Saturday, November 28, 2009

dying quietly at here....17th college of UPM....

I just found out 1 unique way to kill myself...but it is way to suffering and torturing....even more torturing than being stabbed few time at a same place until die....=.=

Just lock me inside a room or let me be alone in a house for 1 whole day,nobody around me to chat with,in front me just got notes notes and notes will be seeing me die slowly slowly in it...

WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!I wana to F*** people la here!!!let me siok siok awhile can ar?!
I am alone in the whole house for the whole day ok!nobody beside me!my mouth just like being glued by something,whole day didn't talk more than 10 sentences,I am going to be crazy already if this situation continue!!!!!!you all are welcomed to meet me in Rumah Orang Gila if I am so lucky can survive from this torturing life,or if I am so unfortunate and I cannot survive and die,you all are still welcomed to attend me funeral....
please pay attention on the news tomorrow morning,see whether got people die anot in the hostel..(or should it be tomorrow night news,because no one here in the house,no one will realize my death pun,must be my body starts to produce some unpleasant smell then only got people realize it,so it should be at night time news)=.=


  1. i been a time x talk 4 2days liao... still can survive... x worry... ur 10sentences veli much ad.. ^^

  2. for me not veli much looh....T_T
    at least u got iki at house with u mah....

  3. heelooo... dat hav been a time... x study week... still even got other housemates i oso x talk 4 2 days... lol...
    not used 2 it... liao call me chat lo if u got "MONEY"... i mean credit... lolxxx... go d44 oso x use... he x there... cant blow water with you... keke... kolian~

  4. if i'm in the house with u.. this would not happen.. unless i'm in emo mood