Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Deepavali Dinner

Yesterday was Deepavali
I wish all my Indian friends enjoyed their celebration yesterday~

I did enjoy my devali also!and I get a free treat for yesterday dinner too!
yup!a free treat AGAIN! XP

We went to somewhere near Damansara there, dined in a restaurant named 'Mezze'
I ordered Carbonara spaghetti, and according to my friend, it is the best Carbonara spaghetti in the town!
Don't ask me to comment of the spaghetti,I just know how to eat only,but it really tasted nice!worth to try :)

After the main course,it was dessert time!
The desserts we ordered (which I had forgotten the name),were nice too!
But too bad, we just ordered 3 desserts for total of 8 of us :(

Actually the main purpose we went there was to DRINK!
We opened 1 bottle of red wine and another 2 bottle of white wines
They commented alot on the wines, what this taste sweeter,that taste fruitier~looked so PRO!
but for me,I just know how to drink jek,drinking wine like drinking water,don't know how to differentiate
and I drank alot too!haha,didn't get drunk,but started to get abit headache after drinking 6 glasses.

Guess how much we spent there yesterday for total of 8 pax
We spent RM709 leh for 8pax!!!
My jaw dropped once I saw the bill!the most expensive bill I ever seen in my whole life!
(aiyo,is like that one mah,my family not so rich pun,somemore I am still a student,where got so much $$$ to eat such expensive food jek?!)
I wonder,will I spend like that after I start working??izit normal to spend like that after people started to work and have money?!too much for me la
but all my friends seem to be okie with the price,didn't get shock~I suppose it is normal then haha
thank god my friend paid for me yesterday night,if not I sure need to tie my stomach up for the next 1 week @.@

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