Saturday, February 28, 2009



haha,to all my beloved friend!Sorry to make u all waited for my new post for such a long time...
wo dou erm xiong geh,but this few days don't know what happened to the uspot here,all kind of website also can log in,pian pian jiu shi blogspot couldn't log in!!!!omg...damn shit low class uspot connection!!

but with my super brilliant brain,haha,i manage to find a solution for this problem jor next time if i stil encounter with this stupid uspot problem...
*Tada...*here i proudly present to the website which it will help u when u can't log in to certain website which had been blocked...

haha...if u all don't believe with what i said,try and see it for urself!!!
this is the first FINALLY-finally i success to log into blogger!!!wakaka..

the next FINALLY...
haha,do u know what day is today?!
today is 28 of FEB!!!
mean what??
it means that today is the last day of FEB jor!!!(full of excitement!)
FINALLY my suffering time will be ended after tonight!!!after tonight,I will be the all new ENG KAH JOON
nonid to be so tam sam for whether i still got $$$$ with me anot?!whether i need to ikat perut anot for my dinner?!
all this suffering will be ended once the clock past 12midnite!!!
omg,i can't wait to be at that time...i cant wait to go to the ATM machine and withdraw the $ for next month
haiz,but now i still owe one of my friend rm37 and also owe mc goh for rm10!!!T_T

MARCH...MARCH...MARCH...I am waiting for U!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009


FINALLY back to my own home jor!!! already 1 am in the morning,and i am still blogging here...OMG
i promised myself that i will not ever ever ever touch the computer tmr!!!
i promised myself tmr i will be very very very hardworking and study!!!
so wtf,that why i am still sitting in front of this computer,grab the last minutes here before i have my sleep...haha

the journey back to ipoh just now is not as smooth as i thought i will be...
haiz...damn the KTM,always tergendala and always delay1!!!i really cant tahan it jor...
last time when i went to mid valley ther to meet my friend,i waited for the ktm for 1 hour,and today i waited for the ktm around half and hour!!!
what is the Menteri Pengangkutan doing everyday??obtaining the salary evrymonth but didn't do anything to improve the ktm!!!haiz...*curse him/her(menteri pengangkutan)*

but something really unexpected happened when the train reached!!!
guess what...
i stand beside the green line just as the annoucement told me to stand at there,and when the train stopped in front of me,and i saw 1 person standing inside the train just right in front of me!!!
haha...really never thought of seeing him in that my friend-Xin jiat!!!
he looked so pity inside the train,like a sandwish sardin,in between the door and those crowded ppl inside the train!!!haha...we din talk much at that time,because there was too many ppl at the platform...but we manage to chat 1 thing...
xinjiat:where r u going?
kahjoon:going back home...
right after that,we both were pushed apart by the ppl at the station there,he was pushed out from the train and i was pushed into the train...haha...
but i very appreciate the moment we meet...that is what i call 缘分!!!
the train so long and there were so many ppl at the platform,酱都会撞到,真的很难得!!!

the second things which happened to me during the journey to pudu was...
I met a malay women at the lrt station of bandar tasik selatan!!!
the malay women is not just an ordinary malay women,she is a lecturer from UKM!!!what so special bout her?!
i bought a ticket to plaza rakyat,but i forget which platform should i stand and wait for the train...
that time i met this malay women and asked her where should i stand,and so we started to talk to each other...

malay women:kau masih student ar?
kahjoon:ya...kat upm
malay women:kenapa saya nampak banyak orang balik hari ini?sem break ke??
kahjoon:tak ada la..saya balik rumah kerana minggu nie saya ada 4 class ganti bagi coco saya...saya tak mau pergi ke class coco tu la,so saya pun balik rumah loo...
malay women:tapi kan ada attentance kan?kalau tak hadir,nanti akan dapat C atau D...
kahjoon:tak ada la...cikgu saya kata kalau ada surat keluarga,akan dikira hadir...haha

that time I 'zha' dao after hearing she said that she is a lecturer from UKM...
i don't know how to responce to her...
but thx god she is not the lecturer of UPM,if not i sure die on the spot!!! malu that time...but we still continue to chat after she knowing the truth why i was going back to home...

finally I reached the pudu station and i managed to buy a ticket back to ipoh,but the ticket is at 7.30pm and the time i bought it was just 6.30pm...nevermind la,i went for a walk at the road around the pudu...
i had my dinner at the KFC just opposite the pudu station...
i bought the dinner plate...but they gav me 3 small little chicken!!!OMG...not enough for me la,so small!!!
and that time i finally knew the feeling of being alone,alone to hav cham...her~~
so i jiu fast fast finished the dinner plate and left the KFC...

Friday, February 20, 2009

later will be going back to IPOOH jor after the Prof Hamid's lecture!!!

but why the stupid module coordinater will put the Prof Hamid's lecture on the last class for today?!*curse him*
if there is not because of Prof Hamid's lecture,I will not be staying at college here till 9pm then only I go to pudu there and try my luck to get the bus!!!If the class later is MMB or MPE,i will definitely ponteng it and go to pudu straight away now!!!haiz...
if Prof Hamid know i purposely stay at college here just because of him,haha,my exam sure PASS!wtf

just like what i had mentioned before,

but now...i hate it cause because of them i need to wait for 3more hours to has the Prof Hamid's lecture started T__T *curse the module coordinater again*

tell you guys a secret,
i am going back to home later because i don't wana go for the coco class later and these following daysss...Damn those class replacement!
(today class replacement at 8-11pm,sat 8-11am and 8-11pm,then sunday 8-11pm again)

Monday, February 16, 2009

FRIENDSHIP-A huge mistake i had done and i am regret now...

haha,just now i was doing my english class homework and the title is 'Friendship'
so,below is what i had written...(based on true story)

"Friendship is a slowly growing tree in my opinion.We can make friend with other people easily everyday,but a true friendship is hard to find.And to maintain the true friendship in our life,it needs everyone of us to sacrifice some of our precious time and to put some love and effort in it.
In this world,there are two types of people.Firstly is those people who live without a true friend.They will only do things for themselve,they will seldom or hardly believe in others,because they think the other people are using them and it is not worth to rely on.But there is another type of people in this world,just like me,who cannot live without friends in this world!Friends are meant everything for me!And tell you guys,I am willing to sacrifice everything for them when they need my help.

I found my true friendship during my primary school.He is my best friend until now.His name is ....

I also found my another best friend during my Form 5.Maybe some of you will think that a person can only has a true best friend and not more than one,but i think everyone of us can have more than one best friends in our life,as long as we treat them with heart.But sad to tell you all,we both no longer best friend anymore!We had gone through many hardship and finally be best friend,but because of something happened,and I wish to have the incident as my secret,i don't like to voice it out why our friendship will turn up to be like that...All I can tell is what happened between us was just all my fault!Just because i had done one thing wrongly,i had made a wrong decision,and out friendship ended like that.Many of my friends don't understand and wondering why we both will end like that,many of them asked why such a strong friendship will break just because of one incident which happened,wondering whether the friendship is just looked strong outside,but it actually weak inside?!What I can tell you guys is the incident happened was not that simple as you thought,and for now,i am truly regret for what i had done during that time.I am really hoping that one day in the future,we both will become friend again,but until now no matter how many time I apologize to him,the outcome still the same.So that why i said that to maintain a true friendship is more harder,we need to sacrifice some of our time,and we too need to treat them with our heart,do not let a wrong decision which happened and spoil the friendship!

As for me,I can tell you all that I have more than one best friend in my life.For those i din mention just now,it doesn't mean that you are not my best friend,it's just that a true friendship is not always needed to be said out to let people know,but if possible keep it inside our heart.If the person also treat you as his or her best friend,they will know it or feel it no matter how."

Sunday, February 15, 2009


haha...late wish from me!
Happy Valentine Day!!!
wishing every couples have a happy n sweet moments tonite.
For those who are single, hoping they can find someone they love soon.

lolz...ystd i was too concentrated in my study,till i had forgotten to blog this important day!!!

all because the helminth and filariasis's fault!
haiz,this year valentine again i celebrated without no one beside me...
try to pass the day through studying...
but i am very proud of myself,because yesterday was my FIRST day study in this whole week!!!*PROUD*

k la...dont want to talk bout it much bout my 伤心事...


Friday, February 13, 2009

A walk to Pavillion-part 2

some pictures taken during the wait for the bus...

TS trade mark pose!!!
wei,i where got so short
impossible jes will be that tall

wana to pretend cool in this pic,but failed to do so..
can u see both of us is half smilling?!

some stupid pictures of three of us!!!
sor poh and sor lo

the staircase in the Pavillion!!!

Pavillion 1st anniversary

tze suen's 'cousin'!!!wakaka...really look alike...

my order...
red bean tong sui+dumpling+greentea ais cream
TS's order

Jessie's order

too delicious until ts's also cant tahan and wana a bite too...lolz


haha,this blog should be posted on wednesday night,but because of many many reasons,i delayed it till today...(cause of the 'emergency' blog about the GAMBLING!!!)

hooray,assessment for this week finally finished!2 assessment in a week,really wana hang myself for struggling for it...but it finally over...
wakaka,and the most unbelievable thing was that we had planned this plan to pavillion after the first test had finished,taht time was in the library,me jessie and tze suen discussing bout this till very excited until they become so HIGH and complained to me that they cant study that!of cause they will be that excited la,due to some reason-****(opps,sory cant mention here,haha,SECRET)
but because a decision i had made at that night,haha,they fall from the HIGH mood to DOWN mood...haha...

but after all,we still sticked to the plan,just that got some changes...
haiz,after the scl on wednesday,we ponteng the kenegaraan class and went out straight away at 3pm,but because there were 2 pretty lady want to 'ban leng leng',we went out at almost 4pm...
but suddenly huishan called us when we reached the ktm serdang,and only that time we realize that yuan lai huishan wana go out with us tooo...and to make huishan happy,we all promise to buy bread from MAHATHIR beard store(confusing and wondering mahathir did open a bread store meh,unbelievable)...pity huishan,left alone by jess and tze suen at college there,haiz,this is what call 'friend'...LOLz(my life in risk now,fen fen zhong killed by both of them after seeing this)

our journey to pavillion there quite smooth,nothing that went into our way,all just like what wen planned!
we had taken many many pic during the wait for the bus from our college to k17...and all damn funny 1!!!but now i m unable to post them up,next time la,i will sure post them up into my blog!!!i promise you all...that time you will see how photogenic are we!!!

i really happy ang enjoyed to go out with both of them!!!
although i din buy anything(pokai-ing now), but at least i got walk too...
walked with both of them into lady shop,jewellery shop...(all lady things)but i still happy and din feel boring pun at all!
pavillion really a HIGH CLASS shopping center!(not for those person like me to shop 1)
even those shops at the higher level which are said to be 'lower class' shops,i also not affordable with my economy state now!!!haiz...

we went to have our dinner at the MOF (Ministry Of Food),or should i say 'dessert'?!
all we can get in that MOF is just DESSERT!!!
we ordered three different tye of desserts,but all of it got 1 similarity-GREEN TEA aiscream!
overall the dessert of MOF GOOD!!!
(i got many thing wana write de,but because of the same SECRET just now,i cant write them down here!!!, sorry to everyone...)

after the dinner,we really searched for the MAHATHIR's bread store!!!haha...
we looked at the directory,and finally we foung it...but sorry to tell you all,i forgot the name of the shop jor...haha...
we choose a bread which cost us RM3.80 for huishan...hopefully it taste good la...

we walked out to the road street there,and wtf,that was the first time i stand on the Bintang Walk road...haha...the scenery of the Bintang Walk at night is nice,and we also took some photo there...
we went to the Star Hill which is just located beside the Pavillion,just wana to have a look at the Jogoya japanness buffet...
we were shocked at there as we reached the Jogoya!
Guess what...
there is now a promotion at the Jogoya!!!

**50% discount**
but with condition,
must with the member card and there must be 6 pax and above!!!
you know what,1person just for the dinner there cost rm88,not yet include the tax!!!
but now we can have it for just rm44 nia per person!!!!
and it is very worth loo!!!we can even have the 'fa diu cheong'inside there as much as we want!!!
we planned to go there again during march,coz now i almost pokai ady,not enough money to use ady this month!!!

dont want talk bout JOGAYA already,make me salivary out of my mouth!!!
plus now i havent taken my breakfast yet!!!damn hungry...
k la,need to rush to the class now...

Thursday, February 12, 2009




那位就是我们医科里有名的ooi chin chuan!!!



Tuesday, February 10, 2009




how come i will so stupid till i lost that rm7...must be some technical problem!!!
*su su su!!!GO AWAY ALL THE BLACK STAR...*
hopefully someone see this and be so kind to 'donate' rm7 back to me...*sign*

Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Tiring But Enjoying Day

finally i regain my freedom jor from all those mountain of notessss today! many things happened and all things just like very i want...

Firstly i wana said something very important to you all...
yuan lai our wish will really come true if we really pray hard for the GOD!!!wakaka...
In my previous blog,i mai wrote there i wished for the coco class for today will be cancelled or the teacher will let us go earlier...and you guess what?!
today miracle really appeared!!!the class CANCELLED already!!!
all thx to my pray...*feeling PROUD of myself* wakakaka...

After knowing that the class has been cancelled,i quickly went back to hav my bath and wait for my friend to wake up. I thought i can go wet more earlier but who knows that my friend is a LAN FAN G!!! he dared to wake up at 10.30am and he woke up also not because all by himself but was because of my 'MORNING' call him!!!caused me to wake for him from 9am till 11am then only can go out!!!haha...but in between that time i manage to get a short nap cause i really tired for the past few days...
*and finally we went out at 11.30am in the morning*wtf

I went to 1U today!!!just because i want to try the SHOGUN suggested by 1 of my senior-EDWIN...

but tell you guys,SHOGUN really good!!!but not the best...
but overall for me i like it very much,cause i am a super fan of SUSHI!!!and there will ulfill my need!!!wakaka...many choice of sushi available for you there...(but I just know to eat,and forgot to take picture of all those delicious dishes down for you guys...sory) if you all interested go to try it for yourself lah!

I treated my friend ate at there cause it was his birthday!!!and guess what,i used RM114 in SHOGUN only!!!not included other expenses really POKAI but i think it worth la...

SHOGUN GOOD!but 1 UTAMA worst!!!
I hate 1U veryyyyy much!!!maybe is because i m not used to the building structure there,my friend and me,both get lost in 1U for many times!!!really unexceptable!!inside is just like a LOST WORLD for both of us...haiz...we both walked for about 45minutes just to find the location of SHOGUN!!!and we hardly found a directory board there!!!what a useless shopping mall without a DIRECTORY for person who come to 1U for first time like me!!!
*so i sweared i will be not going to 1U again*

after the SHOGUN was movie time!!!
we watch the chinese movie 'Looking For The Star' 刘德华 and 舒琪...
overall the movie was good but i fall asleep during the movie started!damn the boring advertisement!!! you guy a secret,my friend CRIED while watching the movie and he told me that he cried 3 times leh,wat la,not that gan dong pun the movie and somemore he is a guy leh,so zha,haha...(he sure kill me if he see this)

all the day i just walk walk walk and walk,haiz,now my leg damn painful and tired ...
someone pls help me urut...haha

Friday, February 6, 2009


finally reach friday already!!
i am waiting for today till my leg elongated till can reach the floor jor!!! @.@
what la... sem 2 just started onli and just past 1 week here and i feel like i staying here for monthsssss already!!!wtf
i really cant tahan wif the new sem timetable!!!
everyday class from 8am till 5pm,all lectures,maximum 5 lectures per day,and class non-stop 1,in between just got 1 hour rest time!!!can u imagine how pack the timetable!!!

everyday in the lecture hall i looking at the clock hanging there, 'tik tot'...'tik tot'... ya, the needle is moving but duno why the time still run very SLOWLY!!!why the time during this sem past slower than the sem 1?!i really dont understand...GOD pls save me from this suffering timetable!!!

and 1 more thing which is different from the sem 1...u guess what??
from from the first day the class started,i already started to 'bia' jor!!!
really 不可能,不可接受!!!
how come i will be so hardworking in the early of this sem?!
last sem i still remember that during the early of the sem 1,i was still in 'PLAYING', 'ENJOYING' mode!!!
haiz...i cant accept this kind of life...but what can i do?nothing can i do!!!

but thx god friday finally reached jor...
and now i am 'appreciating' what malay ppl gav me...
they give me 3 hours break time every friday!!! 3 hours...haha...but pity those malay,need to go and hav their pray...cant cham...

i waited for today for very long time jor...T__T
cause i will be GOING OUT TO WET tomorrow!!!
haha...hopefully the co-curriculum tomorrow will not make any trouble to me,and hopefully the class will end very fast...(praying for GOD now)

Thursday, February 5, 2009


I am very very veryyyyyyyy angry now with all my chinese english class classmate!!!(accept some of them la)
just finished having my lunch and i quickly ran to the library to blog this up!!!u can see how bad mood i m now!!!my whole stomach is on FIRE now!!!
what la?! I am the english class group leader?!where got such things?!
me myself pun have not enough time to finish my own things,plus I am the 'FOOD REPRESENTATIVE' for the chinese,count money pun not enough time,now want me to be the group leader?!how dare you all treat me like that?!

haiz...suan le...everything is in final decision jor,now want argue pun no use...

Dont blame me if i forget to post the lastest article for the week if i really do so...
if i forgot to do so,at the end there will be just 1 result,all get 0!!!wakaka...

*p/s: I will REVENGE!!!
beware with the dinner that you all ordered from me!!!(maybe got poison inside 1)