Thursday, March 25, 2010

My LAST day of exam

Now is 3.20am in the morning
and I am using my friend's broadband to online and get myself updated awhile and to blog
*damn the stupid internet server which down for 2 days already,life is soooo miserable when no internet available around T_T but thank GOD I was fully occupied with activities,celebration and gathering for these 2 days,so it didnt affect me much this time :P *

I suppose to blog bout this 2 days ago,but the stupid line didnt allow me to do so
aiz,the university internet server didn't give my face during my big day =.=
Yeap,2 days ago,23th of March was my birthday,and so 'fortunately' it was my last time of the prof exam too

I don't wanna to talk about the exam anymore,I thought it was ok at first after the first paper on last Friday,but the thought changed after I finished my last paper on Tuesday,it was so hard and difficult...damn it,why the paper on my big day will be so super abnormally gan nan punya WTF!
Hope my wish which I made on the morning of my birthday which was about to pass the exam will come true XD my birthday mah,at least give me a little face la hahaa

oooh ya!tomorrow morning,or should I call it as today morning because now already 3am in the midnight,and the exam result will come out at 9am!
so scare now,hopefully I can really pass it! *pray pray pray*

p/s:will be blogging about my birthday celebration on Friday,after I go back to my home at Ipoh with a better internet connection there,so please do stay tune!^^

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