Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Year Resolutions

It had came to the end of the 2009...and 2010 wis here already!!!!!!^^
hOPE you all can heard my wishing from here,because I am actually screaming at here,my stupid handphone rosak already,cant send sms,so terpaksa lah wish you all here and fb and also MSN =.= (just sent to repair a few hours ago,or more specifically the last day of year 2009)
So,do you hear it?!haha

Here are some resolutions which will start my all new year!
First and for most,I wish all my family members,my dad,my mum and my sisters all in good health,please take care and don't get ill

Must pass the Professional Exam with flying colour!or at least without failing any paper of it >.<>

buy any clothes anymore after the CNY!I must keep my promise ^^Promised to Mr Lee Yong Li already,if I stop wasting money on shopping for clothes for the next sem,he will be the one who starts shopping for clothes!!!haha,I bet he will sure die!

Will start saving $$$ for emergency use...not like the previous sem,need to borrow money from others during the last 2 months T_T

I will live healthy!will go and jog whenever I got time!won't be sooo piggie as the previous sem ;)

I want a new handphone ^^ will buy it after getting JPA

Will start to work up with my biceps,hope it will be hypertrophy by this year XD

Monday, December 28, 2009

Xmas cbration @ Singapore~Day 1

We (my two sisters and me) started our journey from Ipoh here to Spore at 9am in the morning by bus.
I knew that from Ipoh here to Spore will take us about 8 hours journey,BUT I never thought that the 8hours journey was sooooo torturing and suffering,plus it was morning,hardly to get into sleep in the bus...
The bus stopped half way at the rest area beside the highway around 11am,and I thought it will not stop at anywhere else for lunch since it already near lunch time,so 3 of us bought 3 packs of keropok udang as our lunch =.= sooo pity,there rest station where the bus stopped has no restaurant,there was just a hawker selling keropok and those malay kuih...NO choice,forced to eat keropok looh....kesian my little stomach
BUT the bus stopped again at 2pm at another rest station at which this time the rest station was nicer and bigger and there was some shops selling food eh!wtf!zha dao that time,if I knew it the bus will stop at here,I wouldnt buy the 3 packs of keropok udang >.<
my advise for those who travelling abroad for the first time,PLEASE bring along at least 1 person who had experience in passing the kastam gate....haha,or else you will be super nervous that time!

we reached at Spore at 6.30pm,my big sis already waiting for us at there,and we went to had our dinner at The Swensens...haha...quite nice the food there ^^

camwhoring before the dishes served to us ^^

and these were the 2 person who treated us for the dinner at The Swensens!hehe

the Xmas tree deco at Bugis Junction

p/s:will be continue with the second day post later...more photos will be coming up!^^

Xmas cbration @ Singapore~Intro

FINALLY I am back to Msia...A 6days 5 nights trip to Singapore was really a tiring,exhausted yet hyper enjoyed trip!!!!I must admit it!totally SATISFY with it,and 'thumbs up' for my big sis who really put an effort on planning it!!!!thank you sis!!!!LOVE u!

The whole trip was indeed a new experience for me!
I NEVER thought that Spore has sooooooooooooooo many trees =.=
I like the Spore MRT services soooooooo much.....go learn from them la stupid Msia KTM,always delay
I like the shopping mallssss at Spore!NO doubt Spore is a shopping haeven!and they are alll linking together!
Spore has many lengzai and lenglui!and they are very stylish in dressing and hairsyle also ^^ (I even thought of having my hair cut at there pun,but no time...haha)
Singaporeans alllll are richie people!if not Mercedes,then BMW,if not BMW,then Lamborgini =.=
how can they be soooo rich ar?!I am wondering....
Spore actually got highway! only I knew it =.=
Genting is nothing if compare to Sentosa...sorry la to Genting,I prefer Sentosa ^^
Singaporeans like to WALK,and now I like walking toooo!
soooooo many things special about Spore,but.......

Saturday, December 26, 2009

A very short post here @.@

I am soooooo enjoy this few days!!!!!!
but my legs are superb sour ~~~~~~ but it worth it!^^

Friday, December 25, 2009

I am currently at Spore now
celebrating my Xmas eve at here,at Orchard Road
Really nice,great and fascinating the Xmas deco ^^ shall post the pic later when I am free
Soooooo many things I wana share with you all bout Spore,stay tune I shall blog bout them next time....

p/s:sooooo many blog updates from my friends,shall check them out next time...haha ciao~~

Monday, December 21, 2009

Back In Action

OK...Now is the 4th days after the final exam...and I didnt even update my blog yet~~
lazy after a 2weeks Blogger-Off-Periods >.<
Officially announce that MY FINAL WAS OVER!and I AM FREE UNTIL 18th JAN!!!!
so feel free to call me out yam cha or whatever activities you like ^^ (but I know that everybody will be starting their new sem very very soon....haiz....the chances of being called out to wet is totally almost ZERO T_______T)
studying medic at UPM really soooo pathetic,others holidaying while I was studying soooo hard for the final,missed out sooooo many gathering,but when I am free,they all preparing to go back to their uni already WTF!arghhhhhh.....

On last Friday,I went out with Kok Hoe to Sunway Piramid
Just 2 of us,and our main OBJECTIVE of that hang gai gai was to buy a marriage present for Amy's sis,but it ended up with trying clothes and window shopping!haha.....

MY next target MUST-BUY-ITEM during coming Spore trip!!!
soooo nice I super like it!!!!

I was soooo lucky that I met Jessie and Tze Suen in front of the Kitschen!haha
sign~Kitschen always the popular shop among us...

At night,we went to to Klang there to attend Amy's sis wedding buffet night,haha,or more correctly it was just a gathering with Amy since we already around 2 years didnt meet each others...So damn miss her la!

photo taking with Amy's little bro!he is not as cute as I met him 2 years ago,but he definitely still sooo friendly and still remember that I am 'Joon Joon Gor Gor'!lolz....that was how he called me 2 years ago ^^ beside that he is also increasing in size horizontally =.= haha

and this is Amy!haha...with 2 little cutie dogs~~
(she insisted me to not posted this picture into Facebook,due to some reasons,haha,so I post it here la!lolz....somehow I think she wont be viewing my blog also)

ending here...sign!the picure uploading process really wasted me quite some times!got to go now,going out later to watch the AVATAR movie,highly recommended by all my friends...haha

Monday, December 14, 2009

Tomorrow is my final exam for this sem...or should it be today?!haha....
NOW is 2am in the midnight....and I am still awaken...
but will be going to sleep shortly after checking the fb updates

For those whose read my blog,please wish me good luck for the coming 4 days continuation nonstop examination >.<>

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I am trying to save money now,for the coming Singapore trip shopping spree...
BUT the GOD is playing with me now T____T

Those who close to me will know that I am the kind of person who will keep my things in a very tidy mode,everything will be in good condition,seldom got thing spoilt by me...
Don't know what happened to my cell phone this afternoon...suddenly it just spoilt already!!WTF
The '5' button don't know which nerve sot already,cannot detects the pressure sensation which I pressed on it...=.=
I am sooooo damn frustrated when I need to press on the '5' button,which constitute of the 'J','K',and 'L'...
somemore you all also I like to use 'la','lo','jor'...etc this kind of words,but now I can't use them anymore!!!!!!!!!>.< I am trying soooo hard to find another alternative words for to substitute those words with J,K,and L...sms also no mood already now....

should I use this opportunity to change my cell phone now??or should I go and repair it?
I think I will prefer the later one...but yet I am still pokai now,even my 3meal also got problem planning to have a great shopping spree at Singapore there...
So I had decided!I will not repair it until I get the next sem JPA money....aizzz.....

proudly announce that my junk food stock which I prepared for 3weeks time already finished...'e lek' liao....within 2 weeks.... stock....even the last packet of the luxury biscuit was eaten by me this morning as my breakfast....which is TOTALLY-NOT-ENOUGH for me!@.@ super damn hungry now.....
How am I gonna survive for the following 10days before the holidays?!

Sunday, December 6, 2009


There is just 1 week left to the final exam
Can I manage to finish my revison??oh God,pls bless me...

Below is my timetable for the next week schedule ^^
(but before that,I need to finish off my CNS revision by tonight,but I know that the chances of succeeding it is soooo damn low T_T so I make tomorrow as an extra day for CNS) It will help me alot if I make it by tonight!
TUES (8Dec)-WED (9Dec): Package 9
THURS (10Dec)-FRI (11Dec) : revision on CNS and MS all over again
SAT (12Dec)- SUN (13Dec) : revision on ENDO and REPRO for the final strike!

Monday will be the first day of examination,and it will be a 'Exam Marathon' as it will continue until Thursday nonstop in between...=.=
I just don't understand why other courses and universities will have their exam within 2 to 3 weeks time,won't have such long study weeks,will have a few days break in between each papers for the students to get enough time for their revision for the next paper.....students also wont be soooo damn stress,at least they are not like us,they can forget all those things for the previous paper and just concentrate for the next paper....BUT we can't!We need to study for 3weeks nonstop and memorize allllllll the things into our brain within that 3 weeks,and at the end,just vomit allllllll of it out during the 4days nonstop exam marathon....=.=
once we can memorize A,we will forget about B,then once we manage to memorize C,we will forgot about A and B......

how pathetic we are as the medical students of the UPM.....T______T

Friday, December 4, 2009

thx my little buddy!

I think I should post this now,since I am having my break and waiting for my lunch to come back

Yesterday I had a 'tong yuen' 汤圆 as my supper!haha
thanks to my little buddy,Chui Voon and her housemate,who made the tong yuen!they are sooo pro in doing this kind of thing!making tong sui is their profession!They shouldn't be here studying Medicine la,just kidding jek,but I really need to praise them for their kindness!and he tong yuen tong sui was sooooo great and it warm my heart during yesterday night in the cold weather...
can u see the height of the container?soooo tinggi and also inside there were sooooooo many tang yuen leh....

They were sooo nice,making sooo big bowl of tong sui and distributed to the guys...^^
I am wondering why the second year girl seniors won't do that for the second year guy senior as well??aizzz....damn envy and jealous with those first year guys junior,always got tong sui as supper...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

I just hate study week!HATE it sooooo damn muchie~~T_T

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Nah~see la,this was my dinner just now!nyehehehee.....
got 住家饭 home cooked rice!haha...sooooo nice and I so long didnt eat these zhu gah fan d!
got my 最爱 lady finger or so called as 'bendi'!sooooo delicious!!!! and 腊肠 'lab cheong' also!wtf
sooooo happy with the dinner ^^

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

31days or 30days in November?!

I am at library now...hoping to finish my upper limb notes by tonight...really hope I can make it...(doubting it,it is tooo many notes d...>.<)

will be going to start my revision after I finish this post,just a super short post only...
wont be taking a long time

When I was checking my Facebook updates at library computer lab here just now,suddenly there was a Malay girl A asked the another Malay girl B who was sitting in front of me a question...(in Bahasa Melayu)
A:wei,got how many days ar in November?
B:wait ar...
A+B:(they were both counting their metacarpalpharangeal joint)one,two,three,four......ten,eleven
A:eiiii~~31days or 30days ar??
B:don't know wor.......

WHAT THE FCUK!!!!I really felt like killing them on the spot that time!!!=.=
by counting the joints also don't know how many days in November?!
No wonder la,my mum always told me that being a Chinese or Indian always has its own benefits...can eat pork....(which help in development of the nerve system)

Hope you enjoy the story...^^ (based on real story ok!no tokok tambah!)