Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A happening day

Today was a happening day for me! (read the last part only if you feel like boring,haha)
I woke up at 9.30am in the morning, and I busy doing my things until now non-stop! until now 6pm only can rest =.=

9.30am woke up,brushed teeth,bathed,breakfast,then went to my secondary school to find my secondary school teachers chit chat. Long time didnt see them already,chatted many things!haha

chit-chatting until 11.30am quick quick went to hair saloon to have my hair cut ^^
next week new sem opens mah,new students will be coming in,of course need to cut a nice hairstyle la,to attract people attention!and if lucky,get a gf!lolz...
So I went to have a hair cut PLUS straightened my hair of the front part there,lolz,after the hair cutting session,I transformed into a super handsome guy again!
I promised my sister I will come back to fetch her to her college for exam at 1pm, so I limited my hair-stylist to finish it within 1 hour!and he surprised me!He did finish it within 1 hours,cut plus hair straightening leh!geng!must give him a big clap!

I rushed back to home and had my lunch just in 10 minutes time! Then need to fetch my sister to college liao,sienz!haiz....cincai la,this time I clever,I asked my dad for RM50 to pump petrol in order to fetch my sister XD
Last time,I was using my own money leh to fetch my 2 sisters to here and there,so heart pain ar when I saw the petrol meter dropped so fast!

Right after that, I went to the PROTON service center there to have my car serviced.

Really regret for buying a PROTON car! PROTON car really no good one. Believe me,if you want to buy a new car,don't you ever buy a PROTON car,no money pun,at least choose PERODUA la,you won't feel regret like me now I guarantee!

Let me tell you something...
1) My dad ordered a Saga last year around September,guess what,until this year April also no car for us! My dad couldn't wait for it anymore,so he changed the car to Persona,and the new car Persona arrived in 2 weeks time!=.= see,I think they purposely forced us to buy a more expensive car by not giving us the car we ordered for almost half year!

2) We normally think that new car will got less problems right,all items are new. But for PROTON, just after 2 weeks I drove the car,it got noise problem already! When I break,the annoying sound will be there. Very sienz geh loh when new car got such annoying sound! If it is an old car,ok,it can be forgiven,but this is a new car ok! Then I went to serviced it,but 3 days after servicing, it got sound again!really feel like F*** the PROTON!

And just now I went to the PROTON there also because of the stupid sound! hopefully the sound won't be appearing again in the future!I am so fed up of it!

When I thought 'Finally everything is done', suddenly an accident occurred!
I am not sure whether it was my fault or what,but I really got turned on my left signal before I turned left
I just heard a 'crush' sound,and suddenly I saw a guy fell down from a motor at my left side!
The first thing I noticed when I stopped my car and walked out was that there was 奶茶 (teh ais) all over the road,and then only I noticed that the guy was bleeding!haha...
I swear I did turned on the signal before I wanna turn left,it was definitely not my fault...but I was so scare when I was standing at there and got 2 Indian guys came here to see what happened. My dad always said that Indian guy will beat you until die la when you langgar another Indian,but thank God the guy I langgar was a Chinese. They knew I was innocent so they also didn't blame me and asked me to just go away.
I asked the Chinese guy whether he wanna go to hospital anot,but he didn't bother me. The guy just stood up from the floor,picked up his motor and started the engine then went off...
He went off,so I went off too...haha,really 有惊无险, but I am still feeling so sorry to him...

BUT luckily,my car didn't get scratched by that accident!
at least this showed that the guy was great in dodging my car!^^ (a little compliment to him la)

Monday, June 28, 2010

An unpleasant morning call

Today morning I received a call from my an unknown Kl number, so I answered it and realized that it was my doctor.
Few days ago,I went to find him to ask for permission to change my current group which is Group B to Group A.

(just for those who still blur with the grouping,once we enter the clinical year which is third year,we will be divided into 2 group, A and B. Group A will be studying Medicine while Group B will be in Surgery. Because of this different field of study,these 2 groups will be separated and will not be seeing each others again. Even worst when we enter forth year,one group will be at HKL while another group will be at Kuala Pilah for posting)

let continue my story here...
The doctor called me and told me that I failed in changing the group! #%$&^%$&^%$&^%$!@#
If I really wanna to change group,I need to find the Timbalan Dekan and change from him wor!
so now I am still in Group B, while all my best friends are allocated in Group A!WTF
really a WTF for me!this means that I won't be seeing them liao after entering forth year!even now,I can only meet them during night time only (class until 5pm),with nothing common to chat with,they will be in Medicine while I will be in Surgery part.arghhhh......

Let me clarify one thing first, I still got my friends in group B (especially the girls from B2.10,you know who you are la,no need mention here),just that not as BEST as those in group A la,still can play,can 'sot' with them but if let me choose I will choose group A la...haiz,sienz

Will try to find Timbalan Dekan on next Monday to try my very last luck!
Hopefully I can get the approval from him la that time! If not,I can't do anything pun,mai just stay at Group B loh....
maybe that time I will be best friend with them in Group B,and that time I mai got 2 bunch of best friends loh!see how good it will be!haha

Sunday, June 27, 2010

World Cup fever?!NOPE for me

I am not a fan of football,so I never play football.
I am not a fan of World Cup pun,so I am not a fan of any country pun.
I never watch a World Cup match for more than 15 minutes since I am not its fan

BUT something odd happened to me just now, I watched the last part of the match between Uruguay and Korea for around 20 minutes leh!I am so proud of myself for sitting in front of the TV just to watch football for so long!wakaka
20 minutes leh!A new record for me!^^

As I mentioned just now,I am not a fan of any country in World Cup,but hor just now I supported the Uruguay team!
I also don't know why I would support that country,maybe because Korea didn't have any lengzai in the team gua but Uruguay got,lolz
Just like when Portugal vs Brazil,I supported Portugal also that time,because of Cristiano Ronaldo in the team. XD

k la,that all of world cup from me...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Today,the research FINALLY ended!wakaka...
Actually I am not like others who so happy with it,I just feel like normal only,yup maybe got abit happy with it,but I am not going to celebrate it by going out eat big big like others!lolz...waste money!

Haiz,I thought I would be the one who win the best group of the research presentation (although I knew the possibility is less than 50%),but still got hope la!Guess why I so eager to win it,because i heard from the previous year senior who said that the winner got money $$$ as the present!you know what is $$$ meant to me now?!IT is like EVERYTHING to me now!haha,eat also depends on it,shopping also depends on it,even my car also need it!see,how poor am I now!haiz....even the research I also need to pay for those photostate expenses around RM100 per person!=.=

Saturday, June 19, 2010

the old times...

Today gathering with my secondary school old friends was indeed the most memorable gathering I ever had!
There were Lee Xin Jiat, Ho Joon Heng,Lee Kok Leong,Teoh Kah Heng,Khor Siao Jen,Khoo Chin Choo and I went to the newly opened Wong Kok Cha Chan Teng to had a yum cha session...

Since the CNY gathering,we didn't actually meet each other already,so today was happy and fun to have a gathering again!^^
The yum cha session was really great,we chit chat there,38 this 38 that,we talked many things,but mostly which came out from my mouth were rubbish la of course,haha...we are all still the same,still like this,still so 废,haha,really miss the old time!

(didn't have any photo to post here,cause all photos were in my friend's camera there)

our next stop (after Siao Jen and Chin Choo left) was at Joon Heng's house!
That part was the most enjoyable part of the day!
Right after we entered his room,we started to talk about our secondary school time memories,even primary school memories also we talked! was so fun to recall those funny incidents which happened during school life,most of them still in my mind,but abit blur...
We talked about teachers,we talked about friends,even enemies also ^^
I had forgotten most of the teachers' name,but yet a few of them I still remember la,haha
We even took out the old 2003 school magazine out and identified those teachers!Those funny nickname of the teachers also came out!

A picture took from the magazine
funny when I looked back at myself after 7years today!
(click to zoom it)
hope this kind of gathering will be there again after 10 years from now....

Thursday, June 17, 2010

My early celebration of Happy Father's Day

As mentioned in my previous post,I said I will be going to celebrate Happy Father's Day
so,we did celebrate just now ^^

I was too excited when I left my house,excited until I forgot to bring my camera
When I reached the restaurant,only then I realized I didn't bring it,I thought of camwhoring with my current Sony Ericson K550,but when the dishes came,four of us,my dad,my mom,my sis and I all had forgotten about photo taking already...haha

SO,in the end,we didn't manage to take even 1 photo for the celebration XD
nevermind la,next year I promised myself I will remember to take camera with me when I go to celebrate Happy Father's Day again to ganti balik...wait ar patiently

F-ing driver!

Today,I drove...As usual when I came back to Ipoh,I will be the driver who drive and fetch my parents out for shopping,just a normal routine and of course because of my parents don't know how to drive auto car,so terpaksa lah I...haha

We went for Fuh San dim sum,requested by my sis...we ate till very full there,as usual,I still feel like Ipoh dim sum somehow is way better than KL one,at least the dim sum at Ipoh here is much more bigger than those at KL!haha...tried once at KL there,but those dim sum are so damn small,not fun chewing them...lolz,boh dak!

Then as requested by my mom,I drove to Jusco for daily equipment shopping
nothing much happened,just a normal shopping for food!haha

BUT bad thing happened once we left the Jusco
I was in my car,on a very straight road...supposingly nothing special will happen if every car run on their own lane,but DAMN it,one car from the right lane suddenly drove into my left lane just with a 'turn left' signal within less than 0.0000000000001 second!TMD!you thought this road is belonged to you gah!no need see car at behind gah??you wanna turn then can turn already ar?!open you eyes la dui!you thought signal is everything ar?!GTDLU!
I was driving so fast at behind there,so near to the stupid F-ing car!He dared to just turn like that without looking at the side mirror!WTF!how am I going to stop wor for you o in such speed!again,GTDLU!
because of you stupid TMD driver,my both parents scolded me okie!
Said me 'didn't beware of the car in front la','why drove so fast la','why wanna squeezed with ppl la,who didn't I stop and let him passed first leh',etc etc.....
spoilt my day nia you F-ing driver!
DON'T let me meet you again!or else if I am alone in the car without my parents,YOU WILL DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

haha,okie la,finished on the anger releasing part already!lolz
fyi,tonight I will be celebrating my 'HAPPY FATHER's DAY' ^^
just wait for those pictures la,if I am going to blog la...haha

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I am Single, and I enjoy it

A few days ago.....There was a conversation between my friends,A friend n B friend
(not the actual conversation btw them,this is just my creativity,but the last sentence from B is definitely TRUE!)

A: wei,tell u,I got gf already!already 1 week ago!hehe
B: wah!so fast got a new gf ar!good good!happy la u now,me so sad
A: what la?!sad wat o??
B: u so happy got gf,of coz dun understand the feeling of a lonely man la,all my friends already in couple now liao,left me alone here...SOB SOB T_T
A: where got all?! Kah Joon leh?? He also alone wat....haha

What The ...... B!
HOW special and complicated I am?!=.=

but cincai la,I couldn't control your words pun,is your right...
but I just wanna use my right now to reply you with 'GTDLU'! ^^
(is just for B only)

me being single here is not because of that so called 'SPECIAL' and 'COMPLICATED' relation as what you thought okie!
For what a person so desperato to find a gf/bf?!so rush for what?
I am not like you lo,I am not despo,somemore I still not yet find the Ms RIGHT for myself ^^
at least for me,being alone (for now) is enjoyable!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Just because of my lazy......


The very first day when I came back to home,my labtop got 17 window updates which needed me to wait until they were finished updated,only then I could shut down the labtop.But because I am too tired and lazy to wait for them,so I left my labtop in the living room while I went to my room to have a nice short nap ^^
I thought of shutting it down after I finished my nap,because at that time those updates would be finished updated already I guess...but so unfortunately,my little sister thought I had already shut down my labtop and so she pulled out the charger from my labtop and plugged it onto her labtop!=.= (fyi,because that time I was using her charger)
I am not sure whether those updates had finished updated anot...aiz....and the most important is that the labtop was not properly shut down!

Then the second time was yesterday night...
yesterday midnight around 1am,I am too tired that time also,but I was scanning my whole labtop with my antivirus that time,so I couldn't shut it down..
again,I let it to continue to scan while I went to the sofa there to rest awhile
but the scanning just took tooo long time to finish,so I fall into sleep.And when I woke up middle in the midnight,I saw my labtop was off and a blanket suddenly appeared beside me...only then I realized that my mom came out before and she switch off the main switch without shut down my labtop first....T_T

ARGHHHHH!I just can't affort to have the THIRD time of shutting down my labtop in a non proper way!

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Someone asked me to update my blog...
only then I realized I didn't blog for so long already since the very last post of my new car...lolz
again,I will be blogging about car now >.< (the only thing flashed through my mind when my friend asked me to blog,lack of idea nowadays)

just fyi, I am back to Ipoh my sweetest home again today!

~~nothing special to mention here~~
~~just to fulfill the the request from my friend to update my blog~~ XD

another fyi, I wasted around RM8 more today when I was on the back to Ipoh T_T
haiz,just because of my playfulness, I Broom~Broom~~ with my another friend's car at the highway there,and I Broom~Broom until 160km/hour!DAMN it,I just speed up for awhile only for 2 times,but it cost me so much for that!I never expect that!
will never ever do that again next time again.....I promised myself!
wondering whether I kena saman anot leh...haha
(for those who read this,please dont spread this speed around until it reaches my mom's ear okie ?? haha...I will be dead when she know it) ^^