Friday, April 16, 2010

Clash Of The Titans

Just now went to watch a movie-Clash Of The Titans
Overall I like it,especially those fighting scene,killing scorpions,Medusa,and the what so called Kraken (did I spell it wrongly?!whatever la...)
and FYI,this Clash Of The Titans is way better and worth watch than the Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief!!!Really,althought the story line is almost the same,but no matter in which aspects,Clash Of The Titans is really better than that stupid Percy Jackson!haha,sorry for those Percy Jackson's fans XD lolz

(before I watched this movie,I had totally no idea of what the hell is he holding in this poster...but now I knew it alreadY! wanna know what is it,just go and watch!)

The guy who act as the Perseus is Sam Worthington!!!
He is so handsome!!handsome until I also fall in love with him already....arhhh,I just hope that I got half of his lengzai-ness @.@
and the most attractive point of this movie which attracted me so much is the 'costum' they wear!especially those soldiers! funny and cute!all the clothes and pant they wore just short short!just like skirt or balet dress...lolz...wondering why those ppl in the old time will choose that kind of style?!is it because of it will make us easy to walk or fight?!lolz...whatever,it is not the matter now...

For those who not yet watch it,I suggest you to go to watch it ASAP!

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