Sunday, July 12, 2009


I AM BACK!!!!!!!^^

It was the orientation week for my course from monday to friday,and tell you guys,I wanted to be cruel n mean in front of those juniors,I wanted so much to torture and orientate them,BUT I FAILED,why?because I am tooo kind hearted,and every juniors are so NOT-SCARE of me!WTF...
but still I did enjoy the orientation week sooo muchie,and the most regret thing I had done was I DIDNT GO FOR THE EXPLORACE!!!!!I can see the happiness and excitement and joyful from those pictures taken by my friends during the Explorace day,so envy of them who got involved that day... *big cry*
Althought just now I did said that I am tooo kind,I didnt torture my junior,BUT I still enjoy it,why??
haha,I really didnt torture them,but in order for them to get the signature from me,I did ask them to do me some favour,haha,a very easy task,such as sing in front me,go and take pictures with the most lengzai or lenglui among the first year coursemate,love confession to a senior and many many more...BUT all of these tasks(for me) are easy,and so I considered them as not-torturing!wakaka,at least better than some of my friends,who ask the juniors to perform Stick Dance-钢管舞 or made someone cried...

I went to genting on Friday,went there just because of celebrating my friend's bufday!haha
stayed 1 night at there,and we really had fun at there!
BUT wtf,I COULDNT SLEEP that night,the whole night I tried to force my eye to close,but I still couldn't sleep,haiz...maybe because my bolster was not with me?!
On friday night,we reached genting around 8pm,after checked in,we straight away went to have our dinner!I was so hungry that time,and I finished my dinner just like a flash,haha...then we went to watched movie-OBSESSED! It was a great movie(for me),and after watching the movie,only I knew that actually women is very veryyyyyyy scary~~~you will know what did I mean after watching the movie...*and for your info*
The guy at the genting cinema ticket counter is a GAY!!!!!

The next day we woke up at around 9am and checked out at around 11am,we didn't go to the theme park,because I wasted tooooo much $$$$$$$$$$ in shopping!haiz,I bought 1 spec at there cost me Rm40,and another jacket for rm50!But the jacket really worth to buy it,original cost RM106,after discount just Rm50!!!!!!haha,so I bought it...Never regret for buying those two things,but i regret for spending sooooo much $$$$$$$ in shopping when the jpa hasnt bank in the money to me....

and NOW,is sunday,and I still got manyyyyyy notes havent touched yet!OMG!!!!
ok la~~chiao!!!wana study now....88


  1. Hurr hurr... you asked my buddy to take the photos.. huhuhu~~~ bad..

  2. wat la,i treated ur buddy so good,ask her to go take pic from lengzai,let ur buddy know got lengzai here and help her to gao hao the relationship wif those many benefit,u should thank me....blek~~