Friday, March 5, 2010

Prof Exam suck!

I AM BACK IN ACTION!!! *but will disappear again after this post*
just a simple post about me myself in these few days,I am having my 2weeks 'holiday' now,a.k.a my study week now
arghhhh,yup!the Profesional exam is just around the corner,there are just 13 days left,and I am now so busy preparing for it

My 'BUSY' definition is defined as everyday I wake up at 8am in the morning,off the alarm,brush my teeth,sit down in front of the table,look at the time,shout in the heart 'omg~it is 8.30am already',then quick quick take out the notes,aim a target how many to study before rest,and start study........(after 2 hours passed).....boring la,try to refresh myself by onlining awhile,facebook-ing,and sometime go out have lunch or sometime friends dabao for me,continue study after lunch,but wtf,everytime after eat full full,I will auto enter into the sleepy mode,so I jump onto my bed and have a short nap,study again after nap until the dinner time....bath,and go to faculty study at 8pm until midnight,lastly go back to my room and online again before I sleep
EVERYDAY my daily routine is just the same ever since the 'holiday' started =.=

For those who don't know what is Profesional Exam all about,let me explain it to you
Normally university is having their exam according to semester system,which means that the students will be only tested on those topics which are taught for the particular semester only,but for my course,I will be having the Prof Exam which include all those subjects being taught for the past 1 and a half year,which equal to 3semesters in total!WTF!
and we are only given 2 weeks of study week to prepare for it!It is really killing me off!

Because of the preparation for the stupid exam also,I am getting more and more lazy
Because there is no class,I am staying in my room all day long without going out meeting anyone else,I didn't care much about my appearance during these few beard is getting longer as the days passed the longest record of it was 0.3-0.4cm long!hahahaa...
The ugliest period of me was at that time!

I really need to get out of this 'busy' lifestyle!
I am not that kind of guy who can sit in front of the notes all day long....
I am soooo desperate to go out now!go out to somewhere else to get myself relax doing those thing I like,shopping,movie-ing.....
ohh ya!I wanna watch Valentine Day sooooo damn muchie!!!!!!!!!!!and Alice In the Wonderland,wtf~~
arghhhhh....Prof Exam is S-U-C-K!

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