Saturday, April 30, 2011

Duck Energy

Someone just made me sweat gao gao just now
I really felt like zha dao after reading his status in Facebook~

the story is like this >>>

he was actually studying very hard and hard for the coming final exam
and he was really in stress now
so he posted a status to describe his feeling on that particular time

at first I couldn't figure it out what the heck was duck energy~
so I personally msg him in fb
and he replied me :'yali'
whatthefuck >.<
he directly translated the 'yali' a.k.a stress or 压力 into English!

Friday, April 29, 2011

My sisters are criticising the royal wedding non-stop~~

what the wedding dress too simple la,not special..
the hand waving style of Kate is not formal la...
last time the Princess Diana also not waved like this gea
aiya,those choir singing sooo boring la,wasting time..
hah,u guess those trees in the church are real anot leh?!
yooooo,they sing again la.. =.=

there were still lots more criticizes made my sisters
haha,maybe they just envy for the Kate! blek

Charming Prince William

I am back to home already at Ipoh
Home sweet home
I miss U so much,already 4 weeks didn't see U already

Taking bus this time,not driving back
reason just because of I am tooooooo pokai and poor now
not affordable to support myself driving back alone
so I bought bus ticket :)
Taking bus once awhile was actually not too bad
(the very last time I took bus was 1 year ago already!since I had my car)
At least today I had a good slept in the bus altho being squeezed on a small limited space of seat
and the bus driver drove quite fast,and when I opened my eye from slept,I was almost reaching Ipoh already!
really Wow~~

watching the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate now at home
aiyo,actually Prince William not so handsome also what~hahaha
maybe he has the CHARM la! blek~

see,the both eyes are sooooo electrify izit??
being electrified by his eye la!
siting in front of the TV for 1 hour ++ already yet they still talking craps here and there
wei,faster la!I wanna see my charming prince leh!hahahahhaa (not handsome blek)
2days ago just watched the thai movie 'hello stranger'
and now a non-royal family lady Kate is marrying the Prince Charming!
awwww~~feel like fairy tale still existing in this world...
can I have one fairy tale toooo??!! XD

so many people crazy-ing for the live show
if they missed the live also,all will be chasing the repeat show now
I am wondering,how many of the Malaysian will hold flag and scream crazily for the Malaysia royal wedding?!haha
will it be fingers countable?!lolz,I am not looking down at my own country la
BUT it is just a R.E.A.L.I.T.Y

Thursday, April 28, 2011

I just wanna to clarify here
I got pigu one!
I got butt and my back is not flat loh~
cant you see it?!
next time I take off my shirt and my pant let u see gao gao la if u still cant see the pigu!
dont get shocked then....

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hello Stranger

nah!for those who didn't follow my blog, I can't blame you for didn't book me early early~lolz
I posted before mah, my popularity is increasing now~
too many people wanna date me this handsome guy already
that why i will follow 'who comes who first' rule loh~~

aiya,cannot blame me for cant date me ar next time :P
So U.N.B.E.L.I.E.VA.B.L.E!
today got total 3 people asked me out for date leh!
but what to do,hanya ada satu lengzai here,who dont know how to perform 'extra projection' a.k.a 分身,so at the end there was only ONE who succeed! haha

yesterday my friend ajak me to go watch movie,the very first one who dated me!
yeah,so I agreed already!nothing to do mah,so mah go watch movie loh~
watched the Thai love movie 'Hello Stranger' :)
although it was happy ending at the end(erm,the happy ending just lasted for few seconds I guess,so dont know it considered as happy ending anot)
but I dislike the sad part at the end before that 'few-seconds-happy-ending' :(
really felt like crying leh!awwwwww.......why that stupid Goi (one of the character) wanna appeared jek while the main actor and actress sedang sweet sweet there!spoilt the sweetness!
but it is worth to watch la,Wednesday mah!haha,cheap cheap only XP

nah,this is the trailer of the movie
-enjoy ya-

and who were the 2 unlucky person who failed to be my date?!haha
my 5th year buddy-Jac and my coursemate-Jess!
both J failed d!haha
next time wanna date me jiu need to book earlier la :P
who asked you 2 to date me at the very last minutes jek...sorry la

the feeling of going for vacation was so strong just now!awwwww
how I wish I can go to Korea now!
can 'praise' the food there
can wear high heel shoe without bother how others look at u
can hug the 'Bae Yong Jun' statue and kiss him there
eat 'jajiangmian'...etc
(lolz,after you watch the movie then u will understand what the hell am I crapping here la)

maybe alone I guess,see those cheesy love story will happen on me anot one day~haha

learnt from mistakes

I am no longer the innocent and stupid Eng Kah Joon anymore OK!

There is no such thing as I willing to sacrifice more or care more about you while you didn't even show that you care or even sacrifice abit for me!
I am not that 3year old kid anymore who willing to sacrifice without asking for payback from others loh~~
not so stupid until the extend that willing to be hurt but keep it inside my heart
cause people will learn from the past!

There is not only u in this world who deserve for my care and sacrifices loh~~
I will be better if I find someone who willing to sacrifice for me as how I sacrifice for

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Things jut went into haywire these few days!
not as what I had PLANNED!

Hate it for being so mess up!
all plans forced to be cancelled~

BUT at the end,all those replacement classes being cancelled and postponed
what the fuck!
purposely cancelled all the dates (because I am a good boi boi mah,dont wanna miss any class), then at the end u told me all the classes postponed already!

if wanna postpone, tell earlier la!
so I can rearrange back my dates mah!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

scariest experience during midnight!

Had my most SCARIEST experience ever!

Just now went out at around 11pm.with my fuel tank which able to drive 50KM more only~
so I said to myself,aiya,50KM,still got plenty of petrol la!no need scare,later only pump la when needed~
so I went to eat supper happily :)

It was already 12.30 when I finished eating my supper,and it was time to go back home already
and I realized that I didnt have enough money to pump petrol pun that time,so I went to Maybank, AmBank, and Public Bank to withdraw $$,but all of the banks ATM machine showed 'mesin tergendala' or 'service temporary unavailable'!what the fuck!I live until today,21 year old already,now only I know actually the ATM machine will auto off it service once it reaches 12midnight!wahhhhh~if let said someone got emergency wanna withdraw money,the person sure die gao gao!

thank god I got my friend with me that time,phew~ he lent me RM50 for me to pump petrol..

When we reached the nearest Shell petrol station,I was so shocked when I realized the shop closed already!so I quick quick searched for another petrol station,but all closed also!I was thinking 'die liao this time,how to go back without fuel leh!' that time so nervous leh!my friend called his friends asking where got 24hours petrol station, while I kept on driving despite there was almost empty tank!but so lucky after 3 times failed attempts,I saw a BHPetrol not far in front of me which was still operating,I felt so relief after I saw there was someone sitting in the counter~

Lessons of the day~DON'T go out at midnight without extra $$ in pocket, and also DO pump petrol always and not wait until the very last minute!(especially after 12pm!)

if not sure need to sleep inside the car and wait until morning only can pump petrol n drive back d!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Why there is no Careyer?(Mariah Carey)
Timberlaker?(Justin Timebrlake)
Gagerz?(Lady Gaga)
Spearser?(Britney Spears)
Perrier?(Katty Perry)

BUT there is BELIEBERS!!!!!!!!
the name is soooooo FCUKing LAME okie~
Justin Bieber's fans= Beliebers

I am enough with everything related to JB already!!

and btw, those -er I mentioned up there are much more famous than the stupid Justin Bieber loh~~

Pig Face!

I dont know why there is such a shameless guy exist in this world!
the face is even thicker than pig skin!so beh-paiseh!

last week, I was chatting with one of my groupmates,call him as 'PIG FACE' la!
I: doctor will give us a journal to summarize, and we need to present it leh.
Pig face: okie,erm,u all go and summarize la,then I will be the presenter that

there were 4 topics given by the doctor,and we so ngam got 5 ppl in one group,so 4 of us will summarize each topic and the Pig will be the presenter loh~

then after we summarized the whole journal, when I told the Pig,asked him to look through first,cause the topic abit complication and difficult to understand, he said 'wah,so many to present ar?!and I am the only one presenter?!who else is going to presenting with me?!'

it was u urself who volunteered to become a presenter at first,cause u dont wanna to do any job mah,so ur wish was granted!but now u are asking someone to present with u!u better go to die la!

I didn't bother him,I just asked him to present alone loh~
but guess what,he purposely went to find doctor and pretend to ask some question about the presentation then tried to bring out the issue of too difficult to present alone!
I really beh tahan with that PIG thick face loh~macan nie pun boleh!
I just knew him,he is the kind of guy who dont wanna do thing,and will try as best to choose the easiest thing to do!and so he guessed that presenting will be the easiest job without knowing that the topic will be so difficult to present~

so at the end, four of us (except the stupid Pig) were the presenter,cause doctor wanted more than one to present the topic after being complained by the pig!
4 of us just presented for the part we prepared.and the Pig just sat at the back there listened to us~see,macam nie pun boleh!

As usual, after presenting,we will get signature from the doc,and the Pig Face without doing anything,without contributing any effort on the presentation, dare to take the log book and gave it to the doctor to sign!really WTF!!!!!
I never saw a person who face is more thicker than him lor~~

NOT this kind of pig loh~
at least this kind still cute and chubby

Ambi Pur~~, ENG KAH JOON was not the truely ENG KAH JOON himself!
I never thought I would fetch one of my enemy in my car!!!!
aiya,just pretended to be a gentlemen only
IF not I would have kicked U out from my car already~~

okie,the story was like this
today I got no class whole morning,so I went to the old flat(somewhere new my uni la) to have lunch and buy something loh
so coincident I met one of my coursemate (erm,not the enemy I meant up there la)
I ask him: how you came here wor?!
he answered: by uni bus loh~
I replied: oooh,wah,nvm la,later after ,lunch I fetch u back la.
he was so happy and said thank you.

When I was eating my lunch happily because I took fried sotong (my favourite), and I suddenly saw HIM!(obviously this 'HIM' referred to my enemy la)
I saw him passed by in front of me,and I was stunned there with my teeth stopped chewing the sotong inside my mouth!
He bought his lunch and sat together with us.
After that only I knew both of them were actually coming here together by bus!arghhh...
since I had told my friend I would fetch him back later after lunch,so TERPAKSAlah to fetch HIM along with me >.<

sometime being tooooo nice n kind hearted not so good also...
I think I gonna 'Ambi Pur' my car already,kill all the germ from HIM!!!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

can I lelong myself now?!

The only class at HKL from 8-9am then no class d!wtf,woke up early in the morning 5.40am just to get myself prepared to catch the bus at 6.30am just for the stupid one class in the F**king Tuesday morning!!!!!!

After the class,I went to my all time favourite shopping mall PAVILION!yeah!
and one of the purposes to wake up so early at 5.40am was to choose nice shirt,style my hair handsome handsome,because I AM GONNA GO TO PAVILION!haha,cannot simply go to Pavilion with the normal.usual.UGLY.formal shirt ok!people there will judge u with there eye loh~same as how I judge how people wearing there LOLz...

Just like this!
U dare to go out with this outfit anot?!
A middle age uncle wearing a skinny tight jeans
with a colourful sweater and cap
plus a stupid DOMO bag behind!
really wut the phat seeing that!
(that is what I said 'ppl see u,u see ppl' in mandarin)

my reason of walking so many steps today just to Pavilion for this!
lurvely sticky sweet!
purposely went there to buy it because someone birthday is coming soon :)
can you see the 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' word inside the sweet?!
(I bet u cant see it la,my eyesight so perfect also cant see leh,impossible u can see it!)
but believe me,there is a HAPPY BIRTHDAY word inside the sweets!

Since I am around Bukit Bintang there,so I went to Fahrenheit to help my friend search for a bag
I swear,my very first intention of going to Fahrenheit was just helping my friend! *swearing*
wut the phat!really oh my gawd!
I was really pokai before I bought the bag,now I am even more super pokai already!
so regret for stepping into the Fahrenheit!
so regret for helping my friend to search for his bag!
arghhhhhhhh!ended up with taking a whole plate of nasi tomato only for lunch,with some kuah pouring onto the nasi tomato,not taking any chicken or vege,but also cost me RM1.50 leh!

POOR.POOR.POOR (can I lelong myself now?!)

Monday, April 11, 2011


开心点吧!不要想不开心的事了,这也是对自己好的其中一个办法 :)

Monday, April 4, 2011


I no longer enjoying my 'privilege' of having a single room in my hostel anymore from TODAY onward!(except weekend la )
ohmygawd!HE is back,my so called 'beloved' roommate is back!
(fyi,he is not so beloved,or I should clarify actually I hate him the most among my batch,just beloved in the way that he was so kind letting me to have the double roommate room all by myself for the past 6 weeks,naked,farting,etc in the room without people knowing it)

and now HE is back!
and I am so so so sooooo dislike-ing it!

normally after bathing,I will wrap my lower part with towel, walk from the toilet to my room,then straight away LOCK the door and whooolaa, towel will be thrown onto the bed and I AM ALL NAKED standing in front of the wardrobe to choose which clothes to wear! BUT now I can't do that already! :(
no more NAKED privilege in the room

(anticipating for weekend so that I can be alone again and whoooolaa naked choosing clothes again)
should I pray so that something happen with my roommate family,and he needs to rush back home everyday?! sound like cursing more than hoping right >.< I am really a bad boy~