Tuesday, August 4, 2009

horoscope prediction-白羊座


After seeing this on the newspaper today,I was sooo shocked that that was the first time the newspaper horoscope prediction was sooooo damn correct about me loh!
I promised my mum that I will be cleaning the toilet before I leave Ipoh back to UPM
But until today evening,I didn't do as I promised... although I was soooo free for the whole 1 week H1N1 holiday,but I just tooo lazy to go and wash the toilet...
my butt just sticked to the bed and also the chair in front of my computer...can't blame me,if want to blame,blame my BUTT!!
But after seeing this horoscope prediction,I felt sooo guilty,even the newspaper also scolding me,so I stood up and walked to the toilet,closed the door,and started to wash the toilet...
It was sooo tiring,yet I had done as I promised!^^

Yup!the holiday is going to end soon,just left less than 24hours only,and it will be ended...haiz...
and during this whole week,I didn't do anything special or meaningful except for 2 things,I went to watch Harry Potter and also went to ate the Baskin Robbins!these 2 things was the most meaningful things I had done for the past few days...

Few days ago,I found a box under the table,and the box was covering with centimetresssssss of dust on it...I opened it and I found some matriculation and stpm reference books,my mum asked me to sell them to the Novelhut.
as I said,I was tooo lazy to do thing this holiday,and you are asking me go out under this super hot sun just to sell these book?!OMG,you must be kidding me!
so I asked my mum :'can I have those $$ after selling these books?if I can have them,than I will go sell it...',and she agree!
OK,so I went to novelhut there...But soooo unexpected that by selling total of 13 reference books,I get an extra RM51 pocket money!!!hooorayyyyy....
after coming back to home,suddenly I thought of some of the stpm books were not belonging to me,last time my friend lent me when I entered matriculation,and I didn't return them to my friend,but I think she must be forgotten already since she didn't ask those books from me,haha...

Few days ago,I went to Bank Islam there and I withdrawed total of 1K to give my parents...
First sem I gave them 2K,second sem I gave them 1.5K,and now 1K,you all must be saying that I am unfilial,but the problem is the daily expenses is increasing nowadays,so I also have no idea,but to cut down the money I give to my parents...T_T
I know the $$ i give my parents are decreasing from 1 sem to another sem,but I promised my mum that 1K will be the minimun and it will not lower than 1K next time..

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  1. u must be glad to know tat i'm Aries..
    and the above description applies on me everyday in the holiday. lol.
    just woke up by the way.. lazying.. and didnt do housechores as always