Wednesday, September 30, 2009


where are u now??can u please appear in front of me now??I beg u....PLEASE
I am feeling soooo insecure for losing u....

p/s:i need you to help me enter college in case I come back after 12midnight >.<

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!!

GO TO DIE LA!!!!!!!

Why I cant log in into my Facebook account?!
while all my friends who sitting beside me can log in...swt...

First time

Yesterday was my FIRST time used my cell phone to online...
but I was not using any WiFi,I just used normal WAP...swt

Yesterday I was actually bia-ing for today assessment,so I knew that if I open my labtop and online,I will never I decided to online using my handphone
BUT wtf,once I finished online,I checked my credit balance,it shown there left RM2.++ jek!!!
OMG...I just online for a few minutes to update my facebook status jek...@@


p/s:I wish to have a new handphone which can support least I can online without using money...aizz....

Monday, September 28, 2009


I am gonna face my DESTINY tomorrow...
HOPE it will be my 'Angel' and not 'Devil'

I wish to sit beside a clever guy tomorrow,or no need to be clever la,at least he or she finished revising all the notes then ok already...
I wish tomorrow assessment questions will all come out from past year!!!!(this is a MUST)
I wish my neck will be longer once I wake up tomorrow,so that I can look at people answer...(I am feeling guilty now when I thinking of what am I gonna do tomorrow,BUT copying answer from others will be the only solution for not getting fail...swt)

BUT the most important thing now is I will be going to my friend's house there cook instant noodle first!haha...Eating instant noodle before the exam day really like a LUCKY charm,it really helps me alot!!!(proven by I NEVER fail in my examss :P)


nothing...U will regret if u read this...>.< (specially for Princess)

Actually I really planned to blog about incidents happened today,BUT laziness always conquer everything...
SO fyi,I have no mood to blog about this happening day already...swt
I will be going to sleep shortly right after finish this crapsss...
TOMORROW I swear I will wake up early to study for Tuesday's exam already...
I failed to study tonight,at which I promised to do so at first,but because of our Princess's Bufday...Ruined my study planned already went out celebrated Princess's Bufday...

PRINCESS always the biggest one...:P
HAPPY BUFDAY!Chow Tze Suen!!!!

Hopefully I didnt fail for the upcoming assessment...GOD bless...
(did u wish for everyone of us will pass for the exam?!hopefully u did)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Raya Holiday

TOMORROW I will be going back to KL already,and I am damn bu shi de now....
can anyone please extend this holiday for a few more days?!I just wish to stay at home here and relax myself without doing anything...
I will be a dead meat once I reach my hostel tmr...
Tuesday got exam and I never touch the notes I which I brought back...sooo many notes haven't studied yet,how am I gonna sit for the exam
arghhhhh...maybe will fail it for this time assessment...T_T

I just finished packing all my clothes
AND I had just finished washed the toilet...(a routine for me the day before I go back to KL in every holiday)

fyi,The whole holiday I wasted mostly on gatherings and playing online game...
yup!ONLINE game...Me myself also never expect my holiday will be gone by playing online game...I thought I will spend most of my time in watching TVB drama,but honestly I didn't do so,for the whole holiday,I just watched 8episodes of TVB drama jek...
At first I really addicted with the online game-Knight Online
I was sooo happy when my character got level up!haha
but the higher ur level,the difficult to get level up...and now my character is level 43 and it takes sooooo damn long time to get level up!so I sort of 'fang qi' already...haha
not so addicted with it already...

As usual,there will be always a gathering of the Gossip Gang during every holiday!
This time our gathering was abit different and I found it more interesting than go to sing k as what we had done before everytime during our Gossip Gang gatheing!!!
we went to eat steamboat at 碳世界!!!
althought for me,all steamboats are just the same,but the feeling is different when we go with different gang of friends!haha...

got Vinsern,Jacyn,Iki,Kok Hoe,Chiew Fui,Kean Zhi,Joon Heng,Xiao Tham,Lai Kwan(she went back early because got family dinner) and me

hopefully next gathering will be a different yet fun gathering with you all!!!^^
(p/s:still got many gathering held during this holiday,but I lazy to blog bout them la...haha)

and of course the rest of the holiday I used to rest at my home...just relax and relax...

Thursday, September 24, 2009


当他们的问题都关系到爱情时, 我时常都会跟他们讲,如果是爱得很辛苦的,就不要去爱了,为何要为一个让自己伤心难过得人而活得酱辛苦了..

Sunday, September 20, 2009


I am totally free for the past 2 days
I had done nothing for the past 2 days
I was just relaxing at my home sweet home for the past 2 days
and probably for the following coming days I will be going out gathering or just relaxing at home

SO these few days won't be soooo active in blogging...
will be coming back soon right after the holiday

Friday, September 18, 2009

NIGHTMARE jam-ing at KL

The journey back to Ipoh yesterday really the most tiring trip I had in my whole life!!!!
OMG~~from KL back to IPOH it wasted me total of 5 hours!!!!and it was not by bus,it was by CAR!so unbelievable
It was just like the journey from Seremban to Ipoh last time during my matrik time!so damn tiring

We departed from the college at around 4.30pm (the actual time forgot already)
First we went to find Yongli's dad at KL there because he said he will be going to change his Kancil with his dad's Proton Wira...All of us were sooo exciting at the beginning because we thought it will become more comfortable when we in the Wira
But the sad part is thing will never always be as smooth as we want it to be...

AND so the NIGHTMARE began right after we passed by Sg. Besi Lrt station
The traffic started to jam at there!
And the next thing which I remembered during for whole trip was that we were stucked in the traffic jam allll the way from Sg. Besi to KL!!!!!!
I just felt my legs were both sooo cramped that time and my butt was just like FIRE burning!!!!My butt was soooooo damn hot and pain sitting on the 'sofa' of Kancil for 2hours!

And sooo unfortunately it was raining yesterday and it worsen the jam that time!
our luck also not sooo lucky that day,no matter which lane we took,the lane will be the slowest!and when we changed to another lane,the previous lane will be fast again,and in the end the new lane we took will become the slowest again....swt...
so we just sat in the car and looked at those cars on the both lane beside us passed by one by one,and we were still stucked at the same point without moving forward!WTF again!

FINALLY at 7.30pm like that we found the exit to the highway and we decided to enter highway first!and so our nightmare was ended once we were in the highway!

We reached Ipoh at around 9.30pm!and we were sooooooo happy that finally we could have our dinner!haha...
WE ate until 11pm,I called my parent to come fetch me back to home,while the others continue their journey back to their hometown,Penang,pity them...still had 2 hours to go before reaching their home...

I was sooo glad that time when I reached my home...^^
Finally I am Back to my home...

First day of the holiday at home...

again!I am pig once I reached my home!!!
yesterday night I asked my mum to buy me a 滑蛋河 for today breakfast
fyi I am the fans of the wok dan hor which sold at the pasar nearby my home!it is sooooo delicious and I didn't eat it already for a long time!despo for it once I reached my home...
mum said not nice la if I dabao for you but you sleep till afternoon only wake up,that time cannot eat already,I told her that I will wake up in the morning right after she comes back from pasar
TOday my mum really did buy me a wok dan hor and I forced myself to wake up (unwillingly) at 8.15am in the morning,I went to brush my teeth and sliirrrp,I ate the whole bowl of wok dan hor!including the soup!!!haha,but I left those pork meats and prawns in the bowl,because I don't like them...
Right after I finished my breakfast,I went to my room again and I jumped onto the bed and I slept again
BUT wtf,I was tooooo full that time and it was just not suitable for me to lie down with such condition,so I sat on the bed with my back lied against the wall beside my I lied until my stomach had digested some of the wok dan hor until the level in which I could sleep on my bed...

and sooo unexpected,the next minute I woke up,when I opened my both eyes,when I grabbed my Hp and looked at the clock,OMG,it was already 1.30pm in the afternoon!
haha...I had my lunch after a few minutes later althought I just finished my whole bowl of wok dan hor before I went to sleep in the morning...haha...maybe is because my digestive system is tooo efficient during my sleeping time.

relaxing at home

HOME SWEET HOME!!!always soooo sweet until I am become DM also...haha

FInally is my turn to use the computer liao...waited for my sister to finished her 'You Are Hired' sooooo long time,finally she finished!^^

1 word to describe me now....

I am gonna blog about the journey back to Ipoh next time,cause I am super tired now...
K la,just a short post to inform you all I AM BACK~~

Thursday, September 17, 2009


I can sleep already now!
NOW the clock showing 2.25am,and I had just finished packed my thing!
I am going to sleep now...tired...eye starting to drop...
waiting for tomorrow class to finish,then I WILL BE GOING BACK TO MY HOME!!!!^^

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

my first time.....

first time to be soooooooo despo to go home....
(maybe I got that kind of feeling before,but I forgot when was the last time already,so let this to be first time la...haha)

I have been waiting for tomorrow to arrive until 'gang3 dou2 cheong3 mai3' (neck become long-direct translation from cantonese)
I have been not-in-mood since Monday...
I MIsS mY H0mE SOooOOo MUCHIE!!!!!

Miss sooo many thing at my hometown there....

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

funny yet stupid

Facebook is getting more and more popular among my coursemates
and recently we are sooo crazy playing the Fortune Teller Genius
Is a quiz in which u type your question in the column provided and he will tell u the answer

I was so boring just now,so I asked some questions...I typed the 'become' wrongly in the question,so I guess he might be misunderstood with my question

so I decided to ask again
BUT yet the answer was still NO!!!
OMG~~maybe is my destiny

Then I changed my question to 'Will I become more muscular in the future?'BUT WTF also,the answer was NO!!!!

Next i asked whether I can finish study my notes or not by tonight...
AND the answer appeared to as what I thought,me myself also don't have confident for finishing it tonight...haha
So I started to believe in this Fortune Teller d...

Then I asked will the coming holiday be an enjoyable holiday...
Thank godness,it said 'Maybe',at least not tooo bad pun...haha
Just that I need to becareful only...
wondering what type of danger it will be...accident?!coi~~

Lastly I asked him 'Do you know I love u?'
really 'zha dao' when I saw it!!

Honestly I really didn't understand the question

I am sooo sorry....>.<

I killed 1pair of small flies!!!!!

I killed them when they were doing SEX!!!!!OMG~~
BUT they were really annoyed me that time!!!
flew here flew there
kacau my eye sight
so I 'crushed' them with my bare hand
and they dead

please view the picture carefully,both of them are still sticking together although they had dead,so sweet and lovely 'little couple'...swt

Annoyed by the stupid FU*CKing line!!!!!

I AM BACK!!!!Finally~~
last two days,I was totally lost connection with the world outside there,due to the stupid F*cking Uspot line!!!!!
I was connected to the line,but don't know why it kept on showing '500 internal server error' stupid sentence over and over again.........
I was soooo frustrated with it everytime I open my firefox and see the stupid sentence

BUT I am sooo happy now,FINALLY the nightmare had past and now I am here blogging~~
It was really suffering for not having internet in my life...
thx to the internet inventor!^^

I was sooooo despo to online,but I couldn't do so for the past two days
and it spoilt my mood to study,so I decided to find something to do,to exchange with the time spend for surfing internet,and I had chosen DRAMA!!!!
BUT believe me,the decision was totally wrong!and I was super regret for choosing drama...T_T
For the first night,I watched drama until 4am in the morning,and that night I was supposed to study,I didn't do as what I had promised myself...
and it happened again for the second day...
but thank god now I can online again,and I swear I won't waste my time watching drama again...
I WILL STUDY!!!!!!(only for these 2 days before the holiday,hehe)

p/s:will continue boil my drama after going back to my home...blek~~

Sunday, September 13, 2009




Saturday, September 12, 2009



I just finished watching the drama 'You Are Hired' halfway...
I just have the drama until 14th episods,now I am hanging halfway,waititng for the supplier to gv me the rest of the episods...


haha...I still remember that I still owning you all 1 post-The Trip To Genting
(maybe you all forgot it already,but haha,now I boring,nothing to do,so I will use this time to blog bout it)
this time I will try to emphasize in photosssss...and it will be less wordy ^^
ENjoy It

We departed from our college at 8am in the morning
and we reached KL Sentral at 9am like was still early so we decided to have our breakfast at McD
we are camwhoring queen and king!everyone were soooo excited...

Tze Suan and me

with another bunch of gals ^^ I am sooo popular!

everyone were soooo sleepy and so they slept in the bus
BUT for me,I kept on siok sendiri camwhoring with my KeithKEith in the bus...=.=

*tada*finally reached the building of Genting cable car
while waiting for the girls to come out from toilet,I kept on do the 'thing' I like the most-CAMWHORING

IN the cable car
there are total of 23station in which the cable car needs to pass through,so we did use our time wisely inside the car...
alwaz pretend to be DONT-WANT-TAKE-PHOTO pose_LOH LYNN HOOI1st take-Is a FAILURE
2nd take-NICER!!!

First thing we did once we reached Genting,after dumped alll of our luggage at the first world lobby,we went to played indoor 'di di gay'...haha
sooo damn boring...sigh,I am not kid anymore...haha

After that,we went to eat at Vietnam Househaha,the food there quite delicious,and I spent around RM25 ate at there,not bad!haha
My advice-next time don't go eat at fast food outlet-kfc,Mcd or burgerking at Genting,because eat those fast food at there also around RM15-20,just add another RM5-10,then we can eat something special such as Vietnam House!haha...

after checked in,we allll were soooo busy discussing how to dress or what to wear in order to transform into a older look so that we can cheat those guard to enter casino...
SO I changed my T into a formal shirt...hahasome of my friends even wore spec or hak ciu or even scarf to pretend they are actually OLD!haha

did we really look old?!haha
I guess not

A few of us succeeded in entering the casino,of course including me la,although I being blocked for the first time when I tried to enter,the guard asked me to show my IC...but the second time I did enter!!!haha...^^
pity 3 of my friends,they sooooo desperate to enter the casino,one of their main objective for coming to Genting,but they FAILED to cheat the guard....(although they they really looks mature somemore with formal shirt,I never thought there couldn't enter...sad for them...)
3 lonely guy soooo sad couldn't enter casino...

During the first night at there,we all went to watched the FINAL DESTINATION 4!!!
haiz,I thought it will be a very nice and scary movie,but we were not watching the movie in 3D so it was not as scary as I friend said 3D better...regret for didn't watch it in 3D version....T_T
and we also celebrated Yuhui's Bufday after the movie!

At first we planned to enter the Safari club...
BUT due to the expensive entrance fee,RM30,so we didn't enter...sob sob...
Next time I will save $$ before going to Genting!haha...

THE second day,we went to play at outdoor theme park!hooray!my favourite!haha

the first game we played-PIRATE SHIP!haha

I super Like this kid!!!!he is sooooo cute and sporting!!!!!haha
we played bumber boat together!and we did have sooooo much fun that time

Photo with Jessie's dad and mum
thank to Jess's dad,cause he booked 3 rooms for us...

I like this photo!
haha,story in
side,we play the Tea Cup untill we really had our head spinned out!!!haha
we spinned spinned spinned and at the end I really couldn't stand still once I stand up...hahaha
so funny...

our lunch during second day!again used rm25 for this lunch....haha
worth it because it was delicious!haha

FEW photos before we leaving at night...
In the bus going back to KL sentral...preparing to sleep...haha

there are stillll many photo captured during this trip...
just that I lazy to upload sooo much
TIRED dragging those uploaded photo from the top there to the bottom here,repeated dragging these photosssssss for almost 1 hours d....k la,i think that alll i wana post about...^^
hope you enjoy iT

Thursday, September 10, 2009




也许是 ‘放假后忧郁症’ 瓜。。。(我自创的)


piggie me!

PIG will only know to sleep eat and sleep again...
and I fulfill one of the criteria!
I OVERSLEPT this morning....
I heard the alarm sound,it was soooooo loud,but I just didn't want to wake up and stop the alarm..
I LET IT KEEP SNOOZING for more than 45minutes...
and when I was in unconscious state,I heard someone knocked my door,when I opened the door,allll my housemate already went to class and left me only in the whole house
I went back to the room and looked at the clock
so I called my friend to help me sign for the attendance if can...haha
I think partly I am a pig,but partly not
because now I am gonna study and use this period wisely!!!!!haha



NOW the clock showing 12.32am in the midnight
It is still early for me to sleep
But don't know why I feel sooo tired now

From yesterday onward,everynight I need to go to train my junior to dance for the course night..
(maybe I should say I go there to keep an eye on them,to make sure they are practicing and not fooling around )
this routine will be continuing until end of October...
As I mentioned in my previous post,I didn't want to have my nap during afternoon and tried to force myself to study,the reason behind this is because of the COURSE NIGHT!haiz.....
I can't study at night due to the dance practising so I need to study during daytime in which it is TOTALLY against my habit which normally study during nighttime...T_T

Last year when I was junior,that time my senior trained us,taught us...
BUT this year,haha,the tradition had changed!
NOW is JUNIOR teaches JUNIORsss!!!!wtf
we can't help it,because those who are pro lazy to teach them,and for those like me who don't have any basic in dancing or never dance can't teach them because we don't know how to teach pun...=.=''
Just like 有心无力 'got heart no energy' (sorry,it is translated directly from the chinese)...
Thank god we have a junior who know how to dance,who did perform on the stage last time,who willing to teach the others!haha...
Thanks to her,we (seniorss) can relax and sit at there 'chui sui'...haha

OK la,this year juniors not bad also
some of them can dance,some are ok but still there are 4 of them who really need to improve themselve!!!!
sometimes when I was watching at them,I couldn't control myself from laughing...some of them were soooooo damn funny until I couldn't tahan : )
Sometimes they remind me about me myself during first year dance practicing!I was really noob in dancing that time...and I couldn't believe that I really made it during the 1 month practice!!!
HoPefuLLy 4 of them will really change during this period.....god bless

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I am getting more and more addicted to Facebook already!
and it is in chronic phase!I need to control myself from being soooo slacking around without doing something beneficial...
I swear I will study now!
I swear I will close my labtop right after I finish this post!
I swear I will finish 1 notes before I have my dinner...(this is quite difficult to be fulfilled because the note I will be studying later is quite hard,but still I will try ^^)
I swear I will not go to have any short nap before I have my lunch....
I swear sooooo many things,and I scare I can't fulfill all of it...
Sleeping Beauty is lying on my bed and she is pulling me to sleep beside her...swt...

-closing now-

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

yeah~~~~ *jumping around!!!!!*

I thought the Nuffnang is cheating me all these time,I waited for sooooooo long,and I check my account everyday...
BuT the earning there still showing RM0.00 =.=''
so I thought maybe I had done something wrong,maybe I put those advertisement in wrong place,or maybe I didn't fulfill their requirement...etc

BUT sooooooo unexpected,just now as usual when I checked my account ,I saw something different from the other days...I saw the 'Earning' was no longer RM0.00,but it shown RM2.00!!!!!!!!!!!
OK,I know maybe you all will think that 'aiya,just RM2 only,what is soooo special to be proud of?!'...
BUT for me,the RM2 really motivate me a lotsssssssss!
haha...maybe I am lacking of money now,soooo the RM2 mean a lot toooo me!

*here is the prove*

Thank you for those who viewed my blog and who helped me to click on those advertisements...I LoVE you allll sooooo much~~
Hope you all will keep on supporting my blog,I know my blog a bit boring,but haha,if can,just open my blog n click on those advertisements la...
I will be more hardworking to update my blog and make it to become more interesting!!^^

Monday, September 7, 2009

I LoVe U!!!!!

This post is purposely for my little kai zai-Chee Rean and my little buddy-Chui Voon,and also of course for my friend-Peiyi
I know only peiyi out of the 3 I mentioned above will be seeing this,BUT it is enough cause I don't care the other two see anot,but I really wana tell them I LOVE THEM SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!

@my little kai zai-Chee Rean and my little buddy:Thank you ur mooncake dedication to me!I am soooo damn touched in which I never thought I will be receiving it from my buddy or from my kai zai...(cause I didn't buy anything for them tooo,and I feel soooo chan kui for acting like that now,haha,sign,I am bankrupt now)

*from my kaizai*

*from my buddy*

@Peiyi:Thank you for the ham gan gat!my troat is sooooo comfort when I derink it!thx alot for it!hehe...and for your information,it is still HOT when I drank it!haha...maybe you all duno what is inside the cup,but fyi it is ham gan gat from peiyi!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

The day before Genting Trip-Part 2

As I promised you all...there will be part 2,and here it is!haha
see!I am keeping my promise!haha...

Yupt!finally I finished my dinner just now at 10.45pm
At first I thought of going out to have my dinner,I really did go out,but the only thing different was I dapao it back to my room and ate it in my room...
The reason I didn't eat at outside is because I just remembered about my 'expired' licence!haha...
it expired yesterday,and only when I was on my way to the McD,I remembered it!wtf!
that time I was soooo scare,thinking whether will I be soooo 'fortunately' be caught by police...haha
Right after that,I told myself that I can't stay at outside at this late,because now is puasa month,maybe there will be policeman around cari I had decided to go back after dabao-ing my chicken burger...

GUESS what am I doing now
Just now rite after i finished typing the paragraph above,I stopped for a while,and I put on my mask and now I am typing with my mask on my face...
again,my face is in GREEN colour now due to the mask
HOPEFULLY it will help to improve my face condition la by tomorrow morning...haha

ok la,will be ending here
I will be disappearing for the coming 2 days,will be updating myself again after the Genting Trip...ciao~~

The day before Genting Trip-Part 1

YEAH!!!I am really looking forward for tomorrow Genting trip!!!!
YIppeeee!!!Finally it is reaching...^^
but now I am starving...not yet pack anything necessary for tomorrow!
tonight will be definitely a busy night!haha...

omg~~I am really hungry now...
I didn't feel any hungry-ness just now until I finished my drama marathon-HEROES 3!
haha...had been watching it started from this afternoon 1pm until just now at 9pm...haha...
8hours non-stop marathon,without moving my butt,it just sticked to the chair during that period
I really meant it,I NEVER WENT TO TOILET EVEN THOUGHT MY URINARY BLADDER WAS FULLY DISTENDED UNTIL 699ml (fyi it will automatically urinate if it reaches 700ml),and thank god my kidney just stopped producing urine...

and right after finished the marathon i rushed to the toilet in order to let the waterfall out,and I felt super relieve!phew~~

ok la,will be continuing my story after i coming back from my dinner,or should I call it as 'supper'?! already 10pm...

-to be continue-




Thursday, September 3, 2009

Am I very bad??

Am I a bad guy?!

I am asking my buddy to help me take merit leh...
fyi,in order to keep staying at this college for the next year,we need to collect merit and for us,second year the minimum merit required are 60 merit leh!OMG!!!!
yup!you didn't see it wrongly,it is 60!aizzz....
that why I am asking my buddy to help me take the merit leh...if not i am going to die!
although my seniors said that there will be space for us medic students to stay for sure,but I am still worrying for it...
if let said the stupid dean or pejabat beh sorng us,change the tradition then I mai die?!arghhhhh....
I am planning to give the whole merit book to my little buddy and ask her to take as many merit as she can for me...
I am just toooo busy this sem that I cant even find time to go down and sit at there wait for the merit...(today is the exceptional case,because I am giving myself a 1 day holiday,that why I am soooo free...)
so am I considered as a bad guy for asking her to help me take merit??
sorry la buddy...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Today is FRIDAY (actually it is just Wednesday)

I am celebrating my Friday 2 days earlier than others ^^
I am not dreaming and you all shouldn't doubt about it!It is happening to me now!!!!!
bElieVe iT oR NoT...

This month will be only 2 assessment,and now left 1 ahead
Today assessment already finished and overall it was OK!^^not tooo bad
And now I am passing my long night as how I usually passed my Friday night...
and allll my mind is just occupied by the Genting trip which will be on this Saturday!!!!I just can't control my mind from stop thinking of it...blek :P
I am now happily online-ing in my room,while my roomie is studying the lecture notes... (Tell you already,I am the only one who celebrating Friday tonight ^^)

*later go to supper liao*

I believe this picture will make ur day!!!
(i saw this pic in one of my junior's facebook,and I laugh my ass off when I saw it...)