Saturday, September 12, 2009


haha...I still remember that I still owning you all 1 post-The Trip To Genting
(maybe you all forgot it already,but haha,now I boring,nothing to do,so I will use this time to blog bout it)
this time I will try to emphasize in photosssss...and it will be less wordy ^^
ENjoy It

We departed from our college at 8am in the morning
and we reached KL Sentral at 9am like was still early so we decided to have our breakfast at McD
we are camwhoring queen and king!everyone were soooo excited...

Tze Suan and me

with another bunch of gals ^^ I am sooo popular!

everyone were soooo sleepy and so they slept in the bus
BUT for me,I kept on siok sendiri camwhoring with my KeithKEith in the bus...=.=

*tada*finally reached the building of Genting cable car
while waiting for the girls to come out from toilet,I kept on do the 'thing' I like the most-CAMWHORING

IN the cable car
there are total of 23station in which the cable car needs to pass through,so we did use our time wisely inside the car...
alwaz pretend to be DONT-WANT-TAKE-PHOTO pose_LOH LYNN HOOI1st take-Is a FAILURE
2nd take-NICER!!!

First thing we did once we reached Genting,after dumped alll of our luggage at the first world lobby,we went to played indoor 'di di gay'...haha
sooo damn boring...sigh,I am not kid anymore...haha

After that,we went to eat at Vietnam Househaha,the food there quite delicious,and I spent around RM25 ate at there,not bad!haha
My advice-next time don't go eat at fast food outlet-kfc,Mcd or burgerking at Genting,because eat those fast food at there also around RM15-20,just add another RM5-10,then we can eat something special such as Vietnam House!haha...

after checked in,we allll were soooo busy discussing how to dress or what to wear in order to transform into a older look so that we can cheat those guard to enter casino...
SO I changed my T into a formal shirt...hahasome of my friends even wore spec or hak ciu or even scarf to pretend they are actually OLD!haha

did we really look old?!haha
I guess not

A few of us succeeded in entering the casino,of course including me la,although I being blocked for the first time when I tried to enter,the guard asked me to show my IC...but the second time I did enter!!!haha...^^
pity 3 of my friends,they sooooo desperate to enter the casino,one of their main objective for coming to Genting,but they FAILED to cheat the guard....(although they they really looks mature somemore with formal shirt,I never thought there couldn't enter...sad for them...)
3 lonely guy soooo sad couldn't enter casino...

During the first night at there,we all went to watched the FINAL DESTINATION 4!!!
haiz,I thought it will be a very nice and scary movie,but we were not watching the movie in 3D so it was not as scary as I friend said 3D better...regret for didn't watch it in 3D version....T_T
and we also celebrated Yuhui's Bufday after the movie!

At first we planned to enter the Safari club...
BUT due to the expensive entrance fee,RM30,so we didn't enter...sob sob...
Next time I will save $$ before going to Genting!haha...

THE second day,we went to play at outdoor theme park!hooray!my favourite!haha

the first game we played-PIRATE SHIP!haha

I super Like this kid!!!!he is sooooo cute and sporting!!!!!haha
we played bumber boat together!and we did have sooooo much fun that time

Photo with Jessie's dad and mum
thank to Jess's dad,cause he booked 3 rooms for us...

I like this photo!
haha,story in
side,we play the Tea Cup untill we really had our head spinned out!!!haha
we spinned spinned spinned and at the end I really couldn't stand still once I stand up...hahaha
so funny...

our lunch during second day!again used rm25 for this lunch....haha
worth it because it was delicious!haha

FEW photos before we leaving at night...
In the bus going back to KL sentral...preparing to sleep...haha

there are stillll many photo captured during this trip...
just that I lazy to upload sooo much
TIRED dragging those uploaded photo from the top there to the bottom here,repeated dragging these photosssssss for almost 1 hours d....k la,i think that alll i wana post about...^^
hope you enjoy iT


  1. seems fun oh..
    long time never go for frens vacation.

  2. YUP!!!!fun...dat y i had a short period of 'post-holiday syndrome'