ho Joon Heng,Lee Kok Leong,Teoh Kah Heng,Khor Siao Jen,Khoo Chin Choo and I went to the newly opened Wong Kok Cha Chan Teng to had a yum cha session...

Since the CNY gathering,we didn't actually meet each other already,so today was happy and fun to have a gathering again!^^
The yum cha session was really great,we chit chat there,38 this 38 that,we talked many things,but mostly which came out from my mouth were rubbish la of course,haha...we are all still the same,still like this,still so 废,haha,really miss the old time!

(didn't have any photo to post here,cause all photos were in my friend's camera there)

our next stop (after Siao Jen and Chin Choo left) was at Joon Heng's house!
That part was the most enjoyable part of the day!
Right after we entered his room,we started to talk about our secondary school time memories,even primary school memories also we talked! was so fun to recall those funny incidents which happened during school life,most of them still in my mind,but abit blur...
We talked about teachers,we talked about friends,even enemies also ^^
I had forgotten most of the teachers' name,but yet a few of them I still remember la,haha
We even took out the old 2003 school magazine out and identified those teachers!Those funny nickname of the teachers also came out!

A picture took from the magazine
funny when I looked back at myself after 7years today!
(click to zoom it)
hope this kind of gathering will be there again after 10 years from now....

Thursday, June 17, 2010

My early celebration of Happy Father's Day

As mentioned in my previous post,I said I will be going to celebrate Happy Father's Day
so,we did celebrate just now ^^

I was too excited when I left my house,excited until I forgot to bring my camera
When I reached the restaurant,only then I realized I didn't bring it,I thought of camwhoring with my current Sony Ericson K550,but when the dishes came,four of us,my dad,my mom,my sis and I all had forgotten about photo taking already...haha

SO,in the end,we didn't manage to take even 1 photo for the celebration XD
nevermind la,next year I promised myself I will remember to take camera with me when I go to celebrate Happy Father's Day again to ganti balik...wait ar patiently

F-ing driver!

Today,I drove...As usual when I came back to Ipoh,I will be the driver who drive and fetch my parents out for shopping,just a normal routine and of course because of my parents don't know how to drive auto car,so terpaksa lah I...haha

We went for Fuh San dim sum,requested by my sis...we ate till very full there,as usual,I still feel like Ipoh dim sum somehow is way better than KL one,at least the dim sum at Ipoh here is much more bigger than those at KL!haha...tried once at KL there,but those dim sum are so damn small,not fun chewing them...lolz,boh dak!

Then as requested by my mom,I drove to Jusco for daily equipment shopping
nothing much happened,just a normal shopping for food!haha

BUT bad thing happened once we left the Jusco
I was in my car,on a very straight road...supposingly nothing special will happen if every car run on their own lane,but DAMN it,one car from the right lane suddenly drove into my left lane just with a 'turn left' signal within less than 0.0000000000001 second!TMD!you thought this road is belonged to you gah!no need see car at behind gah??you wanna turn then can turn already ar?!open you eyes la dui!you thought signal is everything ar?!GTDLU!
I was driving so fast at behind there,so near to the stupid F-ing car!He dared to just turn like that without looking at the side mirror!WTF!how am I going to stop wor for you o in such speed!again,GTDLU!
because of you stupid TMD driver,my both parents scolded me okie!
Said me 'didn't beware of the car in front la','why drove so fast la','why wanna squeezed with ppl la,who didn't I stop and let him passed first leh',etc etc.....
spoilt my day nia you F-ing driver!
DON'T let me meet you again!or else if I am alone in the car without my parents,YOU WILL DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

haha,okie la,finished on the anger releasing part already!lolz
fyi,tonight I will be celebrating my 'HAPPY FATHER's DAY' ^^
just wait for those pictures la,if I am going to blog la...haha

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I am Single, and I enjoy it

A few days ago.....There was a conversation between my friends,A friend n B friend
(not the actual conversation btw them,this is just my creativity,but the last sentence from B is definitely TRUE!)

A: wei,tell u,I got gf already!already 1 week ago!hehe
B: wah!so fast got a new gf ar!good good!happy la u now,me so sad
A: what la?!sad wat o??
B: u so happy got gf,of coz dun understand the feeling of a lonely man la,all my friends already in couple now liao,left me alone here...SOB SOB T_T
A: where got all?! Kah Joon leh?? He also alone wat....haha

What The ...... B!
HOW special and complicated I am?!=.=

but cincai la,I couldn't control your words pun,is your right...
but I just wanna use my right now to reply you with 'GTDLU'! ^^
(is just for B only)

me being single here is not because of that so called 'SPECIAL' and 'COMPLICATED' relation as what you thought okie!
For what a person so desperato to find a gf/bf?!so rush for what?
I am not like you lo,I am not despo,somemore I still not yet find the Ms RIGHT for myself ^^
at least for me,being alone (for now) is enjoyable!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Just because of my lazy......


The very first day when I came back to home,my labtop got 17 window updates which needed me to wait until they were finished updated,only then I could shut down the labtop.But because I am too tired and lazy to wait for them,so I left my labtop in the living room while I went to my room to have a nice short nap ^^
I thought of shutting it down after I finished my nap,because at that time those updates would be finished updated already I guess...but so unfortunately,my little sister thought I had already shut down my labtop and so she pulled out the charger from my labtop and plugged it onto her labtop!=.= (fyi,because that time I was using her charger)
I am not sure whether those updates had finished updated anot...aiz....and the most important is that the labtop was not properly shut down!

Then the second time was yesterday night...
yesterday midnight around 1am,I am too tired that time also,but I was scanning my whole labtop with my antivirus that time,so I couldn't shut it down..
again,I let it to continue to scan while I went to the sofa there to rest awhile
but the scanning just took tooo long time to finish,so I fall into sleep.And when I woke up middle in the midnight,I saw my labtop was off and a blanket suddenly appeared beside me...only then I realized that my mom came out before and she switch off the main switch without shut down my labtop first....T_T

ARGHHHHH!I just can't affort to have the THIRD time of shutting down my labtop in a non proper way!

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Someone asked me to update my blog...
only then I realized I didn't blog for so long already since the very last post of my new car...lolz
again,I will be blogging about car now >.< (the only thing flashed through my mind when my friend asked me to blog,lack of idea nowadays)

just fyi, I am back to Ipoh my sweetest home again today!

~~nothing special to mention here~~
~~just to fulfill the the request from my friend to update my blog~~ XD

another fyi, I wasted around RM8 more today when I was on the back to Ipoh T_T
haiz,just because of my playfulness, I Broom~Broom~~ with my another friend's car at the highway there,and I Broom~Broom until 160km/hour!DAMN it,I just speed up for awhile only for 2 times,but it cost me so much for that!I never expect that!
will never ever do that again next time again.....I promised myself!
wondering whether I kena saman anot leh...haha
(for those who read this,please dont spread this speed around until it reaches my mom's ear okie ?? haha...I will be dead when she know it) ^^

Friday, May 21, 2010


It have been awhile,actually a long while,I didn't update my blog already...
Life is tooo free nowadays after the final 2 months ago,too free until I became lazy!
but I am still who I am,the one who like to watch drama series
the different is that I changed from TVB to KOREAN,then now to ENGLISH!muahahaha
recently addicted to a english series (but kinda out-dated one la) CHARMED!haha my favourite few years ago,now still the same!^^

okie,finished with the intro of myself daily activity (since I didn't update you all for log time d) :P

just fyi,I AM BACK TO IPOH again!
just had my long journey driving from KL to Ipoh here all ALONE!!!!!
I am enough with the experience of bored and sleepy the whole journey!
both eye really couldn't open big big...and a few times both eye did close itself without my permission!scary~~
but still safe to home here now...XD

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

8819 sure open one!

Yeah!Finally my very own car is at home already!!!!!
lolz,although it is not bought by my own money,but I promised myself I will pay it back slowly to my parents...
I will take good care with it! I PROMISED
I will sek it as it is my little child! I PROMISED

My little Persona!wasai....♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
I really erm sei dak drive it under hot sun leh...later it sunburn :P
I really erm sei dak drive it when it is raining leh...later it become dirty XD

By the way,wanna kena lottery anot?!
Let me give you a lucky number to buy,8819!
TOTO,4D or DAMAICAI whatever la!SURE OPEN ONE!!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010







Saturday, May 1, 2010


since after the Korean drama entitle with 'Full House',this is the second time I am so addicted with Korean drama again!
Yeap!Just finished watching a Korean drama-原来是美男 a.k.a A.N.JELL ♥♥♥♥

I just love the story,the love,the guys,the setting,the hairstyle,the way they wear...etc etc!
I just in love with EVERYTHING in this drama!everything,everything which I hope it will happen in my real life...

why I said so?!.......
I love the story,although these kind of love dramas all are like same same,but no matter how many times I watch these kind of love story,they will be always be my favourite! I just hope someday these kind of dramatic love story will happen in my real really make me feel so sweet everytime I watch them!

Just as I said,I 'love' the the guys also!hehe
gay-ing now!lolz...yala,yala,I admit I really abit gay la,but looking at handsome guy not a prob mah!I like to look at handsome guy,because I hope I will be like them also,hope will be as HANDSOME as them mah,need to look carefully,how they wear,their hairstyle,etc!hah!like that I can learn to be handsome also ^^ so can be 'wang ren mi' also

From this drama,I am attracted with the hairstyle of the character 'Jeremy' starred by 李弘基!
the Golden-Silverish-colour-Mushroom-Head-with-the-Special-Front-Part! (the name I give to it,cute right?:P)

can u see how cute this hairstyle is?!
the front part can swing to the left or to the right as you like!Hah!

Tada!the hairstyle I want to be in the next hair cut session!
How I wish I really have the dare to cut this mushroom head
How I wish I have the dare to dye my hair until this colour
BUT what to do?!I CANT T_T
reasons because of my mum and my course I am taking now
haiz....limitation to enjoy my life leh!

Actually I like to watch a pure-white-skin-actors drama,just like Hong Kong TVB, Taiwanese and Korean 偶像剧...what I meant by pure-white-skin-actors drama is that not only those actors are in pure white skin,but also the people around shortly I don't like to watch those dramas for example local one,although those actors areChinese,but the people around them maybe black skin,maybe brown...haha...not pure :P (no discrimination here ar)
In those pure-white-skin-actors drama,their mind is more open,and they tend to be more acceptance in every aspect,they tend to be more open in the people clothing,so I like the way the people dress in those drama,especially the guys wear!or more simple to describe,they are more 'IN'(modern) than us la in Malaysia!

This drama really highly recommended by me!
GO WATCH!!!must go watch if you are another super fans of love drama!

p/s:Do you wanna know how addicted I am toward this drama?!
I was addicted to this drama until I boiled it from yesterday to just now,non-stop,even lunch and dinner also sambil watch sambil eat leh!and until the extend that I forgot to have my medicine leh!
DAMN IT!need to wake up in tonight midnight,because I forgot to eat just now at 5pm!sienz!T_T

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Herpes Zoster

3 days ago,I found out that there were something weird appearing on my body...
something like chicken pox,elevation on the skin with some serous fluid inside it
That time I thought it is just some normal blister due to the hot weather,but after I went to see doctor,the doctor said it is Herpes Zoster! a.k.a 'snake' in cantonese!

First,the doc give me some medicines,and a bottle of lotion to apply on those blisters to make it dry and avoid itchiness...After applying the lotion,the area infected really not so itchy!I thought it will be recovering very soon after a few days,at least those blisters will be smaller.

BUT the area infected is getting larger and larger,and the blisters are also getting bigger too!!!!
The first 2 days,the area just felt itchy without any pain : )
But yesterday,it starts to become pain!and it is sooooooo damn painful until I couldn't get into sleep whole night,kept on rolling on the bed left to right,right to left!
The pain is so unbearable!

Until just now 8am in the morning,I really tak boleh tahan already!!!!!!!!!
the pain is sooooooo intensively painful!!!
so I went to see doctor again,and the main purpose was to get some PAIN KILLER to kill the pain! (wasted another RM24 for that visit just for pain killer)

Right after that visit,my relative called me and said he got a friend who experienced this 'snake' also,so he introduced me to the doctor.
The new doctor gave me some new medicine...when I was asked to pay money at the counter,I was shocked when I listened to the price!
The visit cost me RM182 leh!!!!The most expensive medicine I paid in my whole life leh!never see doctor until that expensive leh!I thought I was buying GOLD that time...@.@

the new drugs prescribed by the doctor introduced by my relative
each one need to be taken 5times per days
mean that 3 hours interval to take again!

Hopefully by this RM182 GOLD MADE MEDICINES will really help me recover fast fast leh,and the most important is it can suppress the pain during my sleeping time....

Sunday, April 25, 2010




好啦,我就死吃,死吃的,结果真的肥了!哈哈,我的面颊真的没有以前凹进去了!我的手臂可能有变大瓜,但很不明显 =.=


听了之后有种感觉要去做运动!哈哈。。但还是懒惰大过天 :P

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Branded thing is FRAGILE!

Now only I realize that if the thing is not belonged to you,no use if you try to own it (no matter in what kind of situation,it applies to all)

Just now,I was so boring and nothing to do,so I walked here walked there in the house...
Suddenly,i saw a sunglasses case in my mom's room,so I grabbed the case,and guess what,it is from Charles & Keith!!!
I knew it is belonged to my big sister,but she is not at Ipoh now,so I opened the case and saw a fancy sunglasses inside...I was wondering why these kind of branded things will be so expensive,got what special about them,is it a person will be more handsome or leng lui after wearing it?!so many questions appeared in my mind,so I fak hao and tried to put it on!
as I said just now,it is belonged to my sister mah,so it is a women sunglasses!I thought my head is small enough to wear it.
(Last time I did try to wear one of my "girl" friend's sunglasses also nothing happened)

AND SUDDENLY..............
I heard a 'crack' sound!
Oh My God!!!!!!!really warrafak!because of my fak hao-ness,I broke my sister's sunglasses!!!!!
My jaw dropped,my both hand paralyzed at there holding a broken sunglasses,and my eyes just kept on staring at it!hahaha...
I never thought that the branded sunglasses is so fragile!@.@
If I knew it is so fragile,I wouldn't have tried it!

Right after I heard that crack sound,I quick quick put it back into the case and pretended nothing happened...but after awhile,I felt so guilty and so I sms-ed my big sister and told her the truth...
I even promised will try to find another one with same brand same style same colour to replace it back to my sister....haiz!
If I knew this will happen,I wouldn't so 'many hands many legs'!damn it =.=

Lesson of the day:
NEVER try to force something just to own it,or else it will be a sad ending....

Thursday, April 22, 2010


There are many FIRST times in our life...
and this month I just had my a few very FIRST time ^^

I always wish I can go oversea,get into plane,experience the feel of 'flying'...
and when my prof exam end,my coursemates planned to go Singapore and the part which attracted me the most was they planned to go there by plane!I was so happy that time,of course I agree to join them at the very beginning!ticket also booked already!so happy finally can get into the aeroplane!BUT so unexpected I got things to be done during that trip period,so what can I do?!Forced to cancel the trip but the air ticket once booked couldn't cancel!=.= so I wasted my RM170 for nothing!NO TRIP...NO FLYING EXPERIENCE...
I thought it would be my FIRST time flying in the plane,but it become my FIRST time wasting RM170 for nothing...

Nah!the ticket showing I really did buy it...lolz
NOT REGRETING for wasting the RM170,
but REGRETING for wasting the chance of getting into a plane!arghhh.....

Yesterday was my another FIRST time in my life went to Cheras Pasar Malam.
According to my friends,it is the LONGEST pasar malam in the whole Malaysia!It really looks long when you pass by the road beside the pasar malam,but when you try to walk in the pasar malam yourselve,you will feel it is actually not that long only...lolz...
so this shown that thing can be judge by its appearance...haha
I saw so many stalls selling all those weird weird things just to attract the customer...especially those stupid and 'naive' new comers like us,who went there for the first time...
For an example,we saw 1 stall selling the 爆浆丸,and this reminded us the movie 食神,where meatball will burst inside your the 'naive' us went to buy!each person bought 1 which cost us RM2 per one...but guess what?!WE BEING CHEATED!!!!The meatball didn't really burst leh!wtf....but nevermind la,at least we know now the meatball is mah mah dei,so we won't be so stupid and buy it again next time...
Besides that,we also tried the 'Smelly Toufu' or so called chao taofu in cantonese (臭豆腐) was my second time tried it,for me,it is just a normal toufu only...nothing much special about it taste,except that you can smell its 'fragrance' from far away!hahaha...

The next FIRST time happened today!haha...really an unexpected FIRST time!
I cleaned the fan leh in my room!which I never do in this whole 2 years of staying in college!
couldn't help it,too boring at college already during these few weeks...damn sienz leh....
You will definitely get shocked when you see the pictures of before and after the cleaning...



No need to be shocked after seeing this,just because of me lazy,and my roomate always not staying at college,always balik rumah,so no one willing to clean it,and that why the dirt is that super THICK!hahaha...
Just before I cleaned it,the fan volume 5 was like volume 1,couldn't swing,damn slow...but now,it just swing like there is no tomorrow XD hahaha...

Friday, April 16, 2010






Clash Of The Titans

Just now went to watch a movie-Clash Of The Titans
Overall I like it,especially those fighting scene,killing scorpions,Medusa,and the what so called Kraken (did I spell it wrongly?!whatever la...)
and FYI,this Clash Of The Titans is way better and worth watch than the Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief!!!Really,althought the story line is almost the same,but no matter in which aspects,Clash Of The Titans is really better than that stupid Percy Jackson!haha,sorry for those Percy Jackson's fans XD lolz

(before I watched this movie,I had totally no idea of what the hell is he holding in this poster...but now I knew it alreadY! wanna know what is it,just go and watch!)

The guy who act as the Perseus is Sam Worthington!!!
He is so handsome!!handsome until I also fall in love with him already....arhhh,I just hope that I got half of his lengzai-ness @.@
and the most attractive point of this movie which attracted me so much is the 'costum' they wear!especially those soldiers! funny and cute!all the clothes and pant they wore just short short!just like skirt or balet dress...lolz...wondering why those ppl in the old time will choose that kind of style?!is it because of it will make us easy to walk or fight?!lolz...whatever,it is not the matter now...

For those who not yet watch it,I suggest you to go to watch it ASAP!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

goitre?! 'dai geng bao'?!

My sister is sad very very very sad now....
Dont know what to do....
she got to know the blood test result today,and guess what,the test shown that she have a POSITIVE result of elevation of thyroid hormone!
WTF!no kidding here!she is diagnosed to get hyperthyroidism....
this is really a DOOMS day for her!
is she going to get a dai geng bao soon?!OMG~

as for me,as a future doctor who still studying now,I son't know what should I advise her now...
Damnit!This feeling is so damn shit!
studied bout the disease,but just know abit of it...treatment?!Iodide?!I 131?!I have totally no idea....
the only thing I can do now is to advise her to see doctor and seek for the doctor's opinion...

Hope to see my sister soon....Hope she will be alright...
GOD bless her....

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Yesterday when I was reading newspaper or watching TV news,I forgot already what was I doing that time,I came across with a song,the JJ's new song (or should I describe it as old song,sigh,I just knew the existence of the song 2 days ago)-

This song is highly recommended by me myself!
hahaha,go download la and listen to it!!really got the feel loh!
p/s:haha,got 'feel',but I don't know how to describe the 'feel'...lolz

I am listening it again again and again...non-stop WHOLE NIGHT,the whole list of my qian qian just got that particular song!haha...trying so hard to memorize the lyric but not in memorizing mood now,so I am sambil memorizing sambil onlining facebooking...hahaa....
BUT I am getting fed up with the song liao,haha,gonna stop awhile and continue listening to it later..lolz....

Monday, April 12, 2010





(但是这一趟到槟城,最令我伤心的是没有哪个机会去找我的槟城的朋友,对不起chiewfui,时间太短了,就那短短的一天把半,更何况我没有自己的交通,全程都是我的朋友载上载下,所以没办法去找你...真的很抱歉...我答应你,一旦我有了自己的车,我一定去找你跟Jacyn玩 ^^)

多谢我的朋友Keith,LynnHooi,MC Goh 带我走片槟城吃槟城的道地美食,又有咖哩面,猪肠粉,福建面,炒果条,蚝煎,蚝面....
最特别是他们的猪肠粉!他们的汁是用虾膏(har gou) 加甜酱弄的!
也要多谢收留我的Keith,多得他,我见识到北海的PACIFIC MALL 是多么的大多么的!
对PACIFIC 我没有意见了,但我是不会再去那儿了!永远都不会了...哈哈

Thursday, April 8, 2010


My Life for the past few days since I came back to college

NO CLASS...can be good news cause no need to study,but can be bad news also,damn sienz (BORING) at here doing nothing

.....the most unacceptable thing in my life!!!!all are having holiday at home,there are just a few of my friends at college here,and some of them are going back to home this week,left me alone at college here only...will be more sienz after this week~~ >.<

NO KAKI TO GO OUT...all are busying with their stupid research (including me)!Need 120 subjects to complete it,but until now,i just get 10 subjects only!!!damn the research!make my life so pathetic at college here!!!

and the most most most mosttttttttt pathetic is
I COULDN'T ONLINE AT COLLEGE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!warafak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
stupid admin fast fast fix the USPOT la!!!!!!!!DON'T make me suffer here already la!!!!!!!!!!!
I already few days didnt really online la!

Friday, April 2, 2010

EMPTY April Fool 2010

Yesterday was APRIL FOOL day!
you all got fooled by others anot??
I saw so many of my friends changed their status in Facebook,from 'Single' into 'In a Relationship' =.=
okie,so obviously it was a prank for that special day!
yet it was still funny!!

BUT for me,yesterday was just a normal day for me,nothing special happened,no one fooled me,and I didn't fool anyone also.WHY?!because I am alone at home now,having my holiday now...

still remember last year during April Fool,all my friends celebrated my belated birthday at the fac cafe there,we were so excited that time,playing water war,flour,and all of us got wet at the end of the celebration!and I even wasted the cake which was supposed to eat as my WEAPON to throw at my friends! at the end,we got NO CAKE to eat!=.=
what a special April Fool celebration I had last year

but this year,nothing happened....abit empty leh....

Monday, March 29, 2010

YOU are the 'princess' WTF (part 2)

okie...since I couldn't hide the post,or make it invisible for others to view
the ONLY way is to make it a draft...=.=
haha,yeah!my previous post about the 'you are the princess WTF' became a draft!
izzit a good news??

p/s:anyone who know how to make a particular post as private post,please teach me ^^ I will very appreciate that!

p/s:sorry la jacyn,your comment on the post no longer available for others to view :P

YOU are the 'princess' WTF (RE-POST)


If you are an adult,just act as an adult!
please la Dont so childish ok!Do you have brain?!
what with those stupid lame brainless excuses that you don't wanna to stay at college because of HOMESICK?!
fyi,I start staying at college since I was at matriculation,and the hostel was so damn ugly and disgusting and small,so far from home,can only go back to home once in a few months,but I also lived happily at there,maybe with some complains at first I moved in,but still managed to cope with the environment there...

Last time when you said you wanna studied at Mahsa College,then after all the registration,after all the payment had done,what happened?!After less than 1 week staying at there,those stupid excuses of homesick started to pop up!what disgusting la,the room sooo small la,the toilet no light la,cant flush la,the roomie smell weird weird la,room dirty la,everything not nice la,etc etc...and then decided to withdraw from the course and don't want to study already =.=
then mom and dad needed to go to KL again and fetch you back to Ipoh here...those course registration fee,half of it gone cause it was not fully refundable!!!
I thought that time she will get her lesson,because of her 'HOMESICK',wasted so much money on nothing!BUT she didnt get any lesson from that!

After coming back to Ipoh here,she decided to study locally at Masterskill college around Ipoh here,so at least she can come back to home during weekend..
somemore the hostel provided is apartment leh!got swimming pool,got gym room,and the room is so big...
at least the homesick excuses not being heard for a few months already...

BUT recently the nightmare is back!The Masterskill college suddenly asked their students to move to another hostel,this time the hostel is not as good as the previous apartment la,no big room,no apartment like facilities which according to my youngest sister...
so all those stupid lame brainless homesick excuses start coming out from her mouth again!
said she wanna stay at home la,don't wanna to stay at the new hostel la,want mom to fetch her go to college la everyday and dad fetch her back to home every evening,asked whether can ride motor go to study anot la every morning (of course my dad not allow,so damn dangerous,the college so far and my sis motor riding skill so damn zha),then now ask for a new car so that she can drive to college on her own!

she really thought she is the PRINCESS in the house or what?!
can she just use her little brain cell to try and think for the family?!
ask dad and mom to fetch her everyday?! they no need to work o,just need to care about you!fetching you little 'princess' no need to waste money o?!you thought the petrol very cheap ar nowadays?!
buy a new car?! when do you ever try to drive a car on your own without supervision by other people?!NEVER ok!!!!somemore buy a new car no need $$$$ o?!you thought our parent is korek emas izzit??!!

everyday also homesick here homesick there,better don't study la,stay at home la!at least you wont creating problems to the family!>.<
where got people wanna study but will homesick until like that?!
We came out from the same vagina,but I really don't understand what are you thinking all about!
staying in the hostel really killing you until this extend meh?!


一开始以为放弃是最好的解脱,但现在我才发现事实并不是酱 T_T

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Earth Hour

Today is 27th March,a special day indeed
TODAY is the '60 EARTH HOUR' day!!!!

just wanna to share something with you guys here
I saw this in one of the blogs which I am following,and I feel it is quite funny
it is about the reasons behind the earth hour campaign are not just all about to save the world,but it also got other reasons XD
(click on the word 'this' to view the blog)

hope you enjoy it!
and please off all your light tonight from 8.30pm until 9.30pm!^^

Thursday, March 25, 2010

My LAST day of exam

Now is 3.20am in the morning
and I am using my friend's broadband to online and get myself updated awhile and to blog
*damn the stupid internet server which down for 2 days already,life is soooo miserable when no internet available around T_T but thank GOD I was fully occupied with activities,celebration and gathering for these 2 days,so it didnt affect me much this time :P *

I suppose to blog bout this 2 days ago,but the stupid line didnt allow me to do so
aiz,the university internet server didn't give my face during my big day =.=
Yeap,2 days ago,23th of March was my birthday,and so 'fortunately' it was my last time of the prof exam too

I don't wanna to talk about the exam anymore,I thought it was ok at first after the first paper on last Friday,but the thought changed after I finished my last paper on Tuesday,it was so hard and difficult...damn it,why the paper on my big day will be so super abnormally gan nan punya WTF!
Hope my wish which I made on the morning of my birthday which was about to pass the exam will come true XD my birthday mah,at least give me a little face la hahaa

oooh ya!tomorrow morning,or should I call it as today morning because now already 3am in the midnight,and the exam result will come out at 9am!
so scare now,hopefully I can really pass it! *pray pray pray*

p/s:will be blogging about my birthday celebration on Friday,after I go back to my home at Ipoh with a better internet connection there,so please do stay tune!^^

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Stress...Stress...and STRESS!!!!!

A crap post again....leave if you don't wish to waste your time here...XD

Sigh,exam is on this Friday,and I am super stress now,when I said STRESS,I am really super duper warrafak STRESSssss!
Do you wanna know how is my stress level now?!
I am so stress until I lost my confidence now....I am walking with my face facing the floor...
wanna know the real reason?
This is all because I am too stress for the upcoming exam,and I am so hardworking to try my best to finish all those notes,until I forgot to SHAVE!
(actually not FORGOT la,it was just too lazy and I am trying to find a better reason for it)
The beard now is so long until I don't have the 'face' to meet people face to face =.=
so the best way to avoid others from seeing my 'handsome' look is by walking with the face poiting down!

Tomorrow morning will be shaving before I go to the extra class,beh tahan already,it is impossible for me to meet all my coursemate with my 'handsome' look....

my 'handsome' face today....hopefully I didnt scare off those ppl passed by me today :P
I myself also paiseh when saw ppl....

Sunday, March 14, 2010


I can't post this in my Facebook...
I can't post this in my MSN personal message...
where else I can post this?!oh ya,my blog!^^
I hope that none of my family members is checking on my blog...if not I will be killed by them!it will be my DOOM day when they get to know what am I actually doing now...
(so please be keeping this secret for me although you know it,thx very muchie XD)


Yeah,I know,it is not a big deal until I need to keep it so secretly @.@
BUT my parents are so strict,NO SMOKING and NO DRINKING in non-special-occasion!!
Does 'BAD MOOD' included as a special occasion?!yeap!for me it is included!^^ so I am drinking now
I couldnt get into sleep just now althought I lied on the bed for a period of the best way is to get myself drunk!and straight away into a nice sleep!
but warrafak!I couldnt get into drunk too now!!!!!OMG~~~what am I suppose to do?!I should have bought more beer just now!*regret*

@to my parents:Please forgive me if you saw this post...I am just too moody...sorry...

Saturday, March 13, 2010

craps bout my moody day again

I thought when a person is in bad mood,eating will be the best way to make the person become happy again,every movie said like that
BUT it seems like it didn't really work on me this moody little guy

I am really bad mood today!It had been such a long time I didn't bad mood like today ever since the incident which happened 2 years ago during the last day of my matriculation life...
2 years ago because of somethings happened,I lost one of my best friends,2 years after that (today) the same incident might be happening again,it is just depend on when will it happen,and how long I can stand over it...It might explode anytime...I don't know....
(if you are my friends,after reading this,please don't ask me what is actually happening to me,because I am really not going to tell you all the truth,just like the incident which happened 2 years ago,I wish I can keep it as my own secret for the rest of my life...sorry)

OK,back to the story,I said eating is not the way for me to become happy again,why did I say so?!
I thought the eating will work on me as how it works on others,so I did order many things just now at McD
Yup,I went there alone,before going there,I asked one of my friends who are bad mood also today,but he refused my invitation,so I went out alone by motor
I ordered 1 set of Spicy Chicken McDeluxe,1 Chicken Burger,and also 1 Sundae Choc
It cost me Rm15 in total,but at the end,I just ate around Rm7.50 of it overall I wasted half of the everything I ordered...

For example,this Sundae Choc,I just ate the whole chocolate on top of the vanilla!
it really was a waste of food,but please forgive me for 1 time due to my bad mood,at least having those chocolate really had sweeten my heart

and not only for Sundae Choc,the same thing happened to the Coke,Spicy Chic McDeluxe,and the french-fried!Half of them were still on the table when I left....

But I really enjoy the process of going out alone with motor speeding on the highway with 100km/hour,ordering sooo many things,and then eating nonstop until I full full ,especially when I was enjoying the chocolate,the process really made me feel better...Just eat without thinking anything sad!^^

Pretending to Smile Even Though It Hurts Inside

FINALLY I found a group in Facebook which its' title suits me the most!

I just wanna to share it
having bad mood this weekend,I just hope next week Monday will arrive soon,really really soon.....
and hopefully I can keep on smiling throughout this weekend.....

anyway,when I found this group,it really did make me smile for a moment,in which the smile was truly coming out from heart
at least joining this group did make my day for a few seconds ^^

Friday, March 12, 2010




真的很想 TNB, CCB, KNS,diu,F*CK,KNN 你!!!!!!


Sorry for KILLING 'you' :P

Today I woke up as usual,after online for awhile,then I went to the basin there to brush my teeth...
when I walked out to the basin there,i found out that all my housemates were still sleeping like pigs that time...ok,that is not the main point of the story btw.

I was happily brushing my teeth at there until I felt something was climbing on my legs...
I ignored it at first,but my leg was getting more itchy!then I looked down with my toothbrush inside my mouth and all the toothpaste bubble covered all around my mouth....
I was like WTF!!!!!It really gave me a shock of my life when I saw so many black ants were actually climbing up my foot and leg!!!!OMG!

I quickly jumped away from the basin area without hesitating >.< the whole floor was actually conquered by ants!
then I took the water heater and filled it with water,waited it to be boiled...
right after it boiled,muahahaha,it was my turn to revenge for disturbing me while I was brushing my teeth!
Pouring hot boiled water onto those stupid antssss was the only idea which came into my mind that time!haha...I knew it is abit cruel,but it is the only and the faster solution to kill them in 1 shot!
so I poured the water I boiled just now on them,and within a few seconds,I saw so many dead ants on floor :P

some of the ants which I killed without mercy~sorry
(note that it is just 'some' hahaa)

After killing those annoying ants,I continue to brush my teeth with peace without any disturbance around ^^

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I want one of them too!!!!

Nowadays,there are many people starting to change their old cell to a touch screen cellphone
many of my friends are using the touch screen type cellphone!*enviness*
Is it really that good to own a touch screen cellphone?!
I know it is trendy,stylish,fun...
AND it is super EXPENSIVE too!!!!>.< *p/s:but once you buy one,make sure you look after it and keep it away from those people who don't know how to take care such modern techno thing..haha,cause one of my friend's touch screen cellphone was spoilt by his friend!and the important thing to highlight here is that the touch screen cellphone was spoilt within 1 day after he lent it to his friend! pity my friend,(no offence to that person who spoilt it,lolz),but what to do,touch screen cellphone is such a FRAGILE thing :P