Friday, September 18, 2009

First day of the holiday at home...

again!I am pig once I reached my home!!!
yesterday night I asked my mum to buy me a 滑蛋河 for today breakfast
fyi I am the fans of the wok dan hor which sold at the pasar nearby my home!it is sooooo delicious and I didn't eat it already for a long time!despo for it once I reached my home...
mum said not nice la if I dabao for you but you sleep till afternoon only wake up,that time cannot eat already,I told her that I will wake up in the morning right after she comes back from pasar
TOday my mum really did buy me a wok dan hor and I forced myself to wake up (unwillingly) at 8.15am in the morning,I went to brush my teeth and sliirrrp,I ate the whole bowl of wok dan hor!including the soup!!!haha,but I left those pork meats and prawns in the bowl,because I don't like them...
Right after I finished my breakfast,I went to my room again and I jumped onto the bed and I slept again
BUT wtf,I was tooooo full that time and it was just not suitable for me to lie down with such condition,so I sat on the bed with my back lied against the wall beside my I lied until my stomach had digested some of the wok dan hor until the level in which I could sleep on my bed...

and sooo unexpected,the next minute I woke up,when I opened my both eyes,when I grabbed my Hp and looked at the clock,OMG,it was already 1.30pm in the afternoon!
haha...I had my lunch after a few minutes later althought I just finished my whole bowl of wok dan hor before I went to sleep in the morning...haha...maybe is because my digestive system is tooo efficient during my sleeping time.

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