Thursday, July 2, 2009

Another boring post [好戏在后头]

DO you all realize something different from my blog recently??
HAHA,I guess none of you will realize it,lolz
Actually the difference of my blog posts recently is THERE-IS-NO-PICTURE for each post,just word word and wordssssss...
Nah,see there is a difference just that no one realize it..whatever~~
I couldnt upload picture because all my pictures are in my handphone and I couldnt bluetooth them to my house computer(cheap comp no bluetooth device intergrated inside)
And *TADA* my savior is here-PENDRIVE [world most greatest invention *crapping*]
with the help from the pendrive I will transfer those pictures from my hp and upload them in this post...

My favourite!!!!!!

Finally today I tried durian!and this is the first time for the whole holidays..I was so desperate for them,and finally I get it today ^^
IT also became my pembuka selera for my dinner,I ate a few of them before I ate my dinner,so yummy~~
and this is my dinner for tonight.
NOT special at all,just a dabao black pepper chicken from jusco
why I blog about this pictur?!what is so special...
Tell you,I ate 6 pieces of chicken in 1 meal!!!!
and now there are still a few left and are kept in the refrigerator,I am gonna to eat them again tomorrow!!!!

P/s: I was soooo damn eager to post these 2 pictures!!!!
the first picture is Hilary Druft (i think so,did I spell the name correctly?hope I did)
the second picture is my friend-Jessie Lim

OK Jessie!Your pose really looked alike to the one posed by Hilary!!!!!!
Just in different direction...
I first thought of you when I saw the photo in the newspaper!
*cant stop laughing*

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