Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pertanian examination

Today I found out the one will change him or herself in a very extreme condition!!!

NO MATTER how determined he or she is,but when the time really forcing them,THEY WILL CHANGE!!!!!

For an example:

Today there was a Pertanian exam,and the questions were very hard n difficult like HELL~~
but thank god our lecturer is tooo good,until he could close his both eyes,and let us opened our pertanian text book to salin the answers.(although he didnt say so,but he did act like pretending didn't know or didn't see)

I can bet with you all that if the lecturer was not 'blind' that time,WE ALL FAILED for our paper already...

Sooo we all happily opened our text book and copy at there.

But as you all know,some of us might have their own principle that they WILL NEVER EVER copy answer during exam...

within 45 minutes,most of us finished the paper already

But for those whose were still with their principle,they were sooooooo san fu,squeezing their brain wishing something will come out from it,BUT FAILED!

SO finally,one of them,who sitting in front me,couldn't tahan already,and asked me whether can borrow my paper or not...SO I was soooo generous that time,I lent him my paper!!!wakakaka...

Guess who is that
Can you see?!
I could even take a pic during the exam...
so you can guess how 'strict' the exam was...=.=


  1. wat larr u..
    kung ung will vomit see this..

  2. y u all hv to take pertanian in the 1st place? so weird? also need to 种菜 during work?!

  3. u noe where m I studying anot??UPM la in which it was pertanian based university at first last is compulsory to take it for allllllllllllll UPM student...T_T