Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Herpes Zoster

3 days ago,I found out that there were something weird appearing on my body...
something like chicken pox,elevation on the skin with some serous fluid inside it
That time I thought it is just some normal blister due to the hot weather,but after I went to see doctor,the doctor said it is Herpes Zoster! a.k.a 'snake' in cantonese!

First,the doc give me some medicines,and a bottle of lotion to apply on those blisters to make it dry and avoid itchiness...After applying the lotion,the area infected really not so itchy!I thought it will be recovering very soon after a few days,at least those blisters will be smaller.

BUT the area infected is getting larger and larger,and the blisters are also getting bigger too!!!!
The first 2 days,the area just felt itchy without any pain : )
But yesterday,it starts to become pain!and it is sooooooo damn painful until I couldn't get into sleep whole night,kept on rolling on the bed left to right,right to left!
The pain is so unbearable!

Until just now 8am in the morning,I really tak boleh tahan already!!!!!!!!!
the pain is sooooooo intensively painful!!!
so I went to see doctor again,and the main purpose was to get some PAIN KILLER to kill the pain! (wasted another RM24 for that visit just for pain killer)

Right after that visit,my relative called me and said he got a friend who experienced this 'snake' also,so he introduced me to the doctor.
The new doctor gave me some new medicine...when I was asked to pay money at the counter,I was shocked when I listened to the price!
The visit cost me RM182 leh!!!!The most expensive medicine I paid in my whole life leh!never see doctor until that expensive leh!I thought I was buying GOLD that time...@.@

the new drugs prescribed by the doctor introduced by my relative
each one need to be taken 5times per days
mean that 3 hours interval to take again!

Hopefully by this RM182 GOLD MADE MEDICINES will really help me recover fast fast leh,and the most important is it can suppress the pain during my sleeping time....

Sunday, April 25, 2010




好啦,我就死吃,死吃的,结果真的肥了!哈哈,我的面颊真的没有以前凹进去了!我的手臂可能有变大瓜,但很不明显 =.=


听了之后有种感觉要去做运动!哈哈。。但还是懒惰大过天 :P

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Branded thing is FRAGILE!

Now only I realize that if the thing is not belonged to you,no use if you try to own it (no matter in what kind of situation,it applies to all)

Just now,I was so boring and nothing to do,so I walked here walked there in the house...
Suddenly,i saw a sunglasses case in my mom's room,so I grabbed the case,and guess what,it is from Charles & Keith!!!
I knew it is belonged to my big sister,but she is not at Ipoh now,so I opened the case and saw a fancy sunglasses inside...I was wondering why these kind of branded things will be so expensive,got what special about them,is it a person will be more handsome or leng lui after wearing it?!so many questions appeared in my mind,so I fak hao and tried to put it on!
as I said just now,it is belonged to my sister mah,so it is a women sunglasses!I thought my head is small enough to wear it.
(Last time I did try to wear one of my "girl" friend's sunglasses also nothing happened)

AND SUDDENLY..............
I heard a 'crack' sound!
Oh My God!!!!!!!really warrafak!because of my fak hao-ness,I broke my sister's sunglasses!!!!!
My jaw dropped,my both hand paralyzed at there holding a broken sunglasses,and my eyes just kept on staring at it!hahaha...
I never thought that the branded sunglasses is so fragile!@.@
If I knew it is so fragile,I wouldn't have tried it!

Right after I heard that crack sound,I quick quick put it back into the case and pretended nothing happened...but after awhile,I felt so guilty and so I sms-ed my big sister and told her the truth...
I even promised will try to find another one with same brand same style same colour to replace it back to my sister....haiz!
If I knew this will happen,I wouldn't so 'many hands many legs'!damn it =.=

Lesson of the day:
NEVER try to force something just to own it,or else it will be a sad ending....

Thursday, April 22, 2010


There are many FIRST times in our life...
and this month I just had my a few very FIRST time ^^

I always wish I can go oversea,get into plane,experience the feel of 'flying'...
and when my prof exam end,my coursemates planned to go Singapore and the part which attracted me the most was they planned to go there by plane!I was so happy that time,of course I agree to join them at the very beginning!ticket also booked already!so happy finally can get into the aeroplane!BUT so unexpected I got things to be done during that trip period,so what can I do?!Forced to cancel the trip but the air ticket once booked couldn't cancel!=.= so I wasted my RM170 for nothing!NO TRIP...NO FLYING EXPERIENCE...
I thought it would be my FIRST time flying in the plane,but it become my FIRST time wasting RM170 for nothing...

Nah!the ticket showing I really did buy it...lolz
NOT REGRETING for wasting the RM170,
but REGRETING for wasting the chance of getting into a plane!arghhh.....

Yesterday was my another FIRST time in my life went to Cheras Pasar Malam.
According to my friends,it is the LONGEST pasar malam in the whole Malaysia!It really looks long when you pass by the road beside the pasar malam,but when you try to walk in the pasar malam yourselve,you will feel it is actually not that long only...lolz...
so this shown that thing can be judge by its appearance...haha
I saw so many stalls selling all those weird weird things just to attract the customer...especially those stupid and 'naive' new comers like us,who went there for the first time...
For an example,we saw 1 stall selling the 爆浆丸,and this reminded us the movie 食神,where meatball will burst inside your the 'naive' us went to buy!each person bought 1 which cost us RM2 per one...but guess what?!WE BEING CHEATED!!!!The meatball didn't really burst leh!wtf....but nevermind la,at least we know now the meatball is mah mah dei,so we won't be so stupid and buy it again next time...
Besides that,we also tried the 'Smelly Toufu' or so called chao taofu in cantonese (臭豆腐) was my second time tried it,for me,it is just a normal toufu only...nothing much special about it taste,except that you can smell its 'fragrance' from far away!hahaha...

The next FIRST time happened today!haha...really an unexpected FIRST time!
I cleaned the fan leh in my room!which I never do in this whole 2 years of staying in college!
couldn't help it,too boring at college already during these few weeks...damn sienz leh....
You will definitely get shocked when you see the pictures of before and after the cleaning...



No need to be shocked after seeing this,just because of me lazy,and my roomate always not staying at college,always balik rumah,so no one willing to clean it,and that why the dirt is that super THICK!hahaha...
Just before I cleaned it,the fan volume 5 was like volume 1,couldn't swing,damn slow...but now,it just swing like there is no tomorrow XD hahaha...

Friday, April 16, 2010






Clash Of The Titans

Just now went to watch a movie-Clash Of The Titans
Overall I like it,especially those fighting scene,killing scorpions,Medusa,and the what so called Kraken (did I spell it wrongly?!whatever la...)
and FYI,this Clash Of The Titans is way better and worth watch than the Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief!!!Really,althought the story line is almost the same,but no matter in which aspects,Clash Of The Titans is really better than that stupid Percy Jackson!haha,sorry for those Percy Jackson's fans XD lolz

(before I watched this movie,I had totally no idea of what the hell is he holding in this poster...but now I knew it alreadY! wanna know what is it,just go and watch!)

The guy who act as the Perseus is Sam Worthington!!!
He is so handsome!!handsome until I also fall in love with him already....arhhh,I just hope that I got half of his lengzai-ness @.@
and the most attractive point of this movie which attracted me so much is the 'costum' they wear!especially those soldiers! funny and cute!all the clothes and pant they wore just short short!just like skirt or balet dress...lolz...wondering why those ppl in the old time will choose that kind of style?!is it because of it will make us easy to walk or fight?!lolz...whatever,it is not the matter now...

For those who not yet watch it,I suggest you to go to watch it ASAP!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

goitre?! 'dai geng bao'?!

My sister is sad very very very sad now....
Dont know what to do....
she got to know the blood test result today,and guess what,the test shown that she have a POSITIVE result of elevation of thyroid hormone!
WTF!no kidding here!she is diagnosed to get hyperthyroidism....
this is really a DOOMS day for her!
is she going to get a dai geng bao soon?!OMG~

as for me,as a future doctor who still studying now,I son't know what should I advise her now...
Damnit!This feeling is so damn shit!
studied bout the disease,but just know abit of it...treatment?!Iodide?!I 131?!I have totally no idea....
the only thing I can do now is to advise her to see doctor and seek for the doctor's opinion...

Hope to see my sister soon....Hope she will be alright...
GOD bless her....

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Yesterday when I was reading newspaper or watching TV news,I forgot already what was I doing that time,I came across with a song,the JJ's new song (or should I describe it as old song,sigh,I just knew the existence of the song 2 days ago)-

This song is highly recommended by me myself!
hahaha,go download la and listen to it!!really got the feel loh!
p/s:haha,got 'feel',but I don't know how to describe the 'feel'...lolz

I am listening it again again and again...non-stop WHOLE NIGHT,the whole list of my qian qian just got that particular song!haha...trying so hard to memorize the lyric but not in memorizing mood now,so I am sambil memorizing sambil onlining facebooking...hahaa....
BUT I am getting fed up with the song liao,haha,gonna stop awhile and continue listening to it later..lolz....

Monday, April 12, 2010





(但是这一趟到槟城,最令我伤心的是没有哪个机会去找我的槟城的朋友,对不起chiewfui,时间太短了,就那短短的一天把半,更何况我没有自己的交通,全程都是我的朋友载上载下,所以没办法去找你...真的很抱歉...我答应你,一旦我有了自己的车,我一定去找你跟Jacyn玩 ^^)

多谢我的朋友Keith,LynnHooi,MC Goh 带我走片槟城吃槟城的道地美食,又有咖哩面,猪肠粉,福建面,炒果条,蚝煎,蚝面....
最特别是他们的猪肠粉!他们的汁是用虾膏(har gou) 加甜酱弄的!
也要多谢收留我的Keith,多得他,我见识到北海的PACIFIC MALL 是多么的大多么的!
对PACIFIC 我没有意见了,但我是不会再去那儿了!永远都不会了...哈哈

Thursday, April 8, 2010


My Life for the past few days since I came back to college

NO CLASS...can be good news cause no need to study,but can be bad news also,damn sienz (BORING) at here doing nothing

.....the most unacceptable thing in my life!!!!all are having holiday at home,there are just a few of my friends at college here,and some of them are going back to home this week,left me alone at college here only...will be more sienz after this week~~ >.<

NO KAKI TO GO OUT...all are busying with their stupid research (including me)!Need 120 subjects to complete it,but until now,i just get 10 subjects only!!!damn the research!make my life so pathetic at college here!!!

and the most most most mosttttttttt pathetic is
I COULDN'T ONLINE AT COLLEGE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!warafak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
stupid admin fast fast fix the USPOT la!!!!!!!!DON'T make me suffer here already la!!!!!!!!!!!
I already few days didnt really online la!

Friday, April 2, 2010

EMPTY April Fool 2010

Yesterday was APRIL FOOL day!
you all got fooled by others anot??
I saw so many of my friends changed their status in Facebook,from 'Single' into 'In a Relationship' =.=
okie,so obviously it was a prank for that special day!
yet it was still funny!!

BUT for me,yesterday was just a normal day for me,nothing special happened,no one fooled me,and I didn't fool anyone also.WHY?!because I am alone at home now,having my holiday now...

still remember last year during April Fool,all my friends celebrated my belated birthday at the fac cafe there,we were so excited that time,playing water war,flour,and all of us got wet at the end of the celebration!and I even wasted the cake which was supposed to eat as my WEAPON to throw at my friends! at the end,we got NO CAKE to eat!=.=
what a special April Fool celebration I had last year

but this year,nothing happened....abit empty leh....