Friday, July 17, 2009

Nail removal and BLOODY Durian

Ok la,this is a more relaxing post,not like others which I normally blog bout sad,emo,moody.....
2 days ago,I went to clinic at Sri Kembangan there,because of my little left big toe!!!!!
It have been chronic for more than 8months,and now I cant tahan it already,it was getting worst and worst until I scare it will transform into any form of tumour or whatever la,so I had made the decision to have a visit to a clinic and REMOVE THE NAIL!!!!!
so I asked Jess to fetch me to the clinic on that day,and It was my first time drove her car and also jess,tze suen,peiyi,and keith's first time sitting inside the car which drove by me!!!!wakaka...
So many people asked me why I was so stupid for not going to the PKU to have a FREE removal of my nail,haha,frankly tell you guys,doctors at the PKU there cannot be trusted!!!!!Last time I went to PKU there with the same problem,the doctor was so scare to even touch my toe or to examine it,the doctor just looked at it at a 'very far' distance and then ask me to go take the medicine...He was like so afraid of my toe,afraid that my toe might spread some infection to him!so I was not dare to let those doctors at PKU to remove my nail..

Nah,this is the part of my toe nail which had removed

this is how my left big toe looks like after the removal of the part of the nail
I know this picture is quite disgusting,but just want to let u all see how big size the part of the removed nail...

After the removal of the nail by the doctor,I asked the permission to take a pic of my toe,and the doctor asked me why I didn't video the whole process down,haha,if I knew it earlier that I can actually video down the whole process,I will do it definitely!!!
This cost me Rm50, expensive,but ok la,as long as it really will recover...
I don't want to wear slipper to class or go out already!!!slipper just don't suit me,I miss my shoe...

And the next day (yesterday),I was asked to go back to the clinic to wash the wound,haha,guess what,I went there with one of my junior!His name is ZunYuen.
Don't know why I feel like I like him la,he is sooo cute and both of us was borned 1990 also,haha,kinda friend la both of us,(maybe it is just how I feel,maybe he think I am very fan),but if can,really wish to be best friend with him...haha
I asked him to fetch me to see the doctor,and in return I said I will bring him to recognize the road around UPM here,haha,he agree!so we went there together.
But there is 1 things about him which I really wana to blog about!
I was so scare when I was sitting behind him on the motor,I even get tarchycardia right after I get down from his motor!
That day also I went to bought a durian,which cost me RM12!!!!!
what the hell is D24 durian?!why is it so expensive?!RM7 per KG?!Bloody durian made me pokai that day!!!!!
*that was the first time I bought durian by myself*


  1. hahaha!!!
    ur nail disgusting~~~

  2. u laugh wat at there?!i know u were laughing bout the bloody durian!!!!!haiz,pokai me....

  3. AJ...
    u like my buddy ar?? lol...
    he gt gf d one lar...
    lol...btw, i request u to go out with him oso...
    i dunwan to get any news saying that my buddy involved in accident...
    choi choi choi~~!!!

  4. lolz....see how loh,if he feel like there should be a gap btw senior and junior,then I cant be friend with ur buddy d,or be big bro of him d,haha...depend on how he thinks looh,i cant force him to be close wif me pun...

  5. @weihan;hope u were not having ur meal while reading my blog..hahaha

  6. adui....big brother wor...who say wan u to be his big brother de?
    he d gt sister liao nid u...go

  7. to cy:suan le ba,u envy me...haha

  8. Lol, eh your nail really looks so disgusting. Btw, you wanna 'kau' your junior ah? Lol

  9. kau ur head la...lolz,i think i should re-post this post after i correct a few sentences from it....haiz...