Thursday, September 10, 2009


NOW the clock showing 12.32am in the midnight
It is still early for me to sleep
But don't know why I feel sooo tired now

From yesterday onward,everynight I need to go to train my junior to dance for the course night..
(maybe I should say I go there to keep an eye on them,to make sure they are practicing and not fooling around )
this routine will be continuing until end of October...
As I mentioned in my previous post,I didn't want to have my nap during afternoon and tried to force myself to study,the reason behind this is because of the COURSE NIGHT!haiz.....
I can't study at night due to the dance practising so I need to study during daytime in which it is TOTALLY against my habit which normally study during nighttime...T_T

Last year when I was junior,that time my senior trained us,taught us...
BUT this year,haha,the tradition had changed!
NOW is JUNIOR teaches JUNIORsss!!!!wtf
we can't help it,because those who are pro lazy to teach them,and for those like me who don't have any basic in dancing or never dance can't teach them because we don't know how to teach pun...=.=''
Just like 有心无力 'got heart no energy' (sorry,it is translated directly from the chinese)...
Thank god we have a junior who know how to dance,who did perform on the stage last time,who willing to teach the others!haha...
Thanks to her,we (seniorss) can relax and sit at there 'chui sui'...haha

OK la,this year juniors not bad also
some of them can dance,some are ok but still there are 4 of them who really need to improve themselve!!!!
sometimes when I was watching at them,I couldn't control myself from laughing...some of them were soooooo damn funny until I couldn't tahan : )
Sometimes they remind me about me myself during first year dance practicing!I was really noob in dancing that time...and I couldn't believe that I really made it during the 1 month practice!!!
HoPefuLLy 4 of them will really change during this period.....god bless


  1. good luck in your training....
    i always ther ewith you....

  2. thx la...but why i can't see u at foyer pun...haha

  3. joo chuan edi improve a lot leh...
    proud of him!!!^^

  4. yup!!!!!hehe...of coz la,got me this senior go 监视 them...hahaha...