Friday, July 31, 2009

Finally today I had.....

watched the movie I obsessed and longed for soooooooo long-Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince!!!!!!woooohoooooo~~sooooo happy *jumping around*
Yesterday I was sooooo happy when I found out that actually among alllllll my friends,there was still 1 of them who hasnt watched the movie,just like me...
and guess what,he is also having H1N1 holiday like me
so I invited him to go and watch with me...haha
although many of my friends not so encourage me to watch the movie,but I still went to watch it!
overall this movie ok ok looh~~it is not bad,and worth to be watched with student price RM7 haha
oooohhh ya,where had I put my matrix card?!I am wondering,because this morning when I was buying the ticket,I was searching for it throughout my wallet!But i couldnt find it...
if I am not mistaken,I NEVER TAKE IT OUT!WHERE DID I PUT IT?! omg~~

AND today also,I ate Baskin Robbins ice cream with my friend!!!!!at Jaya Jusco!!!!haha...
BUT duh~~I thought it is 50% discount for every 31th of every month,ceh~~actually it is just 31% discount and not 50%!!!after discount still expensive!so pity both of us,not enough $$,my friend is PTPTN and although I am taking JPA,but damn shit,I had used tooooo much $$ on shopping,now pokai already,so we had no choice but to choosed the Pint(smallest bucket)...
-Original price:RM25 After discount:RM18.50(including tax)-
After buying the Baskin Robbins,we had no choice again and needed to have our lunch at Jusco FoodCourt there...T_T

*pictures I will post it when I get back to my hostel*

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Noradrenaline and Adrenaline @@@@

today is the second night of my happy H1N1 holiday which I spent it in my home...
and I am doing nothing for the whole day,just ate my dinner and lunch,and the other time I was sitting infront of the computer online...WHAT-A-BORING-DAY!!!!!!

Just now after I finished watching the drama Romantic Delicacies
I went back to the seat infront of my computer
then suddenly my kai zai Chee Rean woi me thru MSN
haiz,my kai zai sooooooo damn bia,guess what,he was studying for the upcoming assessment!!!
don't know why the first year students are soooo damn bia,thay are soooo effing affraid for the next assessment C & ET II...BUt if I am not mistaken during my first sem when I first exposed to the medic,I also very normal la for them to bia...haha

Their upcoming assessment is about pharmaco (which i hate the most also),it was sooooooooo damn difficult for me to understant the whole thing last time during sem1,now is my kai zai's turn....haha.he is suffering now,I knew it,because the whole night since he woi me,he kept on asking me this and that,all related to the pharmaco,and I just sat there answering and explaining why this and why that...haha...
Suddenly I needed to recall alllllll my first sem pharmaco thing....
So dam sam I couldnt answer my kai zai's question...but in the end i manage to answer it alll...haha
the questions he asked me
1-what is the main defference btw adrenaline and noradrenaline?
2-both can treat bradycardia rite?
3-wat is inc. of tissue perfusion
4-wat reflex bradycardia, overcoming direct actionwo.
5- why for NA, BOTH SYSTOLIC N DIASTOLIC bp increase? adrenaline only systolic increase?
hahaa...and many many more......
But thank god I still remember all of that,at least those basic thing I still remember...phew~~

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My feeling~~

Actually I didn't wish to have this sooooo-sudden 1 week holiday from the damn h1n1
shit it!my life is soooo messy now,don't know what to do now...
I just don't know how to describe my feeling to you all,what I can say is just MY-FEELING-IS-SOOOOOooOOOoooOOOOOoooOOo-MIXED-together now!

1) Today suppose I will be going to HKL there for my ECE session,which I am really not hopping it to be happened,I rather go to HS there for the session...But it's now postponed due to the 1 whole week holiday...But yet,after the 1 week holiday,I think i will be going to HKL also no matter how...And that time,I think I will be wearing mask during the whole ECE session,damn affraid with the H1N1 virus....arghhhhh,I don't want to get infected by it!!!!

2) Tomorrow suppose to has a assessment on ENDO,and I am already prepared more-than-half of it for the assessment...BUT wtf,it was cancelled also now!!!!meants I need to study again for this holiday!$$#^#$#%%*^*&^

3) I am at my hometown at my home sweet home now ^^
BUT,it was toooooo sweet for me,until I am not in mood to study wei!normally I will be waking up at 7am in the morning automatically at my hostel there,but today I slept till 10.30am and guess what I am still feeling tired now!OMG,honestly I NEVER STUDY AT HOME,EVEN IF I BRING ALLLL THOSE NOTES BACK TO HOME,I WILL ONLY BRING THEM BACK TO MY HOSTEL WITHOUT TOUCHING do you expecting me to have myself guai guai sit at there and grab my notes to study for the assessment?!NO,I DON'T THINK I WILL DO THAT!!!

4) I had planned to go and eat the 50% Baskin Robin at The Mines there with jess and tze suen this friday,but now jess at kepong,tzesuen at penang and I am at ipoh here,arghhhhh....we need to wait for another month with 31th to have 50% discount again!

5) I have been waiting for this week soooooo long time,that I finally found 1 of my friends who hasn't watched Harry Potter and willing to accompany me watch the movie this weekend after the assessent,BUT WTF the damn holiday ruined my plan!!!!!Now I am at Ipoh,all my friends at ipoh here had watched the movie,and there is nobody willing to accompany me go watch...T_T

6) This sem there will be 3 weeks study week for us to prepare for our final exam(according to the timetable),and I had planned for it...first week go back to home relaxe my mind,then go back to college on the second week and start to prepare for the final exam,it was so perfect!
But now because of this stupid sudden holiday,I think my 3weeks study week,will be reduced>>>>to 2 weeks...T_T how am I going to prepare for the final if the study week just 2 week?!than that time I mai cannot go back to home rest for 1 week loh?!

NOW i just hope that this holiday can end faster and everything goes back to normal again....

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

UPM quarantined!!!!!!

Today is the most unexpected day in my whole life!
I really never thought it will happen to me
Today morning there was no class at all from 8am till 2pm(actually all classes were cancelled due to some reason),this was the FIRST unexpected incident and it won't be happening again in this sem!because this sem the timetable is sooooo damn pack and there is even no time for you to take a breath and rest for awhile...
Then after 2pm,there was Pertanian class
the class was 2hours actually according to timetable,but WTF because of a really unexpected incident in which got 4 student disahkan H1N1 at the main campus and another 1 from my college,we were all forced to go back to our hometown and if not,we will be quarantined in the college for whole week!!!!!I am not soooo stupid until I am willing to be quarantined at college there OK!
so at 3pm,after the announcement had been made,we all like crazy running back to our own room and packed our things!
and within 10 minutes I had packed all my necessary things into 1 bag,and put all those important things into my cupboard,wooopppps,so fast just like a flash!But still need to wait for my friend who agreed to fetch me back...
haha,the guy who agreed to fetch me back is LEE YONG LI!!!(who owned a kancil)
we total of 5 person,driver-yongli,the big guy-lynnhooi,yeetong,litat and me,all squeeze in a small kancil!wtf!
so UNEXPECTED again a small kancil can muat 5 of us and all of us at least got 1 bag!so next time don't look down on kancil ok!
After geeting into the kancil,we started our 'happy H1N1 holiday'....
I was soooo thank god that I was not taking any public transport to go back to home,because when we passed by the gate,soooooo many people were standing at there and waiting for bus...haiz...pity them who needed to wait for the bus,hope they can reach their home safely...

88 all my upm friends,88 my kai zai Chee Rean,88 KL,88 KL shopping spree,88 everything la,I am now at my house at ipoh here...^^ (wtf,NO Baskin Robin ice cream 50% liao,tot going to mines wif jess them this friday,NO Harry Potter liao wif junior,WTF need to watch alone at home here...)


TODAY I closed my labtop from 8.30pm till 11.40pm!!!
*mission accomplished!*
I couldn't study with my labtop on,so I closed the labtop during my study period,and after finished the notes which I needed to be finished tonight,I reopened my labtop again....
I will be doing this repeatedly again and again for this few days,due to the assessment ahead...T_T

Just now once I opened my labtop,somebody woi me through msn
and so unexpected,I saw this few words in my screen...
CheahYin:I need your help,lengzai AJ!!!!!!

OMG,this word 'lengzai' will never ever come out from her mouth,and if it does,it will only appear during the time she needs help from me...haiz...
And at the end,because of the 'lengzai' word,I couldn't reject her,it was just so irresistible!
And I agree to help her,due to my kindness...ceh~~

Monday, July 27, 2009

WORK hard,PLAY hard

This is how my desk looks like now....
sooo messy and full of notes,because Thursday will be having assessment on ENDOCRINE *bia-ing*
BUT of coz I am not soooo nerd (proven by the labtop with facebook opened)

*the new T i bought from the yesterday shopping spree*^^
just suit my style

Sunday, July 26, 2009


*sigh,no mood to blog...stomach prob!*

Peiyi,IkI,Keith,Yongli and me went to Sunway shopping mall today
*not so fang bian to announce the total we all spent at there just for shopping,scare got spy,^^ sorry*

After shopping,we went to eat at the Yuan Steamboat!
lolz,at first we tot we all don't have 'yuan'(缘) with the Yuan restaurant,because we reached the Yuan very late,there were already sooooooo many people waiting at outside...
BUt so fortunately,they said we just needed to wait for 15-30 minutes jek,so we just waited at there la,since we travel so far from our college,and within 15minutes we were called to go inside,Yippeeee!!!^^
Of coz we also ate like crazy inside the shop,and as the result I AM NOW HAVING PROBLEM IN DIGESTING MY FOOD!!!!!
having indigestion now,wtf!
abdomen just like a 2-3months pregnant lady,walking also as slow as a!!!!
BUT I am having fun for the whole day(including the shopping spree and the yuan steamboat!)
and after 2hours from the time I OFFICIALLY STOPPED eating,I am still sooooooo d@mn full and 'errrrrrrrr-ing' non-stop...T_T

Saturday, July 25, 2009

100th post of my blog...^^

Nothing to blog this time,*boring,trying to search for something to do*
and so coincident that I found out that I already had 99 posts,and the following one(this post) will be the 100th!!!lolz,just feel like celebrating it looh...haha...

OK la,tooo simple to end this post,let me tell you all something first la before I end this

Last time I was so desperate for the JPA to bank in the $$ to me,haha,finally they did it!!!^^
and after minus this minus that (including those needed to be kept in bank,give my mum and dad,my daily expenses,and of coz the COURSE FEE),I still manage to have some $$ for my shopping spree during this Mega Sale!!!hehe...
lolz,I am going out to Sunway tomorrow for my shopping spree with my shopping gang here,hopefully I will get some cool,nice,and of coz CHEAP stuff tomorrow la,haha,70% I am coming for u !!!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I become 'kai yeh' again,lolz

Remember last time I posted bout my 'kai zai' and 'kai lui'??
the two cute hamsters leh,but so unfortunately one of it had dead...T_T
both of them always fight with each others and then one of it(duno kai lui or kai zai) dead because always bitten by the other sad...
What I wana said is today I be 'kai yeh' again!!!
BUT this time a little bit different from the last time,this time my kai zai is a human being,not hamster already,haha...

My kai zai's name is Andrew Lim Chee Rean
LOLZ,why I wana take him as my kai zai,the reason is very simple,HE IS SUPER CUTE!!!!!
*sorry,I don't have his photo,so can't let you all see,haha,next time la if got chance*

I know again I sound gay,BUT really this guy really sot sot d,soh soh d,and he acts sooo funny...
AND the most important is he looks sooooooo alike with MARIO!!!!!
And he also got 1 'kai ma' name Peiyi Hong

BUT my kai zai so damn noob 1

and sometimes....


Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Today there was a scl class for the module FAMILY HEALTH again...lolz,our class get the same lecturer and the same things occured!haha...the lecturer also lazy to bother us who were sitting most behind of the tutorial room,haha,so we [Rachel,Yuen Lee,Mc Goh,XiangLin,Yuhui] again chat at behind there,siok siok inside our own world,without paying attention to the scl...lolzzz....

SO many damn funny things happened during the session,we even took our own old photo and shown others,and laugh at each others for the difference of appearance between now and last time during young.
GUEsS who is this?!

*tada* IS RACHEL TAN YEE ANN!!!!!!!
(she is really much moreeeeeeeeeee prettier NOW!!!!!!)

The most funny thing happened was when McGoh's photo was lost(actually was hidden by XiangLin) and he said something which made all of us couldn't stop laughing at behind there!
This was what he said:"不要拿我的照片去自慰!快给回我!"
And we also discussed about whether there is sound produced during 'da fei ji',haha...Rachel was soooooooo wondering whether there is really sound produced during that process and she keep on asking for the answer!This is what medical student chat during free time,haiz,no limit for all kind of topic,all kind of topic also can chat,whether it is 18SX or whatever,WE DON'T CARE!wtf

AND this morning,my friend introduced me to play a new game in facebook,which named 'CRAZY PLANET',feel free to go and play,it can definitely help u spend ur free time....
there is something funny bout the game,when u win a war>>>>(pls view the video below)

D@MN funny this kind of victory celebration!!!!!lolz.....


Just as I expected,

*I am so unhappy with this now....*

Maybe this is my fate...

Sometimes I am thinking whether the GOD is playing fool around my life....

Am I not going to get what I want for my whole life?!
I just wana be a happy normal guy...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I was soooo busy this 2days,and I had no time to blog bout the things happened recently...haiz...
I really want to beat him gao gao!!!!!!IT IS TOTALLY SAME AS FIRST YEAR SEM 2 OK!!!!!

YESTERDAY was LOH LYNN HOOI's bufday!lolz,although abit late,but still wana post bout his bufday here...
We went to Alamanda there to celebrate his bufday,[same as what we did during the iki's bufday celebration],even the place he had our dinner also the same!!!wtf-PIzZA HUT....
lolz,Alamnda pizza hut should gave us a special discount ok!thx to us,U untung banyak!

TADA!total of 20ppl!!!!all ki siao punya....

yesterday,we ended up with *du du dududududududduuuuuuuududududuuuuuu*(inside joke)
and of coz also I didn't manage to study after coming back from the celebration...haiz....again,1 whole night wasted...T_T

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Slap myself!!!!

BUT I DIDN'T!!!!!! *slapping myself*

I promised myself yesterday night that today i will be staying at college here,not going anywhere else except to college cafe to have my lunch and dinner
Ya!I did it....BUT after having my lunch at college cafe here,I am so not in mood again!wtf,no mood to continue my battle of the day,and suddenly thought of going out to have my hair cut...
without hesitating,I went to The Mines!and had my hair cut...

sometimes I will be doubting about my determination...
I had determined to study today for the whole day,but I didn't do as what i had determined...

I just managed to finish 2 notes the whole day...
and I am hoping that I will be able to finish 1 more notes before I sleep,BUT looking at the condition now,my both eyelids are starting to fall down,closing my both eye.... and the time now almost 1am.....

Friday, July 17, 2009

Nail removal and BLOODY Durian

Ok la,this is a more relaxing post,not like others which I normally blog bout sad,emo,moody.....
2 days ago,I went to clinic at Sri Kembangan there,because of my little left big toe!!!!!
It have been chronic for more than 8months,and now I cant tahan it already,it was getting worst and worst until I scare it will transform into any form of tumour or whatever la,so I had made the decision to have a visit to a clinic and REMOVE THE NAIL!!!!!
so I asked Jess to fetch me to the clinic on that day,and It was my first time drove her car and also jess,tze suen,peiyi,and keith's first time sitting inside the car which drove by me!!!!wakaka...
So many people asked me why I was so stupid for not going to the PKU to have a FREE removal of my nail,haha,frankly tell you guys,doctors at the PKU there cannot be trusted!!!!!Last time I went to PKU there with the same problem,the doctor was so scare to even touch my toe or to examine it,the doctor just looked at it at a 'very far' distance and then ask me to go take the medicine...He was like so afraid of my toe,afraid that my toe might spread some infection to him!so I was not dare to let those doctors at PKU to remove my nail..

Nah,this is the part of my toe nail which had removed

this is how my left big toe looks like after the removal of the part of the nail
I know this picture is quite disgusting,but just want to let u all see how big size the part of the removed nail...

After the removal of the nail by the doctor,I asked the permission to take a pic of my toe,and the doctor asked me why I didn't video the whole process down,haha,if I knew it earlier that I can actually video down the whole process,I will do it definitely!!!
This cost me Rm50, expensive,but ok la,as long as it really will recover...
I don't want to wear slipper to class or go out already!!!slipper just don't suit me,I miss my shoe...

And the next day (yesterday),I was asked to go back to the clinic to wash the wound,haha,guess what,I went there with one of my junior!His name is ZunYuen.
Don't know why I feel like I like him la,he is sooo cute and both of us was borned 1990 also,haha,kinda friend la both of us,(maybe it is just how I feel,maybe he think I am very fan),but if can,really wish to be best friend with him...haha
I asked him to fetch me to see the doctor,and in return I said I will bring him to recognize the road around UPM here,haha,he agree!so we went there together.
But there is 1 things about him which I really wana to blog about!
I was so scare when I was sitting behind him on the motor,I even get tarchycardia right after I get down from his motor!
That day also I went to bought a durian,which cost me RM12!!!!!
what the hell is D24 durian?!why is it so expensive?!RM7 per KG?!Bloody durian made me pokai that day!!!!!
*that was the first time I bought durian by myself*

I suppose to be happy now,with m friendssss here...But I am NOT...

Just like what I mentioned up there,I suppose to be happy NOW
I suppose to be at the K17 mamak stall (actually is college cafe la) now,with alll my friends there,yam cha,cui sui....But I AM NOT!!!!!
I just told them I was so full now,and tired and I wanted to go back to room and have my bath first then rest...But now I am just not in happy mood,and not even having my bath....
I know the reason,but I just cant tell it to my friends,even the one closest to me at college here,WHY AM I SO SECRETIVE?! I just cant help it,I got toooo many secret which I can reveal them to others...sorry....
The JPA finally bank in the money to me already,I suppose to be happy again,but I AM NOT AGAIN..
I wanted soooo damn muchie to watch the Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince,but I think it will end with watching alone at my own labtop here,alone through PPS just like what I did for the Transformer,I just used to be 'fang fei ji' by my friend....nevermind la,just like what I mentioned just now,I am used to it already....
Actually everytime when I treat someone good,treat him or her as my most most best friend,BUT I just cant get the same pay back from him or her,I know that in a relationship,there is no such thing as pay back,or hoping I will get somethings equal to what I had sacrificed....
BUT in every friendship I just put tooooo much feeling in it,and in the end,I hurt myself!
Should I withdraw myself from the friendship which it is not worth for me to put toooo much time and sacrifice in it?!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Guess what is the time now?!
Now is 12.25am according to my labtop and I am so hungry!
I searched in and out of my cupboard and I found nothing,not even a maggie mee!OMG!
Then I went to my housemate's room and asked for food,at least let me to chew something awhile also nevermind,BUT WTF,he said he also got nothing to eat!He even finished the biscuit which he said will be the breakfast for tomorrow morning!so nothing left for me....
I am sooooo despo for food,anything as long as it can enter my stomach and comfort my stomach so that I can have a nice sleep.....
and finally I found 2 packets of Nesvita chocolate cereal drink!!!!!hooray!!!!
I was so happy that time,without hesitating,I took my cup and go downstair to fill it with hot water....
but when I came back to my room and prepare to pour the chocolate powder into the hot water,I saw something which made me stunt there for awhile,speechless....

The Best Before of the 2 packets of cereal drink was on 12/6/09!!!!and today is 15/7/09!!!!

I was so sad that time,and I when I was preparing to go to bed,haha,suddenly someone knocked my door and gave me this.....
so lovely!Thank you alot la!!!!!
My savior of the day-YeeTong!
thx to him,I got things to eat already.....

Monday, July 13, 2009

美食厨师男 - Romantic Delicacies

Today I suppose to have myself study for the past 5 days lecture notes...and guess what,those lecture notes are like mountain,but I still not afraid of it,and I am addicted to a local drama and I just cant stop watching it...
I just finished 4 episodes of the drama,and for the lecture notes I just finished 2 only,nah,you can see how addictive am I now [there are still mountain of notes waiting for me to touch them].... *big cry*

This is the drama which made me to be soooo addictive!
美食厨师男 or so called Romantic Delicacies

I finished 4 episodes of it as I told you,and now is already 1.19am in the morning,and tomorrow I still have class from 8am to 5pm!OMG,I should go to sleep now,or else.....

Sunday, July 12, 2009




I AM BACK!!!!!!!^^

It was the orientation week for my course from monday to friday,and tell you guys,I wanted to be cruel n mean in front of those juniors,I wanted so much to torture and orientate them,BUT I FAILED,why?because I am tooo kind hearted,and every juniors are so NOT-SCARE of me!WTF...
but still I did enjoy the orientation week sooo muchie,and the most regret thing I had done was I DIDNT GO FOR THE EXPLORACE!!!!!I can see the happiness and excitement and joyful from those pictures taken by my friends during the Explorace day,so envy of them who got involved that day... *big cry*
Althought just now I did said that I am tooo kind,I didnt torture my junior,BUT I still enjoy it,why??
haha,I really didnt torture them,but in order for them to get the signature from me,I did ask them to do me some favour,haha,a very easy task,such as sing in front me,go and take pictures with the most lengzai or lenglui among the first year coursemate,love confession to a senior and many many more...BUT all of these tasks(for me) are easy,and so I considered them as not-torturing!wakaka,at least better than some of my friends,who ask the juniors to perform Stick Dance-钢管舞 or made someone cried...

I went to genting on Friday,went there just because of celebrating my friend's bufday!haha
stayed 1 night at there,and we really had fun at there!
BUT wtf,I COULDNT SLEEP that night,the whole night I tried to force my eye to close,but I still couldn't sleep,haiz...maybe because my bolster was not with me?!
On friday night,we reached genting around 8pm,after checked in,we straight away went to have our dinner!I was so hungry that time,and I finished my dinner just like a flash,haha...then we went to watched movie-OBSESSED! It was a great movie(for me),and after watching the movie,only I knew that actually women is very veryyyyyyy scary~~~you will know what did I mean after watching the movie...*and for your info*
The guy at the genting cinema ticket counter is a GAY!!!!!

The next day we woke up at around 9am and checked out at around 11am,we didn't go to the theme park,because I wasted tooooo much $$$$$$$$$$ in shopping!haiz,I bought 1 spec at there cost me Rm40,and another jacket for rm50!But the jacket really worth to buy it,original cost RM106,after discount just Rm50!!!!!!haha,so I bought it...Never regret for buying those two things,but i regret for spending sooooo much $$$$$$$ in shopping when the jpa hasnt bank in the money to me....

and NOW,is sunday,and I still got manyyyyyy notes havent touched yet!OMG!!!!
ok la~~chiao!!!wana study now....88

Thursday, July 9, 2009


SO DO MISS ME LA...^^ 88

Friday, July 3, 2009



sound like very happy,but the truth is I am so doubt with it...

Actually I planned to go back to college on Sunday,with one of my friends Laikwan,but haha,I am so desperate to see my little Chui Voon buddy,and search for another handsome guy to be my buddy,so I changed my ticket to tomorrow 10.45am train...will be reaching at 2pm [mentioned on the ticket]

I mentioned on the shoutout on the fb there : Tomorrow will be a surprise!!!^^
haha,since not many ppl know that I changed my ticket already,haha,they still thought I will be going back on this coming sunday!!they will be super duper surprise when they see the Lovely~handsome~Friendly AJ is standing in front of them tomorrow!haha...
Hopefully I can give the the surprise and hopefully I can sneak into the college without anyone knowing it...haha

Just now I was packing my things since I will be going back tomorrow,but when I was packing,I thought of :"hah,still got my towel hasnt paked yet"
Ok,after that I went to search for my towel for around 1 hour!!!!
OMG~~where did I put my towel??ooi,towel towel,fast fast come out and show yourself to me la wei!!!I need you wei for the next sem!!!!DUN PLAY PLAY :S
*but my house still got plenty of towel so if cant find it I will bring others,haha*

Last but not least,I got 1 BUDDY already!!!!!
lolz,I really wana to admit I am old already,2nd year senior liao OK!!!
my 1st buddy name Chui Vooi,she is a girl,and the most important is from IPOH~~
haha,tomorrow after going back to college I will search for another handsome guy as my buddy!!!!lolz,HANDSOME GUY waits for me ya!I AM COMING!!!(ok,I know it sound gay,but still I LIKE IT,wtf)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Another boring post [好戏在后头]

DO you all realize something different from my blog recently??
HAHA,I guess none of you will realize it,lolz
Actually the difference of my blog posts recently is THERE-IS-NO-PICTURE for each post,just word word and wordssssss...
Nah,see there is a difference just that no one realize it..whatever~~
I couldnt upload picture because all my pictures are in my handphone and I couldnt bluetooth them to my house computer(cheap comp no bluetooth device intergrated inside)
And *TADA* my savior is here-PENDRIVE [world most greatest invention *crapping*]
with the help from the pendrive I will transfer those pictures from my hp and upload them in this post...

My favourite!!!!!!

Finally today I tried durian!and this is the first time for the whole holidays..I was so desperate for them,and finally I get it today ^^
IT also became my pembuka selera for my dinner,I ate a few of them before I ate my dinner,so yummy~~
and this is my dinner for tonight.
NOT special at all,just a dabao black pepper chicken from jusco
why I blog about this pictur?!what is so special...
Tell you,I ate 6 pieces of chicken in 1 meal!!!!
and now there are still a few left and are kept in the refrigerator,I am gonna to eat them again tomorrow!!!!

P/s: I was soooo damn eager to post these 2 pictures!!!!
the first picture is Hilary Druft (i think so,did I spell the name correctly?hope I did)
the second picture is my friend-Jessie Lim

OK Jessie!Your pose really looked alike to the one posed by Hilary!!!!!!
Just in different direction...
I first thought of you when I saw the photo in the newspaper!
*cant stop laughing*

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

4days more to go before....

BEFORE Uni starts new sem again!!!!!
wakao!time really past very fast...I must admit this statement

Today it suppose to be another happy gathering of my Sam Tet gang,But due to some UNHaPPY incident happened to me yesterday night,I couldn't made it tonight,sorry ya my friends,I am really sorry...I promise I will never ffg again next time,sorry...
What I can say anymore,anyhow it was still my fault why the gathering needed to be cancelled tonight..
SORRY to kokleong,kahfai,siaojen,chinchoo,xinjiat and ziyang (I really got my own reason for being ffg)

Just now,I was msn-ing with one of my friends,kaiyee,sho is now studying at spore there
She gave me the recipe of 'Oreo Cheese Cake'!
OMG,I am soooooo Onnnnzzzzz if got people willing to make a cake for me during my birthday,
just like what she did last few days,made a cake manually by hand to her friend's birthday,I wish I could get it also...
I told 1 of my friends I will try to buy those ingredients tomorrow (I hope I really buy) and try to have a first time making cake at home.

My sister who was sick for last two days FINALLY recover from the fever,this morning she looked Ok and she went to work also,so I think she will be alright.

Last but not least,TOday I had TOLD my best friend 1 OF MY BIGGEST SECRETs!!!!!!!
and now I am feeling relieve after telling him the *secret*
HOPE he will keep the secret for me for the whole life
and HOPE I didn't make a wrong decision for the secret...