Friday, April 29, 2011

Charming Prince William

I am back to home already at Ipoh
Home sweet home
I miss U so much,already 4 weeks didn't see U already

Taking bus this time,not driving back
reason just because of I am tooooooo pokai and poor now
not affordable to support myself driving back alone
so I bought bus ticket :)
Taking bus once awhile was actually not too bad
(the very last time I took bus was 1 year ago already!since I had my car)
At least today I had a good slept in the bus altho being squeezed on a small limited space of seat
and the bus driver drove quite fast,and when I opened my eye from slept,I was almost reaching Ipoh already!
really Wow~~

watching the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate now at home
aiyo,actually Prince William not so handsome also what~hahaha
maybe he has the CHARM la! blek~

see,the both eyes are sooooo electrify izit??
being electrified by his eye la!
siting in front of the TV for 1 hour ++ already yet they still talking craps here and there
wei,faster la!I wanna see my charming prince leh!hahahahhaa (not handsome blek)
2days ago just watched the thai movie 'hello stranger'
and now a non-royal family lady Kate is marrying the Prince Charming!
awwww~~feel like fairy tale still existing in this world...
can I have one fairy tale toooo??!! XD

so many people crazy-ing for the live show
if they missed the live also,all will be chasing the repeat show now
I am wondering,how many of the Malaysian will hold flag and scream crazily for the Malaysia royal wedding?!haha
will it be fingers countable?!lolz,I am not looking down at my own country la
BUT it is just a R.E.A.L.I.T.Y

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