Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Herpes Zoster

3 days ago,I found out that there were something weird appearing on my body...
something like chicken pox,elevation on the skin with some serous fluid inside it
That time I thought it is just some normal blister due to the hot weather,but after I went to see doctor,the doctor said it is Herpes Zoster! a.k.a 'snake' in cantonese!

First,the doc give me some medicines,and a bottle of lotion to apply on those blisters to make it dry and avoid itchiness...After applying the lotion,the area infected really not so itchy!I thought it will be recovering very soon after a few days,at least those blisters will be smaller.

BUT the area infected is getting larger and larger,and the blisters are also getting bigger too!!!!
The first 2 days,the area just felt itchy without any pain : )
But yesterday,it starts to become pain!and it is sooooooo damn painful until I couldn't get into sleep whole night,kept on rolling on the bed left to right,right to left!
The pain is so unbearable!

Until just now 8am in the morning,I really tak boleh tahan already!!!!!!!!!
the pain is sooooooo intensively painful!!!
so I went to see doctor again,and the main purpose was to get some PAIN KILLER to kill the pain! (wasted another RM24 for that visit just for pain killer)

Right after that visit,my relative called me and said he got a friend who experienced this 'snake' also,so he introduced me to the doctor.
The new doctor gave me some new medicine...when I was asked to pay money at the counter,I was shocked when I listened to the price!
The visit cost me RM182 leh!!!!The most expensive medicine I paid in my whole life leh!never see doctor until that expensive leh!I thought I was buying GOLD that time...@.@

the new drugs prescribed by the doctor introduced by my relative
each one need to be taken 5times per days
mean that 3 hours interval to take again!

Hopefully by this RM182 GOLD MADE MEDICINES will really help me recover fast fast leh,and the most important is it can suppress the pain during my sleeping time....


  1. yer... so kesian.. u have any idea how u got infected?

  2. idea at alll....haiz...that evil virus!!!