Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I was teaching my sister maths just now~~
I used 1 hour plus plus like that to explain to her 3 questions!
yaya!3 questions for more than 1hour!!!!!!

Just some simple maths questions,and she almost get crazy by listening to my explanation~
she requested to rest for awhile after the 3rd questions.
(phew~if not I will be the next schizo patient~~)
My house was almost going to call the schizophrenic hospital (Hospital Bahagia) to take her away =.=
me too get dizzy cause kept on explaining to her leh zzzzzzzzzz
this time her SPM sure gg liao....i couldnt imagine what result she will get with her level now :(
I am so afraid of her future leh *GOD bless her*

Monday, May 30, 2011

fingering and 'small warrior'

Today when I read newspaper, there was one column which taught readers about ways of kissing.

It was quite interesting for readers like me!of cause!
So i read it,and I found out that the content really so 18SX!!!!!totally not suitable for underage kids!

They mentioned about the 'small warrior', fingering......really so open minded loh!
maybe they thought that small kids wont read that column,but they were totally wrong!!!!!!!
if they dont know the real meaning of the article,then these small kids will ask their parents like this>>
Small kids:" why the lady butt will be thinking about the soft and sexy lips?!why the buttocks cant resist the seduction of finger?!and what is the heck of small warrior?!"
how are the parents suppose to answer the kids then @.@ zzZzzzz loh


Yesterday I went to swimming with my friend at Majlis BandarRaya Ipoh swimming pool.
I was too boring at home already,so although I don't know how to swim,I still agreed to go with him!

We planned to meet there at 9am in the morning.
If u know me well,u will sure afraid of whether I will be late anot, cause I always late for gatherings. Just to confirm that I wouldn't be late this time,my friend purposely sms-ed me at 8.40am. That time I was still at home,eating breakfast and still preparing myself to go out.
Guess what I replied my friend message,I wrote there "erm,on the way already,almost reaching'!
hah!very clever right!I always use this trick to cheat my friends one,and they always believe it!haha...or sometime I will say, " erm,will be reaching after making one more turn" (u all can try this next time when u are late :P is quite usefull!)

After 10 minutes from the time I received the sms,only then I had prepared myself and started to leave my house :) BUT so surprisingly,I reached there on time leh!!!lol,with the pro driving skill I had and there was no car on Sunday morning,it was lucky to me actually! and my friend also just reached there few minutes before me.I was not late this time SO.PROUD.OF.MYSELF

Somemore yesterday was what so called 'Hari BandarRaya Ipoh City' day,so the entrance fee for the swimming was free!so lucky huh!
It was free,that's why there was sooooooooo many people there!like there was having traffic jam in the swimming pool!really 'people mountain people sea'....
We both forget to bring the sunblock,arghhhh,and the sun was so hot ystd morning even though it was just 9am in the morning!The water was so cold.I soaked my whole body inside the cold water but my head was so freaking hot!my hair was like burning!
According to my friend,you wont get tanned or sunburn if u soak ur body into the water~
So I listened to him,I had my body under the water almost all the time,but after 2 hours of swimming, when I back to home and showered,I saw a distinct shape of the swimming trunk leh at my buttock there!!!!!!so obvious!who said wont get tanned one ar if u soak yourself in the water!

p/s:*erm,no buttock picture of mine la,u all imagine urself la XP*

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Yeah!I had added those nuffnang blog ads back to my bloggie already~~
it is time to continue my nuffnang earning,yippeeee!
last time I change my blog template,that time I was lazy to add back those ads~SO STUPID!

help me click click click plsssssssssss

Thank you alotsssss!
'Whether I will eat porridge or mee for next semester,I depend on u guys ge la'

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Did U ever being nagged by your mom nonstop~~
nag here nag there...nag until you feel like wanna glue your both ears up!
(cause if I said glue up my mom's mouth,seem like I am an unfilial son hor XP)

so now I am nagging my younger sister here and there,day and night!
(substituting my mom's job!)
walao!SPM is coming already,and she is not afraid of it at all,still fooling and wandering around these day!
If it was those day during my secondary school,my mom sure nagged me till the whole neighborhood also able to hear it!so paiseh~~
Dont know why my mom changed so much until she didnt nag my sister so much d,maybe because her working hours different from last time,or maybe she is tired of nagging my sister already

I am more nervous than my sister loh about her future!
Not my SPM,but I care for her SPM more than her; Not my result,but I care her result more than her too>>
yesterday she told me about her school exam results,I was like OMGawd!why she will get so low marks one,I get the shocked of my life!
but I am not blaming her la,cause I know she doesn't like to study as well

BUT what is she going to do after finishing her secondary school?!
quite impossible for her to get Matriculation because of the zzzZzzz results~
she sure will be suffering if she choose Form 6!even me myself also felt like wanna hang myself on the fan with the lower standard of Matriculation Maths,I cant imagine how will it be if it is Form 6 Maths!

So I gave her a suggestion,erm>>
'ban leng leng' then go fish a rich guy loh! the only solution!

p/s: I am so glad that my mom nagged me everyday when I was young :)
thank you mommy,I lurve you
by the way,HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you,MOMMY!!

I miss ur nagging nowadays....





以后我不管,给钱时一定会白纸黑字清清楚楚。。。费事你只会说我天天跟家拿钱 =.=


this time holiday,I keep on eating nonstop whole day!
tummy getting bigger and bigger already!!!!how how how?!
My friend ajak I to go swimming leh tmr morning,and I promised to go already i.i
Is there anyway to slim down the tummy in one day time ar?!
Really frustrating ar....
How am I gonna wear the swimming trunk toplessly and show up in fron of the public with my big fat tummy!

Today gonna control my appetite abit already
MUST CONTROL for tmr handsomeness topless look!

Friday, May 27, 2011


Today is so sibeh HOT HOT HOT leh!!!
Really hot die me leh!melting already

Just ate 1 whole cup of ice cream
so satisfying while eating it,but after finishing it,the HOT-ness came and attacked me again!
What a crazy weather leh!arghhhhh
Can I have ONE more ice cream?!
(erm,I meant one after another :P hahaha)

By the way, I wanna announce to the whole world that I JOGGED THIS MORNING!
can't believe it izit?!yup,me neither!
So unexpected that I kept my promised this time
is time to transform my FLAPPY thigh and calf muscle into MUSCULAR type already!

(I am doubting whether tomorrow I am going to jog as well anot,cause of the pain of the big toe after squeezing into a shoe which was not my size,blaming my dad for throwing my sport shoe few months ago without asking me first)

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Today 26MAY2011 is not any special date of big festival
BUT it is a day where I celebrated my mommy's be-early BIRTHDAY!!!

my mom actual birthday is on 28MAY,but because of it is Saturday and my mom need to work on that day,so we celebrated it on today!

First I planned to go Restaurant Ding Fung Shabu Shabu,but rejected cause my sister said the choices there mostly beef type,and my family doesnt take beef one (except me this odd one out :P)

Then my sister recommended to go DAORAE Korean BBQ,but my dad first reaction was
"hah?!korean food ar??eat korean mee ar??got what to eat inside oo??"
we saw the reaction,and thus we changed our decision again, and finally we changed to>>>


erm,did you guys ever try 'Long De Quan Ren' a.k.a Dragon-i before??
this Dragon One is almost similar to the Dragon-i la,not much different..
According to my sister's Bf,the sifu from these both Dragon were once students under a same master ooo,so the dishes also same same loh,haha,just the name changed from 'i' to 'ONE' LOL

my parents said the dishes there okok nia,not so special
especially their famous siu-long-pao (小笼包) so so nia...not that juicy or delicious as my sister told described to me -.-
But overall the dishes there taste ok for me la

p/s: I am still owing my big sister RM30 for the dinner just now!
omg super broke now!
somemore I am still owing my younger sister Rm20!!!
U can imagine how broken I am now :(



I was too boring just now,so I went to check out my blog
There are 28 blogs which I am following now,mostly from my friends
(2 or 3 unknown blogs,I just follow for fun,to kill time mah)


just to realize that there are only a few of them which are still A.C.T.I.V.E (erm,probably can be counted with 5fingers!)
OTHERS are like in deep sleep,hibernating in winter period...
elllloooooo!wake up loh!
U all have been hibernating for monthssssssss,some even for years leh!
is time to wake up and produce some offspring leh to entertain me!
no wonder I feel so bored nowadays!
Please keep me updates la dude,cause I seldom contact n keep in touch with u guys :(
miss you guys so much!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011




Regarding the previous post

erm...(regarding the previous post)
Sorry if I made u all felt that I was a rude guy
Sorry if I made u all hate Acer tooo
Sorry that I cursed the Acer yesterday (and of course the guy who invented Acer this product)
I didn't mean it actually...
They are so nice,they changed an all new laptop with me after confirming the old one got problem :)
come come,give them big clapsssssss!

That was totally not me loh yesterday
(just that I was on fire,a huge huge wild fire which couldn't controlled by myself,so it burst out like that loh...paiseh)

So now I am using the NEW laptop onlining happily
hopefully there wont be any problem again with this laptop
I don't wanna go there argue with them again
LoL,tell you guys,yesterday was my first time argued like that in a public!
memang sia-sui (memalukan) leh,but what to do,if I didn't act like that,sure I will hug that spoilt laptop for the rest of my life XD

ok la,gtg d,wanna sek sek my new lappie d :)

oh ya,before I forget>>
erm,I wish that the owner of the Acer wont bankrupt,wont sleep on the street,wont step on shits
everything will be fine,smooth,and business will be increasing day by day,get more and more profit from it
wishing ACER mang sui!!!
(am I tooo fake d?!) what la,all of the above really my heart's voice la,very sincere! :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011





Part-Time job

Today I had a random conversation with my mom
I asked her>>

"mom,got any job to recommend me anot??erm,probably on Fri, Sat, and Sun will do "

" aiya,go find urself la"

" no la,u work at supermarket mah,know more ppl and easier to find part-time job mah"

"no need la,u go be DUCK a.k.a gigolo la" (你去做鸭啦)

Ohmygodness!my mom asked me to go be DUCK?!
my eyes totally straighten horizontally and gave her =.= sign
ok loh,since my mom also dont want to find a part time for me,so I assume she wants me to stay at home rest la,then I listen to her la :P

Yeah!gonna rest at home for the whole 1 month!XD

Monday, May 23, 2011


I wanna get crazy with my sister already!!!!!!
omg!I never see someone so thick face until can blame people around her on everything which happen around her!

Just for a simple example>>
She was happily onlining down there, then I went upstair to online after I showered,so I switched on my laptop and started onlining
Suddenly, the internet line down,and I heard someone shouted from down there

" wei,what are u playing upthere ar?!why the line putus already gah?!"

Walao!!!U cannot online then blame me la!what kind of people are u o?!
then next minutes if I cannot online,I don't care what is the real reason,let it be no electricity or internet being cut off cause didn't pay for the monthly fee,I also can blame u la!just the matter of who shout first and blame first only mah!


Sunday, May 22, 2011

my new boi :)

gonna have a simple and lazy and short post tonight
lazy idea what to post
ystd got the mood and the idea too,but too late already and I off my laptop already,so didnt blog ystd night

My lappie Dell spoilt last week,and I didnt want to repair it ANYMORE!
Last year with the same problem,I used RM800 to repair it,but seem like it didnt appreciate the RM800 'medication' I wasted on it,and it could only survive for not more than 6months after repairing :(
as what Chinese said:'nei zou cho yat,ngo zou sap erm' (你做初一我做十五)
since u didnt appreciate the RM800,impossible I will waste another few hundred on u again
better go and buy a new one la, la my Dell lappie.may u R.I.P
(thank God I had retrieved all the doc in it *phew* if not I sure u cant R.I.P loh!tear u into 18parts also will get back those backup! XP)

let's welcome my new Acer lappie :)

Hopefully u really can survive for more than 3 years la
if wanna spoil,spoil within these 3 years,dont spoil after the 3 years warranty,if not u will see me hanging myself to the fan d :(
damn broke after buying u leh...
guai guai ar,Acer,be a good boi boi

Friday, May 20, 2011

A trip to Kuala Selangor a.k.a. Kelip-kelip showtime!

Finally I had done with my final!and guess what,I PASSED!!!!!
(lol,expected already :P not to blow cow la,but lecturer got gave tips mah,if fail really damn pokai liao)

Right after the exam,I straight away rushed back to my room,get myself prepared to go to Kuala Selangor tengok kelip-kelip!!!
Believe it anot,depend on you yourself la,I NEVER see kelip-kelip before,I just saw a few of kelip-kelip la but was through cartoon!wtf,that's why I was so damn excited to experience it by my own
(oh ya,btw kelip-kelip is fireflies in english,neh the insect with a 'light bulb' at the buttock there one leh in cartoon LOL)

We reached there too early,reached there around 3pm,no fireflies to see at that time,so we went to nature park at Kuala selangor first
ok,this one u NEED to believe me!if u are not a jungle tracking lover,DONT ever think of going there!if u really wanna go there,REMEMBER to wear LONG PANT and bring INSECT REPELLENT spray or cream watever shit la!the mosquito there were so fuckingggggggggg hungry!like N years didnt suck blood already!
I wore short pant and didnt bring insect repellent,guess what,there were freaking 20-30plus mosquito following my back!!!!!!!!!!so fucking geli and they just sucked my blood like there is no tomorrow!now thank to them I got mosquito-phobia already!

can u see the red spots at both legs there?!
omg!it was just a few minutes after we entered the jungle!

overall,the nature park was ok ok only loh,I will NEVER EVER go there again!haha
just went there to be mosquito feeder~~torturing!
and the scary monkeys there!so frightening!they just stand in the middle of the road,not once,but like 5-6 of them,staring at u,some jumping from one tree to another tree,omg,I was so freaking scare that they would jump toward us and steal our things and hurt us!cause not many visitors come mah,they sure hungry like those bloody mosquito~

the monkeys there so kesian until I saw one of them eating the grass....

but it was still fun when going with friends!despite all the mosquito and the monkey~
ok la,dont get scared off by my extra-exaggerated comment on the park~go experience urself la :)

after the jungle tracking, we went to eat seafood!yeah~ seafood is a MUST if u go kuala selangor,if not ppl sure laugh at u one~lolz

this is the restaurant we tried!

and this is the price :) RM62.50 for 3 pax,not so expensive
but the dishes is okok nia,not super delicious la

actually the famous seafood restaurant just beside this shops only,but according to my friend,not worth because they too famous already so the price also very 'famous' eating there,kill people one~~

Finally it was time to see kelip-kelip already~
it was 7.30pm already when we reached there
tell u guys,u will sure think I am siao one after listening to this>>
actually at the very beginning,when my friend told me we will be going to K. Selangor to see kelip-kelip,the first thought in my mind was that' the whole river side will be in golden color because of the fireflies!like what we see in cartoon~~haha'
although in reality the whole river bank was not in golden colour,but it was really beautiful!

We could touch the fireflies somemore when the sampan was near to the river side~
but so sad when we took photo with flash,no light bulb see,if we took photo without flash,nothing much seen cause too small d the light bulb :(

(I heard rumor that those ppl there put LED light to attract visitors,but hereby I can prove it was a wrong statement!
there was no LED cheating!all those blinking blinking light front the river bank really real one!
We had checked most of them!!!!haha)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

NO water supply :(

3 hours ago, the hot day and super sunny sky suddenly became dark and the rain just poured down without any noticement
I was so happy because it was so damn hot these few days,and I wishing hard for it to rain!
and whoola,it rained!yeah,it was time for me to nap nap already with that weather :)
(and so I jumped onto my lurvely bed and covered myself with the blanket)

3 hours later...
My housemate knocked my door and told me THERE WAS NO WATER SUPPLY!
omgucci!he gave me the shock of my life leh!
just now rained so heavily and now no water supply?!
somemore I not yet take my shower leh~~so sticky after waking up from nap :(
my face so oily!can imagine those fungus and bacteria are sama sama making lurve on my face and spreading seed there!

(opppsssss!) gonna change my blog already,paiseh ar
the water come back already leh while I am on the half way to blog this :P
can bath and wash my face d leh tonight blek
no fungus and bacteria mating on my face

bai bai la,gonna go bath d

Thursday, May 12, 2011

souvenir~souvenirssssssss :)

so many of my friends are going for trip soon
some went already,some still waiting...

so envy of them,when is my turn to go holiday ar??
I lama tak pergi trip already leh~boring life here

The very last time I went to holiday with my family was last year I guess (or last last year?lol,forgot already)
The very last time I went to holiday with my coursemates was last year too I guess..erm...
omg!seem like more than a year I didnt actually go out and enjoy myself~~

BUT,this is not the main topic now!
haha,the main topic is that I.AM.GONNA.GET.LOT.OF.SOUVENIRs when they are back!!!!
yeah~~yeah~~counting how many souvenirs will I get at least :)

>>one of my friend going to Taiwan~asking him to teleport the 101Tower back for me!lolz

>>another one going to Chine~erm,maybe the China Great Wall perhaps?!muahaha

>>and one more at New Zealand now~haha,I can only think of moo.moo(cows) and mek.mek(sheeps) leh,what more special then?milk and mek.mek fur ar??

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

mama milk for JB :)

Yeah!this news made my day!
I was so happy when I read it in newspaper today
Before that, I was so sad after observing a complicated cataract surgery,and the patient cried on the spot,so damn sad..
the patient was so coorperative but still PCR and the lens dropped into the vitrous i.i
(er,u all sure blur blur what is th hell of PCR,bla bla bla,u just need to know it is not a good sign la,if u gonna do a cataract surery,u pray hard it wont happen on u la)
I will pray hard I wont get cataract when I old
OR if I am so unlucky sui,I will sure go private,go find the most famous cataract surgeon operate for me!

By the way, Justin Bieber being criticized as very childish!
yeah!see la,this is why I hate him so much!
He still need to be fed with mama milk la!grow older la and be more mature la JB!
go go,go back to ur mama hug~~go suck suck ur mama milk~~

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Yeah!I got a purple color glass already!

There were a few times where McD had these kind of promo
buy a McValue set with free gift special glass
But I never go buy it

This was the very FIRST time I went there to buy the set lunch just to get the free glass!
and this week the glass to give out is in purple color :)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Hope U enjoy this :)

Last Wednesday I went to Times Square to catch up with a friend

so it was like a normal outing with friend,that time was 2.40pm
we bought 'The Roommate' movie tickets which showed at 3.40pm
so there was 1 hour for us to lepak before entering the cinema

SUDDENLY I felt like stomachache
and the 'choc' (to be polite) was about to come out already!

BUT when i thought of
"aiyerrrr,Times Square's toilet so dirty,
dont feel like wanna do it here la"

So I told my friend
"wei,how about we go to Pavilion loh'
the toilet there more clean and sophisticated leh! XD
somemore we got 1 hour time mah,so lets go!"

so we walked to Pavilion
when I reached the Sg Wang,omg!the 'choc' was tooo excited already
cannot tahan already,will be coming out anytime!
BUT the problem is,I WAS AT Sg WANG!!!!!

I speed up my walking and we reached Fahrenheit
then when I was about to enter Fahrenheit,I saw Pavilion just a few step more across the road
thinking that "aiyerr,just a few steps more,why dont just cross the road leh?!"
So,I crossed the road,and when I reached the main door of Pavilion
time time really S.H.I.T already!
the urge to defecate really so extreme until I couldn't tahan anymore!
and right after I took off my pant,the 'choc' just BURST out like that!

I couldn't imagine what if I late for a min or a second there zzZZzzzZ
sure jia lat loh that time

and so unexpected that,my friend asked me how did I feel after I came out from the toilet
sure very relief la,abo?!

After the 'tokyo bombing'
ngam ngam 1 hours passed
and needed to rush back to Times Square already for movie


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Not so good mood tonight

Listening to Rebecca Black's Friday
hoping that it will help to excite me abit
it failed :(

For the first time,Friday failed to excite me
cause tomorrow Friday wont be a good Friday~

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

fun fun fun fun~~

7am in the morning,
gonna be fresh, gonna go downstairs
gonna take my bowl,gonna have cereal~~~

Did this remind u of something?
yUp,it is Rebecca's FRIDAY!
(actually I lurve this song alot,dont understand why ppl hate her so lots!)

Today I tak-ada class!
kinda excited cause the other group of my coursemates got class,except my group!
whole day no class,just like Friday,the excitement is so overwhelming
but the only differences from the song was that I dont have downstairs to go (cause living at hostel,if go downstairs means I am gonna be at road side already >.<), and pity me so poor no cereal for morning breakfast~haha

Later gonna go out 'partying,partying,fun x4' just like in the song as well~
bored at room la,should be studying for the exam already,but totally not in mood!
There must be a reason why my group got no class at all
the reason must be 'asking me to go out and enjoy' and not stay at room and rot there~