Saturday, May 28, 2011


Did U ever being nagged by your mom nonstop~~
nag here nag there...nag until you feel like wanna glue your both ears up!
(cause if I said glue up my mom's mouth,seem like I am an unfilial son hor XP)

so now I am nagging my younger sister here and there,day and night!
(substituting my mom's job!)
walao!SPM is coming already,and she is not afraid of it at all,still fooling and wandering around these day!
If it was those day during my secondary school,my mom sure nagged me till the whole neighborhood also able to hear it!so paiseh~~
Dont know why my mom changed so much until she didnt nag my sister so much d,maybe because her working hours different from last time,or maybe she is tired of nagging my sister already

I am more nervous than my sister loh about her future!
Not my SPM,but I care for her SPM more than her; Not my result,but I care her result more than her too>>
yesterday she told me about her school exam results,I was like OMGawd!why she will get so low marks one,I get the shocked of my life!
but I am not blaming her la,cause I know she doesn't like to study as well

BUT what is she going to do after finishing her secondary school?!
quite impossible for her to get Matriculation because of the zzzZzzz results~
she sure will be suffering if she choose Form 6!even me myself also felt like wanna hang myself on the fan with the lower standard of Matriculation Maths,I cant imagine how will it be if it is Form 6 Maths!

So I gave her a suggestion,erm>>
'ban leng leng' then go fish a rich guy loh! the only solution!

p/s: I am so glad that my mom nagged me everyday when I was young :)
thank you mommy,I lurve you
by the way,HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you,MOMMY!!

I miss ur nagging nowadays....


  1. i like the one u say glue ur ear...
    ur sister can learn some hand on skill...
    or take ur advice..

  2. haha,advice to fish a rich guy rite?!fast n easy job to heaven!hahahaa.....can be siu lai lai d :)