Saturday, April 24, 2010

Branded thing is FRAGILE!

Now only I realize that if the thing is not belonged to you,no use if you try to own it (no matter in what kind of situation,it applies to all)

Just now,I was so boring and nothing to do,so I walked here walked there in the house...
Suddenly,i saw a sunglasses case in my mom's room,so I grabbed the case,and guess what,it is from Charles & Keith!!!
I knew it is belonged to my big sister,but she is not at Ipoh now,so I opened the case and saw a fancy sunglasses inside...I was wondering why these kind of branded things will be so expensive,got what special about them,is it a person will be more handsome or leng lui after wearing it?!so many questions appeared in my mind,so I fak hao and tried to put it on!
as I said just now,it is belonged to my sister mah,so it is a women sunglasses!I thought my head is small enough to wear it.
(Last time I did try to wear one of my "girl" friend's sunglasses also nothing happened)

AND SUDDENLY..............
I heard a 'crack' sound!
Oh My God!!!!!!!really warrafak!because of my fak hao-ness,I broke my sister's sunglasses!!!!!
My jaw dropped,my both hand paralyzed at there holding a broken sunglasses,and my eyes just kept on staring at it!hahaha...
I never thought that the branded sunglasses is so fragile!@.@
If I knew it is so fragile,I wouldn't have tried it!

Right after I heard that crack sound,I quick quick put it back into the case and pretended nothing happened...but after awhile,I felt so guilty and so I sms-ed my big sister and told her the truth...
I even promised will try to find another one with same brand same style same colour to replace it back to my sister....haiz!
If I knew this will happen,I wouldn't so 'many hands many legs'!damn it =.=

Lesson of the day:
NEVER try to force something just to own it,or else it will be a sad ending....

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