Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Raya Holiday

TOMORROW I will be going back to KL already,and I am damn bu shi de now....
can anyone please extend this holiday for a few more days?!I just wish to stay at home here and relax myself without doing anything...
I will be a dead meat once I reach my hostel tmr...
Tuesday got exam and I never touch the notes I which I brought back...sooo many notes haven't studied yet,how am I gonna sit for the exam
arghhhhh...maybe will fail it for this time assessment...T_T

I just finished packing all my clothes
AND I had just finished washed the toilet...(a routine for me the day before I go back to KL in every holiday)

fyi,The whole holiday I wasted mostly on gatherings and playing online game...
yup!ONLINE game...Me myself also never expect my holiday will be gone by playing online game...I thought I will spend most of my time in watching TVB drama,but honestly I didn't do so,for the whole holiday,I just watched 8episodes of TVB drama jek...
At first I really addicted with the online game-Knight Online
I was sooo happy when my character got level up!haha
but the higher ur level,the difficult to get level up...and now my character is level 43 and it takes sooooo damn long time to get level up!so I sort of 'fang qi' already...haha
not so addicted with it already...

As usual,there will be always a gathering of the Gossip Gang during every holiday!
This time our gathering was abit different and I found it more interesting than go to sing k as what we had done before everytime during our Gossip Gang gatheing!!!
we went to eat steamboat at 碳世界!!!
althought for me,all steamboats are just the same,but the feeling is different when we go with different gang of friends!haha...

got Vinsern,Jacyn,Iki,Kok Hoe,Chiew Fui,Kean Zhi,Joon Heng,Xiao Tham,Lai Kwan(she went back early because got family dinner) and me

hopefully next gathering will be a different yet fun gathering with you all!!!^^
(p/s:still got many gathering held during this holiday,but I lazy to blog bout them la...haha)

and of course the rest of the holiday I used to rest at my home...just relax and relax...


  1. haaaaaa, i tot u go bek 2day! y change ur mind?!

  2. I will be going back to Kl tomorrow by my friend's car...=P
    the train ticket I sold it to weihan already,he wanted to go to KL wor...

  3. @xj:ha!I forgot to mention bout the 'tan sai gai' was introduced by u!!!haha

  4. lol.. u all went to tan sai gai ar? tat one seems delicious, told me earlier ma, then i might join.. tat time told kean zhi i dislike steamboat.

    KO.. without u all, i aso pause a little bit. It's so sad to train on my own. lol

  5. @weihan:I got another rogue character leh...lvl 30!!!haha(actually 29,but almost 30),but till now,havnt get a nice bow yet...sad,low damage...