Saturday, April 23, 2011

scariest experience during midnight!

Had my most SCARIEST experience ever!

Just now went out at around 11pm.with my fuel tank which able to drive 50KM more only~
so I said to myself,aiya,50KM,still got plenty of petrol la!no need scare,later only pump la when needed~
so I went to eat supper happily :)

It was already 12.30 when I finished eating my supper,and it was time to go back home already
and I realized that I didnt have enough money to pump petrol pun that time,so I went to Maybank, AmBank, and Public Bank to withdraw $$,but all of the banks ATM machine showed 'mesin tergendala' or 'service temporary unavailable'!what the fuck!I live until today,21 year old already,now only I know actually the ATM machine will auto off it service once it reaches 12midnight!wahhhhh~if let said someone got emergency wanna withdraw money,the person sure die gao gao!

thank god I got my friend with me that time,phew~ he lent me RM50 for me to pump petrol..

When we reached the nearest Shell petrol station,I was so shocked when I realized the shop closed already!so I quick quick searched for another petrol station,but all closed also!I was thinking 'die liao this time,how to go back without fuel leh!' that time so nervous leh!my friend called his friends asking where got 24hours petrol station, while I kept on driving despite there was almost empty tank!but so lucky after 3 times failed attempts,I saw a BHPetrol not far in front of me which was still operating,I felt so relief after I saw there was someone sitting in the counter~

Lessons of the day~DON'T go out at midnight without extra $$ in pocket, and also DO pump petrol always and not wait until the very last minute!(especially after 12pm!)

if not sure need to sleep inside the car and wait until morning only can pump petrol n drive back d!


  1. cheh, i thought you saw ghosts in your hospital...XD

  2. @superbearman: ghost at hospital not so scary ok!hahaha.....too many ghost story d at hosp,duno is real anot pun~~
    @weihan: haha....push until next year also cant push back to my hostel i guess...lolz...