Sunday, July 10, 2011

BERSIH 2.0 #2

I don't know what was written on today newspaper,what was being reported in tv news...
I don't know,and I don't wanna to know pun
all the TV channels,newspapers were being controlled by government at the back there,basically the stupid UMNO
all the truths being twisted and being hided from us Malaysian,all we get from them are just the good side of them,but never the bad side of them

see how the public reaction when they saw the local TV3 there?!
they were boo-ing the guy loh!so stupid!If I was the guy holding the mike,I will sure fast fast dig a hole and hide my head inside it,so damn memalukan la!

That's why I followed Facebook,Twitter,YouTube,Malaysia Kini...etc
at least I believe them more than the local media press :)
I didn't said that what they reported were all totally right,but at least it is more reliable

Here are some video from Youtube which I am very sure that you won't be able to see it through TV or local newspapers!

this is what our government said '6000 plus' protestors!
I am wondering who were the others there? phantoms?!ghost?!

Even the Singapore also reported about our BERSIH 2.0 rally!
but the different between Singapore and Malaysia is that they didn't hide any truth!they reported what they had seen there!

For some facebook videos,you can refer here

Do you know why I hate Malaysia police so much?!
They were so obedient in against the BERSIH rally,when the protestors trapped in the Tung Shin Hospital,the FRU so clever went to shoot those tear gas,and water cannon toward the hospital!!!what the hell are they thinking?!that is hospital leh!somemore is maternal hospital!if anything bad happen,then how?!they never use their brain to think!
they will sure get their KARMA in future!when their wife get pregnant,curse them to get the same fate also!!see what is their reaction then :)
this kind of photos sure wont show in TV or newspaper one
If you don't believe me,try to read the news on your own (click HERE)

you can find plenty of these videos about the BERSIH2.0 yesterday through the YouTube
I am sure many ppl will upload their videos there!no need to waste money buying newspaper and get the fake news from our government la

even ah ma also joint the rally leh!I really regret I didn't join them :(
salute her

and there are some funny video posted in Youtube :)

I really hope that this rally will somehow make some changes in our country,at least the coming election will be more clean and fair,but I doubt it also...
Do you guys know where was our 'beloved' Prime Minister went to during the rally?!
He went to Terengganu to watch her wife play ball leh and to support her there!ohmyfcukinggodness!

somemore he congrate all the police and army who 'WORK HARD' on that day!
I am really fcuking hate him loh~~~~~~~

Yeap!I am going to register as voter already!
hopefully still sempat to the next election la *god bless us*


  1. i also cannot tahan why they shoot tear gas and water canon towards hospital.
    today newspaper got mention..

  2. they mentioned this cause they know they cant hide it from public