Friday, November 6, 2009


I am back to my home sweet home already!
for those who reading my blog now,who having their exam right now,who can't go back to their hometown,who...etc etc....PLEASE DON'T ENVY ME :P
your chance will be there soon...keke

Yesterday night was indeed a tiring night for me...
I reached my home at 1.45am!!!YUP,reached my home in the midnight...FIRST time in my lifetime...swt
I bought the 9.45 train ticket from KL Sentral,it suppose to be reaching Ipoh here at least that time was not tooo late my parents can still come and fetch me...
BUT wtf,the stupid train delayed for almost 1 hours at the KL Sentral,and I waited at there until it reached 10.40pm only it willing to start it journey...
This is what we so called as MALAYSIA *peace pose,no offence*
Malaysia services always the 'FASTEST',the most 'COMFORTABLE',the most 'PUNCTUAL'....
So that's why I got no choice and forced to sit in the train and waited inside there for it to move it butt...I was soooo tired that time,my both eyelids were soooo damn anergy also,so I sit inside the train and rested at there rather than go out to ask what was happening that time to that stupid train...

Yesterday night I went to watched a movie too with my friend,Jessie
We went to watched the Jennifer's Body in which at first I thought it will be a great worth movie to be watched...but it turned out to be opposite...swt
Jennifer's Body by the hot sexy actress Megan Fox!The movie really made me dissapointed gao gao,why a super star like Megan Fox will act in this kind of stupid movie?!WTF!!!!I was alreaddy sooo damn tired yesterday night,due to lack of sleep for the exam in the morning,and this movie even worsen my tired-ness after watching,at first I thought it was a horror movie,something like The Orphan,it did scare me off sometime,it did give me some suspense,but still I DON"T LIKE IT!
For now,I am just looking forward for the movies 2012 and Twilight Saga-New moon

crawing for these two movie!coming soon in this November!^^


  1. hihihi, long time no visit liaoo..hahah, super busy ooo(><)aiyo, i like tat the movie title, i know tat it is not nice liao. will download it later~~~

  2. haha.. agree so much. Jennifer's body is ssoooooo not nice. Lolz.. watch The Time Traveller's Wife!!! It's super nice!

  3. ya arr??
    wana watch 2012, n christmas carol!!!

  4. Time traveller wife n also christmas carol I also want it soooo damn much!!!!haha....^^