Friday, May 20, 2011

A trip to Kuala Selangor a.k.a. Kelip-kelip showtime!

Finally I had done with my final!and guess what,I PASSED!!!!!
(lol,expected already :P not to blow cow la,but lecturer got gave tips mah,if fail really damn pokai liao)

Right after the exam,I straight away rushed back to my room,get myself prepared to go to Kuala Selangor tengok kelip-kelip!!!
Believe it anot,depend on you yourself la,I NEVER see kelip-kelip before,I just saw a few of kelip-kelip la but was through cartoon!wtf,that's why I was so damn excited to experience it by my own
(oh ya,btw kelip-kelip is fireflies in english,neh the insect with a 'light bulb' at the buttock there one leh in cartoon LOL)

We reached there too early,reached there around 3pm,no fireflies to see at that time,so we went to nature park at Kuala selangor first
ok,this one u NEED to believe me!if u are not a jungle tracking lover,DONT ever think of going there!if u really wanna go there,REMEMBER to wear LONG PANT and bring INSECT REPELLENT spray or cream watever shit la!the mosquito there were so fuckingggggggggg hungry!like N years didnt suck blood already!
I wore short pant and didnt bring insect repellent,guess what,there were freaking 20-30plus mosquito following my back!!!!!!!!!!so fucking geli and they just sucked my blood like there is no tomorrow!now thank to them I got mosquito-phobia already!

can u see the red spots at both legs there?!
omg!it was just a few minutes after we entered the jungle!

overall,the nature park was ok ok only loh,I will NEVER EVER go there again!haha
just went there to be mosquito feeder~~torturing!
and the scary monkeys there!so frightening!they just stand in the middle of the road,not once,but like 5-6 of them,staring at u,some jumping from one tree to another tree,omg,I was so freaking scare that they would jump toward us and steal our things and hurt us!cause not many visitors come mah,they sure hungry like those bloody mosquito~

the monkeys there so kesian until I saw one of them eating the grass....

but it was still fun when going with friends!despite all the mosquito and the monkey~
ok la,dont get scared off by my extra-exaggerated comment on the park~go experience urself la :)

after the jungle tracking, we went to eat seafood!yeah~ seafood is a MUST if u go kuala selangor,if not ppl sure laugh at u one~lolz

this is the restaurant we tried!

and this is the price :) RM62.50 for 3 pax,not so expensive
but the dishes is okok nia,not super delicious la

actually the famous seafood restaurant just beside this shops only,but according to my friend,not worth because they too famous already so the price also very 'famous' eating there,kill people one~~

Finally it was time to see kelip-kelip already~
it was 7.30pm already when we reached there
tell u guys,u will sure think I am siao one after listening to this>>
actually at the very beginning,when my friend told me we will be going to K. Selangor to see kelip-kelip,the first thought in my mind was that' the whole river side will be in golden color because of the fireflies!like what we see in cartoon~~haha'
although in reality the whole river bank was not in golden colour,but it was really beautiful!

We could touch the fireflies somemore when the sampan was near to the river side~
but so sad when we took photo with flash,no light bulb see,if we took photo without flash,nothing much seen cause too small d the light bulb :(

(I heard rumor that those ppl there put LED light to attract visitors,but hereby I can prove it was a wrong statement!
there was no LED cheating!all those blinking blinking light front the river bank really real one!
We had checked most of them!!!!haha)


  1. wah...
    so good...
    didn't ask me go la..

  2. hahaha....u duno my friends pun,scare u not used to it mah,later not fun time la,next time ajak u :P