Monday, December 21, 2009

Back In Action

OK...Now is the 4th days after the final exam...and I didnt even update my blog yet~~
lazy after a 2weeks Blogger-Off-Periods >.<
Officially announce that MY FINAL WAS OVER!and I AM FREE UNTIL 18th JAN!!!!
so feel free to call me out yam cha or whatever activities you like ^^ (but I know that everybody will be starting their new sem very very soon....haiz....the chances of being called out to wet is totally almost ZERO T_______T)
studying medic at UPM really soooo pathetic,others holidaying while I was studying soooo hard for the final,missed out sooooo many gathering,but when I am free,they all preparing to go back to their uni already WTF!arghhhhhh.....

On last Friday,I went out with Kok Hoe to Sunway Piramid
Just 2 of us,and our main OBJECTIVE of that hang gai gai was to buy a marriage present for Amy's sis,but it ended up with trying clothes and window shopping!haha.....

MY next target MUST-BUY-ITEM during coming Spore trip!!!
soooo nice I super like it!!!!

I was soooo lucky that I met Jessie and Tze Suen in front of the Kitschen!haha
sign~Kitschen always the popular shop among us...

At night,we went to to Klang there to attend Amy's sis wedding buffet night,haha,or more correctly it was just a gathering with Amy since we already around 2 years didnt meet each others...So damn miss her la!

photo taking with Amy's little bro!he is not as cute as I met him 2 years ago,but he definitely still sooo friendly and still remember that I am 'Joon Joon Gor Gor'!lolz....that was how he called me 2 years ago ^^ beside that he is also increasing in size horizontally =.= haha

and this is Amy!haha...with 2 little cutie dogs~~
(she insisted me to not posted this picture into Facebook,due to some reasons,haha,so I post it here la!lolz....somehow I think she wont be viewing my blog also)

ending here...sign!the picure uploading process really wasted me quite some times!got to go now,going out later to watch the AVATAR movie,highly recommended by all my friends...haha

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