Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Regarding the KL Marathon Run I joined last week Sunday,I had checked the result!

I ranked 1157/4926 in 10km male open!

yeah yeah~~the figure abit too huge,but for me I am satisfied with it! :)
out of my expectation,which I could manage to finish it in 1h 15m 26sec

one of my friend who was running together that day in the same category,he reached the finishing line 10min before me,and guess what,his rank is 3++ leh!
wow!so much different just within 10min!

I am looking forward to join another run in the future,but lazy la to practice my stamina...
I wish to have a run in which I run for the who journey without walking~can I do that?!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

God makes our ears so special :)

Do you know that God creates our ear with special ability?

Our ears are so special until we no need to dig the ear wax out
It is created with auto-migration of ear wax from interior to external,and will auto come out like that,no need to dig dig dig.
Last time I didn't believe in this theory,cause it have been 3 years plus plus I didn't ask my mom to dig out my ear shit and none of them auto come out from the ears
So the shit accumulate accumulate accumulate inside my ear,just like constipation loh

Ystd night when I was sleeping,suddenly I felt something dropped out from my one of my ears, but I didn't bother about it cause it was middle in the midnight,and I was so f**king tired leh after the 10km run (click here to view the post about the run) so I continue my slept.

Woke up early in the morning,totally forget about the 'something' which dropped out from my ear.Until at night,suddenly I felt my ear very itchy la,then only it reminded me about last night incident. So I went to search for the 'something' around my bed,and finally I found it under my pillow!haha~~

I found this!
a HUGE cone-shape ear shit!
length:1.5cm ; base:2-3mm
unbelievable huge!
of cause la,3years plus plus( think got 4years also leh) didn't dig ear hole already!
(planned to post the real photo of the ear shit,but scare u all vomit out ystd food after seeing it)

so if you guys out there lazy to dig ears,just wait for it to come out bah!
just the matter of time only :)
by the way,according to my doctor,we are not advisable to dig our ear,cause it has possibility of perforation of the eardrum if ur digging skill is not good enough.
those who are using cotton bud to dig ear hole one,don't feel so happy yet,cause using cotton bud also will push those ear wax medially into the ear and stuck inside,then ends up with some ear disease and serious complication

HOPE you guys learn something here la XP

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Standard Chartered KL Marathon 26.6.2011

Few weeks ago,my friend helped me to registered for a 10KM run-KL Marathon
ok loh,I joined loh,since it was free (erm,don't ask me why it was free,I also not sure maybe I lengzai kut)

so today was the marathon day~
woke up 4.20am,get prepared at 4.50am,drove to my friend's house there cause I didn't know the way to the destination. on the half way to my friend there,only I realized that I forgot to take my breakfast, gg liao this time,sure hypoglycemic later!

Reached there at 6.15am,but due to some road blocked,so difficult to find car park,at the end parked the car far away from the starting point,it took us 15 min walking distance to walk to the starting point,haha,and I was so clever,I assumed that the walking was my warm up exercise!

So we reached the starting point ngam ngam 5 min before the run,waited awhile and the MC shouted

Honestly speaking,this was my very first run after 4-5years of ZERO.exercise.period
kinda excited,but after running for the very first 10min,started to feel the tiredness already

the funny thing was>
I ran, I ran, I ran, after 15minutes, finally I saw a noticeboard stating '2KM'
Warrafak @.@ my rubbed my eye few times after seeing that,I thought I was way farer from 2KM!I was like OMG!how come I ran for so long already,just 2KM ONLY ar?!

stopped for a few times in between the run
some walking due to tiredness,and some due to stomachache~also for a few min only
but the longest walking period was after I managed to complete 7KM, from there onward, I couldn't run anymore!the whole pathway was all hill road,so tiring~so better walk for energy conservation~
I heard 2 uncles' conversation
A:see so many people walking here
B:of cause la,hill mah~
B:but nvm,as long as u walk faster here,make bigger steps here,u sure can surpass TWO or THREE people

but still I walked faster than them...muahahahaa
and during that period,I logged into facebook with my phone~to update my status muahahaa,geng izit??

After that hill road,from 8KM onward,I started to run again
and finally I heard some cheering and screaming noise not far away~it was so loud,I saw the finishing point was just in front of me!I was so excitedI kept on running without stopping,but when I was almost there,only then I realized that I still need to make a SUPER BIG round to the finishing line~
see,you understand my feeling at that time anot??
despite the finishing point just a few meter away from me,but in fact still need to run for another 2km leh to reach there~~totally no mood after that,so I decided to walk again for a few minutes
then finally I saw the 9km signboard already!
Made my final speedup!
at the finishing point,there were alot of ppl standing along side the road,got visitor somemore and some cheerleaders~at that very last few minutes,I really cannot tahan d,felt like I will drop dead at any second that time,but because that time so many people looking at me,paiseh leh if stop while the finishing point was just a few more meter in front of me,so I forced myself to the extreme limit and>>>

WOW!!!!!!I stepped and passed the FINISHING line already!!!!!!!!!!!!!
what I realized after that was I couldn't stand still!even sitting down also I could feel my body swinging left and right.....

this was me after resting for almost 30min :)

the Medal I got from the run!
finished within the estimated time
used 1hour 15min to finish the 10km run~a quite success for me la who didnt exercise for so long already blek :P

nah,go buy lottery la
sure win :P

Consequences from the run:
1) knee joint pain,cause not wearing a specially designed run sport shoe,I was actually wearing the shoe which used to walking shopping mall, friend said it didn't help absorb the force when the leg hit the floor,that's why the knee pain now T.T

2) muscle soreness just abit,I guess after the sleep tonight,tmr wake up sure cannot walk already,will move around like mummy :P

Monday, June 20, 2011

my new room C384

erm,so apparently by donating RM1,you cant wish n hope for something more than RM1
(just read this post here for the RM1 story)

I wish that this semester will be staying in the same room as the previous semester,no need to change room,cause I knew if change room,it will be a disaster as I got many things to move!
but at the end,we all still need to move to another block :(

I moved my thingsss from the third floor of a block all the way down to my car.....
my car including the front seat,back seat,n the car butt all occupied by my things!FULL house totally!tired die me!
then drove the car to the another block and carried them all the way up to the third floor also!it was soooooooooooooooooo tiring!

but guess what,my room number is C.3.8.4
C is the block,3 means third floor and the 8 house number 8 gua,then the forth room of the house
what is in ur mind when u see the number?!
C38-死38 =.=
hahaha,funny right ,but i gotta admit I am abit 38 la,but not until the level 'C' XDXD

Sunday, June 19, 2011


This will be very last update for this one month holiday

Today is the last day of my uni holiday
some of you must be asking,ei why so weird,not 4 months holiday meh??
NO loh!NOT 4months but only 1month for us medical course,the 4 months holiday only applicable for other courses :(althought this 1month was kinda boring,rotting at home,nothing to do,just went out once awhile for friend gatherings,most of the time was used to online,utubing,fb-ong...etc etc
yeap,for me it was kinda undeniable B.O.R.I.N.G to the max!but I kinda lorve the boringness
at least I got my lurvy bed to lie on,got my favorite mom's cook,bookless life,and also expenses-less life,petrol also paid by my dad~~hahaha

but all of those heavenly life is going to end liao~~
tmr the new semester going to start already~
and so unfortunately,my very first posting of my forth year will be the toughest of all the other postings in forth year-Obstetric & Gynaecology(O&G)
sound so tough right,what I can imagine now is i am going to shout 'Push!Push!push!!!!!!' throughout that posting :)

no more free time for me to update my blog so frequently already
maybe once a week la (if i got time during the weekend)

c ya~ciao :)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hari Bendera

Today my secondary schoolmate came to my house area to had breakfast!
I was so touched!(lolz,at least I no need go out far far for breakfast,and can meet them also)

we went to the 'cha chan sat' to have out dinner
and we went there quite late,everything was almost sold out already
but luckily,one of our friends,Kaiyee's parent are selling noodle there,boss leh,so she is boss daughter loh~dont play play loh,haha rich gal!XD
so we all ordered the same breakfast from her parent's stall,ordered Hakka Mee gon lou
yummy yummy,my favourite ate till full full :)

suddenly there was a PBSM boi,erm,roughly I think Form 3 kut,estimation from the size of the boi la (nowadays kids all small small short short one,hardly estimate their age leh,where got like during my time,all big big tall tall like me gea,haha lol)
he asked for donation,at first I planned to ignore him one
but one of my friends said:

ei,he from Sam Tet one leh!see the logo~~

so I mah looked carefully loh.wah really SamTet guys leh
then my friend added:

they all Sam Tet one,I am not XD (finger pointing at the other 4 of us)

haiz,boh bian loh,you know ar,malu mah if ppl knew u was from SamTet but u didn't donate...
so terpaksalah donate~~
took out my wallet,and donated ONE RINGGIT

you guys sure wanna say "Oh my F* GOD!RM1 only ar?!"
aiya,at least got donate mah~RM1 ok la,4 of us,then got RM4 already hahaha
good deed wont mind how much u donate one,got heart enough already ^^ better like the one who used finger pointed at us but he himself didn't donate gea :P

tada,the flat that I get from the boi after donating my precious RM1 note
rupa-rupanya today is Hari Bendera
suddenly I thought of the time which I asked for donation of others ppl in the public during Form1 when I was PBSM toooo~~

Friday, June 17, 2011

Sweaty butt~~sexy

Do you have this kind of problem with u,like sweating 24hours,non-stop?!
every second also can feel the palm sweat sweat one leh?!

sometime even worst,buttock also sweat like hell,especially when u sit too long on a chair,like fountain keeps on releasing sweat out!

so ya,that is me loh~~~
and just for your info,sometime I don't really like to wear underwear,and just go out like that naturally

Today went out with my secondary schoolmate,after so long din meet with them
so we decided to sit down and chit chat rather than walking around or movie
we went to a kopitiam and sat at there for hours without moving our butt
chat chat chat(but mostly were craps la)~until a time when I started to feel my butt wet wet gea,but cincai la,didn't bother it,just continue sitting there chatting happily

Then that was a time which I really cannot tahan already,my bladder so full,reaching it capacity to explode already,so I went to toilet to pee it out loh~~
aiya,since I was in toilet,so I took off the pant and see how was the pant looked like at the back part loh
warafak!that time I was wearing a grey color pant mah,and the sweaty part ngam ngam in the center in between the 2 mountains!the part was highlighted in dark grey!!!!so obviously
I was so paiseh,faster walked back to the seat and sit still there,and hoping that others won't notice it.

arghhhhhh~so paiseh,thank god the dark grey part was not too big!

Lesson of the day~~
(at least there is one more layer to help absorbing the sweat)

I am a DIGI user!yeah!

wanna see some really COOL thing?!hehe

see any COOL thing?!
yeah!!!!!It is the 'DIGI' word which is COOL leh!!!!
Surprise right?!lolz,for those who following me in Fb sure no surprise la,posted there last night d
BUT now I am officially DIGI user already
ystd still in the line converting process~today OFFICIAL

sayonara loh my maxis fanssssss!no more cheap fare to contact me XD
welcome all my DIGI fanssssss!I know u all hoping that I change to Digi ages ago~yeah!I changed for u guys already!muackx

But I will be keeping this hotlink sim card
sweet memory mah,it had been with me since I finished my Form 5
5years like that loh~~(did I count wrongly?!whatever la)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

WorldCard FB contest

I was too boring yesterday night,and I bumped into this contest in the WorldCard webpage in Facebook

It is just a simple daily contest in which u just need to copy and paste the slogan together with a 'star' picture and wait there for the daily lucky winner to be borne!

So I copied pasted the slogan with a GAGA picture!
LOLz,Lady Gaga mah,she is a star,no doubt,somemore in the pic her outfit got 'star' cartoon tooo~
So creative!izit izit??!!

I was so excited,cause I think that no one can beat my creativity already!

But so sad,today winner was not me!sob sob~
A normal simple star like this won already!
suan la,I guess it was not my luck loh~
or the WorldCard FB admin envy the Gaga more popular n more STAR than him whatsoever

I thought I will get the Rm100 cash prize and also the 1000WP gea~~
haiz.....dream pecah already~~~time to back to reality

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Super8 so~so nia

I watched the movie Super8 today!
and I was hoping something more than just like that~

I thought Super8 was a HERO or somekind of powerful creature!
I thought there will be alot of killing and fighting scene~
BUT at the end it was so disappointing

undeniable the 'creature' was so powerful,hit by so many gun shot,not even scream for pain lolz
maybe it got super-defensive skin? and super-strength,super-speed
but overall the story line was just not enough to excite me :(

just a creature accidentally came to earth from nowhere>caught by the airforce>being treated badly>escaped>reconstructed it space ship>then bai bai to the earth

being attracted by the movie director STEVEN SPIELBERG name,that why I watched the movie although my friend said so-so nia,not so nice~
He really very geng loh,creating suspense inside the movie trailer,and let the ppl like us go discover ourselve

Nevermind la,I forgive him for this movie (cause today is Wednesday movie day,lolz,RM6 for the ticket only),maybe he was working hard on his next movie TRANSFORMER while he making this movie~
Hoepfully the Transformer 3 will not disappoint me :) I am really looking forward for it!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

FB earning stuff~

nowadays so many people keep on private messaging me in Facebook
I thought my popularity is increasing
not because of my popularity is getting higher! BUT

what by clicking and liking this pages,can help them earn money
some even ridiculous!too poor already,can't go for trip,need to earn money from this thing @.@
zZZzzzzz, so good payment meh this kind of stuff?!can sponsor you to a trip?!
walao,don't know the trust-ability of this liking and earning stuff eh~later you kena cheated then you know!

so annoying loh,suddenly saw someone popped out from the FB chat box there
"hello,can help me click and like these links ar?"
then after that,'Thank you,bai bai"
that's all~

BUT after all these complains in my heart,I still helped them la of course
WHY?!Because I am a kind-hearted guy loh :)

p/s: lolz,I am complaining ppl who asked me to click this kind of pages to help them earn some $$,but don't know whether out there got ppl complaining me as well for asking them to click my blog ads leh?!hahahaa...hopefully u all still click the ads la for me although complaining here and there :P lurve you guys muaclx

Monday, June 13, 2011

Cousin wedding dinner :)

Just back from my cousin wedding dinner

The dinner was satisfying!the dishes were so mouth watering!

got each person mini-seafood-pot la,got roasted piggie la.etc...

(see,all the sisa-sisa of the roaster pig!yummy yummy~)

OMGness!all were my favourite!

eat till full full!walao~fattening!but who cares haha,eat while still can eat loh~ blek

My 'yee jeong' sitting same table with me mah,he asked for a cup of Brandy!

Suddenly my urge to drink also came liao,but so sad,I was the driver,need to fetch my whole family back after the dinner :( so i didn't ask for it loh sob sob

But my elder sister suddenly asked for a ccup of red wine leh,then followed by my second sister,lolz,she just drink for trying only,never drink mah,haha.then followed by my dad n my mom!

whatdefatt!all people ordering,and at the end my youngest sister also ordered one for siok!

C.A.N.N.O.T!!!so I ask for 1 cup of red wine also!yeah yeah!drinking happily there
(but my first intention was to try Brandy!nevermind la,red wine also cukup la for that moment)

So,I drank the first cup,then followed by second and third cup!haha...lolz,better stopped already!if not sure scolded by parents from where I learnt to drink so much!hahahaha

then without my parents knowledge,I asked for 1 cup of Brandy!I don't think they knew I ordered it,maybe they thought it was beer only I guess.but I didn't dare to drink much,just tried a few sips only~scare later I lam already then really no need balik already my whole family! driver!XD

the LEFT one is red wine loh,not so nice with ice cubes,haha,taste sweeter without ice :)
the RIGHT one is Brandy!see,like beer izit?!haha,calsberg! but it taste like those hand alcohol sanitizer leh!yuackx...not nice XD

p/s:and during the wedding dinner,the DJ played the song Baby by Justin Bieber!wtf!Hate it!haha,but I did shake my head for few second from the beginning of the song!hahaha,then only I realized I.ACTUALLY.HATE.JUSTIN.BIEBER. So I stopped shaking my head already!LOLz

COOL ads

wanna see some really COOL advertisement??!!

I really SWT gao gao after seeing it

just in case u all cant see the words there
(the left one is during 'OFF' and the right is when aircon is 'ON')


hope you guys get what does this adv mean la :)

p/s:or click HERE for a clearer picture of the ads

Sunday, June 12, 2011

I almost chixin already~~~



YOU are testing my patient loh

and I can tell U that my patient is reaching it limit already!

I cant FUCKING tahan anymore loh!

If this kind of 'weather' continue for the following few more days,I will be S.C.H.I.Z.O already

Sometime she can quiet quiet there with that kind of 'bao gong' dark choc face!Like gonna explode anytime!scary man!

Sometime this minute talk nice nice to u,but the next minute u ask her something,she ignore u with a scary fierce staring looking eye!

Walao~eh!I am not weather predictor loh!

I don't fucking know when will it be thunderstorm coming or sunny day ok?!


wanna leave this place for this moment :(

EVERYDAY also like that,very suffering ya know!

Friday, June 10, 2011



I couldn't believe my buddy Jacklyn had the GUT to skydive!!!!

I wanna try it toooo

but I doubt myself

whether I dare to step into the plane anot which fly me into the sky for this

or u will see me peeing in the sky while falling down -.-




刚刚出去跟我的好友看Pirates of the Carribean,是啦,我知道我们慢人家几拍啦,上映了三个星期才看,谁叫我是个大忙人呢?!哈哈,太多约会了:P

推销员说,买上RM100有RM10 voucher 送,问她要不要再买筹够RM500?有RM50 voucher给

我的妈啊!RM500酱就没了,但她却花到很开心 -.-
她说:哎呀,反正都要用的就买咯,买了存够盖章还可以换礼物,那些礼物还是值RM1++ 的保养或化妆品呢!这么好!上次最高纪录是一次花RM700呢!



I lurve the perfume :)

Few days ago,I did mention about perfume thingy in my fb status
so surprisingly,it got great feedback from a few of my friends,many comments
BUT none of them were good comments!

I posted there> I LURVE THE PERFUME :)
then people started commenting about it already

This is the perfume my friend gave me
DEFINITELY NOT zap ba lang brand loh~~
Clinique leh!open eye see big big :P blek

and I LIKE it :)

p/s:Clinique this brand not considered as zap ba lang hor?!hahaha lolz

Thursday, June 9, 2011

McValue lunch

Today I had hor fan gon lou as my brunch around 11am. Right after that,I went to shopping for daily items with my family at Jusco.
After finished shopping,my dad suggested to go to McD to had a simple high tea,erm actually it was lunch cause he too hungry already,but that time was tea time,so we called it as high tea XDXD

My dad asked whether the McValue Lunch set still available at this hour anot,I quickly nodded my head without looking at the watch. So I took the money from him and went to ordered 4sets of the CHEAPEST McChicken Value set happily and it cost me total of RM36 ++,and I didn't suspect anything.

When I sat down and started to eat my burger,my dad asked why it was so expensive gea,suppose to be RM6++ for each set mah,how come it cost RM36?!
So I think think think,and finally I figured out that the time when we bought the set lunch was around 3.30pm already!

YUP,it was 3.30pm!
NO DISCOUNT ALREADY!!!!!!and I didn't notice it leh!I thought the discounted price for the McChicken was RM8++

I was so stupid!should have ordered ala carte!
my mom scolded me loh,said I didn't checked for the price la before purchasing, somemore accused me for never eat McValue lunch set before and always go to eat those expensive Korean and Japanese food la,that why not knowing the price of the McValue set =.;=
(reason for the accusing was because she saw many of my photos was taken inside classie restaurant and never in McD!wtf~who will take photo in places such as McD la!what so nice about McD o?!not that I never go there,but there is nothing for me to snap loh~not like classie restaurant where the environment is so nice and we all wear like peacock there to take photosssss)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011



Monday, June 6, 2011

Air Kepala and Lehai

Few days ago,I went to yumcha with my friends
there was a guy there,called as Alex,who was a friend of my friends
He was so damn funny!
He was not from normal malay or english educated school,he was from 新纪元 (school where classes were conducted TOTALLY with Mandarin there,STRAIGHTLY no BAHASA MALAYSIA)

At first we didn't know that his Bahasa Malaysia (BM) was so poor
until the time when the mamak stall abang came to calculate the money from each of us,and the funny story started!

Mamak Abang: Apa kamu order?
Alex: mee goreng ayam, erm......
Then he asked me softly,what is this drink called ar?(and he was pointing at the coconut drink he ordered)
when I wanted to tell him the answer,suddenly I heard something popped out from his mouth!
Alex: ...dan.....air KEPALA!

(we were all burst into laughter after hearing that!really LMAO leh!wtf air kelapa change to air KEPALA!@.@ Even the abang also stared at him with a weird eye!)

after that we kept on asking him about BM words..
he answered 'kaki' for finger, 'leha' for neck, and many more!really funny!
then my friend said what 'leha' la,u want 'le-hai' (something vulgar la in cantonese,if only u get it LOL) izit??!!

and so we created a funny sentence from him>>
'Saya minum AIR KEPALA, sebab itu LEHAI saya sakit!'

Really the joke of the day!!


I bet u all sure have no idea about what am I going to write about G-men right?!
IF u guys had watched the movie X-men recently,then u will know what does G-men stand for :)

yup!I watched the X Men last Friday
The movie was awesome! I don't know why so many people said that the movie was so-so only,but for me it was great!ya,it had not much fighting scene(maybe this is the reason for those who dislike the movie) but it gave me the whole story of what X Men is all about!
just like knowing your nenek moyang loh....

Now only I understand why those good mutants are called X-Men
Now only I understand why Magneto got the Godlike helmet,so geng one!
Now only I understand why Prof X was ambulating with wheel chair
and many many more>>>>>

SUPER like the movie!
Go watch it before u regret!

Thursday, June 2, 2011


祝我快乐吧 :)

令我想起我另外一个朋友还欠我N年前的手信也是个面膜!该提醒她了不得 :P