Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tiring But yet it ended with satisfaction

today morning was the most suffering morning in the whole of my life!!!!!!
I woke up at 5.45am,not feeling to open my eye pun,but I forced myself to open it,because I got a stupid visit to klinic Kesihatan Bangi,bus departed from our college at 6.30am swt ==" (damn early ok)

I hate it!!!I hate waking up soooo early,I hate going to this stupid visit trip where I didn't learn anything after getting back here,I hate it when I was in the last subgroup,I hate waiting bus during I am damnnnnnn super hungry....
BUT i did like to be in Klinic Kesihatan Bangi,at least I could have a break after finished the first 1 hour,better than the 1 at Salak there,couldn't sleep at all,because of the Dr didn't allow them to do so...haha...That is the only thing I like for the whole
(I slept at there for almost 2hours waiting for other subgroup to finish their 'meaningful' visit...)
We got a stupid SPSS (don't know what is stand for) introduction after the visit,and god damn the stupiak lecture!!!!I really pui fuk him for giving the talk for 3 hours non stop!!!!!

and finally I got the chance to sleep after the tiring visit and boring SPSS...
I slept for 2 hours and I did regain my energy for tonight...^^

Just now I was in bad mood again....(maybe just a reason for me for not studying,wtf)
BUT that time I was really not in mood to study and I was feeling to go and watch movie at outside...
so again I went out to watch a movie already,and now I am blogging at this late(2.30am in the midnite) and I suppose to be in bed now due to class at 8am tomorrow...(maybe will be ponteng the 8am lecture,somehow it is not a important lecture)
I planned to watch 'The Orphan' which I wanted tooooooo watch since long time ago,but time and luck just not allowed us to watch it...T___________T
If I was not in bad luck just now,I think I could make it just now on time before the movie started...haiz,miss the turn during the journey,and I need to turn a big bigggggg round to go back to the turn which I missed just now...swt...
so we went to watched 'UP',a cartoon which worth to be watched with RM6...^^
I like that movie somehow,it is funny,it is interesting and of course it is adventurous!!!!haha
(i swear this weekend no matter how I-WILL-GO-TO-WATCH-'THE ORPHAN'!!!!I WILL)
don't know why The Orphan just seem like don't has any yuan with me...haiz....said wana go watch it long time ago,but till now still have no chance to watch it....sad

I went out already just now,and so I regained my mood haha...what a lame excuse to go out,rite??haha...
BUT I never regret going out just now,although I was not to go out by Jess,she said dangerous...
(full of satisfaction)

Btw,I got something to clarify
WHAT IS THE USE OF TAKING JPA?!can anyone pls tell me??
one of friends who is taking JPA now,who still have more than RM10K inside his account,said that 'JPA is for saving only,I NEVER USE IT FOR MY WHOLE 3SEMS'
wtf?!SAVING?!omg please la...
after taking JPA,but still using parent's money on his daily expenses?!what is this theory?!
so my friend now is on JPA+FAMA, and he is sooooo proud of it....
(sorry,no offend here ar,just my opinion jek)

OK,end here...TIME TO GO SLEEP NOW>>>88

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  1. Don't too mind into who get JPA and keep it for 3 sem... No 1 will say him great if he show it off... frankly, nth to be so proud isn't?? so just relax... Be yourself then you will feel better...