Saturday, May 1, 2010


since after the Korean drama entitle with 'Full House',this is the second time I am so addicted with Korean drama again!
Yeap!Just finished watching a Korean drama-原来是美男 a.k.a A.N.JELL ♥♥♥♥

I just love the story,the love,the guys,the setting,the hairstyle,the way they wear...etc etc!
I just in love with EVERYTHING in this drama!everything,everything which I hope it will happen in my real life...

why I said so?!.......
I love the story,although these kind of love dramas all are like same same,but no matter how many times I watch these kind of love story,they will be always be my favourite! I just hope someday these kind of dramatic love story will happen in my real really make me feel so sweet everytime I watch them!

Just as I said,I 'love' the the guys also!hehe
gay-ing now!lolz...yala,yala,I admit I really abit gay la,but looking at handsome guy not a prob mah!I like to look at handsome guy,because I hope I will be like them also,hope will be as HANDSOME as them mah,need to look carefully,how they wear,their hairstyle,etc!hah!like that I can learn to be handsome also ^^ so can be 'wang ren mi' also

From this drama,I am attracted with the hairstyle of the character 'Jeremy' starred by 李弘基!
the Golden-Silverish-colour-Mushroom-Head-with-the-Special-Front-Part! (the name I give to it,cute right?:P)

can u see how cute this hairstyle is?!
the front part can swing to the left or to the right as you like!Hah!

Tada!the hairstyle I want to be in the next hair cut session!
How I wish I really have the dare to cut this mushroom head
How I wish I have the dare to dye my hair until this colour
BUT what to do?!I CANT T_T
reasons because of my mum and my course I am taking now
haiz....limitation to enjoy my life leh!

Actually I like to watch a pure-white-skin-actors drama,just like Hong Kong TVB, Taiwanese and Korean 偶像剧...what I meant by pure-white-skin-actors drama is that not only those actors are in pure white skin,but also the people around shortly I don't like to watch those dramas for example local one,although those actors areChinese,but the people around them maybe black skin,maybe brown...haha...not pure :P (no discrimination here ar)
In those pure-white-skin-actors drama,their mind is more open,and they tend to be more acceptance in every aspect,they tend to be more open in the people clothing,so I like the way the people dress in those drama,especially the guys wear!or more simple to describe,they are more 'IN'(modern) than us la in Malaysia!

This drama really highly recommended by me!
GO WATCH!!!must go watch if you are another super fans of love drama!

p/s:Do you wanna know how addicted I am toward this drama?!
I was addicted to this drama until I boiled it from yesterday to just now,non-stop,even lunch and dinner also sambil watch sambil eat leh!and until the extend that I forgot to have my medicine leh!
DAMN IT!need to wake up in tonight midnight,because I forgot to eat just now at 5pm!sienz!T_T


  1. u really liked this story? I hated it... I had it from my friends a couple of months ago and deleted the whole thing... The hero was very childish, and I thought the heroine's acting was poor... hehe, looks like our taste isn't the same...

  2. maybe u more to serious type drama gua...I like those funny funny like this one and also the full house...hehe...

  3. haha, maybe gua... but the photos you put up of the guy's hair is seriously funny!!! Hahahahahaa... I also never notice wor when I was watching the thing...ROFL...