Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Year Resolutions

It had came to the end of the 2009...and 2010 wis here already!!!!!!^^
hOPE you all can heard my wishing from here,because I am actually screaming at here,my stupid handphone rosak already,cant send sms,so terpaksa lah wish you all here and fb and also MSN =.= (just sent to repair a few hours ago,or more specifically the last day of year 2009)
So,do you hear it?!haha

Here are some resolutions which will start my all new year!
First and for most,I wish all my family members,my dad,my mum and my sisters all in good health,please take care and don't get ill

Must pass the Professional Exam with flying colour!or at least without failing any paper of it >.<>

buy any clothes anymore after the CNY!I must keep my promise ^^Promised to Mr Lee Yong Li already,if I stop wasting money on shopping for clothes for the next sem,he will be the one who starts shopping for clothes!!!haha,I bet he will sure die!

Will start saving $$$ for emergency use...not like the previous sem,need to borrow money from others during the last 2 months T_T

I will live healthy!will go and jog whenever I got time!won't be sooo piggie as the previous sem ;)

I want a new handphone ^^ will buy it after getting JPA

Will start to work up with my biceps,hope it will be hypertrophy by this year XD

Monday, December 28, 2009

Xmas cbration @ Singapore~Day 1

We (my two sisters and me) started our journey from Ipoh here to Spore at 9am in the morning by bus.
I knew that from Ipoh here to Spore will take us about 8 hours journey,BUT I never thought that the 8hours journey was sooooo torturing and suffering,plus it was morning,hardly to get into sleep in the bus...
The bus stopped half way at the rest area beside the highway around 11am,and I thought it will not stop at anywhere else for lunch since it already near lunch time,so 3 of us bought 3 packs of keropok udang as our lunch =.= sooo pity,there rest station where the bus stopped has no restaurant,there was just a hawker selling keropok and those malay kuih...NO choice,forced to eat keropok looh....kesian my little stomach
BUT the bus stopped again at 2pm at another rest station at which this time the rest station was nicer and bigger and there was some shops selling food eh!wtf!zha dao that time,if I knew it the bus will stop at here,I wouldnt buy the 3 packs of keropok udang >.<
my advise for those who travelling abroad for the first time,PLEASE bring along at least 1 person who had experience in passing the kastam gate....haha,or else you will be super nervous that time!

we reached at Spore at 6.30pm,my big sis already waiting for us at there,and we went to had our dinner at The Swensens...haha...quite nice the food there ^^

camwhoring before the dishes served to us ^^

and these were the 2 person who treated us for the dinner at The Swensens!hehe

the Xmas tree deco at Bugis Junction

p/s:will be continue with the second day post later...more photos will be coming up!^^

Xmas cbration @ Singapore~Intro

FINALLY I am back to Msia...A 6days 5 nights trip to Singapore was really a tiring,exhausted yet hyper enjoyed trip!!!!I must admit it!totally SATISFY with it,and 'thumbs up' for my big sis who really put an effort on planning it!!!!thank you sis!!!!LOVE u!

The whole trip was indeed a new experience for me!
I NEVER thought that Spore has sooooooooooooooo many trees =.=
I like the Spore MRT services soooooooo much.....go learn from them la stupid Msia KTM,always delay
I like the shopping mallssss at Spore!NO doubt Spore is a shopping haeven!and they are alll linking together!
Spore has many lengzai and lenglui!and they are very stylish in dressing and hairsyle also ^^ (I even thought of having my hair cut at there pun,but no time...haha)
Singaporeans alllll are richie people!if not Mercedes,then BMW,if not BMW,then Lamborgini =.=
how can they be soooo rich ar?!I am wondering....
Spore actually got highway! only I knew it =.=
Genting is nothing if compare to Sentosa...sorry la to Genting,I prefer Sentosa ^^
Singaporeans like to WALK,and now I like walking toooo!
soooooo many things special about Spore,but.......

Saturday, December 26, 2009

A very short post here @.@

I am soooooo enjoy this few days!!!!!!
but my legs are superb sour ~~~~~~ but it worth it!^^

Friday, December 25, 2009

I am currently at Spore now
celebrating my Xmas eve at here,at Orchard Road
Really nice,great and fascinating the Xmas deco ^^ shall post the pic later when I am free
Soooooo many things I wana share with you all bout Spore,stay tune I shall blog bout them next time....

p/s:sooooo many blog updates from my friends,shall check them out next time...haha ciao~~

Monday, December 21, 2009

Back In Action

OK...Now is the 4th days after the final exam...and I didnt even update my blog yet~~
lazy after a 2weeks Blogger-Off-Periods >.<
Officially announce that MY FINAL WAS OVER!and I AM FREE UNTIL 18th JAN!!!!
so feel free to call me out yam cha or whatever activities you like ^^ (but I know that everybody will be starting their new sem very very soon....haiz....the chances of being called out to wet is totally almost ZERO T_______T)
studying medic at UPM really soooo pathetic,others holidaying while I was studying soooo hard for the final,missed out sooooo many gathering,but when I am free,they all preparing to go back to their uni already WTF!arghhhhhh.....

On last Friday,I went out with Kok Hoe to Sunway Piramid
Just 2 of us,and our main OBJECTIVE of that hang gai gai was to buy a marriage present for Amy's sis,but it ended up with trying clothes and window shopping!haha.....

MY next target MUST-BUY-ITEM during coming Spore trip!!!
soooo nice I super like it!!!!

I was soooo lucky that I met Jessie and Tze Suen in front of the Kitschen!haha
sign~Kitschen always the popular shop among us...

At night,we went to to Klang there to attend Amy's sis wedding buffet night,haha,or more correctly it was just a gathering with Amy since we already around 2 years didnt meet each others...So damn miss her la!

photo taking with Amy's little bro!he is not as cute as I met him 2 years ago,but he definitely still sooo friendly and still remember that I am 'Joon Joon Gor Gor'!lolz....that was how he called me 2 years ago ^^ beside that he is also increasing in size horizontally =.= haha

and this is Amy!haha...with 2 little cutie dogs~~
(she insisted me to not posted this picture into Facebook,due to some reasons,haha,so I post it here la!lolz....somehow I think she wont be viewing my blog also)

ending here...sign!the picure uploading process really wasted me quite some times!got to go now,going out later to watch the AVATAR movie,highly recommended by all my friends...haha

Monday, December 14, 2009

Tomorrow is my final exam for this sem...or should it be today?!haha....
NOW is 2am in the midnight....and I am still awaken...
but will be going to sleep shortly after checking the fb updates

For those whose read my blog,please wish me good luck for the coming 4 days continuation nonstop examination >.<>

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I am trying to save money now,for the coming Singapore trip shopping spree...
BUT the GOD is playing with me now T____T

Those who close to me will know that I am the kind of person who will keep my things in a very tidy mode,everything will be in good condition,seldom got thing spoilt by me...
Don't know what happened to my cell phone this afternoon...suddenly it just spoilt already!!WTF
The '5' button don't know which nerve sot already,cannot detects the pressure sensation which I pressed on it...=.=
I am sooooo damn frustrated when I need to press on the '5' button,which constitute of the 'J','K',and 'L'...
somemore you all also I like to use 'la','lo','jor'...etc this kind of words,but now I can't use them anymore!!!!!!!!!>.< I am trying soooo hard to find another alternative words for to substitute those words with J,K,and L...sms also no mood already now....

should I use this opportunity to change my cell phone now??or should I go and repair it?
I think I will prefer the later one...but yet I am still pokai now,even my 3meal also got problem planning to have a great shopping spree at Singapore there...
So I had decided!I will not repair it until I get the next sem JPA money....aizzz.....

proudly announce that my junk food stock which I prepared for 3weeks time already finished...'e lek' liao....within 2 weeks.... stock....even the last packet of the luxury biscuit was eaten by me this morning as my breakfast....which is TOTALLY-NOT-ENOUGH for me!@.@ super damn hungry now.....
How am I gonna survive for the following 10days before the holidays?!

Sunday, December 6, 2009


There is just 1 week left to the final exam
Can I manage to finish my revison??oh God,pls bless me...

Below is my timetable for the next week schedule ^^
(but before that,I need to finish off my CNS revision by tonight,but I know that the chances of succeeding it is soooo damn low T_T so I make tomorrow as an extra day for CNS) It will help me alot if I make it by tonight!
TUES (8Dec)-WED (9Dec): Package 9
THURS (10Dec)-FRI (11Dec) : revision on CNS and MS all over again
SAT (12Dec)- SUN (13Dec) : revision on ENDO and REPRO for the final strike!

Monday will be the first day of examination,and it will be a 'Exam Marathon' as it will continue until Thursday nonstop in between...=.=
I just don't understand why other courses and universities will have their exam within 2 to 3 weeks time,won't have such long study weeks,will have a few days break in between each papers for the students to get enough time for their revision for the next paper.....students also wont be soooo damn stress,at least they are not like us,they can forget all those things for the previous paper and just concentrate for the next paper....BUT we can't!We need to study for 3weeks nonstop and memorize allllllll the things into our brain within that 3 weeks,and at the end,just vomit allllllll of it out during the 4days nonstop exam marathon....=.=
once we can memorize A,we will forget about B,then once we manage to memorize C,we will forgot about A and B......

how pathetic we are as the medical students of the UPM.....T______T

Friday, December 4, 2009

thx my little buddy!

I think I should post this now,since I am having my break and waiting for my lunch to come back

Yesterday I had a 'tong yuen' 汤圆 as my supper!haha
thanks to my little buddy,Chui Voon and her housemate,who made the tong yuen!they are sooo pro in doing this kind of thing!making tong sui is their profession!They shouldn't be here studying Medicine la,just kidding jek,but I really need to praise them for their kindness!and he tong yuen tong sui was sooooo great and it warm my heart during yesterday night in the cold weather...
can u see the height of the container?soooo tinggi and also inside there were sooooooo many tang yuen leh....

They were sooo nice,making sooo big bowl of tong sui and distributed to the guys...^^
I am wondering why the second year girl seniors won't do that for the second year guy senior as well??aizzz....damn envy and jealous with those first year guys junior,always got tong sui as supper...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

I just hate study week!HATE it sooooo damn muchie~~T_T

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Nah~see la,this was my dinner just now!nyehehehee.....
got 住家饭 home cooked rice!haha...sooooo nice and I so long didnt eat these zhu gah fan d!
got my 最爱 lady finger or so called as 'bendi'!sooooo delicious!!!! and 腊肠 'lab cheong' also!wtf
sooooo happy with the dinner ^^

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

31days or 30days in November?!

I am at library now...hoping to finish my upper limb notes by tonight...really hope I can make it...(doubting it,it is tooo many notes d...>.<)

will be going to start my revision after I finish this post,just a super short post only...
wont be taking a long time

When I was checking my Facebook updates at library computer lab here just now,suddenly there was a Malay girl A asked the another Malay girl B who was sitting in front of me a question...(in Bahasa Melayu)
A:wei,got how many days ar in November?
B:wait ar...
A+B:(they were both counting their metacarpalpharangeal joint)one,two,three,four......ten,eleven
A:eiiii~~31days or 30days ar??
B:don't know wor.......

WHAT THE FCUK!!!!I really felt like killing them on the spot that time!!!=.=
by counting the joints also don't know how many days in November?!
No wonder la,my mum always told me that being a Chinese or Indian always has its own benefits...can eat pork....(which help in development of the nerve system)

Hope you enjoy the story...^^ (based on real story ok!no tokok tambah!)

Monday, November 30, 2009



Saturday, November 28, 2009

dying quietly at here....17th college of UPM....

I just found out 1 unique way to kill myself...but it is way to suffering and torturing....even more torturing than being stabbed few time at a same place until die....=.=

Just lock me inside a room or let me be alone in a house for 1 whole day,nobody around me to chat with,in front me just got notes notes and notes will be seeing me die slowly slowly in it...

WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!I wana to F*** people la here!!!let me siok siok awhile can ar?!
I am alone in the whole house for the whole day ok!nobody beside me!my mouth just like being glued by something,whole day didn't talk more than 10 sentences,I am going to be crazy already if this situation continue!!!!!!you all are welcomed to meet me in Rumah Orang Gila if I am so lucky can survive from this torturing life,or if I am so unfortunate and I cannot survive and die,you all are still welcomed to attend me funeral....
please pay attention on the news tomorrow morning,see whether got people die anot in the hostel..(or should it be tomorrow night news,because no one here in the house,no one will realize my death pun,must be my body starts to produce some unpleasant smell then only got people realize it,so it should be at night time news)=.=

Thursday, November 26, 2009

holidays end soon(very very soon),study weeks start soon(very very soon)

yeap!holiday is getting nearer and nearer to the end,believe me,its' available 'lifetime' just left 2hours only....SOON it will be ended T_T
and so my horrible,boring,busy study weeks will be started soon....T______T

Tonight will be my last night online happily at faculty here,will be saying 'bye bye' to this faculty which has been accompanying me so faithfully throughout these few weeks when the college internet server is down! 'Sai Yo Ra Na' my dearest faculty...I will miss you for sure...

I swore to myself,I promised to myself that I will start my study tomorrow right after I wake up in the morning!and I will keep my promise!I will do it for sure!
because I had promised someone also....and I will keep my promise ^^

so,after this post,I think u all 'yao pai dou erm wui' see me online ge la....don't miss me ok?if you all miss me,or you all want to make sure I am still alive throughout the whole study weeks,please do phone call me chat with me,because I will be living A-L-O-N-E in the whole house for these few days until my housemate come back from their siao or die in the room also no one know...=.=''
(actually got 1 housemate didnt go back to hometown,who stay at college here,but due to his SUPER quiet characteristic,who never leave his own room except when he wants to bath,who is sooo enjoying his single life in the room studying,who never open his mouth to speak or talk for more than 10 sentences in a year,i think so,wont be realizing I am dead in the room,in case I am really dead in room)

Today,I went to pavilion to meet one of my friend,both of us didn't meet each others long time already.I thought of today will be cold as well because these few days always rain,so I wore a sweater out to Pavilion there.At first it was still ok,but when I reached the KTM serdang there,I was sweating like hell,so damn hot,and I couldn't take off my sweater because I just wore a sweater without any clothes,my back was like bathing with water that first I was standing at the most front row at the station waiting for the train to arrive,but as the time past,I was moving backward slowly and slowly,and at the end,I was at the most back of the queue...felt like a stupid wearing a sweater in this crazy hot day!so paiseh,scare people sanding behind me saw my back all with sweat,so that's why I moving backward,so that no one will be standing behind me...
We went to watch the Twilight New Moon.I thought it will be nice to watch,but what the fcuk!It was totally sooooooooooooo damn disappointing me!!!!!!my friend even fall asleep in the cinema during the begining of the 3/4 part of the story!=.= only when the last part of the movie, when the gan jiong part started,my friend finally woke up from his deep sleep...haha
I will only give this movie 2/5 only if I am going to rate it...

For those roti canai lover,you all should come and visit me at serdang here!
I found 1 mamak stall which sell many kind of roti...and all of it with funny funny name punya!wtf
got Roti 2001,2002,2003,2004 until 2009,Roti Diana,Roti Titanic,Roti Jet Lee,Roti I Love U,etc...Got over 50 types of roti for you to choose,different roti name with different roti appearance!haha,you will never know how the roti looks l;ike until the roti is served in front of you!Roti lovers should come and try it,haha,but the taste of those funny name roti are just ok ok jek...and not to forget to praise the tea tarik at the roti mamak stall,it is soooooooooooo nice!

ok la,I think I will stop here now...wana use the last hour of my 'holiday' to watch the Gong Sam Gai d!wtf!damn nice ok the drama!haha...bye bye la to all of you!
will be returning after my final exam,I think so...haha (or maybe before,depend on my determination la =.=)

Monday, November 23, 2009

A guy at Minnesota there...

24/11 is one of my friends' big big day!
who is now at Minnesota,somewhere at US,I think...haha(not so sure,paiseh paiseh)

who had celebrated his 'First Round' Birthday celebration with his friends there...

Which I got no chance to wish him through handphone (actually can,just that I am sooo pokai now,no $$ to call oversea,somemore plus lazy to ask bout his hp number there ^^)

who I knew him since Form 1 (I think so =.= haha,not so sure when we met the first time,but I am sure it was during secondary school,sorry for my short-term memory lost)

who has a big big tou lam(complaining only having the tou lam during holiday and not other days,swt),and now working sooo hard go to gym everyday(according to his blog),trying to get a 6 packs like all those 鬼老 there...haha,he said now he got improve d with his tou lam wor...will wait and see on next summer break! :P


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! *shouting here loudly*
May u have a nice and first time celebration at Minnesota there!

p/s:u see la I soo good,purposely dedicate this blog to u,hoping that u will sek do when u come back to Msia during the coming summer break!haha...*souvenirsssssss*

Sunday, November 22, 2009

aiz...lazy to blog la this few days
although I am online-ing,although I am doing nothing,no one to chat,nothing to play,yet I still not sooo willing to blog...

BUT because of the damn slow lacking line,I couldn't play my KO,I couldn't watch drama online,I couldn't do anything pun....WTF!!!This is what so called as the fastest internet streaming in Malaysia?!Ask TM to die la!!!it is even slower than a turtle ok!what the use of having a streamyx if we can't play online game,if we can't watch movie online?!
IT IS TOTALLY USELESS!!!!!!(wondering should I ask my mum to change it into P1 @_@)

OK la,since I already blogging now,I shall blog about my yesterday BBQ at my friend's house ^^
although there were just 5 of us,yet it was still fun!

me,Iki,Vinsern( the Sabah guy),Xinrou,and Lai
plus Xinrou's mum and her little bro^^

the result of not keeping an eye on the fire
This was Vinsern's fault!!!!Definitely not mine fault!!!=.=
my turn to look after the fire had over that time

The last group photo before we ended our BBQ session,all already full except Liew Vinsern!haha
(the main point of this photo was not the people inside,it was actually the hangus fish ball =.=)
*Vinsern's 杰作*

Photo with Xinrou's little brother
Who name is Kevin(if I am not mistaken),who don't like others to call him as 小朋友 or 小弟弟
and I am his sifu also taught him how to bake chicken with BBQ set!lolz!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Thank you my sister!^^

*jumping around like a crazy person screaming happiness*(actually I am not,swt)

My mum said 'YES' to my Singapore trip already!!!
My sister said 'YES' in sponsoring me the passport money!!!
My gugu said 'YES' in sponsoring her house to let me stay at there during the trip!!!

NOW the problems are just the ticket and also applying passport jek...
HOPEFULLY everything will be smooth ^^
Hope that there is still ticket for me when I go buy... 'a le lu ya' (praying hard)

The Show

I am sooo addicted to the song 'The Show'
OMG~~I cant stop myself from closing the computer...and so I am just listening to the particular song for a few hours....
Personally super like the sentences 'I want my money back,I want my money back,I want my money back' in the song ^^
It just soooo suit my situation now,where I am so in need of money now...haha

Now I am at my home sweet home again,but this time is just for 5days resting at home only,NO-STUDYING for these 5 days!keke,after going back to KL then only I will bia for the final exam

Yesterday,again,I was coming back to Ipoh here by my Penang friend,Yong Li's car!^^
I brought them to go eat at the 文东 'yong to fu'!The most tastiest yong tofu I ever taste in my whole life and I super like the the paste for the ladyfinger,bitter gua (苦瓜),terung (wondering what it is called in english?!)!!!I am starting to miss it now...swt,just ate it yesterday night only...=.=
But I can sure that YOU-WONT-REGRET-AFTER-TRYING-THEM!maybe you will decide to move to Ipoh here after trying it leh...haha

p/s:still listening to the song 'The Show' non stop......I like it soooo much!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Going back or not going back?!

I am sooooo in no direction now....sooo fan now @_@
Hesitating should I ponteng the 3lectures tomorrow afternoon?!
Whether I should join my friend's car and go back tomorrow afternoon but need to ponteng the 3 classes leh?!
Or should go back on Friday with my another friend?!
arghhhhh......soooo frus!holiday also many think to hesitate of!wtf!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

take care

I am at faculty there online-ing now...
Maybe some of you will feel weird that why I will be sooo stupid,purposely came to the faculty there online since the room can online also...
I can only tell you that I-FEEL-SECURE-ONLY-AFTER-LEAVING-MY-ROOM...=.=

My roommate is sick now!
He cough cough cough,cough till his sound also become sexy already
coughing non-stop in the room,and I felt sooo insecure sitting beside him
I know I shouldn't act like this,since I am a future doctor,there will be this kind of cases where the patient cough at me,where I will be high risk to get so many type of infection when I am working in the hospital next time,BUT I just don't want to get sick at this critical time,since the final exam is just around the corner...
If I am infected by my roommate,I don't know what will happen to me myself,I can't imagine how am I going to survive in the final exam if I gt sick...

SORRY,my roommate...
and please take care...^^

Monday, November 16, 2009


IT has been raining for whole afternoon.....from 12pm like that(i think so,because I was indoor and couldn't really know when it started) until now 7pm!wtf....sooo damn cold and I just woke up from a nap..It is tooo cold until my mood to study is all frozen to inactive state =.=
Tomorrow CNS (central nervous system) assessment,can I pass it?!I just hoping that I can pass,but still got many notes not yet study+this kind of whether...aizzz

p/s:a joke from my friend,lolz @_@
CNS=see an ass?!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Canton-I,2012,and stupid cinema!

It was such a happening day,and I hope you will read this till the end...thx!^^

I went out today!It was a sudden gathering since my friend at Johor there came to find me at KL here ^^
We went out at around 1.30pm like that and the first thing we did was went to eat lunch at Mid Valley!phew~right after the lunch only I felt like I am still alive =.=
I was sooo starved before that,fyi,I started to starve since the minute I woke up at 8am in the morning,nothing ever enter my stomach,and my stomach kept on beating drum until I get my first bite of my lunch...I felt sooo relieve after that.

No matter u believe it anot,I can tell u that this world really got what we Chinese said as 报应 or something like that la,since I couldnt find any suitable world to describe what I will be telling later...
Last few days,when my SCC group's members went to Sunway there wet after the trip,I laugh at them because they went to eat their dinner at Canton-I,because I said that 'why you all wana choose Canton-I since out there got sooo many choices for you all to choose?!'
BUT now I am laughing at myself!hah!the thing 'bao ying' really bao on myself today!
My friend brought me to 1 restaurant at Mid Vally there which I didn't know what is the name of the restaurant before entering it...but right after I entered the restaurant,I looked at the menu book there,it mentioned 'CANTON-I'!I was sooo shocked when I saw that stupid Canton-I word,I couldn't believe that I was eating at the restaurant I laugh at my friends...swt... that is what I called as 'bao ying'...or you all got a more suitable word to describe the stupid incident I had this afternoon...=.=

Maybe because I was toooo hungry that time,starved for sooo long time already,I ordered many many many things that time...AND at the end,I found out that I used RM40 to have my lunch at the Canton-I...
We total of 3people ordered sooo many thing,until the table was sooo packed with our dishes and no space already,the people beside us were like looking us like a freak,eating like someone who just came out from kampong or someone who never eat Ho Jiak thing before =.=

Right after the dinner,we fetch our friend to pudu there,since I said 'IT WAS A SUDDEN GATHERING',it really was a sudden gathering,I purposely went out at 1.30pm to meet my friend because he was going to take the bus at 5pm to go back to his hometown...
After fetching him to the pudu,we decided to have a try at the Balakong Jusco there to try our luck to buy the ticket of the movie 2012...and oooOooops!WE MADE IT!!!WE BOUGHT THE TICKETS!!!!haha...sooo lucky!
The movie was soooooo awesome,soooo nice!and definitely worth it to be watched at cinema!
I like the story line,I like the everything inside the movie!
It was soooo true that people will be showing their real self when they come to a really difficult time,a time where they need to make a hard decision,where they will become selfish and etc...BUT of cause there will be also people who are kind and good in this world...but they are just sooo little,and I doubt which one I will be when I am in the situation in the movie...I guess I am the kind 1 right?!cause I cannot stand those people who willing to sacrifice their own family leaving them behind without staying together to face the difficulty!I just cant affort to lose any one of my family members...
I was touched by the movie...I was touched few times....
My tears was about to flow down,but it just appeared to be 水汪汪 around my eye there...This not mean that I am a person without any feeling,but I just wana to clarify that with my high level of To-Be-Touched-Threshold,I was also about to cry at some scenes inside the movie!
so,for those girls who feel that the Time Traveller Wife(TTW) was a really great movie,who cry soooo much in the TTW movie,I think you will cry even worst after watching this movie!hah!
but I cannot imagine how is the world if this is really happening in the real life...I don't hope it will happening no matter how....GOD bless...

By the way,I gone through some funny and yet stupid incident during the movie...
when the scene was showing those elephants,those zirafah carrying by the helicopter flying in the sky,suddenly the screen went BLACK!wtf!!!!first time in my whole life I met this kind of stupid incident inside the cinema...=.=
suddenly the screen just went BLACK when everything was sooooo gan jiong...soooo there were a few brave people went out and gooo sue the person there,thanks to them,the movie recontinued,but not from the second where it went black,it was after 1 or 2 minutes....

hungry was the fault!

Yesterday when I was tooo hungry,and all my stock already finished long time ago,sooo in such sooo despo state,I decided to drink 1 cup of coffee,at least it is better than plain water right?at least it got it taste and it can make u feel full (for a while) kaka!
I know the idea of drinking to satisfy the demand of the stomach is a very stupid idea,BUT what to do?!I don't have anything to eat,thought of eating my roomie's biscuit,but he was back to his home,soo i not dare to take it without the permission...haiz,so terpaksalah I take the coffee as 'food' that time...=.=

Because of the coffee,I couldn't sleep well the whole night!WTF!!!!!!!!!!!
I had been awaking n falling into sleep repeatedly for sooo many times in 1 night!
and now my eyes are sooo sore...
HOW am I going to study today with such condition?!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I just hate it!

As usual,every saturday I will be going to my yi mah's house there to eat dinner and drink home cook soup(住家汤),but don't know why always there will be raining on every saturday evening?!wtf!!!!!!!!!!!

I was sooo happy at 4.30pm just now,thought the rain will be stopped after 6pm then I could go to my yi mah's house to drink the soup and of cause to have a FREE dinner!hah!
During the period between 5pm to 6pm,I was so damn hungry and I purposely walked to the cafe there to see whether got waffer or burger anot,but once I reached the cafe,suddenly I changed my mind and felt like wana to eat TIGER chocolate biscuits. So I walked to the koperasi there which is located at totally opposite direction from the cafe there...I walked,I walked,I walked...AND finally I reached the koperasi already,but soooo unfortunately that it didn't open today...
"Nevermind la,since it didn't open,so no need to waste $$,later can have a FREE dinner at my yi mah's house...^^" I consoled myself with such a lame excuse =.=

so I waited until the rain stopped,and when it stopped,when I preparing to start the engine of the motor,the rain started,so I went back to my room and waited patiently again....
FINALLY when the clock shown 8pm,and I thought the rain really stopped already,so again I went to start the engine...
During the half way to my yi mah's house,the stupid rain started to fall again!I thought I could reach yi mah's house before the rain become heavier,but sooo unlucky that the rain became more and more heavier,it gave me no choice,and I was forced to U-turn back to my college >.<

After waited for soooo long time for that free dinner,but yet I didn't manage to eat it....
At the end,I went to the college cafe there and dabao NASI GORENG KAMPONG...T_T

Friday, November 13, 2009


Last 2 days I was sooo emo like hell until I couldn't do anything properly
I didn't talk much last 2 days
I didn't study much last 2 days (the whole night past but still on the same page)
I didn't mix with others last 2 days,just spent much time alone...A-L-O-N-E
Sometime I do feel that ALONE is quite comfortable

My friends describe my bad mood as women period or so called as menstrual cycle...the only different is that they are once every month,but I am once every week...haha,I found it quite funny,stupid

BUT now,the always happy always laughing ENG KAH JOON is BACK!
no more emo!!!no more bad mood!!!

again...Dr. A?!


Why I will always be stuck together with the Dr. A?!wtf!!!!!!!!
soooo damn 'lucky' I am =.=

This is the 3 times I am under this so called Dr. A's group already
UDE group,yesterday SCC trip,and today PBL...I am so hate to see him la!
please la my GOD,please don't make my eyes suffer anymore...I really cannot tahan to see him @.@

BUT thank to him,this time PBL 0 learning issue!!!haha....
FIRST time in my whole PBL history ^^,yet I still don't like him =.=
(maybe this was the first time he conducted PBL in his whole life,so he didn't actually know what is 'LEARNING ISSUE' all about?!haha)

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Just now I slept at 2.20pm and I set my alarm at 3.50pm...
BUT I am sooo pig until the alarm snooze till 4.30pm then only I realized it =.=
soooo tired!wasai,just slept for 3 hours only yesterday night,went to watched a midnight movie at 11.30pm at Alamanda there...^^
watched The Time Traveller's Wife,which highly recommended by most of my girl friends here at college,so I believed them
They even said they did cry until they got breathing difficulty at the end =.=
BUT after watching it,I felt like I just wasted RM10 for a normal movie...T_T(maybe due to the high expectation I had for this movie)
It was not as touching as what my friends told me,maybe it did make me touched a little bit,but it didn't make me cry like hell after watching it....and the story is okok jek la....
The girls said that my 'touched' treshold is tooo high d,til I have no feeling already...kakaka,maybe they are right

Today,there was another field trip for the SCC module,and this time my group went to visit the Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya (MPSJ) and the lecturer who leaded us this morning was the 'rubbish' lecturer I mentioned before in my previous post,Dr. A
Thanks to his 'kindness',I got to eat 2 breakfast
He was sooooo 'kind' that before we reached the MPSJ,he asked the bus driver to drop us to the nearby McDonald to have our breakfast first,because of his STUPIDNESS,he didn't know that the MPSJ did prepare breakfast to welcome we also thought there were no breakfast provided there at MPSJ,so I wasted RM5 to buy a McD breakfast...soooo sam tong when I got to know it!!!! ta mother!!!!!!wtf

After the second breakfast,we were asked to go into a meeting room and they will give us a talk there...
First time entering such a grand meeting room leh ^^

There were 2 talk given,but I was fall asleep for the two talks also...haha
after the boring talks,we went to to the Pusat Kitar Semula Sisa Makanan
It is a system that collecting those sisa makanan from the hawker and transform them into FERTILIZER!
This is the sisa makanan
and it smell sooooooo 'great' when I first breath in the first air at there!
you guys must go and have a try!

then they pour those sisa makanan into a machine called BIOMATE
the brown colour substances in the picture is the fertilizer and the white colour part is the sisa makanan which just poured in
Within 24hours,temperature around 100'C,the fertilizer will form

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

SO I am now blogging too

ok....Don't know now is what season?!
it should be raining season now,but it turns out to be blogging season leh @_@ LOLZ
sooo many people update their blog tonight,even 1 person got a few new blogs update pun....geng!

so of course I am not lacking behind the trend la!wtf
so I am blogging now also ^^ kaka

BEfore I end this post,I wana thanks you guys who view my this 'special' blogging season post.
Enjoy your night la :P

router was sick...

Finally my lovely housemate,Mc Goh brought the sick router to the IT specialist and it had recovered from its sickness...^^ thank godness!

Since yesterday don't know what had happened to my dear router,suddenly I couldn't online for the whole day,INTERNET is MY LIFE ok!when the router sick,I am dead also....
BUT tonight,it is recovered already,and now I am happily online-ing in my room now!haha...

Monday, November 9, 2009

My weekend

I found out something...
I shouldn't come back to Ipoh here this weekend,IT WAS DEFINITELY A SUPER WRONG DECISION!!!!!!
I admit that my determination is sooo worst until what I promised to do for these few days at home here also undone yet...T_T
I thought my life at home here for these holidays will be wake up early in the morning,go to jog,then go to yam zou cha(eat breakfast),come back have a nice warm bath and then study(at least finish the notes I brought back) or online....BUT I AM TOTALLY FAILED!
call me a FAILURE!!!!wtf

What had I done for the past two days at Ipoh here?!
I woke up at 11am in the morning (feeling proud because it was still morning when I woke up =.=),then had my brunch,and then I online and played the online whole day!my whole days just gone like that....without doing anything meaningfull...
But I am glad that my mage in the KO there is level 45 already...lolz...(hit my target for this holiday ^^)
Today morning was an exception,because I WOKE UP AT 9AM AND I WENT TO BUY BREAKFAST!!!! Really a miracle,I never thought I will do that....
I was sooooo desperate for the 猪肉粉 a.k.a pork mee sooooo damn long liao,the most delicious pork mee I had ever tasted in my whole life!!!(better than those pork mee I ate at KL area there) all should try it when you come to First Garden here...I bukan 买花赞花香,lolz...guarantee you will LIKE it!

Ooh ya,I forgot to do mask too these few days! only I realize it...damn it...tomorrow I will be going back already la,adu,wasted my energy to carry the mask back @.@

Recently I found out that I always do 1 thing twice
Just like last Wednesday,I went to bought a train ticket,bought a Friday 9am ticket back to Ipoh from Kl sentral,but I went to change the ticket on Thursday to Thursday night 9pm.Same as what happened today,I went to change my ticket back to KL again...why I will always change my ticket boarding time for at least 1 time?!haha...maybe tooo free nothing to do :P

Actually I got many thing to blog la...but don't know why I just suddenly forgot everything which I wana blog,lolz...k la,I think I will stop here la....^^

Friday, November 6, 2009


I am back to my home sweet home already!
for those who reading my blog now,who having their exam right now,who can't go back to their hometown,who...etc etc....PLEASE DON'T ENVY ME :P
your chance will be there soon...keke

Yesterday night was indeed a tiring night for me...
I reached my home at 1.45am!!!YUP,reached my home in the midnight...FIRST time in my lifetime...swt
I bought the 9.45 train ticket from KL Sentral,it suppose to be reaching Ipoh here at least that time was not tooo late my parents can still come and fetch me...
BUT wtf,the stupid train delayed for almost 1 hours at the KL Sentral,and I waited at there until it reached 10.40pm only it willing to start it journey...
This is what we so called as MALAYSIA *peace pose,no offence*
Malaysia services always the 'FASTEST',the most 'COMFORTABLE',the most 'PUNCTUAL'....
So that's why I got no choice and forced to sit in the train and waited inside there for it to move it butt...I was soooo tired that time,my both eyelids were soooo damn anergy also,so I sit inside the train and rested at there rather than go out to ask what was happening that time to that stupid train...

Yesterday night I went to watched a movie too with my friend,Jessie
We went to watched the Jennifer's Body in which at first I thought it will be a great worth movie to be watched...but it turned out to be opposite...swt
Jennifer's Body by the hot sexy actress Megan Fox!The movie really made me dissapointed gao gao,why a super star like Megan Fox will act in this kind of stupid movie?!WTF!!!!I was alreaddy sooo damn tired yesterday night,due to lack of sleep for the exam in the morning,and this movie even worsen my tired-ness after watching,at first I thought it was a horror movie,something like The Orphan,it did scare me off sometime,it did give me some suspense,but still I DON"T LIKE IT!
For now,I am just looking forward for the movies 2012 and Twilight Saga-New moon

crawing for these two movie!coming soon in this November!^^

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

dap guat,sauna


I feel like wana vomit...whole day stuck in the room,even lunch also my housemate dabao for me...swt...
Thanks to the 1 day holiday before exam tomorrow,I manage to finish 3notes from 10am until just now 5pm,quite long time i used to finished them...1 word-SUFFERING!

I thought I am sooo lucky until I got 1 day holiday,where the others need to go for the field trip,BUT I AM NOT!!!!
when my friends came back to college,they told me that they went to the SEPANG GOLD COAST after the field trip!WTF
SEPANG GOLD COAST?!I also wish I was at there that time!!!!!I willing to sacrifice my tomorrow exam and join the group...T_T

then after a while,when my roomie came back to room,he told me that his group went to do spa just now...
OMG~~why everybody was enjoying at outside while I was suffering in the room alone for the whole morning....
He said that they went to the spa there,got ppl helped them 'dap guat',got sauna.....soooo enjoying,but for the whole dap guat and sauna process,they were only allow to wear 1 towel only,and inside was totally VACUUM!!!
yup!they were asked to take off their underwear also!!!haha...I couldn't imagine how will it taste when it is my group turn to go spa next time....
my roomie told me that guys and gals were doing spa in separate room,and the most geli thing is GUY massager will massage the guy,and gal massager will massage for the gals...=.=
Can you all imagine when a guy is asked to take off all the clothes and just wake into the massage room with a towel only,somemore there is GUY who massage for him,where he need to lie on the bed with the face facing the floor and the GUY massager will sit on him and massage here massage there,help him to put on the massage oil,touch here touch there....yerrrrrrr......
I can only imagine GAY scene will be happening there....OMG~~

BUT no matter how GAY is will be,I WILL ALSO GO AND LET THEM MASSAGE FOR ME!!!!

afterall,it is free mah,if want gay jiu gay la...kakaka
I am looking forward for my spa visit now!haha...
sauna,dap guat...I am coming la!!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I hesitated for sooo long time until today when I went to buy the train ticket only I decided to go back to home this weekend!Ipoh~Ipoh~ I am coming!
but soooo sad that now almost everyone is having their exam now,and for sure no one will be going to accompany me play and fool around like last time holiday already....haiz,nevermind la,will assume it as a holiday resting at home for me...

Will be coming back to KL here on next monday,sooo for the Ipoh friends,if you all are free,you all are welcome to come and find me :P
always AVAILABLE!^^

I am the leader?!NO WAY!

Tomorrow I got 1 day special holiday!Hooray~~
No class tomorrow-Just specially for my group,total of 30ppls...keke
sooo pity the others 90ppls who need to go for the field trip tomorrow,while the others 29ppls and me can rest in the room,and of course STUDY for the Thursday exam!YIPPEE~~
I thought I will be having problem in finishing the revision,(although I am not sooo sure that I manage to finish all the notes in 1 day for the exam),But at least I got an extra time to study for it!haha...

Just now was the UDE seminar in which we had presentation on Lung Cancer.(ok,who got lung CA now can come and consult me,I am so damn pro on it now =.='')
The lecturer who supervising our group really a sampah!I think the word 'sampah' just suit him well!haha...because I couldnt find any word to describe him now...
Other groups' lecturer was sooo dedicated and sooo strict to them,until all my friends were sooo damn suffering,kept on surfing internet,searching for the information and kept on updating their presentation,BUT the lecturer of my group just listen to our presentation and didn't give us any comment,didn't say which one good,which one bad,which slide needed to be improved or which slide not necessary to put into it...
So we thought our group will be going to die soon after the presentation,will be sure scolded gao gao by the other lecturers because of the lacking information or our information provided there are not relevant...BUT soooo surprisingly that miracle happened that our group was the only group who managed to finish our presentation in less than 20 minutes,while the other group just didn't manage to do so,and the other lecturers seem like quite enjoying listening to our presentation and some of them even praised us!muahahaha....Me myself really never thought that kind of thing will be happening...BUT IT DID HAPPEN!^^
I just beh tahan the Mr. A (my group lecturer) who act soooo happily after hearing the praise from other groups' lecturer...Wahsai!HE DIDN'T GIVE US ANY CONTRIBUTION OK!
What I can say now is 'Maybe we are toooo good in doing presentation,tooo efficient in searching for relevant information.....etc....AND it is definitely unrelated to who is our lecturer!'WTF
sometime I am quite pity for my group's leader,Thanu,who works sooo hard for the presentation,and everytime when there is a seminar,she will be choosen to be the leader,until now she said she fed up to be leader already,she said she don't want to be the leader already....
When she was talking to me,she was using a tone that there was some isi tersirat in it,in which that she want me to replace her to be the leader...WTF!I BE THE LEADER?!NO WAY!!!!!!!
But what to do?!nothing I can do,she really kelian,sooo I accept the 'OFFER' already!damn stupid I am har?!
I couldn't imagine what will be happening to my next seminar SCC group with me who is the leader.....

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Medic Night 终于圆满结束了!!!!!


Thursday, October 29, 2009


lolz...This is what I got from my friend's hard disc....


OMG! Thank god I did scan the hard disc before I opened it =.=''
if not my labtop can R.I.P already

Tuesday, October 27, 2009



ok...I think I should stop this post before I write some crazy thing in here...
I am getting to fall in love with him already,WTF @@
okok,time to stop blogging bout this thing already,getting so gay :P

For those who were not at sungai wang that night,U all really missed it!!!haha

how I wish I can be as handsome as him....haha

k la,bye bye...getting crazy already...

p/s:somemore I added him as a fan in facebook...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

When I viewed my blog just now,only at that time I realized that my blog was sooo dull,sooo boring soooo wordy,sooo black and white without any picture uploaded for such a super long time...
haha,yesterday right after my endocrine assessment over,I was not sooo in mood to study for the whole night,so I opened my pictures album in my labtop,and I saw so many pictures which recalled all my sweet memories during my secondary school (particularly Form 5,because since that time only I owned a camera),matriculation,and of course my life at university now...

This time I will be going to show you all my old old photos....

Hotet with me...Honestly I super like this picture sooooo much!!!!!I was sooo handsome in this particular picture,taken in my classroom,5S1!Because of him also,I became more clever than before already in the aspect of academic...haha...

my gang during secondary school
from left to right:JoonHeng,Weihan,Hotet,KahHeng,and Ziyang

one of the most favourite teacher of mine,Miss Ong or Ong Ong
(haha,used to call her like that)
and Xinjiat at the most right of my gang also...

the another teacher I like the most-Pn Ooi or Ooi姐
(used to call her like that too)
long time didn't see her already,everytime when I am having holiday,school also holiday...haiz...

ok la,the last picture from my secondary school
The Most Handsome Guy in the whole form-Alex Yan!!!!!
haha,maybe in this picture he was not sooo handsome,but in the reality he is soooooooooooooo damn handsome OK!haha,WHY am I sounded sooo gay?!
not sooo close with him,just same class...maybe he was not used to be friend with a a guy soooo friendly like me that time that time :P

NOW is Matriculation turn.....

My classmates
feel soo sorry to them,because I got such a short memories,not so remember their name,but I still remember some of them la of course...
they were sooo friendly,and I never regret for being the same class with them for the whole matrix life...MISS them sooo muchie~~

2 of my best friends that time in the class,Ihda and Teha
haha,I still remember their name!and still remember that we used to say 'Ihda yang jahat,Teha yang comel, or Ah Joon yang handsome' together everytime during our conversation :P

H4P4 gang!me,VinSern a.k.a 老坑,Patricia a.k.a PatPat,and Yanying
we purposely wore black that day,the theme of the day!^^

stupid 3 of them...haha
honestly I never enter the gym behing them before for the whole year during matrik...swt...

Vinsern,ChiewFui,KeanZhi,Kim,Amy,XiaoTham,KokHoe,Xinrou,Rapheal,JoonHeng and me
and also LaiLai and LaiKwan,not inside this picture

Everyone is soooo photogenic in this picture
another picture I like the most!

Lastly,during my Uni life here at UPM...

First time in my whole life,I was performing on the stage for the Medic Night during my first year,it was sooo memorable,I never thought I will be on stage DANCING,wtf,haha...It was a great experience and I shall never forget it!
and because of this tooo,I realized that I also got the talent to dance leh,wtf...haha

Trip to Penang with my coursemate!
Thanks to those penang-kia whose brought we went here and there eat this play that...hahaa

Again~~with almost same gang as the Penang trip,we went to Sunway Lagoon!
we actually trying to mimic the pose of the 珠光宝气 a.k.a The Gem Of Life poster wtf!haha
Look alike anot jek??haha...we alrady try our best d =P

this picture was taken during the feast at JOGOYA promo
the most expensive Japanese Buffer I ever ate in my whole life!!!!haha
BUT the most important I enjoy the 三人行,me Jess and Tze Suen!
long time didn't go out like that already....

LAST but not least,haha...
I would like to present to you all this superb picture!
my 珍藏版~~


Thursday, October 22, 2009


I tak sabar-sabar fast fast finish all my revision for tomorrow exam,then I walked to faculty here happily,searching for the table to online,but WTF right after I reached faculty here,my friends told me that the college internet server had recovered already,and they were happily online-ing in their room now!!!!!!!
I HATE all those people who are sitting in their room happily online-ing there now!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

emptiness make me feel great!

All the stools trapped inside my rectum were all released out in ONE shot!!!!
I am super hyper-happy now....
I am feeling soooo comfortable and relief now,I can feel nothing is inside my rectum now ^^ It is soooo empty now
Let me think first,all those nasi goreng cendawan,nasi goreng era,tiger chocolate biscuits,uncle rice,fried duck rice and of course the delicious chicken burger which I ate yesterday night were allllllll being released out and I was feeling sooo comfort at that particular moments,during the peak of my defecation,until I had forgotten to say BYE BYE to ==''

crappy post...

Everyweek when I open my nuffnang account I can see that my earning is increasing,yup!no doubt I AM SOOOO HAPPY with it...thx la for those who click on my ads...^^ 'hao xin hui you hao bao de'...haha

I don't know what is actually happeneng to me,I AM HAVING CONSTIPATION FOR 3DAYS berturut-turut!!!!This kind of thing never happened to be before,first time experience it,and it feel sooo soooo many things,but nothing come out from my anus!OMG~~
I think it maybe due to the medicine which I am taking this few days...
*praying hard for those stool to come out* even if it is just a super tiny small stool comes out only,I will be satisfy with it!>.<

My friend left me a comment on my previous blog,mentioned there that 'it is never too late to somebody u love them',so now I wana tell my 4th year buddy I LOVE HER soooo damn muchie~~
I really appreciate that you will be coming to that medic night!althought at first you tell me that during that night you will be alone because all of your friends are not going with you...THANKS alot BUDDY!!!!

I am really pokai,never felt soooo poor in my whole life!!!!!!

Today morning I woke up at 6am in the morning,needed to be prepared before 7am because I will be going to HKL for my ECE session,BUT WTF,THERE IS NO WATER SUPPLY?!
omg!!!!my face was super oily that time,my hair was super messy that timeand my mouth was sooooooo damn smelly that time.....
But at the end,we went to collect water from the bomba paip there and at the end I was managed to brush my teeth and wash my face,and of course comb my hair la....
As my friend Xinjiat mentioned in his blog,there will be a balance between good luck and bad luck...and it does happen to me!!!
when I was almost prepared,suddenly my friend told me that the doctor will be coming to Hospital Serdang here for the ECE session!haha...I am sooooo damn tired and so I went back to sleep until 8am only I woke up again....^^ And there is water supply already when I woke up at 8am...haha....

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I thought library is my savior!!!I thought I can online in library,play facebook at least...
BUT wtf!!!It didn't save me much,I can online,but the stupid Admin blocked the facebook in library server!!!!!DAMN shit him or her!!!!!CCB!!!MCB!!!DIU!!!!!

ok,calm down calm down...
suppose I am a very polite person...won't be angry sooo easily just by this 'small' issue....
I lost contact with alll my friends since few weeks ago,since the internet server of my hostel started to be super slow,even slower than the snail or turtle!!!
I started to get myself used to this world without internet...
I found that I am sooo outdated when I opened my blog and saw sooo many update post from my freinds...
I saw soooo many notificationsssss when I log into my facebook account....
and soooooo many many things.....ALL BECAUSE OF THE STUPID UPM INTERNET SERVER!!!!!
can't u just hire somebody to fix the stupid line?!
just like the quote from HEROES series- SAVE THE 'LINE' SAVE THE WORLD!!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009


A very NON-PRODUCTIVE day I have for today....
BUT at least I can feel a little bit relief now...I am not sooo scare now,just need to wait for next week...hopefully the medicine does work >.<

I didn't go out with my friends today,they are now happily enjoying themselve at One Utama there...
I wanted to go out with them,but sooo unfortunately I got a more important thing to be done first,before I can go out enjoy myself...

I am not having a good progression on my study today,had a deep deep sleep until I got backpain just now right after I woke up...

Friday, October 16, 2009








Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Someone asked me just now whether I am hoping for anything now??or maybe hoping something to happen this weekend or aiming for something special....
I hesitated for a while and I answered her with a word 'NO'...
From the time I answered the answer until now,I realize that actually I am living aimlessly for these few days...I was sooo shocked when I couldn't think of something to answer my friend's answer
Everyday I just wake up and go to class,lunch,go back to class again,dinner,dance practice session,and sleep...(except for those days when there is exam ahead,only I will study)
Everyday this routine is just keep on repeating and repeating and repeating...
When my friend asked me what am I hoping for this weekend?My answer was DON'T KNOW again
I really couldn't think of anything special...
SHOPPING?! -NO- because I have no $$ now...
STUDY?! -MAYBE- life is just soooo boring until I have no idea what to do for the weekend...
GO AND EAT THE SUSHI KING PROMO?! -NO- suddenly I just lost my interest with the sushi and the promo...
GOING BACK HOME?! -MAYBE- but lazy...

I am living in this world without any direction...just living because 'I am borne to be like that',I think so....

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

POST Mid-Autumn festival

I had my post-mid autumn festival celebration just now
It can only be described in 3 words _FUN,FUN and only FUN!
haha,I know is just ok jek la,not tooo fun pun,but at least not like last year played those stupid game and end up with 冷场 ==""
Although this year,there was no tanglung,no hampers,BUT at least it is not as boring as last year during the game session.
Right after the eating spree,the WATER WAR started!
At first I thought I won't be playing,but at the end,I also participated in the war.
IT was quite fun throughout the whole war,it was just a little boring when the juniors started to stop attacking us and started their dinner...
SO that time I was like erm sorng them,when we were still eating,they started to played the water war,but when we were at the peak of our excitement,they said they wana eat...swt
SO without bothering their order,I poured water toward those juniors who were standing near those fried rice and fried mee there...and it ended up I helped them to add ingredients into their rice and mee...No matter how the president of this activity asked me to stop that time and let them eat first,I was like deaf that time and kept on pouring water toward them,until there was no survivor left...Nyehehehe.....
The term survivor means those junior who his or her hair is still dry!kaka
so at the end there was NO SURVIVOR left!!!
SOMETIME I feel like I am a very cruel and mean guy!
Guess what,just now I even used a pail full with water plus SOAP inside,and I used it to pour at those unfortunate juniors...My buddy even told me that some of them even drank the soap water accidentally...I felt sooo guilty at the end after the whole water war had ended...
BUT after all,it was still a game,and this 'water war' idea was from the juniors themselve,so I was just 'following their order' to play the game they wanted us to play only,so I am not the one to be blamed for all those cruel thing I did to those juniors looh...(trying to find any reasons to help compensating my guiltiness :P)

BUT no matter how I still need to thank my little buddy-Chui Voon for treating me to go for the post mid autumn celebration!
I said I love you,and that is why you get the 'reward' from me :P


I am sooooo damn hungry now....
waiting for the post-mid-autumn-celebration organized by my juniors to start >.<
Hopefully later the food there will be enough for me to get full...kaka

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Internet is part of my life!NO DOUBT!!!!

finally I am here onlining happily at faculty without any problem...

A whole day I didn't online already,and I really can't tahan anymore the life without internet!!!!
So I went to faculty bringing the labtop with me...
when I reached faculty here,I was soooo happy
BUT the unexpected thing was there was sooooo many people here,alll of them also same as me came here to online because the stupid internet service at room,so alllll tables were booked already...
I searched for table from the first floor to the seventh floor,but all those table already booked by other people...
I was like OMG that time,walked to faculty here just to online,BUT couldn't even find a table n chair for me to sit on it...SO frustrated that time,but sooooo fortunate that I found 1 table at the ground floor there!!!I was sooooo happy n excited that finally I found 1 table for myself...
The whole ground floor lights were switched off except the light on top the table I found...
Actually the table was in front the Lab ADH which stand for Anatomy Dissection Hall,in which the hall locates all those cadavers(mayat) which are used for the academic teaching....
haha...that why there were nobody there using that table that time...
I already used to see those cadavers during my anatomy class for the past 1 year,so I am not scare of them...

Recently I am sooooo addicted to those videos posted by my friends in the facebook,most of them were soooooooooo funny until I laugh my ass out!haha

Saturday, October 10, 2009


It had been 2 days I didnt blog about anything already
actually I got urge to blog about something for the past 2 days but the feeling of blogging was just hangat-hangat tahi,laziness conquers again! :P

Yesterday was indeed a relaxing day!
after 2 assessments which were held continuously for 2 days non-stop,I just hanging around at the faculty there after the dinner and watched my junior practicing for their dance,chit chat with my coursemates,and also purposely went there just to watched those funny video posted by my friends in facebook,sigh,the internet service provided at my room is sooooooooo damn shit that we can't watched video through facebook!wtf....

I planned to go to watch movie also yesterday night,as usual watch the midnight movie
BUT in the end,we didn't go...
It was Friday night,and I just finished 2 assessments,I was soooooooooooooooo wana to go out at first to relax myself,or just go to watch a movie,but I didn't do so...
suddenly I just felt I was not in mood to go out,due to some reasons,and so I changed my mind not to go out already...
So I passed my Friday night watching TVB dramas in my room,accompany by JinKit who sat beside me doing something else,haha...

For your information,before you continue reading,this post is just a super random and boring post,sigh again,I don't have mood to study now,so I decided to blog to kill my time ^^

I went to do a screening on Hep B and Hep A yesterday at PKU there,it just cost me RM28,I am not sure whether it is cheaper here,but according to the doctor there,she said that it is really cheaper here,so I believed in her ^^
It had been long time ago since the last time I donate blood,yesterday when I saw the nurse trying to suck out some of my blood from the 'median cubital vein'(pretending to be pro as a medical student :P),honestly I was a little bit scare looh...kaka...long time didn't pricked by a needle already,but after all,it was not painful pun ^^

2 days ago,my mum called me at night,my mum told me that they had bought a new Proton Saga already,but now still waiting for car...Maybe next sem I will be driving to KL already looh ^^
I am still hesitating whether I should drive to KL anot from next sem onward...sigh
If I drive pun,I won't drive the new car loh,after all it is a new car,and I am not sooo dare to drive the new car in this crazy I think I will be driving my dad's car next sem if I really decide to drive...But the sad thing is my dad's car is MANUAL car...this is what I scare of...
I am not doubting about my driving skill.With my current driving skill,I can sure that I can survive driving at KL area here,BUT the main problem is I-am-poor-in-balancing-the-gear-and-the-'crush'!OMG,I am damn poor on balancing...if let said I am driving the manual car and suddenly there is a traffic jam here,and if let say that time I am sooo unfortunate that the road is so steep,how am I going to survive that time?!it is soooo difficult to use the hand break during traffic jam....arghh.....I am gonna practice my balancing during this end sem holiday!I SWEAR!!!!haha

IF you all still remember the white coat which I am soooooooooooo despo to have it,my friends Iki and Peiyi told me that they are willing to kongsi $$ to buy it for me as my next year birthday present...
BUT in condition,they will only pay for RM10 and so if they kongsi pun,they will find total of 10 ppl to share with them,and the most important thing is they just share half of the actual price jek,means that if the coat after discount is RM240,they will only kongsi RM120 and the rest will be pay by myself...sigh...I rejected the offer already...
NOW I am broke!even if you ask me to pay RM10 only I am also facing problem in searching the money...WTF...
BUT I WILL WAIT IT UNTIL IT HAS 70% DISCOUNT!!!that time I will buy it for sure without hesitating,no matter how poor I am that time I will also buy it!!!

I think I will end here,can't think of anything to crap already...haha

Thursday, October 8, 2009


IF I can study in my room
IF I can online in my room
IF I can be as lucky as the main character of the Slumdog Millionairre
IF I can watch those video clips in facebook

IF there is no exam tomorrow
IF there is no Package 9


Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Just look at the white coat...
and then look at the guy who is wearing the coat...
Is it a very super good combination of a lengzai and a nice coat?!

I am soooooooooooooooo damn desperate for it now...
can anyone please show his or her kindness and buy me this coat?!
it just cost you RM240 after it very cheap ^^
you all just assume it is my next year bufday's present


I didn't eat anything for my lunch just now,I thought it will be enough for me after I ate 2nasi lemak plus 1 egg to tahan until the dinner time,but now only I realize that I can't skip my lunch no matter how full I ate for my breakfast...T_T
is super hungry now,not a normal type!!!!!!
I had eaten 4packs of Kraft's Chips More chocolate,which each pack contain 2 chocolates
BUT it seem like didn't help me much...
I am still starving now....

Start from tomorrow there will be a assessment marathon
TUESDAY and FRIDAY also got exam...
and the sad thing is the coming MONDAY also got exam...
how to study?!
So how am I gonna pass the exam?!
some said study those presentation slide prepare from students,some said no...
so who should I listen to?!
HATE it...HATE this module...NO LECTURE NOTES pun....
I am gonna going to hell tomorrow...
IF I manage to pass the tomorrow exam pun,I don't know whether I can make it for monday exam or not T_T
It is all about using computer to do statistic things...some sort of that...
YUP!!!you didn't see it wrongly,even medical students also need to study maths!OMG!i thought I will be saying 'Bye Bye' to mathematics forever,BUT soooooo unexpected I need to study maths again!!!
somemore this time is using the computer software to do the statistic thing,it really test me...
one word I can say,I AM A DEAD MEAT now.....