Monday, March 29, 2010

YOU are the 'princess' WTF (part 2)

okie...since I couldn't hide the post,or make it invisible for others to view
the ONLY way is to make it a draft...=.=
haha,yeah!my previous post about the 'you are the princess WTF' became a draft!
izzit a good news??

p/s:anyone who know how to make a particular post as private post,please teach me ^^ I will very appreciate that!

p/s:sorry la jacyn,your comment on the post no longer available for others to view :P

YOU are the 'princess' WTF (RE-POST)


If you are an adult,just act as an adult!
please la Dont so childish ok!Do you have brain?!
what with those stupid lame brainless excuses that you don't wanna to stay at college because of HOMESICK?!
fyi,I start staying at college since I was at matriculation,and the hostel was so damn ugly and disgusting and small,so far from home,can only go back to home once in a few months,but I also lived happily at there,maybe with some complains at first I moved in,but still managed to cope with the environment there...

Last time when you said you wanna studied at Mahsa College,then after all the registration,after all the payment had done,what happened?!After less than 1 week staying at there,those stupid excuses of homesick started to pop up!what disgusting la,the room sooo small la,the toilet no light la,cant flush la,the roomie smell weird weird la,room dirty la,everything not nice la,etc etc...and then decided to withdraw from the course and don't want to study already =.=
then mom and dad needed to go to KL again and fetch you back to Ipoh here...those course registration fee,half of it gone cause it was not fully refundable!!!
I thought that time she will get her lesson,because of her 'HOMESICK',wasted so much money on nothing!BUT she didnt get any lesson from that!

After coming back to Ipoh here,she decided to study locally at Masterskill college around Ipoh here,so at least she can come back to home during weekend..
somemore the hostel provided is apartment leh!got swimming pool,got gym room,and the room is so big...
at least the homesick excuses not being heard for a few months already...

BUT recently the nightmare is back!The Masterskill college suddenly asked their students to move to another hostel,this time the hostel is not as good as the previous apartment la,no big room,no apartment like facilities which according to my youngest sister...
so all those stupid lame brainless homesick excuses start coming out from her mouth again!
said she wanna stay at home la,don't wanna to stay at the new hostel la,want mom to fetch her go to college la everyday and dad fetch her back to home every evening,asked whether can ride motor go to study anot la every morning (of course my dad not allow,so damn dangerous,the college so far and my sis motor riding skill so damn zha),then now ask for a new car so that she can drive to college on her own!

she really thought she is the PRINCESS in the house or what?!
can she just use her little brain cell to try and think for the family?!
ask dad and mom to fetch her everyday?! they no need to work o,just need to care about you!fetching you little 'princess' no need to waste money o?!you thought the petrol very cheap ar nowadays?!
buy a new car?! when do you ever try to drive a car on your own without supervision by other people?!NEVER ok!!!!somemore buy a new car no need $$$$ o?!you thought our parent is korek emas izzit??!!

everyday also homesick here homesick there,better don't study la,stay at home la!at least you wont creating problems to the family!>.<
where got people wanna study but will homesick until like that?!
We came out from the same vagina,but I really don't understand what are you thinking all about!
staying in the hostel really killing you until this extend meh?!


一开始以为放弃是最好的解脱,但现在我才发现事实并不是酱 T_T

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Earth Hour

Today is 27th March,a special day indeed
TODAY is the '60 EARTH HOUR' day!!!!

just wanna to share something with you guys here
I saw this in one of the blogs which I am following,and I feel it is quite funny
it is about the reasons behind the earth hour campaign are not just all about to save the world,but it also got other reasons XD
(click on the word 'this' to view the blog)

hope you enjoy it!
and please off all your light tonight from 8.30pm until 9.30pm!^^

Thursday, March 25, 2010

My LAST day of exam

Now is 3.20am in the morning
and I am using my friend's broadband to online and get myself updated awhile and to blog
*damn the stupid internet server which down for 2 days already,life is soooo miserable when no internet available around T_T but thank GOD I was fully occupied with activities,celebration and gathering for these 2 days,so it didnt affect me much this time :P *

I suppose to blog bout this 2 days ago,but the stupid line didnt allow me to do so
aiz,the university internet server didn't give my face during my big day =.=
Yeap,2 days ago,23th of March was my birthday,and so 'fortunately' it was my last time of the prof exam too

I don't wanna to talk about the exam anymore,I thought it was ok at first after the first paper on last Friday,but the thought changed after I finished my last paper on Tuesday,it was so hard and difficult...damn it,why the paper on my big day will be so super abnormally gan nan punya WTF!
Hope my wish which I made on the morning of my birthday which was about to pass the exam will come true XD my birthday mah,at least give me a little face la hahaa

oooh ya!tomorrow morning,or should I call it as today morning because now already 3am in the midnight,and the exam result will come out at 9am!
so scare now,hopefully I can really pass it! *pray pray pray*

p/s:will be blogging about my birthday celebration on Friday,after I go back to my home at Ipoh with a better internet connection there,so please do stay tune!^^

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Stress...Stress...and STRESS!!!!!

A crap post again....leave if you don't wish to waste your time here...XD

Sigh,exam is on this Friday,and I am super stress now,when I said STRESS,I am really super duper warrafak STRESSssss!
Do you wanna know how is my stress level now?!
I am so stress until I lost my confidence now....I am walking with my face facing the floor...
wanna know the real reason?
This is all because I am too stress for the upcoming exam,and I am so hardworking to try my best to finish all those notes,until I forgot to SHAVE!
(actually not FORGOT la,it was just too lazy and I am trying to find a better reason for it)
The beard now is so long until I don't have the 'face' to meet people face to face =.=
so the best way to avoid others from seeing my 'handsome' look is by walking with the face poiting down!

Tomorrow morning will be shaving before I go to the extra class,beh tahan already,it is impossible for me to meet all my coursemate with my 'handsome' look....

my 'handsome' face today....hopefully I didnt scare off those ppl passed by me today :P
I myself also paiseh when saw ppl....

Sunday, March 14, 2010


I can't post this in my Facebook...
I can't post this in my MSN personal message...
where else I can post this?!oh ya,my blog!^^
I hope that none of my family members is checking on my blog...if not I will be killed by them!it will be my DOOM day when they get to know what am I actually doing now...
(so please be keeping this secret for me although you know it,thx very muchie XD)


Yeah,I know,it is not a big deal until I need to keep it so secretly @.@
BUT my parents are so strict,NO SMOKING and NO DRINKING in non-special-occasion!!
Does 'BAD MOOD' included as a special occasion?!yeap!for me it is included!^^ so I am drinking now
I couldnt get into sleep just now althought I lied on the bed for a period of the best way is to get myself drunk!and straight away into a nice sleep!
but warrafak!I couldnt get into drunk too now!!!!!OMG~~~what am I suppose to do?!I should have bought more beer just now!*regret*

@to my parents:Please forgive me if you saw this post...I am just too moody...sorry...

Saturday, March 13, 2010

craps bout my moody day again

I thought when a person is in bad mood,eating will be the best way to make the person become happy again,every movie said like that
BUT it seems like it didn't really work on me this moody little guy

I am really bad mood today!It had been such a long time I didn't bad mood like today ever since the incident which happened 2 years ago during the last day of my matriculation life...
2 years ago because of somethings happened,I lost one of my best friends,2 years after that (today) the same incident might be happening again,it is just depend on when will it happen,and how long I can stand over it...It might explode anytime...I don't know....
(if you are my friends,after reading this,please don't ask me what is actually happening to me,because I am really not going to tell you all the truth,just like the incident which happened 2 years ago,I wish I can keep it as my own secret for the rest of my life...sorry)

OK,back to the story,I said eating is not the way for me to become happy again,why did I say so?!
I thought the eating will work on me as how it works on others,so I did order many things just now at McD
Yup,I went there alone,before going there,I asked one of my friends who are bad mood also today,but he refused my invitation,so I went out alone by motor
I ordered 1 set of Spicy Chicken McDeluxe,1 Chicken Burger,and also 1 Sundae Choc
It cost me Rm15 in total,but at the end,I just ate around Rm7.50 of it overall I wasted half of the everything I ordered...

For example,this Sundae Choc,I just ate the whole chocolate on top of the vanilla!
it really was a waste of food,but please forgive me for 1 time due to my bad mood,at least having those chocolate really had sweeten my heart

and not only for Sundae Choc,the same thing happened to the Coke,Spicy Chic McDeluxe,and the french-fried!Half of them were still on the table when I left....

But I really enjoy the process of going out alone with motor speeding on the highway with 100km/hour,ordering sooo many things,and then eating nonstop until I full full ,especially when I was enjoying the chocolate,the process really made me feel better...Just eat without thinking anything sad!^^

Pretending to Smile Even Though It Hurts Inside

FINALLY I found a group in Facebook which its' title suits me the most!

I just wanna to share it
having bad mood this weekend,I just hope next week Monday will arrive soon,really really soon.....
and hopefully I can keep on smiling throughout this weekend.....

anyway,when I found this group,it really did make me smile for a moment,in which the smile was truly coming out from heart
at least joining this group did make my day for a few seconds ^^

Friday, March 12, 2010




真的很想 TNB, CCB, KNS,diu,F*CK,KNN 你!!!!!!


Sorry for KILLING 'you' :P

Today I woke up as usual,after online for awhile,then I went to the basin there to brush my teeth...
when I walked out to the basin there,i found out that all my housemates were still sleeping like pigs that time...ok,that is not the main point of the story btw.

I was happily brushing my teeth at there until I felt something was climbing on my legs...
I ignored it at first,but my leg was getting more itchy!then I looked down with my toothbrush inside my mouth and all the toothpaste bubble covered all around my mouth....
I was like WTF!!!!!It really gave me a shock of my life when I saw so many black ants were actually climbing up my foot and leg!!!!OMG!

I quickly jumped away from the basin area without hesitating >.< the whole floor was actually conquered by ants!
then I took the water heater and filled it with water,waited it to be boiled...
right after it boiled,muahahaha,it was my turn to revenge for disturbing me while I was brushing my teeth!
Pouring hot boiled water onto those stupid antssss was the only idea which came into my mind that time!haha...I knew it is abit cruel,but it is the only and the faster solution to kill them in 1 shot!
so I poured the water I boiled just now on them,and within a few seconds,I saw so many dead ants on floor :P

some of the ants which I killed without mercy~sorry
(note that it is just 'some' hahaa)

After killing those annoying ants,I continue to brush my teeth with peace without any disturbance around ^^

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I want one of them too!!!!

Nowadays,there are many people starting to change their old cell to a touch screen cellphone
many of my friends are using the touch screen type cellphone!*enviness*
Is it really that good to own a touch screen cellphone?!
I know it is trendy,stylish,fun...
AND it is super EXPENSIVE too!!!!>.< *p/s:but once you buy one,make sure you look after it and keep it away from those people who don't know how to take care such modern techno thing..haha,cause one of my friend's touch screen cellphone was spoilt by his friend!and the important thing to highlight here is that the touch screen cellphone was spoilt within 1 day after he lent it to his friend! pity my friend,(no offence to that person who spoilt it,lolz),but what to do,touch screen cellphone is such a FRAGILE thing :P

IT is all about study again....

OH MY GODness!!!!!
I am getting lazier as the days are getting nearer to the Prof exam!
my friends keep on asking me to add oil and study,but I am like losing oil as the time passed =.=
progressing slower and slower and slower...
especially when I am studying the stupid microbs,parasites module!I HATE them so much.....

Friday, March 5, 2010


This afternoon,I went to had my dinner at 1 rice stall at Kajang there
They got those things I like the most,chicken leg(鸡脚),苦瓜,and also the 啦啦(which I don't know what it called as in english =.=)

But it cost me RM5 for that lunch....nevermind as long as the 3 dishes I like then ok already...

I was happily eating my rice untill....
I like to eat the 啦啦 so much,until I couldn't waste even one of them so I tried to open a closed 啦啦...and guess what,disgusting thing happened to me while I opened it!

really yuaks!!!!!wtf!

This is what i spitted out!

I didn't know what was those greenish thing inside the 啦啦 and I don't wana to know it!
despite of that disgusting incident which happened,I still finished the rest of the 啦啦 haha

SO,lesson of the day:

Prof Exam suck!

I AM BACK IN ACTION!!! *but will disappear again after this post*
just a simple post about me myself in these few days,I am having my 2weeks 'holiday' now,a.k.a my study week now
arghhhh,yup!the Profesional exam is just around the corner,there are just 13 days left,and I am now so busy preparing for it

My 'BUSY' definition is defined as everyday I wake up at 8am in the morning,off the alarm,brush my teeth,sit down in front of the table,look at the time,shout in the heart 'omg~it is 8.30am already',then quick quick take out the notes,aim a target how many to study before rest,and start study........(after 2 hours passed).....boring la,try to refresh myself by onlining awhile,facebook-ing,and sometime go out have lunch or sometime friends dabao for me,continue study after lunch,but wtf,everytime after eat full full,I will auto enter into the sleepy mode,so I jump onto my bed and have a short nap,study again after nap until the dinner time....bath,and go to faculty study at 8pm until midnight,lastly go back to my room and online again before I sleep
EVERYDAY my daily routine is just the same ever since the 'holiday' started =.=

For those who don't know what is Profesional Exam all about,let me explain it to you
Normally university is having their exam according to semester system,which means that the students will be only tested on those topics which are taught for the particular semester only,but for my course,I will be having the Prof Exam which include all those subjects being taught for the past 1 and a half year,which equal to 3semesters in total!WTF!
and we are only given 2 weeks of study week to prepare for it!It is really killing me off!

Because of the preparation for the stupid exam also,I am getting more and more lazy
Because there is no class,I am staying in my room all day long without going out meeting anyone else,I didn't care much about my appearance during these few beard is getting longer as the days passed the longest record of it was 0.3-0.4cm long!hahahaa...
The ugliest period of me was at that time!

I really need to get out of this 'busy' lifestyle!
I am not that kind of guy who can sit in front of the notes all day long....
I am soooo desperate to go out now!go out to somewhere else to get myself relax doing those thing I like,shopping,movie-ing.....
ohh ya!I wanna watch Valentine Day sooooo damn muchie!!!!!!!!!!!and Alice In the Wonderland,wtf~~
arghhhhh....Prof Exam is S-U-C-K!