Friday, September 18, 2009

NIGHTMARE jam-ing at KL

The journey back to Ipoh yesterday really the most tiring trip I had in my whole life!!!!
OMG~~from KL back to IPOH it wasted me total of 5 hours!!!!and it was not by bus,it was by CAR!so unbelievable
It was just like the journey from Seremban to Ipoh last time during my matrik time!so damn tiring

We departed from the college at around 4.30pm (the actual time forgot already)
First we went to find Yongli's dad at KL there because he said he will be going to change his Kancil with his dad's Proton Wira...All of us were sooo exciting at the beginning because we thought it will become more comfortable when we in the Wira
But the sad part is thing will never always be as smooth as we want it to be...

AND so the NIGHTMARE began right after we passed by Sg. Besi Lrt station
The traffic started to jam at there!
And the next thing which I remembered during for whole trip was that we were stucked in the traffic jam allll the way from Sg. Besi to KL!!!!!!
I just felt my legs were both sooo cramped that time and my butt was just like FIRE burning!!!!My butt was soooooo damn hot and pain sitting on the 'sofa' of Kancil for 2hours!

And sooo unfortunately it was raining yesterday and it worsen the jam that time!
our luck also not sooo lucky that day,no matter which lane we took,the lane will be the slowest!and when we changed to another lane,the previous lane will be fast again,and in the end the new lane we took will become the slowest again....swt...
so we just sat in the car and looked at those cars on the both lane beside us passed by one by one,and we were still stucked at the same point without moving forward!WTF again!

FINALLY at 7.30pm like that we found the exit to the highway and we decided to enter highway first!and so our nightmare was ended once we were in the highway!

We reached Ipoh at around 9.30pm!and we were sooooooo happy that finally we could have our dinner!haha...
WE ate until 11pm,I called my parent to come fetch me back to home,while the others continue their journey back to their hometown,Penang,pity them...still had 2 hours to go before reaching their home...

I was sooo glad that time when I reached my home...^^
Finally I am Back to my home...

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