Sunday, June 26, 2011

Standard Chartered KL Marathon 26.6.2011

Few weeks ago,my friend helped me to registered for a 10KM run-KL Marathon
ok loh,I joined loh,since it was free (erm,don't ask me why it was free,I also not sure maybe I lengzai kut)

so today was the marathon day~
woke up 4.20am,get prepared at 4.50am,drove to my friend's house there cause I didn't know the way to the destination. on the half way to my friend there,only I realized that I forgot to take my breakfast, gg liao this time,sure hypoglycemic later!

Reached there at 6.15am,but due to some road blocked,so difficult to find car park,at the end parked the car far away from the starting point,it took us 15 min walking distance to walk to the starting point,haha,and I was so clever,I assumed that the walking was my warm up exercise!

So we reached the starting point ngam ngam 5 min before the run,waited awhile and the MC shouted

Honestly speaking,this was my very first run after 4-5years of ZERO.exercise.period
kinda excited,but after running for the very first 10min,started to feel the tiredness already

the funny thing was>
I ran, I ran, I ran, after 15minutes, finally I saw a noticeboard stating '2KM'
Warrafak @.@ my rubbed my eye few times after seeing that,I thought I was way farer from 2KM!I was like OMG!how come I ran for so long already,just 2KM ONLY ar?!

stopped for a few times in between the run
some walking due to tiredness,and some due to stomachache~also for a few min only
but the longest walking period was after I managed to complete 7KM, from there onward, I couldn't run anymore!the whole pathway was all hill road,so tiring~so better walk for energy conservation~
I heard 2 uncles' conversation
A:see so many people walking here
B:of cause la,hill mah~
B:but nvm,as long as u walk faster here,make bigger steps here,u sure can surpass TWO or THREE people

but still I walked faster than them...muahahahaa
and during that period,I logged into facebook with my phone~to update my status muahahaa,geng izit??

After that hill road,from 8KM onward,I started to run again
and finally I heard some cheering and screaming noise not far away~it was so loud,I saw the finishing point was just in front of me!I was so excitedI kept on running without stopping,but when I was almost there,only then I realized that I still need to make a SUPER BIG round to the finishing line~
see,you understand my feeling at that time anot??
despite the finishing point just a few meter away from me,but in fact still need to run for another 2km leh to reach there~~totally no mood after that,so I decided to walk again for a few minutes
then finally I saw the 9km signboard already!
Made my final speedup!
at the finishing point,there were alot of ppl standing along side the road,got visitor somemore and some cheerleaders~at that very last few minutes,I really cannot tahan d,felt like I will drop dead at any second that time,but because that time so many people looking at me,paiseh leh if stop while the finishing point was just a few more meter in front of me,so I forced myself to the extreme limit and>>>

WOW!!!!!!I stepped and passed the FINISHING line already!!!!!!!!!!!!!
what I realized after that was I couldn't stand still!even sitting down also I could feel my body swinging left and right.....

this was me after resting for almost 30min :)

the Medal I got from the run!
finished within the estimated time
used 1hour 15min to finish the 10km run~a quite success for me la who didnt exercise for so long already blek :P

nah,go buy lottery la
sure win :P

Consequences from the run:
1) knee joint pain,cause not wearing a specially designed run sport shoe,I was actually wearing the shoe which used to walking shopping mall, friend said it didn't help absorb the force when the leg hit the floor,that's why the knee pain now T.T

2) muscle soreness just abit,I guess after the sleep tonight,tmr wake up sure cannot walk already,will move around like mummy :P


  1. omg, so hebat^^
    i think i can run oredy~~old liao><

  2. who said cant??so many old couple surpass me leh!they sure everyday morning go jog in garden hahaha

  3. it took me 30 mins to finish 2km...on the treadmill. should just forget about the ipoh run ><

  4. @superbearman:why took u so long for 2km??erm,the first 2km i used 10-15min only leh...hehe

  5. haha...well done!! no need eat breakfast also can run so fast! geng!! and can update status half way some more...hahaha...really can salute!

  6. the last time i run is my form 6 time..
    now sure cannot tahan...

  7. @melody: hahaa,erm,got la,got took 3keping biscuits only loh~~haha,considered as taken breakfast anot??lolz

    @naughty prince: my last time also during form 5 for the Ipoh Starwalk!hahaha,until now loh~~really old old liao....but still manage to finish :)

  8. @mr lonely: thank you for ur support :)

  9. not considered, haha, next time u should eat bananas ^^ thats what i think give me energy...and power bar haha..