Monday, July 25, 2011

A sudden call.......

I was sleeping just now,and suddenly I received a call from my friend
Normally he won't call me one,or should I say he never call me one
he was quite a close friend to me when we were in matriculation time

so it happened like this~~

ei,I wanna ask hor,can u lend me RMXXX first?!

erm,ok......(with the unwillingly voice)
but why u need the money first?!

my family got prob,so I gave my mom some of my saving already,and now I got not enough money to use...

ooo...(unwillingly again) when are u going to return to me?

I will return to u on next week Wednesday

okie~make sure u return to me on next week Wednesday ok (feel that it is quite impossible leh,unless got extra $$ drop down from the sky for him la in this 1 week time)

thank alot ar :)

ok,is ok... (but actually the RMXXX meant alot to me during this period when I am in pokai state)

I wanna to reject helping him,but since he is my friend,I dont know how to reject leh,so I agreed on the spot without thinking (I am too kind hearted I think)
somemore I don't think he will ask me for help if he is not really in need of money urgently,so I guess he really in desperation,got his own reason
and of course I believe that he will return the money to me,just the matter of time only. I don't think I will get the money back in 1 week time loh :(
actually I also got not much $$$ left with me now,I am lagi pokai leh,just that I think I still can survive after lending the money to him...

what to do now?!
just hope that everything will be alright loh
hope that he will be alright,hoping that my $$ can help him at this moment(at least)
hope that he really can pay me back on next week Wednesday as he promised (if not I am gonna eat grass or tree trunk already for the coming few weeks)

GOD bless everything :)

p/s: I think I am going to experience the same situation after 2 months time :( who will be my victim then?!hahahaa...lolz


  1. u r a kind ppl...
    i will only borrow to friend if i able to survive with the remaining...
    dun find victim lo...
    find a partner....

  2. haha,partner lagi paiseh to ask ok,i rather find a friend to become my victim,more easier to open my mouth :P