Monday, August 31, 2009

: (

I am sooooooooooo UN-HAPPY today :(
many thing happened and all of it just spoilt my mood!

freedom after 2days

2 days more it will be MS assessment...
and 2 days more,I will have my freedom already!!!!!I am looking forward to it!^^

Honestly I still got many notes haven't studied yet,but I just not in study mood now T__T
I had sworn to myself that I will wake up early in the morning for this 2days,yesterday and today,but I kept on rolling on the bed until the time was really late,that time only I will to wake up...swt
Physically I really wana to study!I am sitting in front of my table now...
BUT mentally,I am not...Afternoon really kills my study mood gao gao everyday!
I am hoping that tonight I will really san san xing xing get myself into study,no matter how,I will finish up those notes...if I can't finish it,I will just burn all of it and mix them with 1 cup of water and drink it!


Suddenly I got these message from one of my old friend,XXX
XXX:u got any bu shuang me anot?
XXX:plxz tell me

OMG,whay he will suddenly sent me this kind of message??
OR somebody else did tell him that he character is not so welcomed?!
How am I gona reply him?!like this ar, 'Yup!I bu shuang u!'?!
Honestly,I am not that kind of person,so I didn't reply him...pretending I am not at there...XD



p/s:I also don't what had I ate wrongly...maybe the yesterday bread?!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

From the request from my friend-Ho Iki

As the title mentioned above,my friend-Iki thought I will be posting about the incident happened this afternoon at her house,but sooo sad I didn't do as what she wished...
so she did complained in my previous blog's comment area...haha
okok la,since you are sooo kind to me,I will do as you wish ^^

Today is Sunday,and it is still on Puasa month,I hate puasa month very very muchie
because we will be having soooo many troubles in solving out lunch prob...
so today I was sooooo hungry during my lunch time,and I was not sure that the cafe did open anot at that time
I met Iki at msn there,and asked her what had she eaten for her lunch
her answer:'maggi mee + egg'
OMG~~I was sooooo hungry that time,and she told me she had eaten?!it made my saliva flow out from my mouth...
I said I didn't have anything to eat,not even 1 pack of maggi mee with pity
and right after I told her my pity-ness,she offered me to go and eat at her house there...arhhhh,sooooo good!she is really kind ^^

I went to the girls' block there and i sneaked into her house quietly...
(if I being caught by the felo there,Ii will sure die haha...)
Her collection of food really many!!!!!not like me,even 1 pack of maggi mee also don't have...damn poor...
Thanks to her,I had gao dim my lunch for free!haha...
(somemore got people helped me to soak the noodle in hot water,haha,free of charge also)^^








Thursday, August 27, 2009


OK...I know my blog are getting sooo dull and dull and dull and also dull >.<
I know it is boring to read a blog fullllll of words only and without a single pic...haiz..
(I swear I will upload more n more pic next time)

and also I will change my blog layout already,yippeee
Be patient and wait for the upcoming new layout of my blog la...^^

Tiring But yet it ended with satisfaction

today morning was the most suffering morning in the whole of my life!!!!!!
I woke up at 5.45am,not feeling to open my eye pun,but I forced myself to open it,because I got a stupid visit to klinic Kesihatan Bangi,bus departed from our college at 6.30am swt ==" (damn early ok)

I hate it!!!I hate waking up soooo early,I hate going to this stupid visit trip where I didn't learn anything after getting back here,I hate it when I was in the last subgroup,I hate waiting bus during I am damnnnnnn super hungry....
BUT i did like to be in Klinic Kesihatan Bangi,at least I could have a break after finished the first 1 hour,better than the 1 at Salak there,couldn't sleep at all,because of the Dr didn't allow them to do so...haha...That is the only thing I like for the whole
(I slept at there for almost 2hours waiting for other subgroup to finish their 'meaningful' visit...)
We got a stupid SPSS (don't know what is stand for) introduction after the visit,and god damn the stupiak lecture!!!!I really pui fuk him for giving the talk for 3 hours non stop!!!!!

and finally I got the chance to sleep after the tiring visit and boring SPSS...
I slept for 2 hours and I did regain my energy for tonight...^^

Just now I was in bad mood again....(maybe just a reason for me for not studying,wtf)
BUT that time I was really not in mood to study and I was feeling to go and watch movie at outside...
so again I went out to watch a movie already,and now I am blogging at this late(2.30am in the midnite) and I suppose to be in bed now due to class at 8am tomorrow...(maybe will be ponteng the 8am lecture,somehow it is not a important lecture)
I planned to watch 'The Orphan' which I wanted tooooooo watch since long time ago,but time and luck just not allowed us to watch it...T___________T
If I was not in bad luck just now,I think I could make it just now on time before the movie started...haiz,miss the turn during the journey,and I need to turn a big bigggggg round to go back to the turn which I missed just now...swt...
so we went to watched 'UP',a cartoon which worth to be watched with RM6...^^
I like that movie somehow,it is funny,it is interesting and of course it is adventurous!!!!haha
(i swear this weekend no matter how I-WILL-GO-TO-WATCH-'THE ORPHAN'!!!!I WILL)
don't know why The Orphan just seem like don't has any yuan with me...haiz....said wana go watch it long time ago,but till now still have no chance to watch it....sad

I went out already just now,and so I regained my mood haha...what a lame excuse to go out,rite??haha...
BUT I never regret going out just now,although I was not to go out by Jess,she said dangerous...
(full of satisfaction)

Btw,I got something to clarify
WHAT IS THE USE OF TAKING JPA?!can anyone pls tell me??
one of friends who is taking JPA now,who still have more than RM10K inside his account,said that 'JPA is for saving only,I NEVER USE IT FOR MY WHOLE 3SEMS'
wtf?!SAVING?!omg please la...
after taking JPA,but still using parent's money on his daily expenses?!what is this theory?!
so my friend now is on JPA+FAMA, and he is sooooo proud of it....
(sorry,no offend here ar,just my opinion jek)

OK,end here...TIME TO GO SLEEP NOW>>>88

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Will be going back to lecture later...^^


wasai!just now 3 hours lectures were indeed a tiring lectures for me!!!
3hours nonstop by a same lecture,in which we couldn't sleep during the lecturer class,need to pay full concentration,because those lectures were very very important and will die if didn't listen to even 1 word from the lecturer...@.@

haha,now I just finished my 4slice of bread with kaya spread on it...
finally I had gao dim my stomach,just now it just kept on beating drum during the lectures...swt =.=

(but wtf,I forgot to bring my bottle along with me,now I am damn thirsty and need water in urgent...)

k la,I think i need to go already,need to fo back to the lecture before it end,at least I won't be sooo guilty,at least I did attend the lecture even if it is just a few minutes...haha

haiz,days are getting more difficult for me...
I am really BOH LUI last RM5 just lent to 1 of my friend,then now I am empty...NO $$ in my wallet...
I still owe Keith,OCC,Hooi,and my buddy's money leh....
somemore this week rice money I still not yet pay...
Tell me la,how can I pass this week?!OMG~~
feel like dying....

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Puasa month

Yesterday my friends asked me oout to go to pudu there and buy the tickets for the genting trip,but I refused to go,because as I mentioned in my previous blog,I will be soooo guilty if I go out without finishing my MS notes I stayed in my roon and study from the morning at 8.30am(if I am not mistaken,forgot already) till 1 or 2pm like that,Then I had my lunch,dabao by Chuan,and after that my progression in study was damn slow,reason-Not suitable to study during afternoon (what a lame excuse hor),but what to do,I really cant concentrate well everytime I study during afternoon...
But yet I did finished my target!!!yippeee!!!!
(I skipped 1 whole note,because I am totally not interested with that part,so I didnt study for it yesterday,waiting for the assessment to come,then only I will study,blek~~)

Yesterday those who went out to buy the tickets for the genting had failed for their mission,due to some stupid reason that the price of bus ticket will be increased on September,so they didnt allowed them to buy first...
haha,I can sense the anger of my friends when they realized that they couldnt buy the tickets after a long way journey from serdang here to the pudu...haha...
Thank god I am toooo clever that I didnt follow them to go pudu that time,if not I will be coming back to college here with empty hand...lolz...

BUT yet I beh sorng them who went to watch movie-The Orphan!!!!!
after the mission had failed,they went to watch the movie...
OMG~~I am sooo Onnnnzzzz forthis movie and they went to watch it without asking me?!
haiz...maybe this is the only thing I regret for not joining them to go buy ticket...T_______T

I swear I will find kaki to accompany me to go and watch this movie!!!
But not for now,not for this week,because I am damn 'boh lui',no $ now....
As I mentioned in my last blog,don't know why my $ will disappear themselve...@@
somemore later I am going to KLIA there to meet my friend,Low Ziyang for the last time
and as you all know ge la,KLIA transit is the only way to KLIA,fastest but it is also the most expensive way going there...
boh lui...boh lui...boh lui....
Yup!!!For the last time,until the next summer break only can meet him liao,mean next year looh...haiz....
He is sooooo lucky to be the chossen one for the JPA oversea scholarship...*full of envy*
He is my friend since secondary school form 1(if I am not mistaken,haha) will be going to US already tonight at 11pm flight,I will miss him definitely...
now the sky still very bright and hopefully later it will not be raining...God bless
Later will be my first time going to KLIA,hopefully my journey to KLIA will be a smooth juorney...^^

Since yesterday onward,I keep on seeing soooo many comment on facebook mentioning 'nothing to eat la','what can I eat for my lunch'...and 'they all puasa,I also need to puasa'...haha...this kind of comment..
Puasa started yesterday and today is the only second days of the puasa month,we alll cant tahan already for having no food for our lunch....wishing someone can go out and dabao lunch for us...waiting waiting and waiting...
haha,thank god I am the lucky one,who got ppl dabao lunch for me yesterday and today also...^^
and I JUST finished my delicious 芝麻鸡饭!!! full now...
pity those who still starving...

This PUASA month will definitely make us Chinese suffer....

Friday, August 21, 2009


It has been 3 days I didn't update my blog already...
reasons:no mood,no special event,no time(3 assessment in 1 week),and of course LAZY...==

nothing to do,so I thought of crapping here
recently I found that actually my temper is getting more worst
I became emo sooo easily this few days because of many little tiny mini thing (but for me those thing was not TINY at all)

I am missing someone this few days,DAMN missing the 'someone'...
BUT soooo unfortunately,seem like we both don't have 'yuan',everytime I wana meet the 'someone',there must be many bad thing happened,and sooo we cant meet...T_T

I am wondering where had all my $$ disappeared?!
according to my calculation,I suppose to have RM9+ ,but how come I am now having RM70 with me only?!

I have no mood to study now,for many reasons,I just don't feel like study tonight,but there are mountains of notessssss waiting for me to touch them...and I was soooo blur during today scl,all those topics discussed I had studied,BUT I had totally forgotten allllllll of them.....arghh.....
Hoping that I will use this weekend wisely...(everytime say so,but everytime fail to do so ==")

I am thinking how am I going back during this coming Raya holiday...
Not yet buy bus ticket or train ticket pun,scare now all the ticket had sold out already...
Thinking who can fetch me back to Ipoh,asked 1 of my friend who drive,but he said he want to go back on thursday,but sooo unfortunately I got class until 5pm,and he said he don't want to drive at night...haiz.....HOW?!yong li can fetch me back again ar this time?!paiseh to ask him leh....

As I mentioned just now,I am missing someone,wishing that next weekend there will be nothing happen,so that I can meet the 'someone'...praying hard....

I am still owning my buddy RM10,but I am sooo lacking of $$ now,so I used it up already...

Waiting for the arrival of 5th of September....Will be happy n enjoyable weekend!!!^^

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pertanian examination

Today I found out the one will change him or herself in a very extreme condition!!!

NO MATTER how determined he or she is,but when the time really forcing them,THEY WILL CHANGE!!!!!

For an example:

Today there was a Pertanian exam,and the questions were very hard n difficult like HELL~~
but thank god our lecturer is tooo good,until he could close his both eyes,and let us opened our pertanian text book to salin the answers.(although he didnt say so,but he did act like pretending didn't know or didn't see)

I can bet with you all that if the lecturer was not 'blind' that time,WE ALL FAILED for our paper already...

Sooo we all happily opened our text book and copy at there.

But as you all know,some of us might have their own principle that they WILL NEVER EVER copy answer during exam...

within 45 minutes,most of us finished the paper already

But for those whose were still with their principle,they were sooooooo san fu,squeezing their brain wishing something will come out from it,BUT FAILED!

SO finally,one of them,who sitting in front me,couldn't tahan already,and asked me whether can borrow my paper or not...SO I was soooo generous that time,I lent him my paper!!!wakakaka...

Guess who is that
Can you see?!
I could even take a pic during the exam...
so you can guess how 'strict' the exam was...=.=

Thursday, August 13, 2009

'ewwwwww' kaya...*vomit*

I fam feeling soooooooo 'ewwwww' ,ill,disgusting,nausea and vomitting now!!!!
I just finished my last 2 slices of gardenia bread with kaya spread on it,but guess what,I saw something green yellowish fluid flowing out from the bottom of the bottle!
The first reaction,I was stunned at there seeing those fluid flowing out,and then I screamed 'eeeewwwwwwwwww'!!!!!
I just finish the whole loaf of bread with that ewwww kaya!!!

will I lao sai tomorrow?!
today during practical,I went to toilet bomb tokyo,izzit because of this kaya's fault?!I am wondering...OMG~~

I found something really weird but yet interesting in my facebook

I saw the first picture in my notification,and I felt sooooo weird how come an unknown can comment on my status...
then I opened my page and I saw the comment there but without any name in front!
or is it just a fb technical prob?!or something related to ghost?!haha...
Don't know..

I saw this news in 'nan yang san bao' today when I was in library
haha,I felt shock bout it,(never expected a primary school student will do such thing),and also felf pity for the victim who had been cut at the scrotum there...bless him...
i am wondering why the boy will choose to cut at the scrotum and not other place?haha...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Random ^^

Many first year junior are getting sick now,what does this indicate??
H1N1?!UPM closes again?!1 week holiday again?!and I become lazy again?!
OHHHHHH NO!!!!!please don't make fun of this thing!!!!!I DON'T WANT TO HOLIDAY!!!!!

suddenly my friend sent me this link
haha,it is about meteor shower tonight around 1.30am til 4am in the morning,according to don't-know who prof,he said that this will be the peak hour!OMG!!I am soooooooo desperate to watch a meteor shower leh!!!I NEVA watch it before,I am feeling soooo excited now,but also scare will be disappointed by the fake news!lolz...
WANT to see or DON'T WANT to see?!
WANT to stay overnight or DON'T WANT to stay overnight tonight?!haiz....

I just ate 8 slices of Gardenia bread!@@
Sooo full now,because it will be started to fak mou at 14th july...
still got 2 slices as tmr breakfast...haha

***Today I had just done a very stupid but yet funny incident!***
(not suitable to mention here bout the incident)^^

I felt sooooooo happy tonight,because I manage to finished my target for tonight study!!!!Yippppeeeeee...
'Brachial Plexus',you are not as difficult as I thought la!haha....I had gao dim you already!!!(around 90% still in my mind,wondering I can store it for how long?!)

Oooohhhh,I saw a few funny video from youtube in my friend-jess's blog,and I also felt a few of them were actually funny,haha...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Buddy and Cake

Ok!firstly I want to give BBBBBBBBiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiGGGGGGGGGGGgg muack toooooo my little buddy-Siew Chui Voon (wondering did I spell wrongly,I think correct gua,lazy to check)
my buddy
ya,she don't like to take photo,so I curi-curi snap this down,kaka

She is toooo kind until she went to don't-know where to buy a Secret Recipe's cake to me!!!!OMG~~I just soooo appreciate it!Thx la!^^
But the reason behind this,she bought the cake for me because I said she treated me badly...
Wtf?!I where got said like that?!lolz...But nevermind la,haha,her cake will sweeten my heart!
although the cake was not in good condition when I got it,but still felt very sweet...haha

I asked my buddy to buy a durian flavour for me,but she bought a new flavour wor,haha,not yet try it,because I am still full now,after eating the dinner,so later la,maybe I will try it as my supper...

P/s(to my buddy): I am soooo appreciating for the cake you treat me,but hor if next time u wana treat me again,noneed to waste soooo many $$ in buying cake la,haha,how bout you just give me the real $$ looh,I will be more appreciating it!haha...damn poor now ar me..^^

Saturday, August 8, 2009

My day----tired

yesterday I did mentioned I wana buy 3 things
1)1long pant--->succeed!bought a jeans!EDWIN brand got 50% discount!!!
2)formal shirt--->succeed!from G2000 also 50% discount!^^
3)formal belt--->FAILED...T_T (coz no money d...)
the shirt ori price RM129,after discount RM64,the jeans before discount RM189,after is RM94

now I am REALLY POKAI already.....alll my budget for shopping already finished....
now I really got a concrete reason for forcing me stay at college here and study for the next few weekend....T_T

Friday, August 7, 2009

Shopping again

Finally the ENDO assessment had past this morning!
a really LooooOOooonnnnnngggggggg waiting assessment,I prepared for it 2 weeks ago,but because of the H1N1 holiday,it had been postponed to today!and now,Phew~~it is a PAST!

(but I am worrying bout my result this time,afraid that I will fail for this assessment,not really knew how to do this morning T_T)

Tomorrow will be going to Mid Valley there shopping again!and to watch movie also...
my target for tmr:
1)1 long pant (maybe will be a jeans)
2)formal belt
3)formal shirt (for the medic night)

Big SWT =="

Theses is what I saw when I tried to open a games-Bejeweled Blitz with facebook
How ridiculous that GAMES are also being blocked and not allowed to play?!STUPIAK UPM!!!!!

Thank god that they are still allowing us to play facebook...

p/s:UPM admin had blocked msn,meebo,ebuddy,and GAMES?! from us....

Thursday, August 6, 2009

An unexpected 'dating'

Last 2 days,when I was on my journey back to UPM here after 1 week holiday,I met 1 of my friends,Siao Jen at the KL sentral!OMG!so unexpected that I will meet her at there!
Maybe this is what so called as 'Yuan缘'!

Siao Jen said she will be going to Mid Valley first before she going back to UPM,and she asked me whether wana join her anot...I agree since it was quite boring going back to college alone!We went to Krispy Kreme at the MidValley there
She treated me 1 chocolate flavour drink,and I bought 1dozen doughnut as our lunchNot bad also those doughnuts from Krispy Kreme!(fyi that was my first time trying it)
But I still prefer the J CO doughnut from Sunway!It is still my favourite!^^
I just ate 2 of it,and Siao Jen didn't eat,she just enjoyed her Mocha drink she ordered...

Last but not least,of coz we did take some pictures la!

SOme Cr@pssssss.....^^

Tomorrow will be my ENDO assessment,and I am suppose to studying now...Just like what others are doing now
BUT I AM NOT!!!!!!
I AM FACEBOOKING (although there is nothing to play on fb,somemore all my coursemates are bia-ing now,no one on facebook now...T_T)
I WAS MSN-ING (kacau 1 of my coursemates-HO YIK KEY,chatted with her just now,and I felt guilty kacau-ing her study for the I LET HER GO ^^)
I AM LISTENING TO 'qian qian jing ting' NOW! (I really can't study if it is opening,I will pay more concentration to the song than to the notes in front of me)
I AM SEARCHING FOR THINGS TO DO----->AND AT LAST I DECIDED TO BLOG!*while listening to the Everything from LeeHom*

Yeah!today we can get the kad college already from the pejabat!

and this is what we got from the pejabat when we took our kad college.
A mask and hand washing sanitizer
what I wana emphasize here is that the mask as shown above there,is much moreeeeeee HIGH QUALITY than those provided to us while we are at the lab!

Actually I have nothing to do now,I have no mood to study(not because of what sort of friendship prob) But is my habit just before the day of assessment...
At least I already read through all for 1time,so I can 'rest' now...

(for your information I haven't bath yet)

Just now my friend Peiyi gave me air jambu!
The air jambu really Hou Jiak!!!!!really!!!!Thank you la^^

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

horoscope prediction-白羊座


After seeing this on the newspaper today,I was sooo shocked that that was the first time the newspaper horoscope prediction was sooooo damn correct about me loh!
I promised my mum that I will be cleaning the toilet before I leave Ipoh back to UPM
But until today evening,I didn't do as I promised... although I was soooo free for the whole 1 week H1N1 holiday,but I just tooo lazy to go and wash the toilet...
my butt just sticked to the bed and also the chair in front of my computer...can't blame me,if want to blame,blame my BUTT!!
But after seeing this horoscope prediction,I felt sooo guilty,even the newspaper also scolding me,so I stood up and walked to the toilet,closed the door,and started to wash the toilet...
It was sooo tiring,yet I had done as I promised!^^

Yup!the holiday is going to end soon,just left less than 24hours only,and it will be ended...haiz...
and during this whole week,I didn't do anything special or meaningful except for 2 things,I went to watch Harry Potter and also went to ate the Baskin Robbins!these 2 things was the most meaningful things I had done for the past few days...

Few days ago,I found a box under the table,and the box was covering with centimetresssssss of dust on it...I opened it and I found some matriculation and stpm reference books,my mum asked me to sell them to the Novelhut.
as I said,I was tooo lazy to do thing this holiday,and you are asking me go out under this super hot sun just to sell these book?!OMG,you must be kidding me!
so I asked my mum :'can I have those $$ after selling these books?if I can have them,than I will go sell it...',and she agree!
OK,so I went to novelhut there...But soooo unexpected that by selling total of 13 reference books,I get an extra RM51 pocket money!!!hooorayyyyy....
after coming back to home,suddenly I thought of some of the stpm books were not belonging to me,last time my friend lent me when I entered matriculation,and I didn't return them to my friend,but I think she must be forgotten already since she didn't ask those books from me,haha...

Few days ago,I went to Bank Islam there and I withdrawed total of 1K to give my parents...
First sem I gave them 2K,second sem I gave them 1.5K,and now 1K,you all must be saying that I am unfilial,but the problem is the daily expenses is increasing nowadays,so I also have no idea,but to cut down the money I give to my parents...T_T
I know the $$ i give my parents are decreasing from 1 sem to another sem,but I promised my mum that 1K will be the minimun and it will not lower than 1K next time..

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Bad mood

I promised I will study today,BUT I think it wont be happening...

I woke up at 12pm in the afternoon,planning to study after having my lunch
but then I had made a stupid decision but yet I think it will make my life more happier(hopefully)
Because of the decison which I had made,I ruined my mood of the day,not planning to study now,NOT IN MOOD~~
and because of the decision also,I LOST 1 OF MY BEST FRIENDS