Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hello Stranger

nah!for those who didn't follow my blog, I can't blame you for didn't book me early early~lolz
I posted before mah, my popularity is increasing now~
too many people wanna date me this handsome guy already
that why i will follow 'who comes who first' rule loh~~

aiya,cannot blame me for cant date me ar next time :P
So U.N.B.E.L.I.E.VA.B.L.E!
today got total 3 people asked me out for date leh!
but what to do,hanya ada satu lengzai here,who dont know how to perform 'extra projection' a.k.a 分身,so at the end there was only ONE who succeed! haha

yesterday my friend ajak me to go watch movie,the very first one who dated me!
yeah,so I agreed already!nothing to do mah,so mah go watch movie loh~
watched the Thai love movie 'Hello Stranger' :)
although it was happy ending at the end(erm,the happy ending just lasted for few seconds I guess,so dont know it considered as happy ending anot)
but I dislike the sad part at the end before that 'few-seconds-happy-ending' :(
really felt like crying leh!awwwwww.......why that stupid Goi (one of the character) wanna appeared jek while the main actor and actress sedang sweet sweet there!spoilt the sweetness!
but it is worth to watch la,Wednesday mah!haha,cheap cheap only XP

nah,this is the trailer of the movie
-enjoy ya-

and who were the 2 unlucky person who failed to be my date?!haha
my 5th year buddy-Jac and my coursemate-Jess!
both J failed d!haha
next time wanna date me jiu need to book earlier la :P
who asked you 2 to date me at the very last minutes jek...sorry la

the feeling of going for vacation was so strong just now!awwwww
how I wish I can go to Korea now!
can 'praise' the food there
can wear high heel shoe without bother how others look at u
can hug the 'Bae Yong Jun' statue and kiss him there
eat 'jajiangmian'...etc
(lolz,after you watch the movie then u will understand what the hell am I crapping here la)

maybe alone I guess,see those cheesy love story will happen on me anot one day~haha


  1. Go to Tokyo, Japan. It's only RM200!

  2. I know it is cheap,haha,got keep on eye on the airasia sale one,but hor tokyo dangerous,later i become radioactive superman then die loh!hahahaa,dunwan dunwan~~