Thursday, November 12, 2009


Just now I slept at 2.20pm and I set my alarm at 3.50pm...
BUT I am sooo pig until the alarm snooze till 4.30pm then only I realized it =.=
soooo tired!wasai,just slept for 3 hours only yesterday night,went to watched a midnight movie at 11.30pm at Alamanda there...^^
watched The Time Traveller's Wife,which highly recommended by most of my girl friends here at college,so I believed them
They even said they did cry until they got breathing difficulty at the end =.=
BUT after watching it,I felt like I just wasted RM10 for a normal movie...T_T(maybe due to the high expectation I had for this movie)
It was not as touching as what my friends told me,maybe it did make me touched a little bit,but it didn't make me cry like hell after watching it....and the story is okok jek la....
The girls said that my 'touched' treshold is tooo high d,til I have no feeling already...kakaka,maybe they are right

Today,there was another field trip for the SCC module,and this time my group went to visit the Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya (MPSJ) and the lecturer who leaded us this morning was the 'rubbish' lecturer I mentioned before in my previous post,Dr. A
Thanks to his 'kindness',I got to eat 2 breakfast
He was sooooo 'kind' that before we reached the MPSJ,he asked the bus driver to drop us to the nearby McDonald to have our breakfast first,because of his STUPIDNESS,he didn't know that the MPSJ did prepare breakfast to welcome we also thought there were no breakfast provided there at MPSJ,so I wasted RM5 to buy a McD breakfast...soooo sam tong when I got to know it!!!! ta mother!!!!!!wtf

After the second breakfast,we were asked to go into a meeting room and they will give us a talk there...
First time entering such a grand meeting room leh ^^

There were 2 talk given,but I was fall asleep for the two talks also...haha
after the boring talks,we went to to the Pusat Kitar Semula Sisa Makanan
It is a system that collecting those sisa makanan from the hawker and transform them into FERTILIZER!
This is the sisa makanan
and it smell sooooooo 'great' when I first breath in the first air at there!
you guys must go and have a try!

then they pour those sisa makanan into a machine called BIOMATE
the brown colour substances in the picture is the fertilizer and the white colour part is the sisa makanan which just poured in
Within 24hours,temperature around 100'C,the fertilizer will form


  1. Wahh, you went to Alamanda by car ah? So good, but Alamanda is really a good place for midnight movies! Hmm, is that movie really OKAY only? Im going to watch it for FREE next week in my campus's theater. =)

  2. i mentioned above,maybe my to-be-touched-treshold is tooo high d,so not sooo suitable for me ^^
    yup,by car,but it was my friend's car...haha

  3. u shud read the book..
    i cried when reading the book..
    but i dun think movie will b so touching la