Sunday, July 31, 2011

is my dad BIG DAY



honestly I was not a good boy last time
cause I never say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dad
when I was young when I was still a kids,I never wish my dad
when I grew older, I studied at other state and so I just SMS my dad to wish him
I NEVER wish him by mouth (feel ashamed of myself actually)

BUT this year,I called my dad and I WISH HIM BY MOUTH!!!!

although it was just a simple word,but I guess it meant alot for my daddy =)

my sisters they all already went to celebrated my dad's birthday few days ago

went to eat big!walao!6ppl ate RM240.82 leh!!!!!roughly RM40 per pax!!

and all paid by my elder sister!

so clever loh my sister,went to eat big and treat everyone without me!!!

I don't care~ when I back to hometown,sure I will ask my sister to treat me eat BIG BIG one XP

My dilemma

a song recommended by my friend

not so really like her

but somehow I love the song once I saw the lyrics
(honestly I am just attracted by the lyrics only,not the singer nor the song)

(one of my friend said he doesn't really like Selena Gomez to sing 'yum 歌' lolz,dont know how to direct translate the 'yum',just try your best to get what it mean la ^^ )

p/s:i dont think this is considered as 'yum 歌' la...lolz

Saturday, July 30, 2011



Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Lord Of The VAGINAL Ring

this morning I went to join the clinic again
joined Dr Shaheeda and Dr Su's clinic
Both of them really so nice~~how I wish next time one of them will be my MO leh when I am doing my housemanship after I graduated
but Dr Su will be going to Hospital Manjung already after Raya
will I get the same hospital with her in the future?!wondering :) :)
Today as usual I thought it will be another unproductive day for me
but so unexpected,it turned out to be a very PRODUCTIVE day for me

I asked Dr Su to allow me to insert the ring pessary for one patient,and she agreed!hooray!
(is a ring which inserted into the vaginal to prevent the uterine prolapse one)
really excited that time!but abit nervous also~~cause first time mah altho the patient was an 'ah mah' hahahathinking there,oh shit,if I insert the pessary into a wrong hole then how ar??if I cant find the hole leh how ar?!so stupid izit??LOL

the insertion was abit difficult la,cause it was difficult to fold the ring into '8' shape,somemore with the KY jelly on it,so slipper, but at the end I still managed to insert it at the second trial!
so proud of myself for inserting 'The Lord of the Vaginal Ring' successfully!!!
(hopefully it wont fall off tmr la LOL)

I am very professional and skillful already in inserting the ring~
anyone who has uterus prolapse can call me for helping u :) or if u want insert it suka suka by me also no prob! XP

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

crappy unproductive day~~

Another crappy day today!
arghhhhh,I had been crappy for 2 days continuously already >.<
reached hospital at 7.30am,waiting for the class at 10am,but then suddenly get a call from doctor to cancel the class cause she was not feeling well,guess what,that time was 9am only!
ohmygawd!purposely went to hosp that early for class one mah,and she told us no class d
ystd also same,same doctor and same situation class cancelled
this doctor really the biggest 'fei kei wong' loh~~~

so I went to clinic to lepak myself there loh,go chit chat with the MO there
stayed at the clinic till 11.30am,went to had my lunch and as usual waited for the bus to go back to college

walao!I waited there since 12pm leh,guess what time the bus arrived?!
someone called the driver and the driver said he was coming that we waited loh...
BUT then we waited til 2pm leh also no bus yet!!!!!!
really very dulan the bus driver loh!from Serdang there to HKL where got need so long oo!
ello,you thought I am 3 yo kid ar?!F*CK u la!sure you go somewhere else eat snake before coming to fetch us!

At the end,reached my room at 2.40pm!

I swear to myself,I won't smile at you anymore next time when I board your bus!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

date with Harry Potter :)

Finally is my turn to watch Harry Potter 7 Part2 leh tmr!!
yeah,i know I am abit outdated..
but what to do,I wanna watch it on Wednesday mah
(poor stud like me is like that one,cheap is the priority)
then the last few weeks Wednesday I also oncall at hospital
terpaksalah watch it this week loh

hah!purposely highlighted the show time and number of ticket one...blek
dont wanna to bump into friends there,or dont wanna ppl purposely go there to see me :)
you all guess la what time I am going to watch it XDXD

really looking forward to watch it tmr
hopefully tmr everything will be smooth
nothing will happen in sudden which kacau my dating la
Opps...did I just say 'dating' LOL
I meant my dating with HARRY POTTER la :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

A sudden call.......

I was sleeping just now,and suddenly I received a call from my friend
Normally he won't call me one,or should I say he never call me one
he was quite a close friend to me when we were in matriculation time

so it happened like this~~

ei,I wanna ask hor,can u lend me RMXXX first?!

erm,ok......(with the unwillingly voice)
but why u need the money first?!

my family got prob,so I gave my mom some of my saving already,and now I got not enough money to use...

ooo...(unwillingly again) when are u going to return to me?

I will return to u on next week Wednesday

okie~make sure u return to me on next week Wednesday ok (feel that it is quite impossible leh,unless got extra $$ drop down from the sky for him la in this 1 week time)

thank alot ar :)

ok,is ok... (but actually the RMXXX meant alot to me during this period when I am in pokai state)

I wanna to reject helping him,but since he is my friend,I dont know how to reject leh,so I agreed on the spot without thinking (I am too kind hearted I think)
somemore I don't think he will ask me for help if he is not really in need of money urgently,so I guess he really in desperation,got his own reason
and of course I believe that he will return the money to me,just the matter of time only. I don't think I will get the money back in 1 week time loh :(
actually I also got not much $$$ left with me now,I am lagi pokai leh,just that I think I still can survive after lending the money to him...

what to do now?!
just hope that everything will be alright loh
hope that he will be alright,hoping that my $$ can help him at this moment(at least)
hope that he really can pay me back on next week Wednesday as he promised (if not I am gonna eat grass or tree trunk already for the coming few weeks)

GOD bless everything :)

p/s: I think I am going to experience the same situation after 2 months time :( who will be my victim then?!hahahaa...lolz

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Twitter :)


I am a member of Twitter already!
just sign up!and hopefully to be active as well (lolz,doubting myself)

add me!add me!@ekjoon (just click the link here)
very new to tweet tweet,still blur blur here
but getting used to it already
I need more friend at there!boring la,just one or two twit I following :(

(ciao,gonna offline and go study already,slcking for the whole weekend already!)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Officially a VOTER~

This happened for a few days liao~
but because of my laziness and blame the busy-ness
now only I manage to find some time to blog bout this :)

I am gonna undi out the Najis, or Jib Gor,or Naik Jeep,whatever jib u can name it out!
(erm,just a question,can I undi out him by voting?!haha,I am abit stupid in this kind of political thingy gea,which side should I vote in the coming election leh?!haha but of course I am not so stupid until will vote for the BN loh~)

the problem now is that I don't know when is the coming election leh...
I just registered 1weeks ago,and it need half year to process and then only can be a true voter
see la,this is Malaysia loh,now everything also using computer already mah,still need to use half year to process my record @.@ really ZZzzzzzZ better go sleep la,not doing their work pun those government servant~~

for those who not yet a voter,better act fast leh~
you know la,Msia government very 'clever' one,later say you late for register la,cant vote la...or say ur info wrong la,cant vote la....many reasons can come out from their big mouth gea
I really beh tahan with their fake 1Malaysia motto already~~

Together let us change Malaysia for a better TOMORROW :)


arghhhhhhhhhhh!I hate pink now!!
I really hate pink now!!!!
why la the office so stupid one,change all the curtain to pink colour?!
do they have any common sense on colour choosing thingy?!
F*ck them la for not paying attention when it was being taught during primary school :(
see what happen to my room when they change the curtain to pink colour?!
really wanna salute them loh for their creativity~
somemore my room was directly facing the sun one!
this is the result of they creativity together with the power of sun!walao,my whole room just turned into Pink Painter house!

I was sitting inside my room for awhile just now,started to get used to the pinkish environment already,felt like no different with normal bright,but when I stepped out the room,suddenly I felt reborn,I was like stepping into heaven leh,so bright out there!!!!!

But they stupid,I am not dumb la.. (佢地蠢,我都唔傻)
after they changed the curtain,they just left it at outside the corridor there,so I grabbed it and took it back to my room leh :) wanna wash it tonight or tmr,then hang it up again
so clever izit??hehe...

Saturday, July 16, 2011

mildewed vit C @.@

can u see the word on the packet?!
it stated 'GUNA SEBELUM-08/2011'
warrafak~now only mid of July leh,already grow fungus!
so black already,I guess it has been growing fungus since weeks or even MONTHS ago~
This was actually a pack of Vit C which I get from clinic last year
now only I realized that medicine also will spoil if keep too long

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

is time to take care my face already :)

Just had a mask done :)
I also forget when was the last time I did a mask already~~
maybe 2-3months back?!or more than that?!not sure
my face quality is getting poorer and poorer nowadays
everyday wake up at 6am in the morning,is time to take care already

this mask I used actually was bought from Taiwan
my friend gave me as souvenir one,hopefully it suit me la
if not,then tmr you all will see my face full of red dot!hahaha
*coi coi coi~~* touchwood

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

我的雪糕人 :)



真的好期待哦!谁会解梦呢?!帮帮忙吧 =p
who will be my ice cream man!:)

Monday, July 11, 2011

my sleeping pattern

This was my sleeping pattern yesterday night
I totally have no idea on how did I sleep yesterday night @.@
when I went to sleep at 12.50am,my head was facing the wall,but when I woke up from slept,it became my legs which facing the wall =.=
How did I make it?! I don't know...
How did I turn 180 degree in such a limited space leh?! I also don't know...
I am wondering if I turned like that,I would probably fall down from bed leh,but I didn't

should have put a video cam and record the process down XDXD

Sunday, July 10, 2011

BERSIH 2.0 #2

I don't know what was written on today newspaper,what was being reported in tv news...
I don't know,and I don't wanna to know pun
all the TV channels,newspapers were being controlled by government at the back there,basically the stupid UMNO
all the truths being twisted and being hided from us Malaysian,all we get from them are just the good side of them,but never the bad side of them

see how the public reaction when they saw the local TV3 there?!
they were boo-ing the guy loh!so stupid!If I was the guy holding the mike,I will sure fast fast dig a hole and hide my head inside it,so damn memalukan la!

That's why I followed Facebook,Twitter,YouTube,Malaysia Kini...etc
at least I believe them more than the local media press :)
I didn't said that what they reported were all totally right,but at least it is more reliable

Here are some video from Youtube which I am very sure that you won't be able to see it through TV or local newspapers!

this is what our government said '6000 plus' protestors!
I am wondering who were the others there? phantoms?!ghost?!

Even the Singapore also reported about our BERSIH 2.0 rally!
but the different between Singapore and Malaysia is that they didn't hide any truth!they reported what they had seen there!

For some facebook videos,you can refer here

Do you know why I hate Malaysia police so much?!
They were so obedient in against the BERSIH rally,when the protestors trapped in the Tung Shin Hospital,the FRU so clever went to shoot those tear gas,and water cannon toward the hospital!!!what the hell are they thinking?!that is hospital leh!somemore is maternal hospital!if anything bad happen,then how?!they never use their brain to think!
they will sure get their KARMA in future!when their wife get pregnant,curse them to get the same fate also!!see what is their reaction then :)
this kind of photos sure wont show in TV or newspaper one
If you don't believe me,try to read the news on your own (click HERE)

you can find plenty of these videos about the BERSIH2.0 yesterday through the YouTube
I am sure many ppl will upload their videos there!no need to waste money buying newspaper and get the fake news from our government la

even ah ma also joint the rally leh!I really regret I didn't join them :(
salute her

and there are some funny video posted in Youtube :)

I really hope that this rally will somehow make some changes in our country,at least the coming election will be more clean and fair,but I doubt it also...
Do you guys know where was our 'beloved' Prime Minister went to during the rally?!
He went to Terengganu to watch her wife play ball leh and to support her there!ohmyfcukinggodness!

somemore he congrate all the police and army who 'WORK HARD' on that day!
I am really fcuking hate him loh~~~~~~~

Yeap!I am going to register as voter already!
hopefully still sempat to the next election la *god bless us*

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Sorry guys,not really in mood to update my blog these few days
Wednesday oncall,Thursday also oncall...Tired die me
case presentation kena rejected and scolded by my doctor,bad mood
my formal shoe spoilt while I was walking back to hosp from lunch due to the slippery road :(
and my mood also abit affected by the BERSIH 2.0 thingy
no doubt that I really support their action,I am proud of them for doing such a great history for us
the only thing I upset is because of the stupid Malaysia's government!
They are so stupid!Why on earth that they are so damn fucking coward about this BERSIH!
BERSIH already announced that it will be a peaceful rally,if they are afraid something bad will happen,they can monitor the rally march by allocating the policeman along the way mah...
why are they so stupid to close all the road toward the KL area!
causing so many trouble to the citizen here!the traffic really jam dao no eye see~
By closing all the entrance to KL will only show us that U are actually a coward
this is a democratic country ok,we have the right to voice out our thought
we just want the country to be more BERSIH in the sense of no corruption,no cheating in election~~~
but why the hell you caught all the ppl who wearing the yellow shirt leh?!fuck u la!this is our right ok!why didn't you go and catch the 'ah gong' of the country leh~I thought he is wearing yellow tooo

Really hope this BERSIH will change our country to a better Malaysia

Friday, July 1, 2011

I am a sport man now!

During holiday,I went to see a volley ball match played by my friends
and I was kinda interested with it that time
My friend saw me so tall,so they asked me to join them practice next time
and I said yes already :)

so yesterday was my first day joining them to practice
erm,not the first time playing volley ball,played before during my year 1 (I guess so,either year 1 or 2 of my uni life) for the cocurriculum,so I had much confidence with myself
But the thing was in another way round!!
when warming up,still ok,still able to hit the ball,not bad la
BUT in real match,I was like soh lou standing there didn't know what to do,what was my role...etc
sometimes the ball came to me,I manage to hit it,but sure it went out of the court zzzZZzz
so disappointed with myself :(

skill bad,yala,of cause like this mah,first time playing it mah,said by my friends
aiz,the correct method of hitting the ball is by using the area between the wrist joint and elbow joint of both hand. But I hit the ball 10times,9 times also hit with the wrist joint or hand area
I shouldn't expect too much from the first time. Beginner mah,practice makes perfection :)
will be joining them on next Thursday as well

hit until my wrist area also bengkak already @.@ super painful leh

but overall excited la
at least I am doing sport already!

p/s: gonna 'wat' my sister to sponsor me a sport shoe already,wearing the non-sport shoe really torturing my knee!ouch ouch~pain!