Monday, May 30, 2011


Yesterday I went to swimming with my friend at Majlis BandarRaya Ipoh swimming pool.
I was too boring at home already,so although I don't know how to swim,I still agreed to go with him!

We planned to meet there at 9am in the morning.
If u know me well,u will sure afraid of whether I will be late anot, cause I always late for gatherings. Just to confirm that I wouldn't be late this time,my friend purposely sms-ed me at 8.40am. That time I was still at home,eating breakfast and still preparing myself to go out.
Guess what I replied my friend message,I wrote there "erm,on the way already,almost reaching'!
hah!very clever right!I always use this trick to cheat my friends one,and they always believe it!haha...or sometime I will say, " erm,will be reaching after making one more turn" (u all can try this next time when u are late :P is quite usefull!)

After 10 minutes from the time I received the sms,only then I had prepared myself and started to leave my house :) BUT so surprisingly,I reached there on time leh!!!lol,with the pro driving skill I had and there was no car on Sunday morning,it was lucky to me actually! and my friend also just reached there few minutes before me.I was not late this time SO.PROUD.OF.MYSELF

Somemore yesterday was what so called 'Hari BandarRaya Ipoh City' day,so the entrance fee for the swimming was free!so lucky huh!
It was free,that's why there was sooooooooo many people there!like there was having traffic jam in the swimming pool!really 'people mountain people sea'....
We both forget to bring the sunblock,arghhhh,and the sun was so hot ystd morning even though it was just 9am in the morning!The water was so cold.I soaked my whole body inside the cold water but my head was so freaking hot!my hair was like burning!
According to my friend,you wont get tanned or sunburn if u soak ur body into the water~
So I listened to him,I had my body under the water almost all the time,but after 2 hours of swimming, when I back to home and showered,I saw a distinct shape of the swimming trunk leh at my buttock there!!!!!!so obvious!who said wont get tanned one ar if u soak yourself in the water!

p/s:*erm,no buttock picture of mine la,u all imagine urself la XP*


  1. then ur colour very nice lo..
    free tonning...

  2. yalo...nice dao...u want anot?? time U go swim under the hot sun then can get it for free pun :P hahaha