Tuesday, July 28, 2009

UPM quarantined!!!!!!

Today is the most unexpected day in my whole life!
I really never thought it will happen to me
Today morning there was no class at all from 8am till 2pm(actually all classes were cancelled due to some reason),this was the FIRST unexpected incident and it won't be happening again in this sem!because this sem the timetable is sooooo damn pack and there is even no time for you to take a breath and rest for awhile...
Then after 2pm,there was Pertanian class
the class was 2hours actually according to timetable,but WTF because of a really unexpected incident in which got 4 student disahkan H1N1 at the main campus and another 1 from my college,we were all forced to go back to our hometown and if not,we will be quarantined in the college for whole week!!!!!I am not soooo stupid until I am willing to be quarantined at college there OK!
so at 3pm,after the announcement had been made,we all like crazy running back to our own room and packed our things!
and within 10 minutes I had packed all my necessary things into 1 bag,and put all those important things into my cupboard,wooopppps,so fast just like a flash!But still need to wait for my friend who agreed to fetch me back...
haha,the guy who agreed to fetch me back is LEE YONG LI!!!(who owned a kancil)
we total of 5 person,driver-yongli,the big guy-lynnhooi,yeetong,litat and me,all squeeze in a small kancil!wtf!
so UNEXPECTED again a small kancil can muat 5 of us and all of us at least got 1 bag!so next time don't look down on kancil ok!
After geeting into the kancil,we started our 'happy H1N1 holiday'....
I was soooo thank god that I was not taking any public transport to go back to home,because when we passed by the gate,soooooo many people were standing at there and waiting for bus...haiz...pity them who needed to wait for the bus,hope they can reach their home safely...

88 all my upm friends,88 my kai zai Chee Rean,88 KL,88 KL shopping spree,88 everything la,I am now at my house at ipoh here...^^ (wtf,NO Baskin Robin ice cream 50% liao,tot going to mines wif jess them this friday,NO Harry Potter liao wif junior,WTF need to watch alone at home here...)


  1. yaya...a whole week holiday thx to the shit damn h1n1!!!actually I dun wish to have this sudden holiday...haizzzz