Monday, November 9, 2009

My weekend

I found out something...
I shouldn't come back to Ipoh here this weekend,IT WAS DEFINITELY A SUPER WRONG DECISION!!!!!!
I admit that my determination is sooo worst until what I promised to do for these few days at home here also undone yet...T_T
I thought my life at home here for these holidays will be wake up early in the morning,go to jog,then go to yam zou cha(eat breakfast),come back have a nice warm bath and then study(at least finish the notes I brought back) or online....BUT I AM TOTALLY FAILED!
call me a FAILURE!!!!wtf

What had I done for the past two days at Ipoh here?!
I woke up at 11am in the morning (feeling proud because it was still morning when I woke up =.=),then had my brunch,and then I online and played the online whole day!my whole days just gone like that....without doing anything meaningfull...
But I am glad that my mage in the KO there is level 45 already...lolz...(hit my target for this holiday ^^)
Today morning was an exception,because I WOKE UP AT 9AM AND I WENT TO BUY BREAKFAST!!!! Really a miracle,I never thought I will do that....
I was sooooo desperate for the 猪肉粉 a.k.a pork mee sooooo damn long liao,the most delicious pork mee I had ever tasted in my whole life!!!(better than those pork mee I ate at KL area there) all should try it when you come to First Garden here...I bukan 买花赞花香,lolz...guarantee you will LIKE it!

Ooh ya,I forgot to do mask too these few days! only I realize it...damn it...tomorrow I will be going back already la,adu,wasted my energy to carry the mask back @.@

Recently I found out that I always do 1 thing twice
Just like last Wednesday,I went to bought a train ticket,bought a Friday 9am ticket back to Ipoh from Kl sentral,but I went to change the ticket on Thursday to Thursday night 9pm.Same as what happened today,I went to change my ticket back to KL again...why I will always change my ticket boarding time for at least 1 time?!haha...maybe tooo free nothing to do :P

Actually I got many thing to blog la...but don't know why I just suddenly forgot everything which I wana blog,lolz...k la,I think I will stop here la....^^


  1. ask u dun go back d de la... bei me ma hao lo... lol.....

  2. lol..
    me went out 2 days!!!
    but still consider productive..^^

  3. tonight must bia gao gao!!