Thursday, June 9, 2011

McValue lunch

Today I had hor fan gon lou as my brunch around 11am. Right after that,I went to shopping for daily items with my family at Jusco.
After finished shopping,my dad suggested to go to McD to had a simple high tea,erm actually it was lunch cause he too hungry already,but that time was tea time,so we called it as high tea XDXD

My dad asked whether the McValue Lunch set still available at this hour anot,I quickly nodded my head without looking at the watch. So I took the money from him and went to ordered 4sets of the CHEAPEST McChicken Value set happily and it cost me total of RM36 ++,and I didn't suspect anything.

When I sat down and started to eat my burger,my dad asked why it was so expensive gea,suppose to be RM6++ for each set mah,how come it cost RM36?!
So I think think think,and finally I figured out that the time when we bought the set lunch was around 3.30pm already!

YUP,it was 3.30pm!
NO DISCOUNT ALREADY!!!!!!and I didn't notice it leh!I thought the discounted price for the McChicken was RM8++

I was so stupid!should have ordered ala carte!
my mom scolded me loh,said I didn't checked for the price la before purchasing, somemore accused me for never eat McValue lunch set before and always go to eat those expensive Korean and Japanese food la,that why not knowing the price of the McValue set =.;=
(reason for the accusing was because she saw many of my photos was taken inside classie restaurant and never in McD!wtf~who will take photo in places such as McD la!what so nice about McD o?!not that I never go there,but there is nothing for me to snap loh~not like classie restaurant where the environment is so nice and we all wear like peacock there to take photosssss)


  1. lol.. too not pro d..
    i will never have this kind of mistake. haha.

  2. i also seldom go to McD...
    but if i go also dun take photo there...

  3. @weihan: hahaa,yalo,too not pro,kena bocor liao always go to eat classie restaurant!:(

  4. @naughty Prince: yalo yalo!who will take photos at mcd ooo?!haiz.......