Sunday, October 30, 2011


Today is the happiest day in the past 1 week!

Why? Why? Why?
Because after 6days of constipation, FINALLY today I got the urge to go toilet to do the 'big business'!!
The feeling of letting the poo-poo out from my rectum and anus was so great!
I was smiling while sitting on the toilet bowl while the poo-poo came out one by one just now 
Felt so congested with feces inside for the past 6days,so dirty and so not healthy at all >.<

I am gonna say byebye to CONSTIPATION liao!

p/s: sorry for being crappy with poo poo these days.abit disgusting I guess

Saturday, October 29, 2011



Karma really does exist!
I always laugh my friend
'yerr why u so weak gah,so easy get sick one...'
'u see me,never get sick one..'
'why u always get mosquito bite gah? (when I friend get dengue) see I got no mosquito bite at all'

This time really jialat liao,it's my turn to be laugh le >.<
Already on antibiotic, hopefully the fever and cough won't get worst la
I even opened 2 packages of Millennium 千禧全 to drink (hopefully it will help la)

let see how tomorrow...see whether the symptom will get better anot..

Friday, October 28, 2011





刚好我们想起他刚刚买了新手机Samsung Galaxy SII
他既然回答:“ 当然好用啦!但还是不必你的iPhone 3GS 好咯!” (我朋友用着3GS)
瓦老!酱的一个骗话都说得出口!如果我朋友用着的是iphone4 或 4S 的话,他酱讲可能还能接受咯



Feel like my life is being fucked up!

Why so bad luck recently?!did I step on any dog shit recently?!
screw you whoever let your stupid dog simply shit on the floor and let me step on it without I realize bout it!FUCK u!

Few months back,I changed my Maxis line to Digi, using the same old number,changed for 2 months then regret and changed it back to Maxis
I thought changing to Digi will save move credit
BUT the when the bill came after the first month,it charged me RM80 plus leh!
I thought maybe that time I called or sms-ed alot,so I tried for another month,the second month bill came again and it showed RM65!
walaoeh,when I was using maxis,maximum I used RM45-50 per month only leh!So I decided to change it back to Maxis loh
I paid for the first month,but I ignored the second month bill.
I didn't get any warning or notification from Digi asking me to pay for the bills for the next 3 months, I thought I successfully escaped from paying the bill already
BUT few days ago,I get a call from the Digi,and they asked me to pay the RM65 within this month! the end,I still need to pay for it!it is inescapable I guess...

Then suddenly just now I received a call from my dad
( It is odd to receive call from my dad,if he calls me,sure got something bad happen already)
He told me that he receive a saman letter from MPKJ and the letter mentioned I illegally parked my car at a non-parking area at Kajang town area during LAST YEAR DECEMBER!
what need to pay it now la,got promo la now,just need to pay RM20 for the saman,need to pay before 8/12/2011 la,etc etc....
I thought saman from Majlis Perbandaran no need to pay one?!
I knew I kena the saman,and I got the saman slip too last year, but I ignored it cause I really thought it was okie to ignore the saman @.@ doubt it is quite cheap now,RM20 jek mah,so cheap,go and pay only loh~
So bloody poor this semester!even daily living expenses also need to depend on my mom already!
with my current financial situation,I dont know where to dig the RM20 out leh!wei,I can survive 2 days with the RM20 leh!

Now RM65 for digi+ RM20 for saman= RM85
I think I need to sell my body already to pay for them :(
come come,lelong lelong...who wanna buy my body?!

I really hope that there is durian runtuh now,hit my head also nevermind as long as got money


Thursday, October 27, 2011

便秘 篇


是怎么了??是 intestinal obstruction ‘肠胃阻塞’ ?(是酱翻译吗)
严重的话还会 intestinal perforation 呢!!!就是肠穿孔!(哈哈,也是乱乱翻译过来的)

如果真的 intestinal obstruction,那是连屁都放不出leh

明天在没有的话,就真的要吃‘泻药’ 了。。。

My Deepavali Dinner

Yesterday was Deepavali
I wish all my Indian friends enjoyed their celebration yesterday~

I did enjoy my devali also!and I get a free treat for yesterday dinner too!
yup!a free treat AGAIN! XP

We went to somewhere near Damansara there, dined in a restaurant named 'Mezze'
I ordered Carbonara spaghetti, and according to my friend, it is the best Carbonara spaghetti in the town!
Don't ask me to comment of the spaghetti,I just know how to eat only,but it really tasted nice!worth to try :)

After the main course,it was dessert time!
The desserts we ordered (which I had forgotten the name),were nice too!
But too bad, we just ordered 3 desserts for total of 8 of us :(

Actually the main purpose we went there was to DRINK!
We opened 1 bottle of red wine and another 2 bottle of white wines
They commented alot on the wines, what this taste sweeter,that taste fruitier~looked so PRO!
but for me,I just know how to drink jek,drinking wine like drinking water,don't know how to differentiate
and I drank alot too!haha,didn't get drunk,but started to get abit headache after drinking 6 glasses.

Guess how much we spent there yesterday for total of 8 pax
We spent RM709 leh for 8pax!!!
My jaw dropped once I saw the bill!the most expensive bill I ever seen in my whole life!
(aiyo,is like that one mah,my family not so rich pun,somemore I am still a student,where got so much $$$ to eat such expensive food jek?!)
I wonder,will I spend like that after I start working??izit normal to spend like that after people started to work and have money?!too much for me la
but all my friends seem to be okie with the price,didn't get shock~I suppose it is normal then haha
thank god my friend paid for me yesterday night,if not I sure need to tie my stomach up for the next 1 week @.@

Friday, October 21, 2011


赶快离开此页!不然后果自负 :)

相信我们大家(包过在读着的你) 都有过一些奇奇怪怪的梦


P/S: 我真的真的没在梦外大便!!!不要乱想。。哈哈

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I still remember the very last time I had my hair cut was during the Raya week,which was around 31August like that la~
It was like SIX WEEKS leh I didn't cut my hair!
my hair really like sarang burung!even when I told the person who cut my hair today that it had been 6weeks,she dropped her jaw big big looking at me!

yalo,what to do,busy + no $$$ mah,so if can wait,mah wait till really ugly then only go cut loh~
until today,I really beh tahan with my messy hair already,so I drove my car out to a shop name 'e3' at Kuchai Lama (recommended by my friend)

erm,overall the haircut was nice!the service was great!
ESPECIALLY the massaging part during the hair wash!so comfortable~super like the shampoo girl's massaging skill! 
they charged RM35 for a senior cut plus wash (not bad la)

This hairstyle is different from the one spiky type I had before
quite nice,but the styling part was difficult!!!!
after I back to my room, I quick quick went to take shower and tried to style it myself
BUT as what I predicted,I had difficulty to style it back! :( 
FIRST attempt FAILED---> bathed again
SECOND attempt FAILED---> bathed again
THIRD attempt...erm,considered ok la,lazy to go shower again
nice??but I felt like it is abit different leh from the stylist styled for me 

p/s: but this hair, if didn't style it up, it looked super funny n weird or ugly, so from now on,I need to style my hair whenever I go out liao~

Monday, October 17, 2011

黑糖tofu fah

Just now my junior buddy suddenly sent me a message

"hey, buddy,are u in K17 (my hostel)?u free?"
"I got something for u :) which block are u in? see ya in 15 min ya"
"buddy,can you come out now? "

when I reached,she gave me this~
so sweet of her!it had been long time I didn't try tofu fah already!
My supper tonight!ate till my heart also sweet sweet :)
but too bad,eat till my tummy big big liao now,cant go to bed

by the way,this is my first time trying 'black sugar'黑糖 tofu fah
normally I will order 'white sugar'白糖 one,but so surprisingly 黑糖 not bad also leh~
or maybe because it is from my buddy,that's why it tasted nicer :P

To my buddy Jacklyn and also my friend Weihan

Yesterday was my 6th year buddy convocation!
yeah!she finally graduated already!
so envy her la,when I saw her with the jubah on,thinking when will it be my turn to wear it leh >.<
still got another 2 years to go before my turn :( a long way to go
my buddy line bought her a watch (initially wanna buy a purse for her one,but too expensive,so changed to watch)
but the funniest part is I.DONT.KNOW.HOW.THE.WATCH.LOOKED.LIKE!
my small buddy wrapped it already once she bought it,never show me pun =.=
waiting my buddy to open the present and snap a picture of it and post it onto Facebook let me see

I told my small buddy: wei,next time I dont want flower,I dont want bear bear,I just want present ar!dont waste money on flower okie,save all the money and buy a HUGE present for me!
haha,very thick face izit??
somemore I said I will let them know what I want when the time comes!:P

Happy Graduation again to u,buddy Jacklyn!

p/s: btw, HAPPY CONVOCATION to u too ONG WEI HAN!!!!!!!!

hope you will read this by any chance~~can't tag you here like facebook,see you got luck anot loh! XD
sorry cant attend to urs paiseh,but anywhere,hope you enjoyed it,I am missing you and the gang already :(

(hope joonheng wont mad of me by cropping his head out! muahaha)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Donating RM1 again

Why the title is 'Donating RM1 again leh'?? haha,please refer to this post la
haha,everytime I donate also donate RM1 only,abit stingy right?! (lolz,paiseh)

(should have blogged bout this 2 days ago,but too busy these few days,so postponed until now loh~)

there is a charity running now named 'Truly Loving Company's Promise Me' campaign in Nuffnang
Which aiming to raise RM20000 for Ruman Aman, which need a replacement for their worn-out, 15year old electricity wiring and lightning breaker system.

It is a easy way of donating if you are a member of Nuffnang
(and of course you need to be sure that there is credit inside your Nuffnang account la before u donate,AT LEAST RM1)
what you need to do is just by clicking agree to donate the amount of credit which u wish to donate (from the minimum of RM1)
In my case, my Nuffnang account got total of RM26.32 before I donate
I had decided to donate RM1 only (you can choose to donate RM1, RM5 or RM10)
then tick the acknowledgement box there,and press the 'Submit' button
After submitting, a new page will come out and it will show you the amount you still have inside your Nuffnang after donating.
Just that easy only la,so feel free to go donate la if you do have a Nuffnang account!
somemore this is not using your 'actual' money pun~this $$ is what you earned from people clicking the advertisement in you blog mah, you no need to take even 1 cent from you wallet pun~

It is not the matter of how much you can donate,but it is the matter whether you willing to donate anot
I know that RM1 is not any HUGE amount, but let say if there are 20000 ppl donating RM1, then there will be RM20000 loh~

By the way, help me to click on the ads la in my blog, need to earn back the RM1 leh to earn more so that I can donate more mah XD

Monday, October 10, 2011

Love you like a love song

I am currently falling in love in this song :)
I didn't know that this song is from Selena Gomez one,I just listened to it through radio
Until yesterday my friend posted it on facebook,then only I knew it
honestly I am not Selena Gomez's fans loh,in fact,I got a little bit dislike her (partially due to his bf la haha,I am anti-JB loh btw)
I don't know whether I will still like this song anot if I realized she is the singer at the beginning LOL


Enjoy bah~~

Saturday, October 8, 2011







Thursday, October 6, 2011

Free treat at Jogoya!

(must read til the end okie :P)

My friend said I always get treat from others leh
got meh?!where got always jek??
Just once in a blue moon jek mah haha,so please don't envy with me la.
somemore I am 'pokai' now,of cause need people to treat me la :(

This was where I went yesterday night loh
Get a treat from my friend for a dinner there!

woolah!is JOGOYA!
aiya,dont be jealous la if you are reading this now,now got promotion la
just go with ur love one,couple got BUY 1 FREE 1 promo now!
if no couple then bring anyone also can la (same sex?!) as long as you both admit you are 'couple',then off you go 50% off! (I don't think they will chase you away if 2 guys pretending to be couple kut)

still remember the post HERE which I said I was invited to the gathering organized by the Jogoya's Facebook,which I get the BUY 1 FREE 1 voucher?? 

YUP!Yesterday I was using the voucher for the very first time!
was going there with my friend and his family,and he paid for me!muahaha...
(the weird part of the whole thing was they were actually going there for his mother's birthday celebration gea!haha,I was an extra there to hold camera loh and helped to sing a birthday song together too)
I ate like there is no tomorrow!ate for 1 hour and 45min non stop!!!kept on inserting things into my mouth jek~(since it was free what :P)
drank a glass of red wine,ate LOT of the cakes there!and of course the Haagen Dazs la!! and many many things there :)
I still remember the last time I went there for dinner was 2 years back, that time there was only Haagen Dazs, but now there is New Zealand ice cream also!Yet still prefer Haagen Dazs more!

(Photos will be uploading ASAP after I get them from my friend)

p/s: Oh ya!btw,the voucher I am having is UNLIMITED voucher!can be used as many time as you want!haha,so whoever wanna go eat,can ask me la, but the condition is that the owner of the voucher must be there in order to use it,so terpaksalah,must eat with me!hahahaa (and if can,treat me as well la :P)



hmmm...FINALLY I tried it yesterday!
My first time trying it and I swear I wont be getting another one in the future!

the experience was really bad loh!
I never thought that buying a cup bubble tea jek (must add a 'jek' to emphasize it) also need to wait 15mins leh!WTF (maybe because that time there were too many ppl waiting for it too,but it is SLOW!!!)
really so nice meh??maybe is nice for trying it at least once la cause of curiosity.
last time my friend said:"WHAT?!you never tried Chatime before?!!!you must be kidding me!" (that why I tried it this time)
BUT for me sure no next time already,sorry Chatime,u cant earn from me already 

Yesterday I went to Mid Valley,FIRST time leh I took the KTM to Mid Valley since after I brought my car to KL :) and the luck was with me!there was no delay of the train!so surprisingly,not like what my friend always blog about how stupid KTM la,always delay la,this la that la...haha apparently you need to have some luck la if you wanna take KTM
Didn't bring my bottle with me since I was not driving (normally I will take the bottle with me if I drive,so that I can drink whenever I am thirsty in the car). So damn thirsty leh for the whole journey,once I reached Mid Valley, I was wondering what drink should I buy leh..and the first thing that came into my mind was bubble tea!

Tell you guys secretly la,I never tried any bubble tea loh before this! (I meant Chatime and Gong Cha la,those cheap cheap one from pasar malam one of course I tried before la lol)

This was the very first time I wanted to try it so much leh!so i walked to the Chatime there and lined up for my turn lo..
looking at the menu there,so many type of bubble tea to choose leh.But the one that caught my attention was the Red Bean Milk Tea,so I ordered it loh~
(a SMALL cup of milk tea only leh also cost RM5.90!OMG!super expensive!)
I was so anticipated for it once I done my payment,the cashier asked me to wait at behind there.So I waited...waited..waited..waited.........
I waited so damn long leh to get my red bean milk tea!roughly 10mins like that!

So sedap meh?!alah,it was just a typical milk tea loh,plus some pearl and red bean in it~~
I don't know why so many people fancy with it loh @.@ maybe I am not a bubble tea super fans gua~
If let me to choose,I would rather used the RM5.90 to buy a SNOWFLAKE loh,at least it is more satisfying loh for me..