Friday, November 20, 2009

The Show

I am sooo addicted to the song 'The Show'
OMG~~I cant stop myself from closing the computer...and so I am just listening to the particular song for a few hours....
Personally super like the sentences 'I want my money back,I want my money back,I want my money back' in the song ^^
It just soooo suit my situation now,where I am so in need of money now...haha

Now I am at my home sweet home again,but this time is just for 5days resting at home only,NO-STUDYING for these 5 days!keke,after going back to KL then only I will bia for the final exam

Yesterday,again,I was coming back to Ipoh here by my Penang friend,Yong Li's car!^^
I brought them to go eat at the 文东 'yong to fu'!The most tastiest yong tofu I ever taste in my whole life and I super like the the paste for the ladyfinger,bitter gua (苦瓜),terung (wondering what it is called in english?!)!!!I am starting to miss it now...swt,just ate it yesterday night only...=.=
But I can sure that YOU-WONT-REGRET-AFTER-TRYING-THEM!maybe you will decide to move to Ipoh here after trying it leh...haha

p/s:still listening to the song 'The Show' non stop......I like it soooo much!

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